@mondaynightsess @TaggartDonna @highlandradio Thank you so much!
@JimmystaffordDJ @TaggartDonna @mondaynightsess @highlandradio @paulmcdevitts Beautiful!
RT @JimmystaffordDJ: Just Wow from @TaggartDonna on @mondaynightsess @highlandradio @paulmcdevitts @jennbostic #livemusic… https://t.co/6UDBdVgzcw
Dare to go against the grain. 📷 @photocillin https://t.co/2bP5vIhMED
RT @CherylKay926: On the advice of @spnfan65 listening to @jennbostic on Spotify. Loving your songs! ❤️❤️🎶🎶 #OMS4 I'll see you there!! https://t.co/zUquOASMHN
@CherylKay926 @spnfan65 Awww thanks so much!!! xoxoxo
RT @22O5promotions: They appeared at #AmericanaFest2017 & they've appeared in #Crawley @_SarahDarling @michaellogen @jennbostic (3) https://t.co/9r0dZ8aFWE
@wwe3coins84 Not at the moment but hopefully someday.
@wwe3coins84 Thanks so much!
@wwe3coins84 Yes! https://t.co/0Uwgj2b1GX
RT @wosradio: If you play an instrument, it makes you a better singer. -Amy Winehouse
@Indy4roo1 @wwe3coins84 😊 Thank you.
.@BuckleandBoots was THE BEST this year! Check out this recap video. 💕https://t.co/xjMbK9PfUj
@wwe3coins84 Aw! Thank you!
RT @wwe3coins84: If you haven't heard @jennbostic you don't know what you're missing she's amazing!!!
RT @HBDProductions: 6 Days til HOME BY DARK @Infinite_Center 9/23 Tickets at https://t.co/VUr6TbEJQ9 #feeltheenergy w/ @jennbostic &… https://t.co/1ddY0iKbJi
RT @BellesandGals: Shout #9 goes to @jennbostic with "Little Grace" https://t.co/M2wUu9RoRw
RT @PAWFECT3: Just **27** tickets remaining for @One_More_ShotUK 2018 featuring @jennbostic Grab a ticket https://t.co/ngOekj50Rc https://t.co/anlSF8foda
The "Sister Act" moment I have always dreamed of happened this morning at Gospel brunch! Thank… https://t.co/tpRkXR4cTk
Today! Music City Wine and Food Festival at Walk of Fame in #Nashville. Performing a few songs for the… https://t.co/XzQCK3HXwa
@pathoward713 Hi Pat, doing great thanks! How are you?
RT @voxmarshfield: We're excited to share Jenn Bostic will be returning to The Vox - Marshfield for full band event on December 31!... https://t.co/YlXteG09pb
RT @whatsonNI: Jenn Bostic will be joining Donna for her show in Bangor on 21st October Find out more at https://t.co/O67pzdNsP5 https://t.co/JAjaUQFL8b
RT @SWMetroMag: Out of a devastating loss rose a song of hope and healing. Learn about local musician Jenn Bostic's inspiring story… https://t.co/BDLsDPVb5T
RT @love_radio_: We love Jenn Bostic ! Now Playing: Missin' a Man The love and glamorous radio from Paris... visit our website ! https://t.co/nub1RH8pj9
RT @HBDProductions: #homebydark @gwinnettcenter 9/23 with @jennbostic @erniehalter #intheround #inthenameoflove… https://t.co/gWZrZKtnbS
My husband's a good cook. When he's not home I eat spaghetti. @michaelernst7
@BrianHagene @_SarahDarling 👋
@JSHudson That's perfect! Would love to cover it. 💕
@wwe3coins84 @jenngrinels I haven't heard her stuff, I will have to check it out.
Such fun on today's @Stageit show! Next one has been booked for October 15th :) Get your ticket: https://t.co/iNlQEGJNDp
@JSHudson Assuming that's your choice for the video?
@JSHudson just saw your Ed Sheehan request. 😬 Too late to learn it for this show but hopefully I'll get it done for you eventually. 😉
RT @spnfan65: Still a few tickets left for @jennbostic's on-line show today via @Stageit Show starts in 50 minutes!!! #Requests https://t.co/R54FlPzJb5
About to go live on @Stageit 💕 https://t.co/yJGKYMXVkt
Happening in an hour and a half!!! Online concert via @Stageit 💜 Just a few tickets left! https://t.co/g1GNVijzbc
@sashamcveigh Awwww I love Diane. 😉 Thank you, it's always an honor to sing with Sarah.
A little over 12 hours from now! Singing your requests live on @Stageit 💕💕💕https://t.co/g1GNVijzbc
RT @spnfan65: *Featured Show* on @Stageit Tomorrow @jennbostic #RequestHour <3 Only 15 Tickets left! Grab 1 before it's #SoldOut https://t.co/R54FlPzJb5
@sashamcveigh @WhisperingBob @WhisperingBobTV @_SarahDarling @michaellogen @RobVincentMusic @Kimmie_Rhodes Great ph… https://t.co/2NgaPkIY5E
Tomorrow! Online concert, get your requests in! 💜💜💜 https://t.co/g1GNVijzbc
@TaggartDonna Gorgeous girls!
@TaggartDonna @meganoneill @TheAlleyTheatre @TermonComplex @civictheatre 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
@pappysbabies @Stageit 💕
Saturday! Online concert via @Stageit where I'll be singing your requests! https://t.co/g1GNVijzbc
Just went live on Facebook. :) https://t.co/HQgQeoQQQ8
RT @bluenobby: On the anniversary of 9/11 @jennbostic 'Jealous of the Angels' Live on BBC Radio Coventry & Warwic... https://t.co/ffJqHpt4KI via @YouTube
RT @smileonice: New blog is live, ft: @jennbostic @killiandonnelly @estevensmusic @Lauren_Alaina Where words fail, music speaks. https://t.co/tnvlERHyzv
RT @blackberrychris: 2 phenomenal sets of lyrics from @jennbostic came one after the other on my training soundtrack tonight, much neede… https://t.co/jfXpXxPSde
Sad to say that Friday's show @listeningroom has been postponed. Will let you know when we have a new date in the new room. 💕
RT @TomLevine12: Listening to https://t.co/9aC2Q4D6FG @country_online playing Jenn Bostic's song Wrong Thing @jennbostic great song!
RT @AylaBrown: it's early, but last yr was a sell out. So grab your tickets now with @jennbostic and @damienhorne at The Spire --> https://t.co/LXX7yVzOZR
"Sometimes you need to make more moves and less announcements." @RONNIEDOSS
@SmokeEtAl @MusCornerNash Thanks!
RT @SmokeEtAl: So awesome to see @jennbostic play live @MusCornerNash today!
@kyshona @MusCornerNash @Lightning100 Love youuuu. Saaaaangin aaaaaall or jams yo. 😉😎
Today! @MusCornerNash @lightning100 Acoustic Stage!!! #FreeConcert #Nashville https://t.co/wU27cybgMP
Today!!!! Free concert @MusCornerNash in the park at 4:15PM on the @Lightning100 acoustic stage!
@nathanangelo @kyshona As she always does. 😉
@richardmarx Just hangin' here in Nashville if you guys want an opener. 😉
@Jmw268 @thehotelcafe @_SarahDarling @michaellogen @JennyFormica Would love to see you Jenny!!
October 12, @thehotelcafe with @_SarahDarling & @michaellogen for #ANightinNashville. Get your tickets: https://t.co/tkL0wto5eg
ICYMI, just went live on Facebook. https://t.co/jmBO16sQpb
RT @photocillin: Hey good looking jennbostic using one of our shots in London for her summer gig flyers. Hair and… https://t.co/44HIdPeevF
RT @MusCornerNash: Don’t miss this free performance by @jennbostic on our @Lightning100 Acoustic Stage Saturday, Sep 9th! LINEUP:… https://t.co/chFShVmH7m
@ProducerEddie Truth!
RT @ChanceFrom79th: 5 Things to quit: 1.Trying to please others 2.Fearing change 3. Living in the past 4.Putting yourself down 5.Overthinking
This woman helps me be better. ❤️ @kyshona https://t.co/v7pvEqT2gE
"If you've got writer's block it's because you're trying to talk about something you don't know about." @_SHANNONSANDERS @WhoKnewNash #truth
"Tell the truth to people who can make a change." @_SHANNONSANDERS @WhoKnewNash
"Every moment we're in is special, every moment we're in is unique...all we have to do is capture it." @_SHANNONSANDERS @WhoKnewNash
"Anybody who's an artist, I want you to know how much power you have." @anasatroutman @WhoKnewNash #bringingthetears ❤️😭💕
Grateful for "the ladder I get to climb that was built just for me." @theeGinaMiller @WhoKnewNash
@theeGinaMiller Thank you for sharing your heart and your wisdom tonight @WhoKnewNash 💕 #fullheart
"No matter what anybody says, you are already enough." -Gina Miller @WhoKnewNash #bringingallthequotes
"People change. Seasons change. What does not change is your name and the work you do attached to your name." Gina Miller @WhoKnewNash
Beautiful reminder that the ministry in music goes wherever you do. Thanks Gina Miller. @WhoKnewNash https://t.co/nByYIXJ8S5
So inspired by the words of Gina Miller tonight. #musicisalliknow @WhoKnewNash
Amazing to hear Henry Hicks speak about the vision for the #WriteTheScore museum coming right here to Nashville @WhoKnewNash.
@WeirdoWorkshop your energy and passion @WhoKnewNash tonight! 🔥🙌🏽👏🏼🤓
"You should be leaning into the things that make you different." @ClaudeKelly @WeirdoWorkshop @WhoKnewNash
"The only formula is to be yourself." @ClaudeKelly @WeirdoWorkshop @WhoKnewNash
"We purposely denied genres because sometimes they put you in a box you aren't meant to be in." @ClaudeKelly @WeirdoWorkshop @WhoKnewNash
Love hearing fellow @BerkleeCollege @BerkleeAlumni @ClaudeKelly @WhoKnewNash https://t.co/UCmDrcym51
Love these kicks that Chuck Harmony of @WeirdoWorkshop is rocking tonight for @WhoKnewNash @CityWineryNSH https://t.co/RAN5gCZq2u
Grateful for the wise and genuine words of @JackiePatillo tonight @WhoKnewNash https://t.co/6Hen062IYA
#PhilThornton kicking off a great night of @WhoKnewNash @CityWineryNSH https://t.co/iEqSXpJDlw
"When your purpose meets your passion it's unstoppable." -Phil Thornton @WhoKnewNash @CityWineryNSH
Listening to a panel of successful music execs @WhoKnewNash mentioning the people who believed in them when no one else did #gratefulformine
RT @RizzlesLikeMad: Will be having these on repeat - all day!! 😻💕 Finally got hold of them and I am very happy☺️👌🏼 @jennbostic https://t.co/AfZgv4ZC4t
@RizzlesLikeMad Yayyyyy!!!!
@ggshowatlanta Hope to see you there!!! 💜
RT @ggshowatlanta: You had me at popcorn. Seeing @jennbostic makes my head swim. Everybody let's go! https://t.co/LH29c2GK3v
This Saturday! ❤️❤️❤️ @MusCornerNash @Lightning100 #Nashville #FreeConcert https://t.co/oQ4nrTw3v7
Had a great time singing and writing songs with these rockstars today for #Kidsville. I'll be… https://t.co/JczxXyLQil
@TaggartDonna @MotherwellVenue @LancasterGrand @TheAlleyTheatre @LimeTreeTheatre @burnavontheatre @HawksWellSligo… https://t.co/5ogIHD5B9g
@linzeejordan @_SarahDarling @BluebirdCafeTN Awwwww 💕 Thanks for listening!
@meganoneill Me too me too! Love the song we came up with. 💜💜
RT @meganoneill: Loved writing with @jennbostic today! Glad we could make it happen girl. X #Nashville
It's a sunglasses in the rain kinda day in #Nashville. 📷: @photocillin #stormclouds #rain… https://t.co/eTZH6aDYpx
@smileonice @kyshona Ooo butchertown hall is one of my favorites!
RT @tgaudin: @jennbostic performing on #Stageit September 16 at 9:00 AM PDT https://t.co/PoPDghnA9m via @stageit
Tonight was a beautiful full house eddiesattic with @_sarahdarling & @michaellogen for… https://t.co/yrl37n4wr3
RT @dswirlk7: Such amazing and talented artists @_SarahDarling @jennbostic @michaellogen. Could have listened to you all night! https://t.co/WFO50LtoAk
RT @HBDProductions: #HomeByDark @Infinite_Center 9/23 with @jennbostic & @erniehalter @GwinnettEvents https://t.co/Tdif2KbLUP
@TaggartDonna 💕💕💕
Had my first trapeze lesson this morning!!! Never know what's going to happen on an… https://t.co/V4NtdHzfTJ
RT @eddiesattic: Join Sarah Darling, @michaellogen, and @jennbostic "in the round" at Eddie's Attic TOMORROW! TIX - https://t.co/9hq96G04dU
RT @_SarahDarling: On the road with these gems! Blue Ridge Georgia tonight. ✨ https://t.co/D9qhj0ygJu
@donna_ash76 @TaggartDonna Yayyy!
@TaggartDonna @LimeTreeTheatre @Dean_Crowe @BngrElimComplex So excited!!!!
RT @TaggartDonna: So delighted this beauty @jennbostic will be joining me in October at Limerick, Athlone and Bangor. Tickets at… https://t.co/997VBg3WHA
RT @michaellogen: Fantastic times were had last night at The Bluebird Cafe with @jennbostic, @_sarahdarling and… https://t.co/LlZCaKRpbn
😂 + 😭 + ❤️+ ✨ = @BluebirdCafeTN @_SarahDarling @michaellogen @jeffcohenmusic tonight! https://t.co/dHDcAHSUjU
RT @_SarahDarling: What a magical night at the @bluebirdcafetn with @jennbostic @michaellogen and @jeffcohenmusic !!! I love these bea… https://t.co/4OA2VTI2gy
Congrats on your new single @sonialeigh! 😎 https://t.co/dEl0g9oDQh
@RizzlesLikeMad Thanks for listening! 💜
@opaman Stay safe.
The fun starts tonight! @_SarahDarling @michaellogen @BluebirdCafeTN @eddiesattic #Firefly #ANightInNashville https://t.co/9CLjULtWKd
@ChuckNilosek @HubBoston @pedroblancoa Awesome ❤️
RT @_SarahDarling: It's going to be a magical weekend! Kicking off to a sold out @BluebirdCafeTN tomorrow night! 🌟🌙⚡️✨⭐️ @michaellogen… https://t.co/D6vMYEypag
RT @michaellogen: This weekend! @BluebirdCafeTN, @eddiesattic and Firefly Sessions w/ @officialsarahdarling and @jennbostic! https://t.co/LcBR9qGqXh
RT @Coast1079: Thursday's Special, Contemporary Country ft. @littlebigtown @iamNATHANCARTER @jennbostic etc19:00BST. 2 Listen In; https://t.co/cOFUYgjhFH
Just went live on Facebook. ICYMI: https://t.co/pVtZe3lUxx
RT @kevinlamb515b: Listening to https://t.co/ZxXEOhG68B @country_online playing Jenn Bostic @jennbostic song Wrong Thing! Congrats Featured Indie Artist!
Going LIVE on Facebook at 12 noon CST. ❤️❤️❤️ Join me.
RT @deanandsheena: We're on @hebden_radio today from 1UK playing the best New Country inc @AnnDoka, @THECAINBAND, @jennbostic, @AshlieghLisset & much more!
So excited for Friday's #SoldOut show @BluebirdCafeTN with @_SarahDarling @michaellogen & Jeff Cohen. ❤️❤️❤️
RT @scragnut: @jennbostic Jealous Of The Angels. Let's get this beautiful song over 3m views shall we? #bestsongeverwritten https://t.co/TVvrZPXpSB
Jackson and I just wanted to remind you to smile today. 😁 https://t.co/pcd2ux7kMo
29 days until I head to Mexico! Who wants to jump in my suitcase? Tickets still available! @SongwritersIsle… https://t.co/bEeAptadQ4
RT @deanandsheena: We've got the best New Country tonight from 8UK inc @caseydband, @AshlieghLisset, @jennbostic, @kramergirl & more! https://t.co/QEs7RbZJ28
Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and your plans will succeed. —Proverbs 16:3
RT @taylorswift13: The #LWYMMDvideo is out now - https://t.co/6ajIH45CnX
RT @BellesandGals: Shout #13 goes to @jennbostic with "Hope of the World" https://t.co/KagUj4SE2r
@BamaRootsRadio @raywylie @AllisonMoorer @thesecretsister @fiveshotjack Thanks for the love!
@john_johnhands3 @jason9571 @BellesandGals Awwww thanks friends. xo
September 23rd @Infinite_Center with @HBDProductions & @erniehalter! https://t.co/24gRMqVJ24 https://t.co/cDFhuStVdo
@johpoh21 You saw it at the fair!!!
Mexico! Only 1 month away. If you want to join us you can find details at https://t.co/TPdaxSBger @JohnPattiMusic… https://t.co/mWWQedIS8K
#NewProfilePic https://t.co/fwKs6MIGFB
RT @HBDProductions: Celebrating our 4th Anniversary of HOME BY DARK @Infinite_Center on SAT SEPT 23. Special guests @jennbostic &… https://t.co/greyBJfSZq
Powerful morning oasischurchtv. Honored, humbled, blessed and grateful to call Oasis home and to… https://t.co/NzrqJdJfoX
Great @Stageit show today, thanks to all who tuned in! Next one is set for September 16th. :) Get your ticket: https://t.co/g1GNVijzbc
.@Stageit show happening in 30min. Join the fun! https://t.co/mCDqqtHoep
This morning was incredible! Honored to be part of @oasischurchtv https://t.co/bqrXBMKwT8
@ChuckNilosek @HubBoston @pedroblancoa So great meeting you. 💜
RT @pappysbabies: Check out @jennbostic today at 2:00 cst. You'll be glad you did! Jenn Bostic performing on #Stageit https://t.co/57BYHNqy2D via @stageit
@crrevis1990 @jill_chambers @RONNIEDOSS I knoooooow. Love it.
RT @ChuckNilosek: So cool to interview @jennbostic at the Hope Music Festival last week on the @HubBoston Red Carpet! Thx to… https://t.co/6WEtpcgpWh
@businessnutter So cool, thanks for sharing!
RT @BellesandGals: Shout #6 goes to @jennbostic, @_SarahDarling and @michaellogen with this fantastic cover of "Jolene" https://t.co/07PHU1nlQH
My girl @kyshona is playing @MusCornerNash today at 2PM! No better place to be this beautiful afternoon!
Hey hey! @kyshona and I just went LIVE from soundcheck @BhamMoonlight https://t.co/Zl7Sm22xs1
So excited for this show!!! https://t.co/LvglcvrOvJ
RT @bfgoat: Now playing Featured Indie Artist Jenn Bostic @jennbostic song Jealous Of The Angels on https://t.co/oPkF0cZtK3 https://t.co/jkogTcZwLR
RT @chrisbean223cb: Tuned in to https://t.co/fWSMXFLkJl @country_online listening to Featured Indie Artist Jenn Bostic @jennbostic song Jealous Of The Angels
@Coast1079 @CountryRoots6lv Awesome! I'd be honored.😉
Tomorrow!!!! @kyshona @BhamMoonlight https://t.co/gpB30XWvU5
@Coast1079 ❤️❤️❤️ Can't wait to share it!
RT @Coast1079: Looking forward to the new album @jennbostic Busy mastering in Nashville we understand.
RT @Coast1079: 'Livin The Dream' @iamNATHANCARTER 👏ft. 'Jealous Of The Angels' written by @jennbostic 👏 privilege of radio to play and know both. 🇬🇧 & 🇺🇸
@frankstone2626 @country_online Thanks!
RT @frankstone2626: Great song! Jenn Bostic @jennbostic Wrong Thing now playing on https://t.co/3C69RFzmVy @country_online Congrats Featured Indie Artist!
RT @kyshona: I got them dates y'all! Catch me w/ @jennbostic Friday in #birminghamal & Next Friday w/ @nathanangelo in #atlanta!… https://t.co/mmqeWmZuFm
@wonderfuldream Thanks! Doing great!😉
RT @michaellogen: Very much lookin' forward to playing these shows with my friends @jennbostic and @officialsarahdarling...in the US… https://t.co/zndQ0aWknJ
Tonight! Hope Music Festival. ❤️ Show starts at 7:30PM. https://t.co/2ZgeMyUgs3
Sunday! Online show via @Stageit! Get your tickets: https://t.co/mCDqqtHoep https://t.co/rvGkd7VG2a
RT @woodhouse21: The moment my friend @jennbostic poured the perfect pint at… https://t.co/hRTNjkGEu8
@maria_mprice Thank you for sharing it.
"Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass... it's about learning to dance in the rain." https://t.co/SgwcunCU1H
Mastering my album today. 💕#allthefeels https://t.co/S55d4yHgCW
RT @kyshona: #birminghamalabama I'm headed your way this Friday with my glamorous friend, @jennbostic 💫 We'll… https://t.co/4qrzUz80xv
@chrisbean223cb @country_online Thanks Chris!
RT @chrisbean223cb: Great song by Featured Indie Artist on https://t.co/fWSMXFLkJl @country_online Jenn Bostic @jennbostic Jealous Of The Angles
RT @bfgoat: Now playing Jenn Bostic @jennbostic song Jealous Of The Angels Featured Indie Artist of the Month… https://t.co/EmMvFF8lah
#Birmingham! Come join @kyshona and I @BhamMoonlight this Friday 8/25. ❤️❤️❤️ https://t.co/2n3QwXBlSX
@love_radio_ 💜💜💜
Want a free guitar? VOTE for your favorite band @Howlfest. If you pick me we could both win guitars!!! 🤞🏼https://t.co/SmakUNQMfc
That. Was. Amazing! So happy to witness it with these fine folks! https://t.co/ExCEc3TmJW
Hitting the stage in 40 minutes! Watch the full band live stream: https://t.co/gmybwIqV7X @Howlfest
RT @bfgoat: Now playing Featured Indie Artist Jenn Bostic @jennbostic new single Wrong Thing on https://t.co/oPkF0cZtK3 https://t.co/GwjsGJrWXU
@Tylershouse Announcement coming soon!
RT @tgaudin: Remember, In 6 days @jennbostic Summertime Singsong August 27 at 12:00 PM PDT https://t.co/SnWJ21bKaw
Today!!!!!!!!! https://t.co/P14WvsLM0P
RT @PaulThomasShow: Wow... unreal weekend!! #PTonthePatio @jennbostic & @neal_elder, then marrying Nicole & Aaron, Stomp Out Suicide... https://t.co/8TXbd4ZPJP
Who's excited????? 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 https://t.co/lt1370pOsr
@Cherish4You @SouthwestAir It happens to the best of us. 😂
@MartinCox0155 @SouthwestAir Yes thanks. Halfway home.
When you show up at the airport a day before your flight. 😬 Thanks @SouthwestAir for getting me home anyway. ❤️
@MartinCox0155 1:20PM I believe.
@LisaMcHughx @NthCorkMusicFes Have fun!
Tomorrow!!!! Eclipse party in #Nashville #Howlatthemoonindiefestival! Tix still available. Promo Code: HOWLFESTBOST… https://t.co/Z097LUcZze
This album!!!! This artist!!! Go do yourself a favor and download it! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 #amatteroftime @nathanangelo https://t.co/hC1FBtjdQO
RT @ClarkMachtemes: One of the few times Mason has smiled with his new braces. It's when Jenn Bostic has her camera running go figure https://t.co/MUAjfOCvQc
RT @country_online: Featured "Artist of the Month" Rising Star "Jenn Bostic" with "Wrong Thing" Available Now on iTunes & Amazon...… https://t.co/qUSR3NBtcw
@wrenchman1j Thanks Derek!
@CRoutesNews @LifeInASong_UK @BritishCMA @1018wcrfm I'll take it! 😉
@Lo_Ball Unfortunately not, I will be in Ireland
RT @betty1980b: Great song! Listening to Jenn Bostic @jennbostic song Wrong Thing on https://t.co/t2l8NGfa6C @country_online Congra… https://t.co/HiTLgiCql4
RT @bfgoat: Now playing Featured Indie Artist Jenn Bostic @jennbostic new single Wrong Thing on @country_online… https://t.co/ZqFvQrB8wO
RT @LifeInASong_UK: NEWS: The lovely @jennbostic added to the line-up at the BCMA Awards on October 22nd! https://t.co/hhAtTO7v8r
Praying for Barcelona. 😔 Praying for the whole world. 🙏
Just a booked a flight to Ireland. 😍 Stay tuned for why.
ICYMI: Honored to be the @country_online Artist of the Month! 💜 https://t.co/L8ZsYn4EoM
RT @bfgoat: Now playing Featured Artist of The Month Jenn Bostic @jennbostic song Jealous Of The Angels on… https://t.co/xU5T140zf2
RT @awynn030: Listening to https://t.co/wH5JCP7V3e @country_online playing Jenn Bostic @jennbostic song Jealous Of The Angels Congrats Artist Of The Month
@Nashvilledjuk Meeeee too.
Psyched to be playing FULL BAND for the solar eclipse at the Howl at the Moon Indie Festival! 12 noon on Monday. pr… https://t.co/0WSYUx71D9
@adaplumb1 @country_online 💜
RT @adaplumb1: Listening to Featured Indie Artist of the Month Jenn Bostic @jennbostic song Wrong Thing on https://t.co/Ak0Cu1iyxB @country_online Thanks!
RT @bfgoat: Now playing Jenn Bostic @jennbostic song Wrong Thing Featured Artist of the Month On https://t.co/oPkF0cZtK3 https://t.co/bwa97aWNT6
Tonight! Princeton Depot with @GoAndPractice and @neal_elder 7-8:30PM ❤️ https://t.co/1G9BnX6HSR
@miss_shiv Miss yours. 😘
RT @BellesandGals: Shout #9 goes to @jennbostic with "Little Grace" https://t.co/M2wUu9RoRw
@miss_shiv ❤️
RT @kyshona: Watch “Same Blood” on #Vimeo: https://t.co/1As8XKoGNr No matter your skin color, religious beliefs, who you love/how you love- we all bleed.
RT @_SarahDarling: Looking forward to this dream team getting back together for a weekend of shows! 🌟✨🌟 Get your tickets on… https://t.co/HBHWgAmSF9
My heart is so sad. When will we all start loving each other? https://t.co/ySFPByIPoc #Charlottesville
It's good to be home. Fun times @IronTapMN last night. Catch me with Traveled Ground at the Carver County Fair toni… https://t.co/PzN59nKF7U
RT @HBDProductions: #HomeByDark @gwinnettcenter SEPT 23 w/ @jennbostic and @erniehalter #intheround #inthenameoflove… https://t.co/Tm1eaISgNE
Hey Minnesota! Catch Clark Machtemes and me @IronTapMN tonight. 7PM start. It fills up fast, so get there early. 😉💕
@MartinCox0155 I willlllll. 😉
@kyshona @Rubes73 @GRAYSonMain Craaaaazy! #meanttobe #thanksforlistening
Tonight was 🔥 @GRAYSonMain with @kyshona. ❤️ ##acousticmusic #nashvillesongwriter #unsigned… https://t.co/G9mK7RBxbr
@Cherish4You Yes! Thank you 💕
I did a thing today. #blonde #dotheyreallyhavemorefun? https://t.co/7xImNGXyEQ
Forgetting to buy eggs made for a creative breakfast but I made a killer smoothie. Frozen berries, avacado, orange juice & kale #getcreative
Tonight!!! @GRAYSonMain with my soul sister @kyshona 💕💕💕 Also, we are playing @BhamMoonlight Aug 25th for any Birmi… https://t.co/S7cG5PVwuf
"Faith builds on the victories of yesterday to help us face the valleys of today and the questions about tomorrow." -Mary Southerland
RT @bluenobby: Late night tune. Jenn Bostic, Sarah Darling & Michael Logen A Night In Nashville - 'Jolene' https://t.co/F8ugnahWfe via @YouTube
@Alanjerram @_SarahDarling Just being nominated makes me feel special. 😍
@MusicLoverEddie Yeah! Thanks for the love!
Unbelievably honored!!!!! 😭 https://t.co/9ZTOL80Arv
@Coast1079 ❤️❤️❤️
RT @Coast1079: She's also a pleasure to meet, thank you @BuckleandBoots 2017 & @AtkinsonThe ~ Go well @jennbostic https://t.co/PyVLV2HB2F
RT @Jillybird7: Congrats to @jennbostic and @_SarahDarling for being nominated for international act of the year! https://t.co/P8juAfM4UB
RT @JBosticFans: . @jennbostic was nominated for a BCMA AWARD! https://t.co/zQRr1vGST3
RT @Jmw268: . How exciting to be nominated @_SarahDarling and @jennbostic 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 https://t.co/pCXlkHuvZa
RT @BuckleandBoots: We’ve been nominated for a BCMA Award alongside some fantastic festivals! Thanks @BritishCMA! https://t.co/iecp3vjR2l
Who wants to come to #Mexico with meeeee? @JohnPattiMusic @EricErdmanMusic @SongwritersIsle https://t.co/iGI3xwidhj
@smileonice But you can watch it after the fact. :)
Just went live on facebook! ICYMI: https://t.co/wun2QGTYDj
RT @bfgoat: Now playing Featured Indie Artist of the Month Jenn Bostic @jennbostic song Wrong Thing on https://t.co/oPkF0cZtK3 https://t.co/uqmuWtZEDA
Rest In Peace Rhinestone Cowboy. Thank you for the music you gave to this world. 🌎
Rest In Peace Rhinestone Cowboy. Thank you for music you gave to this world. 🌎
Next week in Minnesota!!! 💕 https://t.co/gNJiNjTyZ1
RT @_SarahDarling: I'm so excited to play with @jennbostic and @michaellogen September 3 at @eddiesattic !! Get your tickets!… https://t.co/ES4cGRmx0e
Perfect summer weather for a 4 mile run. 🏃
@WrestlingNerd25 Thank you so much Tanner!
RT @Jmw268: This was a weekend full of music and friends! @_sarahdarling @jennbostic @kyshona so fun!… https://t.co/vjOyxkBUbn
This weekend. ❤️❤️❤️😍 https://t.co/P9EQMlrNgv
RT @JBosticFans: Such an amazing weekend of music with @jennbostic! She is simply amazing (as always!)❤️❤️ https://t.co/0NHxU51arG
@themaxstraub @_SarahDarling @kyshona ❤️❤️❤️ you're a gem of a human being Max.
RT @drquoz: So much fun at @CloseupCountry with @_SarahDarling @kyshona @jennbostic ! https://t.co/mUw1MBEP4w
RT @Jmw268: Love these ladies ❤️ .. @jennbostic @_sarahdarling @kyshona look up their music - they are… https://t.co/o8QYN8MHzE
Lewisville, you were gorgeous last night. ❤️ @_SarahDarling @kyshona https://t.co/0KmncM02Zd
@Jmw268 @kyshona @_SarahDarling 😘
@AlohaVidCountry Thanks for sharing!
RT @drquoz: Shallowford Square, Lewisville NC @jennbostic @kyshona @_SarahDarling https://t.co/FvWje0ywri
RT @eddiesattic: Join Sarah Darling, @michaellogen, and @jennbostic "in the round" at Eddie's on 9/03! TIX - https://t.co/9hq96G04dU
RT @themaxstraub: Look at this crowd waiting to puchase merch and meet @_SarahDarling @jennbostic and @kyshona Lewisville knows good… https://t.co/5D4S9W6WVf
RT @themaxstraub: Had one of the finest live music experiences tonight - I have been to 100's of shows. @kyshona @jennbostic @_SarahDarling Magnificent
RT @CloseupCountry: Had one of the finest live music experiences tonight . @kyshona @jennbostic @_SarahDarling tomorrow night 7PM Wine&Beer 101 Youngsville!
Poll Answers: @kyshona = blueberry cake donuts, me = @Perrier, @_SarahDarling = airhead rainbows & Chris Martin, lunch = @ChickfilA. 😉
Final poll! Answers coming next. Someone's celebrity crush is @coldplay's Chris Martin. Who is it? @kyshona @_sarahdarling
Next poll! En route to Lewisville and we just stopped at one of the following fast food joints. Which one was it? @_SarahDarling @kyshona
Next poll! Someone's favorite road trip beverage is sparkling lime @Perrier. Who is it? #ANightinNashville @kyshona @_sarahdarling
Next poll, we're talkin road snacks! Someone in this car likes airhead rainbow strips, who is it? @kyshona @_SarahDarling #ANightinNashville
#ANightinNashville is talking donuts this morning. Someone's favorite is blueberry cake? @_SarahDarling @kyshona More polls to come!
Lewisville, NC we're coming for you!!!!! FREE SHOW in Shallowford Square tonight! https://t.co/DPEnMrtcbc
10, 000 views in 1 day?!?! 🙈 Guys, my heart just exploded. Xo Thank you. ICYMI: https://t.co/AoC37AetSf
RT @FalkJessica: Have a beautiful Saturday❣️ This song is called Make A Change and I co-wrote it with Jenn Bostic. #singersongwriter… https://t.co/I8zggUstFP
RT @Howlfest: Fresh off her U.K. Tour @jennbostic will be tearing the stage up with her amazing performance. #jennBostic… https://t.co/UIL5Kl73xN
RT @_SarahDarling: Amazing night @VenkmansATL ⭐️✨🌟 https://t.co/QJGt5biYsq
RT @VenkmansATL: These ladies slayed the early show this evening! @kyshona @jennbostic and @_sarahdarling… https://t.co/LROBdyXiKQ
RT @SSAC9111: Thanks once again to @jennbostic for an Amazing Song which was played at the Nat'l School Safety Conf in Vegas. Su… https://t.co/Oc8nOlyZ3J
RT @robertpena611: Listening to Jenn Bostic @jennbostic song Wrong Thing on https://t.co/6EQI0EowR7 @country_online Congrats Indie Artist of the Month!
RT @bfgoat: Now playing https://t.co/oPkF0cZtK3 @country_online Featured Indie Artist Of The Month Jenn Bostic @jennbostic new… https://t.co/GmO04SkFV5
Wrong Thing - Jenn Bostic & Bart Walker - Live Acoustic Session https://t.co/gO3d3U6nyI
RT @SparkLivestream: This week on @RoadShowPod, @Airen_Maye talks with the incredibly talented @jennbostic! Listen now at… https://t.co/npS9Um6BKQ
RT @RoadShowPod: This week the amazing @jennbostic joins me on The Road Show! She's such an inspiration and a joy to talk to!… https://t.co/7gKCF6Y6OQ
RT @Airen_Maye: The talented and inspirational @jennbostic talks with me on this week's @RoadShowPod! Great conversation and music!… https://t.co/K9Jwb6ndoX
Celebrating @theJennMcGill's CD release @GRAYSonMain tonight! ☺️❤️😘😍 https://t.co/SgpDFFikWG
Playing Atlanta tomorrow!!! Who's coming to @VenkmansATL for #ANightinNashville with @_SarahDarling & @kyshona ??? https://t.co/hFZRY8JrHp
@pappysbabies Awesome!
@Zara_Lusty Thanks Zara!
Next ONLINE @Stageit show is August 27th! Get your ticket. xo https://t.co/mCDqqtHoep
Just went live on Facebook. Did you catch it? https://t.co/8OTXVzTy3I
RT @nicolaterry751: I love this song! Jenn Bostic @JBosticFans @jennbostic Jealous Of The Angels @country_online… https://t.co/ftRVsyO5d1
RT @bfgoat: Now playing Featured Indie Artist on the Month Jenn Bostic @jennbostic Jealous Of The Angels on… https://t.co/Ltz7dUfGoO
When you want to relax on the couch for the night but you're pacing to make sure you hit your step goal for the day. 😂
RT @bfgoat: Now playing Featured Indie Artist of The Month Jenn Bostic @jennbostic new single Wrong Thing on… https://t.co/WiuKn2a3Wb
RT @macleodjane4421: Great song now playing Wrong Thing by Featured Indie Artist of the Month Jenn Bostic @jennbostic on https://t.co/badHqOBbFr @country_online
Hey guess what?! I found you a great reason to go to Mexico next month!!! 😜 @SongwritersIsle @JohnPattiMusic… https://t.co/tbuMGQ6F8M
RT @bfgoat: Now playing Indie Artist Of The Month Jenn Bostic @jennbostic new single Wrong Thing on https://t.co/oPkF0cZtK3 https://t.co/5DDNNBkkzA
RT @awynn030: Congrats Jenn Bostic @jennbostic https://t.co/wH5JCP7V3e @country_online Indie Artist of the Month! Listening to Wr… https://t.co/V7g1QaISAk
@eswecker 💜
SURPRISE! Next @Stageit show 8/27 at 2PM Central! Snag your ticket! https://t.co/mCDqqtHoep
Coming this weeeeeeeek!!!! @tonefreak713 #wrongthing #acoustic #indieartist #acousticsession… https://t.co/ywMwZYG4C8
@country_online Thanks so much!!!
RT @country_online: Congratulations to "Jenn Bostic" Our Featured "Artist of the Month" with "Wrong Thing" Available Now on iTunes...… https://t.co/mRdAHOTh3O
This weekend is going to be sooooo fun! #ANightInNashville reunion tour with @_SarahDarling & @kyshona https://t.co/EMZJUN9y9U
@allfiredup93 Thank you so much! I would say find collaborators who are singers but need help with lyrics
@The_Evil_Pacman Would love to! 💜 Great meeting you.
RT @kyshona: Reunion run with @jennbostic & @_sarahdarling this weekend. Georgia and North Carolina, we'll… https://t.co/cZzmRV3trd
RT @_SarahDarling: Night in Nashville reunion tour through the Carolinas and Georgia with @kyshona and @jennbostic this weekend! ⭐️✨🍾💕 https://t.co/vK2HROyGqm
@richardmarx Bonnie Raitt and Eva Cassidy
RT @MarkPhilpott4: Nice. @jennbostic playing this morning at our hotel in Nashville.
RT @Jmw268: @EKeeter37 @lindsayell Are u free next weekend? You need to see @jennbostic @_SarahDarling and @kyshona in lewisvil… https://t.co/51iny3VfPl
RT @theJennMcGill: Hear today's 2 new album songs! @jennbostic @Kerrie_Roberts #pledgerperks https://t.co/QJA5bbMGIP @pledgemusic… https://t.co/buzKPIBOlr
@love_radio_ Great song!
@SuchAngerLilSam @PAWFECT3 @spnfan65 @One_More_ShotUK @ChristianKane01 @RileySmith @GaryQuinnMusic @mattlande… https://t.co/WwRGMHsECz
@jstpumpkin @michaellogen It's fun!
RT @RayBeckerman: "Lips on mine" Jenn Bostic https://t.co/ICnWfhTmfd #music
Love writing songs with this guy! #unsigned #indieartist #songwriter #nashvillesongwriter… https://t.co/wr1gMvDhDA
RT @msmeby: Check out this clip of a killer new duet with @JennBostic from my Fueled By Love CD @Kickstarter… https://t.co/2Z17fXqTnI
RT @eddiesattic: Join Sarah Darling, @michaellogen, and @jennbostic "in the round" at Eddie's on 9/03! TIX - https://t.co/9hq96G04dU
Got a little surprise comin' at ya next week. @tonefreak713 #livemusic #liverecording… https://t.co/z3OPBS1TpO
Recorded some vocals for @msmeby's new album today. 😇 Support his kickstarter if you're able. https://t.co/MGhohKyI8i
Thanks for the love. 💕 https://t.co/Ju0d9H78VP
@joshforsythe @Jmw268 Thanks so much! Well come on out to Iron Tap 8/12 then! 😉
RT @RoadShowPod: Had a great talk with the very talented @jennbostic last night for an upcoming episode of The Road Show for @SparkLivestream! #indie #music
@pappysbabies Sounds good!
@opaman In Case You Missed It.
@joshforsythe @Jmw268 Thanks so much! I would say Princeton or Albertville. If you'd rather come to Waconia, I wont… https://t.co/AQVNypwivj
ICYMI a little facebook live today... https://t.co/Plb6ws6qWK
Going live on Facebook in a little while, hope to see you there!
@BellesandGals 😊❤️😍
RT @BellesandGals: Shout #6 goes to @jennbostic with "What Love Feels Like" https://t.co/Qo1yuIG8cs
RT @ravishlydotcom: What was the inspiration behind "Somebody’s Someone"? https://t.co/4UFxp0CQhb @DaphneWillis @jennbostic.… https://t.co/s2wAJ46D9K
@Bionic_Tweets Good to know!
@Bionic_Tweets @JBosticFans @_SarahDarling @michaellogen It was. ❤️
Brainstorming the new album release, what type of merchandise do you want to see from me in 2018?
Wow. @HacksawRidge 😭
Reflecting on an incredibly life giving weekend. 📷 by @michaelernst7 https://t.co/FlLRbf3SU8
A little snippet from last night's show in #Shelbyville #illinois. ❤️ #JealousoftheAngels https://t.co/rnkEjQUNIf
Tonight was amazing. Thank you #shelbyville 💕 https://t.co/FEB5m7saBq
Green room selfies with this stud. 😍 @michaelernst7 https://t.co/YVsW4Vio88
Great morning fishing in Illinois! Looking forward to tonight's gig in Shelbyville at the… https://t.co/anbRbopcXu
@_SarahDarling 😍
RT @_SarahDarling: Always a favorite moment in the show. ✨ #montmartre https://t.co/PaS6CnME4p
@Zara_Lusty Thanks!
@opaman 😔 stay cool
@dallasfay Treadmill wasn't so bad today
@opaman Yes thankfully!
@ScottKash88 @NRayy @Beth_Beighey @lizmoriondo ❤️
RT @ScottKash88: #FemaleFriday #Download some great new music from these talented ladies @NRayy @Beth_Beighey @lizmoriondo… https://t.co/s8k0xmQrPr
@carriemanolakos @WhoKnewNash If you'd ever be up for writing together let me know. I love your vulnerability, I've… https://t.co/i2kSGE3Kcx
Heat advisory in #Nashville means 3.5 miles on the treadmill. #noexcuses #fitness
It's goooood. And catchy.... like la la la la catchy. https://t.co/laGgRVdz2O
RT @ScottKash88: #NewMusicFriday Listen to @jennbostic rockin’ her new song “Wrong Thing” #CountryMusic #Audio ☞… https://t.co/2EOvXOQJwP
Who needs a vacation? Book ur tix to Mexico Sept 28-Oct 2 & let @EricErdmanMusic @JohnPattiMusic & I start the part… https://t.co/B5i7pUhvL7
Loving @lizcoopermusic at @WhoKnewNash tonight. #whoknewnash #GirlCanPlayGuitar
@AnacrusisSongs They were great!
Crazy good performance @WhoKnewNash by @ThemVibes 💜
@love_radio_ Thanks for the love!
RT @love_radio_: We love Jenn Bostic ! Now Playing: Missin' a Man The love and glamorous radio from Paris... visit our website ! https://t.co/nub1RH8pj9
Absolutely gorgeous, powerful performance tonight @carriemanolakos. @WhoKnewNash #whoknewnash
@lizrogersxoxo great job putting the music together for @WhoKnewNash tonight! #whoknewnash
Falling in love with @theroyalfoundry tonight @WhoKnewNash #whoknewnash. ❤️
RT @Coast1079: From 'Livin The Dream' @iamNATHANCARTER ~ 'Jealous Of The Angels' crafted by @jennbostic 👏 Played again happily, go well both & thank you.
RT @CountryMusicMG: Issue 5 of Country Music is on sale now! Get your copy here: https://t.co/Rshu1oUyPm https://t.co/cbPNbTodz6
RT @CCNTRYRADIO: #TGIT #Music #CCNTRYRADIO #NowPlaying #countrymusic Faithful by Jenn Bostic @jennbostic #Listen here https://t.co/S4r5cc98A1
RT @saintinthecity: Great live review for @michaellogen @_SarahDarling @jennbostic recent London show in this month's @CountryMusicMG… https://t.co/S1Q0VG6MCG
Doing some research to find out if they really do have more fun. 😉 https://t.co/BWac74jdvi
Doing something fun today! Find out what on Facebook live later tonight. 😉
3 mile run in 84 degree heat. 🔥 #ICantCatchMyBreath #NoExcuses
Performing in Shelbyville, IL this weekend! ❤️ Who's beautiful face will I see there? https://t.co/i2sPco2T5p
RT @Jesus_Calling: Bring Me all your feelings, even the ones you wish you didn't have. #JesusCalling https://t.co/QYdq2iVP34
RT @eddiesattic: Join #SarahDarling, @michaellogen, and @jennbostic "in the round" at Eddie's on 9/03! TIX - https://t.co/9hq96FIsPk
Dare you not to sing along. Love this jam. https://t.co/SigWl6XYLy @StewartMacMusic @DeanKingofWing
Dueling kazoos anyone? Aaalmost forgot about this. ;) https://t.co/vY5hcdO8aV @BelindaLeeWebb @SamRommer @jakerommermusic @a_wright
RT @kyshona: Spent the day in the studio singing BGVs for this diva right here. This album is gonna be good… https://t.co/LwO3ZciCBz
RT @Shandalier: I was honored to sing BGV's on a new @jennbostic song w/some friends tonight. Y'all - get ready… https://t.co/t25tqMCQKs
Spent the whole day in the studio at #oceanway with these fine folks. This new album has me doing cartwheels. https://t.co/iaweZQON1J
RT @michaellogen: Had an incredible time playing The Listening Room last night with @kyshona, @jennbostic and… https://t.co/9inWMB1oid
RT @pulse_breakfast: Today's beach music will be @jennbostic @_SarahDarling #NewMusic #beach
@pulse_breakfast @_SarahDarling 💕❤️💜
@jjennXX @fsapresents @sonialeigh @_SarahDarling Awwww thx. Maybe next year?
Dear @SouthwestAir. @DanaeCo and I sure do love you guys! Sadly this speaker ended up in the water yesterday, have… https://t.co/5hX78oSGHl
@tuckermusic @_SarahDarling 💜💜💜
RT @yousingiwrite: Amazing back to back rounds @listeningroom hearing some of my favorites @kyshona @jennbostic & @DanaeCo! Love these… https://t.co/T1PCS6cbCu
RT @tuckermusic: #happynationalicecreamday from myself, @_SarahDarling and @jennbostic. #buckleandboots2017 #glitter #Tuckermusic… https://t.co/SFzXz3cmVW
RT @PrayInFaith: Your talent is God's gift to you. What you do with it is your gift back to God. -Leo Buscaglia
@DanTackmann Thank you so much for coming and for the beautiful gifts!
@yousingiwrite You're so kind. Thank you.
RT @yousingiwrite: So beautiful hearing @jennbostic sing "Jealous of the Angels" live. Such a poignant song. 🎶 https://t.co/sJ1DFPTnu7
@yousingiwrite Xoxo sorry I missed you at the post show hang. Love love love. Thanks for being there!
RT @yousingiwrite: "Dreaming was never meant to be for the faint of heart, " @jennbostic ❤️
@KatieJelen @michaellogen @kyshona @Danaemusic @listeningroom Right? Unbelievable song!
RT @DanTackmann: Getting ready to listen to @jennbostic in Nashville https://t.co/ic2x4TWxsm
Tonight! @listeningroom show with @DanaeCo @kyshona @michaellogen 6PM! See you there. ❤️ https://t.co/zg9EMcmwcT
@Staright_Music @chasing_urdream 💜 Thank you so much!
@TaggartDonna @DalriadaFest @iamNATHANCARTER Amazing!!! ❤️❤️❤️
@_SarahDarling @colstonhall So beautiful!
@pieman40 Awwww I wish I didn't have to, but the shows must be booked and the accounting must be done. 😉
The best song ideas come when I have so much else I should be doing. #ohwell #writeitanyway
RT @MusCornerNash: We're excited to announce our @Lightning100 Acoustic Stage Lineup for the remainder of the year. • Full Schedule:… https://t.co/36TSM1u0xH
Dear @TheBonnieRaitt, thank you for pouring your heart onto that stage tonight. ❤️ You inspire me.
"When you run out of sexy it's best to go cute if you can." 😂 @JamesTaylor_com
#BonnieRaitt just made me feel all the feels. 😭 #favorite #blues
@Morgan_Evans @johnfarnham She is amazing!!!!! 🤞🏼 they still do Can't Make You Love Me together!
When #jamestaylor introduces #bonnieraitt as his favorite singer! #metoojamesmetoo 😭
RT @wosradio: "Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else." - Judy Garland
@Markymoomoo39 Yayyy! Wait until you hear the rest!! ❤️❤️
@Markymoomoo39 Hope you enjoyed it. 💜
RT @Markymoomoo39: Just listened to the new @jennbostic track Wrong Thing. Got round to it eventually :)
@kasey_stone_ Everything's great. 😉❤️
So important to remember that some days people are fragile and they don't need a reason. Love well. 💕 #lovethemwheretheyare
@montse_martins That's the biggest compliment! Thank you!!!
I'm going to see #BonnieRaitt and #JamesTaylor tonight! That is all. #CantStopSmiling
RT @kyshona: I won't be at #SoulShineNash this Friday, but you CAN catch me at @listeningroomcafe on Saturday 7/15 at 6pm with... https://t.co/mNSo7NVaed
Summer is here! Hope to see some of your beautiful faces out on the road! 💕 Photo by @sarakauss https://t.co/jxL7tO2FCB
"False gods never satisfy; instead, they stir up lust for more and more." @Jesus_Calling
Two of my best friends in the whole world are coming to visit me on 2 separate weekends this month. #JulyForTheWin!!!! <3 #HurryUpAndGetHere
@eswecker :) Miss you.
@TravisHorton94 Thank you so much!
@smileonice Oh my goodness! This made my day!
Soooooo precious! 😍😍😍 https://t.co/igkXQnTYDt
@SSAC9111 Oh wow, I'm honored. Thank you so much. ❤️
@cheekapow I'm sorry for your loss. Hang in there. 💜
RT @MilesMH92: Live now with #UTATRadio on @ChrisCountry! #NowPlaying @_SarahDarling, @jennbostic & @michaellogen with Jolene https://t.co/ZBpnB756FH
RT @WhisperingBobTV: #UTATRadio is back on @ChrisCountry at 5pm! Tune in to hear @MilesMH92 play @theshiresuk @TheCBsMusic… https://t.co/TOhegxokdz
@eddiesattic Can't wait!
RT @eddiesattic: Join Sarah Darling, Michael Logen, and Jenn Bostic ""in the round"" at Eddie's on 9/03! TIX - https://t.co/9hq96G04dU
RT @BellesandGals: Shout #10 goes to @jennbostic with this great cover of "Can't Make You Love Me" https://t.co/xFgvBE7Lo5
@jason9571 @BellesandGals @BuckleandBoots Awwwww thank you 💜
RT @w21MusicLIVE: #NowPlaying Jenn Bostic - Wrong Thing (Radio Edit) | Listen Live at: https://t.co/wWrC2VtKRb
@Westythewest Haha yes I've heard that a lot lately. 😉
So today was fun. ❤️ #paddleboard @LIVEWatersports https://t.co/Glf40a8YUE
@W21Music @KelseaBallerini @gw27 @JordanCWDavis @risastuff @janson_chris @lindsayell @tuckermusic @w21MusicLIVE ❤️❤️
RT @W21Music: This Weeks New Music comes from @KelseaBallerini @gw27 @JordanCWDavis @risastuff @janson_chris @jennbostic… https://t.co/pa2O9y8scz
Tune in and hear @theJennMcGill debut our song #WhatIKnowNow ❤️ https://t.co/blT2ZeApGP
#NowWatching Somebody's Someone by Daphne Willis on @Vevo https://t.co/qD42In7XRr 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 so honored to have written this song with her! 😭❤️
RT @thigy: Be still my heart! @jennbostic is coming back to #SouthCarolina #WestministerMusicHall https://t.co/8Wk13qdBxf
@LifeInASong_UK @zacbrownband @JasonIsbell @theSamOutlaw @aaron_watson @_SarahDarling 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
RT @hargreg67: Memories of a warm and memorable late spring evening @_SarahDarling @jennbostic @michaellogen https://t.co/Pu2QvZI51f
@jesseruben @EmilyShackelton @kyshona @_SarahDarling @nathanangelo @carlypearce @elisehayes @michaellogen @JeffBosticMusic 😘
@_SarahDarling ❤️❤️❤️
RT @DrewbPhotoUK: The awesome Jenn Bostic on the main stage at Buckle & Boots #country #festival #manchester… https://t.co/fNuqRkJpEN
@andybluntmusic Thanks Andy!
@EmilyShackelton @kyshona @_SarahDarling @jesseruben @nathanangelo @carlypearce @elisehayes @michaellogen… https://t.co/jnyFdSfgbo
Can't believe how many views this has already! You guys are amazing. #FaintofHeart https://t.co/aZuxGrvYlb
RT @Jillybird7: The lovely amazing @jennbostic peforming at @BuckleandBoots. Brilliant festival it was and brilliant memories! https://t.co/cZ5PXijj9f
RT @BuckleandBoots: Thanks to Helen Pocock @Think_Country for the lovely review of this year's festival! Have a read: https://t.co/NyjdSq3AMX
@scragnut @Stageit Thanks Ian!
@PAWFECT3 @Stageit @One_More_ShotUK Adore you. Xoxo
@JSHudson 💜💜
@pappysbabies @Stageit Thanks so much!
@Jmw268 Xoxo thanks for tuning in!
@raths_kitten Thanks so much!
@themaxstraub @Stageit Thanks for tuning in! See you soon!
7 minutes to showtime! @Stageit #stageit https://t.co/L9W9305Gc4
Online @Stageit concert happening in 45 min! Snag a ticket and join me. ❤️ https://t.co/L9W9305Gc4
RT @spnfan65: .@Stageit Your On-Line Concert Venue @jennbostic in an hour Ticket Price Pay What You Can New Album Preview and Chat https://t.co/NIY53fCaYm
RT @pappysbabies: Don't forget to tune in at 3:00 PM CDT today for @jennbostic on @Stageit. #GreatArtist #BestFans #Fun https://t.co/5rDWt3AtNE via @stageit
Just booked my ticket 2 Mexico for the @SongwritersIsle Island Concert 2 w/ @JohnPattiMusic @EricErdmanMusic https://t.co/zQnznAYpT1 Join us
RT @spnfan65: A great track for @thismorning's #UnsignedArtists @jennbostic #WrongThing #Inspiring #TuneTuesday https://t.co/fLJPCqMLa7
@robertlanemusic 2 whole weeks!
I just unpacked my suitcase without having to immediately re-pack it for the first time in two months. ❤️ It's good to be home!
Humbled by this beautiful blog! 💜💜💜 https://t.co/iYKDTLXrtx
RT @spnfan65: This may just be my new favourite @jennbostic song! Thank you @WhisperingBobTV for featuring #FaintOfHeart https://t.co/nV63AWlBid
Honored that @WhisperingBobTV allowed me to debut #FaintofHeart @WhisperingBob @MilesMH92 #UTATRadio https://t.co/aZuxGrvYlb
@wayne766 @BuckleandBoots Wow! These are amazing!
RT @wayne766: One of the standout artists of a sensational @BuckleandBoots festival was @jennbostic who blew me away. Photos here https://t.co/ythvzuUc1Z
RT @spnfan65: Join @jennbostic tomorrow for an On-Line show via @Stageit for New Album Preview and Chat https://t.co/jyiPuqQhZ7
@alicat_812 @Stageit Yep!
Tomorrow!!! Online concert via @Stageit 💜 Get your tickets: https://t.co/L9W9305Gc4
Beautiful meal at #HenriettaRed tonight with great friends. #sogoodtobehome #nashville https://t.co/1fvhPdO7wC
@_SarahDarling @hikingviking69 @Arielleofficial @michaellogen @Wadge @HenryPriestman Yes! Just say when. ❤️❤️
@kyshona @_SarahDarling @jesseruben @nathanangelo @carlypearce @elisehayes @EmilyShackelton @michaellogen… https://t.co/8xZmU1Ogrl
Today's playlist @kyshona @_SarahDarling @jesseruben @nathanangelo @carlypearce @elisehayes @EmilyShackelton @michaellogen @JeffBosticMusic
@TravisHorton94 Awwww thank you. 😊
This dog!!!! Soooo fluffy!!! #homesick #Imissmyhumanandmydog @michaelernst7 https://t.co/arUDjOq7jZ
Haha love this! Why not? https://t.co/Wf25Qsdqge
"The sweetest fruit hangs on the vine the longest." @RONNIEDOSS #DontRushTheProcess #Hacked https://t.co/K1J3lBQ7Zo
@KT_Hurt13 @jason9571 @freedombarsoho @sonialeigh @lauraoakesmusic @lisawrightuk @jadehelliwell2 @LittleJeva… https://t.co/HtMXp4SGEq
2 mile run + 88 degree heat = 😓🤒😴 #noexcuses
@Section101Tweet 😘💕❤️
RT @Section101Tweet: Stop here for some good music: Miss @jennbostic has an awesome new track called "Wrong Thing." Listen Listen:… https://t.co/0tNGxNh1ei
Tonight! @EricErdmanMusic @JohnPattiMusic @SongwritersIsle 💕 https://t.co/bnCUfURRiS
RT @eddiesattic: Join #SarahDarling, @michaellogen, and Jenn Bostic "in the round" at Eddie's on 9/03! TIX - https://t.co/9hq96G04dU
@hikingviking69 @mirandalambert @erinmccarley @Anna_Nalick Awwww thank you!
Fun with steel drums tonight! @JohnPattiMusic Catch us tomorrow in Punta Gorda with our buddy @EricErdmanMusic ❤️ https://t.co/mGAN7gKZj7
Playing with one of my favorites tonight! @JohnPattiMusic https://t.co/h5KvywNy3A
RT @Coast1079: From the new @iamNATHANCARTER album 'Jealous of The Angels' up soon & just after 'What Love Feels Like' @jennbostic 👏 It's called a 📻link !
RT @MilesMH92: Back on @ChrisCountry with #UTATRadio in an hour folks... Here's the playlist of live performances featured today:… https://t.co/4znxckUVA1
@jesseruben Sounds wise
RT @Coast1079: Contemporary Country from 19:00BST with a new @iamNATHANCARTER album ft. the craft of @jennbostic Listen In https://t.co/cOFUYgjhFH
@Section101Tweet Totally ❤️
@31Dtaylor Miiiiiles 😉
Running 2 miles in 85 degree heat feels like 10.
July 15 @listeningroom with @michaellogen @DanaeCo @kyshona Get your tickets: https://t.co/DXAt7kRFfW https://t.co/CykloOJJPx
RT @deanandsheena: Catch our @BuckleandBoots special this afternoon from 1pm on @hebden_radio - music from & chats with festival artis… https://t.co/8QPXgUyawK
Midweek after @BuckleandBoots got me like... https://t.co/yn3lOdSZZ7
@love_radio_ Thx for playing my music! have you heard #Montmartre by @_SarahDarling, we wrote it about your beautif… https://t.co/XsQFRPoen8
@W21Music @BuckleandBoots @sonialeigh @jadehelliwell2 @southcompanion @Morgan_Evans @KrisBarrasBand @EllesBailey Oh… https://t.co/Zr5h6QYvqt
@lindsayell 😔
So excited for this show!!! If you're in Georgia, book your tickets. 💜💜💜 https://t.co/BRm8uZkX7Z
Florida bound. 🌊🐠🐬🌴 Stay tuned for some musical surprises this week! 🎸🎹🥁🎤🎧🎼
😍❤️💜💕📷: Drew Burnett @buckleandboots https://t.co/ZPFIOIQODq
@_SarahDarling @GaryQuinnMusic @BuckleandBoots 😘😘
RT @ThePolease: Had a blast playing with the incredible Jenn Bostic Ernst last week during her set at the equally awesome Buckle... https://t.co/Gdcfo1XBmw
@girlinbluecurls Awww thank you so much!!! ❤️❤️❤️ Glad you're enjoying it.
@jason9571 @GaryQuinnMusic @BuckleandBoots Thaaaaank you!
@jason9571 @GaryQuinnMusic @BuckleandBoots Any chance you could email this to jennbosticbooking@gmail.com??? 🤞🏼
Had a blast with this! Count how many times I say "Fun" on 3 hours sleep. 🙈 https://t.co/boTeNry950
@opaman @Stageit Just landed in Nashville
ONLINE @Stageit Show, July 4th! Get your ticket: https://t.co/L9W9305Gc4
Back in the USA. Nashville bound for 12 hours before I head south for this fun Florida show! @JohnPattiMusic… https://t.co/WYUSb0gDxi
@apriljaimusic Likewise sweet girl! Thanks again for the phone charge on Sunday. 😘
@qnecaise Thank you so much. I am so sorry for your loss. God bless you.
Check out my new story https://t.co/L68nmibMIz
@Purpleroses0929 Thank you so much. ❤️ Sending lots of love your way.
RT @jason9571: @jennbostic with @GaryQuinnMusic at the aftershow party! @BuckleandBoots 🤠🇬🇧🍺🎶🎸 https://t.co/lH3yoI7tgG
Just ugly cried through @CBeautyMovie on the plane. ✈️😭
@jason9571 @BuckleandBoots And thank YOU. It was a blast!
@jason9571 @BuckleandBoots Okaaaaaaay. 😉
@woodhouse21 Huuuuuuugs!
@OneStopCountry @spnfan65 Aw, thank you so much!
@MAGIC2310 You got it! 😉
@RobertHHurt Thanks! Great seeing you all as well. Let's not wait so long next time. 😜
@CountryrocksKay Thanks! You got it. 😉❤️
@REVBOYLE Thank you! So loved meeting you and worshipping together on Sunday. 😘
@W21Music 💜
Headed home. ✈️ https://t.co/H4dlxzcf7u
@xenaphon8 💜
RT @REVBOYLE: Just a snippet with @jennbostic from our worship on Sunday @BuckleandBoots https://t.co/kLRE3uuF6k
@PradoDelMallon @BuckleandBoots Awwww thanks so much!
RT @PradoDelMallon: Back at home catching up on some work. Not anywhere near as good as with a beer on Friday at @BuckleandBoots 😉… https://t.co/hhyN5HNCBf
RT @themaxstraub: I'm going to @jennbostic at WINE & BEER 101 YOUNGSVILLE in Youngsville, NC - Aug 6 https://t.co/U7LJdCG2Pk
RT @GaryQuinnMusic: Great time at buckleandboots hanging and jamming with my super talented pal @jennbostic !… https://t.co/DyQkHHFWsC
RT @deanandsheena: D&S - THIS WEEK: Buckle & Boots 2017 Special! https://t.co/dN6J4gEnnL
@xkatie19x @BuckleandBoots @_SarahDarling @AmyWestney @ClaraBondSongs @americanyoung @Morgan_Evans @KT_Hurt13… https://t.co/thACqyaPTg
Nashville, mark your calendars. Playing @listeningroom with @kyshona @michaellogen and @DanaeCo ❤️❤️❤️ https://t.co/Kii6mxkmUQ
@jadehelliwell2 @sonialeigh @BuckleandBoots You were great! Fun playing together. 💜
"Bless your little cotton socks." 💕 #BritishPhrases #Funwithwords
RT @BellesandGals: Shout #2 goes to @jennbostic with "Missin' A Man" https://t.co/4PLAbD14YY
@ChrisCountry Thank you so much! It was a blessing and an honor to do it.
RT @ChrisCountry: Such a beautiful service, thank you Reverend Lynn Boyle and Jenn Bostic! https://t.co/uS4ByTzaXr
RT @wosradio: Vocal Coach In Residence October: Jenn Bostic | VoiceCouncil Magazine - https://t.co/l5CJs5P6Vr https://t.co/HOJnmzjQlT
@MAGIC2310 @BuckleandBoots ❤️❤️❤️❤️
RT @MAGIC2310: @jennbostic Thank you for the music! Great @BuckleandBoots https://t.co/kMaSbf6w18
RT @genrestylemusic: The round from earlier today - it's amazing line up included @sonialeigh @jadehelliwell2 & @jennbostic https://t.co/wSI6H3BP3q
@Thorne_Hill Thank you so much! Great work this weekend!!! See you soon.
RT @MilesMH92: Beautiful performance of Where Cowboys Ride by @_SarahDarling & @michaellogen just played, now it's @jennbostic! https://t.co/ZBpnB756FH
After party jams @BuckleandBoots https://t.co/RPhtxFST8U
RT @blackberrychris: When @_SarahDarling & @jennbostic are on the same #UTATRadio session you know it's going to be a good one! @ChrisCountry @WhisperingBobTV 🤠
@john_johnhands3 ❤️ Thank you. It filled my heart.
RT @Lo_Ball: Soundcheck ahead of morning worship at #buckleandboots2017 @jennbostic https://t.co/a5e1njTX4j
RT @BuckleandBoots: Another HUGELY popular 'In The Round' session with @jennbostic, @sonialeigh and @jadehelliwell2! https://t.co/uT4oJ05F2f
RT @LifeInASong_UK: The Paddock Stage tent is packed once again for @jennbostic, @sonialeigh and @jadehelliwell2 in the round! https://t.co/SChNjJKvDR
@SimonJamesBand Likewise! Thank you. 💜
Honored!!! ❤️❤️ https://t.co/2ZybLPCp9Q
Having the best time @buckleandboots this weekend. ❤️ https://t.co/ZRWdIvj35F
@Morgan_Evans great set tonight @BuckleandBoots 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
RT @smileonice: What a way to start my day with @jennbostic @_SarahDarling and @GaryQuinnMusic in the round ❤️ Some of my faves - music speaks to the heart
RT @CiarasCountry: And here's the Saturday Paddock stage at @BuckleandBoots! Fab way to get to know some new #country artists 😁 https://t.co/9kloUIlb5G
@gillo1 @BuckleandBoots Thank you so much!
RT @genrestylemusic: We made it just in time for the round #buckleandboots with @_SarahDarling @GaryQuinnMusic & @jennbostic
RT @W21Music: Day 2 @BuckleandBoots is well under way, head up to the #PaddockStage for an in the round with @_SarahDarling @jennbostic & @GaryQuinnMusic
RT @BuckleandBoots: A packed out tent for @jennbostic, @GaryQuinnMusic and @_SarahDarling! https://t.co/Flhc1TpRLV
RT @genrestylemusic: #BuckleandBoots https://t.co/9cytMrfC7y
RT @deanandsheena: In the paddock tent at @BuckleandBoots - @jennbostic, @GaryQuinnMusic & @_SarahDarling are filling it with some bea… https://t.co/2J8McGlMVL
RT @W21Music: The #PaddockStage is full to capacity for @_SarahDarling @jennbostic & @GaryQuinnMusic thank you to everyone at… https://t.co/7Mv3UztUtr
RT @LifeInASong_UK: Lovely chat with @jennbostic here at Buckle & Boots! https://t.co/1zev7PFyRx
RT @LifeInASong_UK: .@jennbostic KILLING IT on the Buckle & Boots main stage with 'Haunting Me'! https://t.co/PMI1DU4QfQ
Humbled to hear @CelebMix call #jealousoftheangels a "classic" in their review of @iamNATHANCARTER's new album. ❤️ https://t.co/PgXhK4wJB5
Serve the Lord with gladness; come before His presence with singing. -Psalm 100:2
@love_radio_ Thank you so much! ❤️❤️❤️
RT @Section101Tweet: Our client @jennbostic has a new single and some summer tour dates. Read more about what's going on for her here:… https://t.co/QhAMNiBEOP
RT @deanandsheena: Our session with @jennbostic & @_SarahDarling - see them at @BuckleandBoots & watch out for more D&S sessions soon https://t.co/gpbK68JPe4
Back in England. ❤️❤️❤️ So excited to play FULL BAND. @BuckleandBoots tomorrow!
Can we wear heels when we glamp?! Looking forward to another adventure with my bestie… https://t.co/JplekxhG5q
Playing SOOOOO many new songs this weekend @BuckleandBoots with @DeanKingofWing @Gray_Guitars @BelindaLeeWebb @MC_Lachlan!!! #newmusic #yay
RT @GaryQuinnMusic: This weekend 👌🏻!! Catch me 'In The Round' with my good friends @jennbostic & @_sarahdarling on… https://t.co/GKG0czGl1p
SURPRISE! Online @Stageit show happening July 4th. :) Get your ticket! https://t.co/L9W9305Gc4
RT @HBDProductions: Counting down the days! HOME BY DARK w/ @jennbostic & @erniehalter Orchestra, Balcony, Box, and VIP tickets NOW ON… https://t.co/QL4HZGs98V
RT @chrisburkmenn: part of moving forward is letting go of things that hold you back.
RT @theJennMcGill: Unbreakable update: ARMOR: Co-Writer Reveal with Jenn Bostic! https://t.co/uB4K3oUJIm @PledgeMusic #Unbreakable #jennifermcgill
RT @PMUpdates: Jennifer McGill (@theJennMcGill): Unbreakable update: ARMOR: Co-Writer Reveal with Jenn Bostic! https://t.co/2nTVYw3CGe #Unbreakable
@jstpumpkin @kyshona Looooove
RT @leedspete: On air tonight from 830pm englefields country roots with a @BuckleandBoots special. Go to https://t.co/nuUBUptWc6 https://t.co/DPARjDfjDa
663 million people on our planet lack access to safe, clean drinking water. @thirstproject is changing that!… https://t.co/m6PpfE8h87
RT @deanandsheena: We're very excited about @BuckleandBoots festival this weekend. Which acts are you most looking forward to & who is on your can't miss list?
RT @_SarahDarling: Make sure you see me in the round with @GaryQuinnMusic and @jennbostic Saturday at the Paddock stage 2pm… https://t.co/YjY5s6IyD5
THIS WEEKEND! @BuckleandBoots https://t.co/w5bzny19uQ
@hargreg67 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
THIS WEEKEND! So excited for buckleandboots. ❤️ Playing full band Friday, in-the-round Saturday, … https://t.co/PHqtjmdBL2
RT @smileonice: Check out @jennbostic's new single! Now on spotify!! https://t.co/tux6xst5X6
RT @Gray_Guitars: This is the board that I'll be using whilst playing with Jenn Bostic at the Buckle and Boots… https://t.co/jCNvNcSdKS
@glendale2000 Thanks for listening!
@Bionic_Tweets Hugs
“A father to the fatherless, a defender of widows, is God in his holy dwelling.” Psalm 68:5 NIV https://t.co/YSZbmMkmo8
@iamNATHANCARTER Love it!!!
Wow. Well done @iamNATHANCARTER. ❤️ Go snag your copy of this! #JealousofTheAngels https://t.co/oQSRgv9EoA
RT @NowOnRadio2: ♫ What Love Feels Like - by Jenn Bostic https://t.co/FdyjQHuhfQ #bbc #radio2 #np
RT @hargreg67: Father's Day gift: Jealous CD @jennbostic chuffed Dad!
@Cherish4You I made it, thank you.
RT @blackberrychris: "Think I'll fall? Think I'll break? Think I'll give up and forget? Not me, not yet" Thx @jennbostic for providing… https://t.co/NEWEPrppI5
Finally made it to Minneapolis! 🙌🏽 Tomorrow @GoAndPractice gets married!!!! Whoop whoop!
Really trying to stay positive at the Newark airport right now. #CountToTen #PatienceIsHard #Delayed
@CheekyPromo Great thanks! Hope the same for you.
@atlantamusic Can't wait!
@CheekyPromo Thanks for sharing my music!
@newvisionfm Thanks for the support!
RT @southcompanion: Next week we're back at Buckle & Boots Country Festival with the incredible lineup of Sonia Leigh Jenn Bostic... https://t.co/LpCCVgGafn
@Purpleroses0929 😘
So...my husband is a rockstar! Check this out: https://t.co/Vnyj8l7Fsu #tarpon #fishing #floridafishing @michaelernst7 #LastCastProductions
@iamNATHANCARTER @ChloeAgnew @glatzconcerts Oh wow! I'm so happy you're coming to the states!
"Wrong Thing" is available on @spotify! Go take a listen and add it to one of your playlists. :) https://t.co/zxK73uWNXX
5.5 layover in Newark made better by a random United Club pass living in the bottom of my purse. #wifiandcoffee
@Section101Tweet 😘 Thanks!
RT @Section101Tweet: Must listen! @jennbostic has just released a GREAT new single called "Wrong Thing." Check it out!!!… https://t.co/ePhyuciSeY
@jstpumpkin I know! And I need to bring @michaelernst7 next time!
So many giggles on this beautiful vacay with my momma. Sad to see the all day buffets as poolside umbrella drinks c… https://t.co/FfzH2tnlQr
RT @deanandsheena: A few weeks ago the lovely @jennbostic & @_SarahDarling joined us at D&S HQ. Here's the beautiful 'Montmartre' https://t.co/6ZZy54axVO
@xenaphon8 Puerto Rico!
Seriously! Today was amazing. https://t.co/uhTCuwHnZP
@RochelleLoRo @TBNUKtv Thank you so much.❤️
@jacqui_sampson Yay!
Tune into @tbnuk in 10 minutes to see yours truly. 💜 https://t.co/xlf2RmJFHO
RT @TBNUKtv: Tonight at 7:30pm TBN Meets @jennbostic a singer/ songwriter based in Nashville who has had sell-out tours of the UK https://t.co/UMpRm5SsuX
This woman! 😍 https://t.co/vFnuQMhPDW
@TravisHorton94 ❤️❤️❤️
Soooooo true. Love you @_SarahDarling https://t.co/bNBjmFJnDZ
Having a ball at sea! 🚢 https://t.co/qcg822uD0G
@Kathy__Anderson @robertlanemusic @_SarahDarling She's the best!
RT @BellesandGals: Shout #6 goes to @jennbostic with "Faithful" https://t.co/rxnc3bvoaq
RT @lisaredford: My new column @atnorfolk includes @_SarahDarling @jennbostic @michaellogen @breeze_redwine @NNFest https://t.co/YyzSX4Psoj #music #review
@dancelikejagger I was hacked! It was a spam post, I'm sorry about that.
Vacay with my mom this week. Doing my best to unplug and recharge. ❤️ Happy weekend friends!
@Gmski I have thanks.
@fearlesskatie07 😘
After deleting about 100 Ray Ban $23.99 spammer tweets, I want to assure you that l never spend more than $15 on a pair of sunglasses. #grrr
@Gmski I just deleted about 100
@stylusboy Thanks.
@Gmski Working on it. It's going to take FOREVER.
Twitter hacked today from a windows computer in Los Angeles. 🤥 Somebody's nose just got a little longer. Sorry friends!
@wattwellmusic @sliptalkcom @br Ray*Ban special sale $23.99! https://t.co/uM9gf8NqJu
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When you stumble across THIS on the internet... 😭https://t.co/7LtmLTjhR4
RT @spnfan65: #NationalBestFriendsDay @jennbostic with a cover of Queen's You're My Best Friend https://t.co/BnNKcRds1b
Face your fears! #WrongThing https://t.co/9u9brGk4yP @skydivetn @tonefreak713 @michaelernst7 https://t.co/f26qVhyjZF
Proud supporter of @thirstproject! Bringing clean water to over 280K people. Visit https://t.co/9MMdkh8R3a to get i… https://t.co/Vf8mM6fPiq
@One_More_ShotUK @GaryQuinnMusic @StewartMacMusic @DeanKingofWing @mattlande PS I feel ALL THE collaborations coming on! 😉❤️
@One_More_ShotUK @GaryQuinnMusic @StewartMacMusic @DeanKingofWing @mattlande Baaaaaaah! So excited!
RT @One_More_ShotUK: April 20-22 2018. Confirmed guests @GaryQuinnMusic @StewartMacMusic @DeanKingofWing @jennbostic @mattlande Tickets… https://t.co/Q2kBYIRVVD
How many people who sing along to "Billie Jean" have actually done a little lyric analysis of what's going on? #saucy
@takisa2660 @YouTube Thanks!
RT @takisa2660: Nice @jennbostic on #JUCELIVE - April 21st https://t.co/zKGTbJGG3c @YouTube https://t.co/7i3uTJVaZI
Some songs just move you. Honored to sing "Human After All" w/ @michaellogen for #ANightInNashville last month. https://t.co/Uyg02mbV9w
That moment when it's three in the afternoon and you realize that your shirt has been inside out the entire day and no one told you…🙄
Writing today and it feels SO good. ❤️ #happyheart https://t.co/SiuWUBq2bo
@CuPNetPeter @_SarahDarling @michaellogen Thank you thank you thank you! You are such an angel.
RT @CuPNetPeter: A very big THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart @jennbostic , @_SarahDarling and @michaellogen. #anightinnashville https://t.co/XF49hVBQMg
RT @reversefmni: #Nowplaying Jenn Bostic - Wrong Thing @jennbostic @HartMedia New Single Now On #ReverseFM #NewMusicMonday 24/7… https://t.co/oFrX9j7IWy
Headed back into the studio today with @tonefreak713 & @thepaulsalveson!!! https://t.co/oychvnBZgk
RT @takisa2660: WRONG THING by @jennbostic! https://t.co/ol0U8KahAN https://t.co/4JBBAvSrga
Spontaneous #BillWithers with @photocillin is always a good idea. @jstpumpkin #jamsession… https://t.co/XjoZDX2KyA
RT @ChrisCountry: Sounds like there's lots of love for @MilesMH92 with the #UTATRadio show! Catch the replay on Thurs at 8pm, and a new show next weekend :)
@BellesandGals Thank you!
RT @BellesandGals: Shout #5 goes to @jennbostic with "What Love Feels Like" https://t.co/Qo1yuIG8cs
RT @MilesMH92: #NowPlaying on https://t.co/ZBpnB756FH @_SarahDarling, @jennbostic & @michaellogen - Jolene #UTATRadio
Switzerland stole my heart this tour. @stellerstories @_SarahDarling @michaellogen @CuPNetPeter https://t.co/g9XAAedAGO
Heart broken. Praying for London. 🙏🏼
@Cherish4You Me too! After being on the road for a month I am SO grateful that I'll have clean clothes! 😉😇
I spy #JealousoftheAngels on that album cover... 😉 https://t.co/DrKGD868Un
Just put laundry load #4 into the wash. #tourlife #homesweethome
@OKCMissy @wordman54 Thank you so much!
A snapshot of #ANightInNashville returns to England! @_SarahDarling @michaellogen @WhisperingBob @justineclaire75 https://t.co/2wSej3Qgd0
Check out my new story https://t.co/wo14EfdONJ
Are you following me on @stellerstories yet? https://t.co/fONNobNP2T
So excited to sleep in my own bed tonight and snuggle my favorites! #homewardbound
RT @ScottKash88: #NewMusicFriday Go Checkout @jennbostic’s new single “Wrong Thing” NOW on #iTunes https://t.co/yWambDS2Xn https://t.co/5VSJJGTXvH
This may be my favorite Bitmoji... https://t.co/o9eEelQszT
RT @_SarahDarling: A privilege to travel the world and sing with @jennbostic and @michaellogen! See you soon #nashville ❤️❤️❤️😭😂 https://t.co/7THnrcj93X
Farewell Europe. We'll leave you with this... https://t.co/4xYlytz8hY
@hargreg67 ❤️❤️❤️
RT @Slaedu: Amazing Grace @ the washbar. @jennbostic @sarahdarling1 @michaellogen im Herzen von Bern. Thank u so much! Awesome! https://t.co/MATWPJbfiq
@nanousblues Thank you so much!
RT @nanousblues: @jennbostic Ohhh... Enjoy Switzerland! Welcome to our small country! :) Beautiful voice, song, dress, woman... you got it all <3
When you're in a Swiss castle and find a room with amazing acoustics you sing the blues. 😉… https://t.co/uUz4hyfTCl
@SecretWeasels Oh man. 😬 haha
RT @SinaBellwald: Direkt aus Nashville ins Rest. La Deliziosa, Boniswil. Die drei wunderschöne Stimmen von Jenn Bostic, Sarah... https://t.co/lrm23QivKb
I love you Switzerland. 🇨🇭 https://t.co/w6SxtB1Yzb
RT @firstbreakmusic: WATCH 🎥 @jennbostic @_SarahDarling and @michaellogen performing their version of 'Jolene' last week in the studio 👉 https://t.co/QeniqIcVko
RT @smileonice: Wondering if I know anyone going to see @jennbostic and @_SarahDarling in Bern tomorrow night...?!
RT @photocillin: When your new single comes on in a swish London bar.....with @jennbostic Hiding from the rain… https://t.co/0NYA5WqEF9
RT @ownnashville: Buckle & Boots Country Festival have announced the stage times for this year’s festival https://t.co/ZuovY6cFfH https://t.co/Mnju9ylMfG
RT @deanandsheena: Tonight at 8 catch our session with @jennbostic & @_SarahDarling + music from @TwoWaysHome, @Hollowayroaduk & more… https://t.co/1W8OfM0P4d
@JSHudson Thanks!
@wonderfuldream Thank you so much for your encouragement.
@spm2866 Aw thank you!
Off to Switzerland! https://t.co/AuNqP2KDLe
@justineclaire75 @BBCCovWarks Xoxoxo I adore you! So sorry I didn't make it into the studio!
RT @justineclaire75: Now playing @BBCCovWarks the brilliant @jennbostic who is today's Sunday Selection. Her brand new single #WrongThing is guaranteed to rock u
RT @chapel_sessions: Thank you for a truly wonderful evening @chapel_sessions @jstpumpkin St Edward's Church Netley @jennbostic… https://t.co/IENBs8JiVM
RT @Jillybird7: Was amazing to see @jennbostic @_SarahDarling @michaellogen in the UK. Hope they have a safe flight to Switzerland… https://t.co/h8fp97eNW8
RT @TonyMen44217772: This song was one of my favourites from the @jennbostic @_SarahDarling @michaellogen tour. Thanks y'all for the won… https://t.co/gUJRlkkV1H
RT @BellesandGals: Shout #2 goes to @jennbostic with "Let's Get Ahead Of Ourselves" https://t.co/MDebIZi6N8
RT @KerryTrezise: Such A Fun Night With These People....@KayleighBarbara @Bennyboy2k2 @_SarahDarling @jennbostic @michaellogen https://t.co/orw4oz494c
RT @Bennyboy2k2: Had such a blast tonight with @KerryTrezise @_SarahDarling @jennbostic and @michaellogen. Can't wait for the next o… https://t.co/MNrSbHd0ID
RT @blackberrychris: Music is meant to be powerful, to heal, to move. Tonight 3 brilliant musicians did just that. A much needed special… https://t.co/FMtVKC7AdA
@blackberrychris Thank you so much!!! ❤️
RT @TonyMen44217772: The fabulous @jennbostic at St Edwards Church Netley last night and singing one of the loveliest songs I know ❤ https://t.co/91KU9tOZ5K
@TonyMen44217772 @_SarahDarling @michaellogen Thanks for all your support
RT @TonyMen44217772: So so sad to have seen my last gig on the fantastic @jennbostic @_SarahDarling @michaellogen tour but have many fon… https://t.co/cQJo7cABYc
Tonight! Last UK #ANightInNashville show @chapel_sessions. Still a few tickets left. ❤️@_SarahDarling @michaellogen https://t.co/NB0EL9eDdx
@lechtigkopelia @eddieshaw1 @_SarahDarling Thank you so much. 💜
Looking for recommendations for the best Indian Restaurant with a vibey atmosphere in London. 💜
RT @KerryTrezise: The Lovely @_SarahDarling & Talented @jennbostic & @michaellogen Are Playing In Netley Tonight @chapel_sessions Onl… https://t.co/VNo91W1xT4
@eddieshaw1 @_SarahDarling Thanks so much for having us!
RT @Kathy__Anderson: Still a few tickets available tonight at @chapel_sessions with @jennbostic @_SarahDarling and @michaellogen Grab them quick!! @jstpumpkin
@BellesandGals @_SarahDarling @michaellogen @GreenNote @LesleyHastings Thank you so much!
RT @BellesandGals: A review of @_SarahDarling, @jennbostic and @michaellogen's brilliant gig at the @GreenNote by @LesleyHastings https://t.co/UvbERzuQnd
RT @chapel_sessions: TONIGHT St Edwards Church Grange Road Netley Southampton @jennbostic @_SarahDarling @michaellogen #ANightinNashville https://t.co/8gMAXsv9FM
The love was thick at tonight's show in Kirton-in-Lindsey with @_SarahDarling & @michaellogen 💜 Thanks to everyone… https://t.co/OWsXZ1Gu97
@BryfordMusic @_SarahDarling @michaellogen @GreenNote ❤️
@c881s @_SarahDarling @MichaelLogan Thanks Chris!
RT @Baseballhwk: Just listened to @jennbostic new single #wrongthing and it's great!! Her soulful voice fits in… https://t.co/Tpqxqgf4DF
@LaurelCanyonUK @DollyParton @_SarahDarling @michaellogen Thanks for the love!
RT @LaurelCanyonUK: Our LCM #TrackOfTheDay is a great cover of a @DollyParton classic by @jennbostic, @_SarahDarling & @michaellogen… https://t.co/hNUu3kXhZL
@hargreg67 @_SarahDarling @michaellogen Enjoy the sunshine! See you tonight!
@itsrobunderwood @_SarahDarling @michaellogen @BBCRadioLincs 👏🏼 Thanks for the grace. 😉
@CountryrocksKay Yayyyy!
@JonBallardie Thank you! Either the fall or early next year.
RT @ScottKash88: #NewMusicFriday go pickup @jennbostic’s new single “Wrong Thing” NOW on #iTunes https://t.co/yWambDS2Xn https://t.co/VdLl6BNpzg
Have you downloaded #WrongThing yet??? https://t.co/9u9brGk4yP
@markiesb ❤️
@spm2866 Aw thanks Stephen!
RT @CiarasCountry: #nowplaying: #NEW @jennbostic - Wrong Thing. Like the track? Let me know (and who you'd like to hear as future spotlights too! 👂
@p_hadley @_SarahDarling @michaellogen Thanks Paul!
@itsrobunderwood @BBCRadioLincs @_SarahDarling @michaellogen Can't wait! En route!
RT @TonyMen44217772: Tbe fabulous sound of @jennbostic at @GreenNote tonight so so good https://t.co/efLtgEPKvl
RT @HanneAJ1: Had a great evening at Nashville in the Round. Thank you @_SarahDarling @jennbostic @michaellogen & @GreenNote. I hope you come back soon
@jacqui_sampson Oh wow, you're an angel! What a compliment, thank you so much. ❤️❤️❤️😘
RT @CoolFMAbuja: #Np Jealous of the angels @jennbostic #GoodMorningNIgeriaShow with @UsoroEdima @Kenyatta7D #TGIF… https://t.co/zrJM5NopKe
@TonyMen44217772 @aiok1 @_SarahDarling @GreenNote Thanks Tony!
Jenn Bostic has a show on 05/27/2017 at 07:00 PM @ Chapel Sessions in Netley, ENG, UK https://t.co/MIjM3KGmXa #concert
RT @roomfortea: Tonight @GreenNote in #Camden @jennbostic @_SarahDarling @michaellogen are playing #LondonGIG… https://t.co/YxYAerrzgp
@JSHudson @MorgansSY1 @_SarahDarling No, we still love you all. Just a terrible hotel experience. Don't want anyone… https://t.co/3YRghGu3WX
Worst hotel experience of our lives last night! NEVER stay @morganssy1.
RT @CiarasCountry: Tonight's spotlight artists are @southcompanion & @jennbostic! I'll be introducing each act & then playing some tracks - follow for updates!
Shrewsbury, I won't forget you. 💜 https://t.co/FV4WVeZCoH
@ToriaSScott @_SarahDarling Thanks for the love!
@pug1309 You're right. 💜
@RonMorgan3 @HiveShrewsbury Thanks Ron!
@SamandKen1 Thank you! ❤️
@SamandKen1 @_SarahDarling @michaellogen @KeepItCountryTV @vjm541 ❤️❤️❤️
@blackberrychris @_SarahDarling @michaellogen @ChapelSessions Yayyyy! See you there!
@daleedwards88 @_SarahDarling @michaellogen Thanks Dale!
Does anyone have spare ticket to tomorrow's show at The Green Note?
RT @VicAllenMusic: Such an inspiring evening listening to a Nashville round in Norwich. @_SarahDarling, @michaellogen and @jennbostic… https://t.co/ECejeG01GB
@seniorming1969 @sarahdarling1 @michaellogen @NorwichArtCentr Great shot! Thanks for the support.
@TravisHorton94 I havent
RT @lisaredford: Special gig @NorwichArtCentr supporting @jennbostic @_SarahDarling @michaellogen thanks for having me! so inspiring https://t.co/x0110nvLzi
RT @desertboot_luce: #ANightinNashville was everything I wanted and more, so inspiring. Thank you @michaellogen @_SarahDarling @jennbostic ♥️♥️
RT @amystraker: An emotional roller coaster tonight listening to @jennbostic @_SarahDarling and @michaellogen, thank you for big smiles and a few tears! Xx
RT @SamandKen1: @vjm541 @KeepItCountryTV @HiveShrewsbury @_SarahDarling @jennbostic @michaellogen Looking forward to tomorrow night… https://t.co/sXcNVBggZW
@drewsh57 @_SarahDarling @michaellogen Thanks Drew!
@JSHudson @LifeInASong_UK Aw thank you!
RT @wordman54: ✨ #np the wonderful, bluesy new single #WrongThing from @JennBostic https://t.co/R4KJFaKOEU check it out and tell a friend or 2 or 200
@pieman40 @michaellogen @_SarahDarling Thanks!
@seniorming1969 @NorwichArtCentr @sarahdarling1 @michaellogen Yayyy!
RT @FishRecordsUK: All set to go @NorwichArtCentr with @_SarahDarling @jennbostic and Michael Logen come on down #musicwins https://t.co/45IpPVOaNr
@DadParish @_SarahDarling @michaellogen 😔
RT @TravisHorton94: #JealousOfTheAngels by @jennbostic perfect song for how I feel at the moment
@TravisHorton94 Aw thanks so much!!!! ❤️❤️❤️
RT @NorwichArtCentr: Tickets still available for tomorrow night with Sarah Darling , Jenn Bostic, Michael Logen + support @lisaredford https://t.co/nRbKReAKey
RT @_SarahDarling: Off to #norwich with @jennbostic and @michaellogen!! See you at the @NorwichArtCentr tonight!!✨ https://t.co/brYsJ6ATqb
Heartbroken for one of my favorite cities in the world. #PrayForManchester https://t.co/hWZ7UMZQXh
@Lo_Ball @_SarahDarling @NorwichArtCentr 😿
My heart goes out to Manchester tonight. 💜 Praying for peace.
@JSHudson I think it's called Worth the Wait.
RT @LifeInASong_UK: .@jennbostic with a brand new one for all the dream chasers out there https://t.co/MUqoiDWxDE
RT @takisa2660: WRONG THING by @jennbostic ! https://t.co/ol0U8KahAN https://t.co/MPuSSZtv8I
@pieman40 Big love Simon
RT @pieman40: When you are literally crying at a beautiful intimate gig because a song touches your heart. #JealousOfTheAngels @jennbostic
RT @LifeInASong_UK: .@jennbostic with her new single 'Wrong Thing'! https://t.co/lMMfYKdM8L
@michaellogen Thanks friend!
@Bionic_Tweets @_SarahDarling @michaellogen Great shots! Thanks for being there!
RT @Jillybird7: Was amazing seeing @_SarahDarling @jennbostic @michaellogen at The Musician Pub in Leciester. Amazing talent they a… https://t.co/4DcIcQ10WD
RT @ScottKash88: #NewMusicMonday Go Checkout @jennbostic’s new single “Wrong Thing” NOW on #iTunes https://t.co/yWambDS2Xn https://t.co/Abg6Vnmwsk
@WeLoveKymMarsh @_SarahDarling Yayyyyy!
Doing some radio before tonight's #SOLDOUT show in #Birmingham! @_SarahDarling https://t.co/wG2bxHSr4A
@LaineyyM Thank you so much. 😘😍❤️
RT @lisaredford: Supporting three wonderful #nashville based singer-songwriters @NorwichArtCentr May 23rd #ANightInNashville… https://t.co/SWUaGfmfff
RT @One_More_ShotUK: Confirmed for 2018 @One_More_ShotUK @RamadaSuttCold #Birmingham @jennbostic Tickets https://t.co/H31NJFOGAl https://t.co/FeMsT9ZLZ8
RT @LiamClarkeMedia: Lovely to be joined by @jennbostic @_SarahDarling and @michaellogen today. Hear the chat and studio session on Sund… https://t.co/0YaSsyBkvW
@robertlanemusic @_SarahDarling Thanks for the support!
RT @robertlanemusic: Fantastic show from @_sarahdarling @jennbostic and Michael Logan at The Musician in Leicester… https://t.co/xFBXRqWPLK
@JSHudson @_SarahDarling 💜💜💜
@secretskrull12 @michaellogen @_SarahDarling Thanks so much!
RT @leader_music: From 9pm tonight, a mini session & chat from @jennbostic @_SarahDarling & @michaellogen - join me @MeridianFM https://t.co/jExUKVoQnY
“For GOD is sheer beauty, all-generous in love, loyal always and ever.” Psalm 100:5 MSG https://t.co/Pj8LtISYzC
RT @jstpumpkin: #ANightinNashville @Think_Country features @_SarahDarling @jennbostic @michaellogen 27/5 @chapel_sessions St Edward… https://t.co/oGDyB0LjQG
RT @JohnSmithJS40: Country stars @_SarahDarling @jennbostic & @michaellogen bringing #Nashville to #Kirton https://t.co/3ynYygcXC8 https://t.co/0lkJIoEu7O
Fun little clip from last night's show in Leicester. #ANightInNashville https://t.co/0HU8YIjqNI
@scragnut @MusicianVenue Thanks for coming!
@JonBallardie Thank you! Autumn 😉
RT @TonyMen44217772: The fabulous sound of @jennbostic last night at @thehawthcrawley https://t.co/GObH6T0iKn
@JSHudson Yay! Sure is!
RT @CRoutesNews: @_SarahDarling @michaellogen @jennbostic SO nice to wake up & hear @jennbostic's 'Jealous Of The Angels' being play… https://t.co/GKJnYExIl1
RT @chapel_sessions: Don't forget to book for the next @chapel_sessions St Edward's 💒Netley Sat 27th May https://t.co/FnjbFmjHbU https://t.co/DVfiFSSfgw
@BellesandGals ❤️
RT @deanandsheena: Exciting times - this afternoon we recorded a live session with @jennbostic & @_SarahDarling. Watch out for details… https://t.co/EvUEkTQmaC
RT @leader_music: On the show tomorrow night: an exclusive live track from @_SarahDarling & @michaellogen & one from @jennbostic On air from 8pm @MeridianFM
@MusicaHoyTop Awesome! Can you screenshot???
Yessss! Let's get @_SarahDarling to #1!!!!!!! https://t.co/vh9mv0npa2
So much love and laughter tonight @thehawthcrawley @22O5promotions Thanks to all who made it such a fun sell out! ❤️ #ANightInNashville
RT @Tylershouse: Love this song so so much! When will it be out @jennbostic - this before you had @kemp_manda and I crying our eyes… https://t.co/W7XRytJrKd
@Cate365 @thehawthcrawley 😘
RT @Cate365: We are en route to @thehawthcrawley to see @jennbostic We are super excited!
@leader_music Yeeeeeeeessss!
@JSHudson So sweet! Thank you!
RT @WhisperingBob: Thank you for a wonderful session @_sarahdarling @michaellogen @jennbostic #jolene… https://t.co/qIQqjvmKfK
RT @leader_music: Raise 'em up! @jennbostic https://t.co/VpOwrtT16p
@IanWood600 @michaellogen @_SarahDarling @estevensmusic ❤️❤️❤️
RT @IanWood600: Just had great night of live music with @michaellogen @jennbostic @_SarahDarling @estevensmusic at the Hawth Crawley. Great music
@WagsAndy @estevensmusic @_SarahDarling @michaellogen @22O5promotions Thank you! ❤️
RT @WagsAndy: Fantastic night in Crawley with @estevensmusic @_SarahDarling @jennbostic @michaellogen thanks to @22O5promotions for bringing the music.
@judystiletto @_SarahDarling @michaellogen Awwwwww thank you!
RT @judystiletto: Thanks @jennbostic @_SarahDarling @michaellogen for an amazing gig tonight #tasteofnashville Loved it.... you just got some new uberfans!!!
RT @spnfan65: Check out this review for @jennbostic @_SarahDarling & @michaellogen https://t.co/6MbCRgbzz8 Tour dates:… https://t.co/9MplkJjVqQ
@Jmw268 Great!!!
@JSHudson Okay so don't get mad if I don't sneak the other two in. We'll see tho haha
@JSHudson Hee hee no it's not that, I just want to play new songs. 😉
@JSHudson Oooo I can promise one of those 2. Not sure which yet though. 😉
@JSHudson Any requests?
This is how excited I am for tonight's #SOLDOUT show @thehawthcrawley https://t.co/teMootR3gz
RT @PirateFMShow: Enjoy a taste of #Nashville today @MFMWorldFolk 1600-1800 BST @MarlowFM courtesy of @michaellogen @_SarahDarling &… https://t.co/NCxRVlmjsT
RT @MarlowFM: Enjoy a taste of #Nashville today @MFMWorldFolk 1600-1800 BST @MarlowFM courtesy of @michaellogen @_SarahDarling &… https://t.co/eW4Y11GN5E
@hargreg67 @thehawthcrawley @_SarahDarling Haha it's for some very special guests who couldn't get tickets.
Does anyone happen to have a spare ticket or 2 for tonight's show @thehawthcrawley?
@michaelwoolley @_SarahDarling @michaellogen Great pics! Thank you!
RT @jesseruben: And last week @jennbostic released "wrong thing": https://t.co/vw8t5Rfzit
Stop what you're doing and download this song! @nathanangelo is a rockstar. Blessed to have toured with him! https://t.co/OH8EdemJ2e
RT @Tylershouse: Really looking forward to going to see @jennbostic @_SarahDarling and @michaellogen tomorrow night 😍
RT @RussHillCountry: To plug their #Hampshire gig, @_SarahDarling @jennbostic @michaellogen’s songs will be on @ExpressFM on Sunday 12pm-3pm [UK time] on my show
RT @beezoradio: I could have spent the whole show talking to @jennbostic and @_SarahDarling - two lovely people with amazing voices… https://t.co/PtCLc5vhor
RT @kasey_stone_: NEW ARTICLE! 'A Night In Nashville' from @jennbostic @_SarahDarling @michaellogen @StewartMacMusic @DeanKingofWing… https://t.co/JsvkZo4GqE
@michaelwoolley @_SarahDarling @michaellogen @AtkinsonThe Aw thanks! Can't wait to see you!
RT @michaelwoolley: Excited to be seeing @_SarahDarling @jennbostic and @michaellogen tonight at @AtkinsonThe in Southport. A sample https://t.co/bVxB4QlRQ9
@jesseruben Xoxoxo love you friend!
RT @writeintheheart: The world likes great music and @jennbostic @neverestmusic @keekmusic and @honey808sweet are great like the others on my site.
@DNORTH85 @_SarahDarling @AtkinsonThe 😉 Thanks for sorting my keyboard.
RT @22O5promotions: A Night in Nashville @thehawthcrawley is Sold Out, it's going to be a great night @_SarahDarling @jennbostic… https://t.co/BrZC2jTHZj
RT @22O5promotions: A Night in Nashville @thehawthcrawley is Sold Out, it's going to be a great night @_SarahDarling @jennbostic... https://t.co/2DzkYeqmDH
RT @beezoradio: A real privilege to listen to @jennbostic singing live on @bbcmerseyside https://t.co/Kf2tlbfKjl
@ChrisCountry @michaellogen So fun! ❤️❤️❤️
RT @bbcmerseyside: ON AIR: @jennbostic performing live for us in the studio (with harmony from @_SarahDarling) on @beezoradio's show.… https://t.co/Moll3ffbdR
RT @bbcmerseyside: ON AIR: @beezoradio chatting to @jennbostic and @_SarahDarling who are bringing their UK tour #ANightInNashville to… https://t.co/O0VsY3NTOR
@BuckleandBoots Aw thanks! Can't wait!!! ❤️
RT @BuckleandBoots: TRACK OF THE DAY: 'Jealous Of The Angels' by @JennBostic, who you can catch on the #BuckleandBoots main stage!… https://t.co/47wZNcx9m1
Last night's finale. 😉 https://t.co/tZmJJvK9YF
RT @ScottKash88: #NewMusicFriday Checkout @jennbostic’s new single “Wrong Thing” NOW on #iTunes ☞ https://t.co/yWambDS2Xn https://t.co/Pgw0saUXjV
@LiveMcrNews @_SarahDarling Yay! See you there!
RT @LiveMcrNews: Heading over to Southport to see the incredible @_SarahDarling and @jennbostic
@PaulHallows1 @beezoradio @_SarahDarling @BillyButler958 @bbcmerseyside 😉 Aw thanks!
@beezoradio @_SarahDarling @BillyButler958 @bbcmerseyside Can't wait! 😉❤️
RT @beezoradio: Looking forward to chatting to @jennbostic and @_SarahDarling while sitting in for @BillyButler958 on @bbcmerseyside between 2 and 4
RT @Matthew_McN: For a great night of music and stories try and see @jennbostic @_SarahDarling @michaellogen on their current tour https://t.co/0vwwnwXOLb
RT @thehawthcrawley: 😲 Only a few tickets left for A Night in Nashville tomorrow night with @_SarahDarling, @jennbostic & @michaellogen… https://t.co/D03PziobxU
RT @Lesley_Stone_: Try and get to one old these shows, fabulous night of music from 3 lovely and talented artists 🎶 https://t.co/NClvZlaVrp
@pwp68 @michaellogen @_SarahDarling 💜
@hauschen @WhisperingBobTV @michaellogen @DollyParton @_SarahDarling Thank you!
RT @JenFlau: Downloaded your new song "Wrong Thing" on iTunes. Love it!!! 💞 @jennbostic
RT @MartinCox0155: Oh @jennbostic, that PIANO! How lucky you, and your audience were!
Tonight I played a @SteinwayAndSons to a #soldout crowd with 2 of my favorite artists. Thanks Maidenhead! Photo by… https://t.co/dsNxqthDGU
RT @kasey_stone_: Huge thanks to @michaellogen @jennbostic @_SarahDarling alongside @StewartMacMusic @DeanKingofWing for a brilliant night of music! 🎶
@Matthew_McN @SteinwayAndSons Thank you so much!
RT @Matthew_McN: @jennbostic what a sound! @SteinwayAndSons #jealousoftheangels https://t.co/7Ybx003v5I
RT @Matthew_McN: @jennbostic @_SarahDarling @michaellogen thanks again for tonight's great gig in Maidenhead #NightInNashvilleTour https://t.co/f3Y3adwbhR
RT @carriejanemusic: Fell back in love with country music tonight, thank you @_SarahDarling @michaellogen & @jennbostic for an incredible evening x
@AndyWebbDJ @MissusWebb @_SarahDarling Oh no! I'm so sorry. 😔
I get to play a @SteinwayAndSons tonight @nordenfarm!!!! ❤️❤️❤️ https://t.co/mZfzF4PO2x
RT @richloader: Looking forward to seeing @jennbostic tonight
@pug1309 @_SarahDarling @michaellogen We all start the show together, no support. 😉
RT @Kathy__Anderson: So looking forward to @nordenfarm tonight to see the amazing @jennbostic @_SarahDarling & @michaellogen with their "Night in Nashville" gig
RT @Kathy__Anderson: If you are very quick a few tickets tonight at @nordenfarm with @jennbostic @_SarahDarling & @michaellogen for the "Night in Nashville" gig!
RT @_SarahDarling: Maidenhead! @jennbostic, @michaellogen and I can’t wait to see you tonight! Tickets here: https://t.co/9r7k8JTTqH 💜 https://t.co/gRmOXk5Akj
RT @saintinthecity: Watch a stunning @michaellogen @jennbostic @_SarahDarling version of a classic for @WhisperingBob @WhisperingBobTV - https://t.co/JRXDQ4cliI
RT @michaellogen: Looking forward to playing Maidenhead, England tonight at @NordenFarmsArtsCentre with #NightInNashvilleTour @jennbostic and @_SarahDarling
RT @MartinCox0155: Now online, @_SarahDarling w @jennbostic - Montmartre @oldqueenshead 15/05/17 https://t.co/hhd7p4JkqX
RT @MartinCox0155: Now online, @michaellogen w @jennbostic - Human After All @oldqueenshead 15/05/17 https://t.co/DsJBtchLce
RT @MartinCox0155: Now online, @jennbostic - Faint of Heart @oldqueenshead 15/05/17 https://t.co/BVEpSIMiqf
RT @W21Music: Tonight you can head down to Maidenhead's @nordenfarm for a Night in Nashville from @_SarahDarling @jennbostic & @michaellogen #countrymusic
@kasey_stone_ That's tonight?! 😉❤️ Good deal.
Had the opportunity to debut #WrongThing on @JuceTV_network a few weeks ago! https://t.co/pT3hW5Pl20
@hargreg67 Oh wow! Thank you!
RT @WhisperingBobTV: Amazing reaction to this @DollyParton cover by @jennbostic, @michaellogen & @_SarahDarling so far! Watch here: https://t.co/EmqxpKT3uF
RT @W21Music: *New Review* Check the website for @jennbostic @michaellogen @_SarahDarling LIVE in London
RT @Section101Tweet: The terrific @jennbostic has just released a brand spanking new single called "Wrong Thing." Listen to it here:… https://t.co/IS9y9g7iNq
@Half_Moonpub Thank you so much!!
@alicat_812 Thaaaaank you!
RT @tonefreak713: Here is a snippet of my friend Jenn Bostic's new single that just dropped!! I had the honor of co-writing this... https://t.co/k34SI5UPwr
RT @WhisperingBob: Such a pleasure to host @_SarahDarling @jennbostic and @michaellogen for an #UnderTheAppleTree session today. Up so… https://t.co/Vbifr0UMaY
@hargreg67 Thank you so much!
RT @gainslife: See top singer songwriters, Jenn Bostic, Sarah Darling & Michael Logen at #Kirton in Lindsey Town Hall on 26th May… https://t.co/iSWDtxKwKY
#WrongThing Live in London. @tonefreak713 I'm still working on that guitar part.... 😬 https://t.co/BI9Wirk20q
@StartleMusic Thanks for the love! Let me know where I can send my new single.
@Zara_Lusty Hollywood. 😉 It'll be on the new album.
RT @WhisperingBobTV: A Night In Nashville - 'Jolene' | UNDER THE APPLE TREE: https://t.co/vYXzS4sFDR via @YouTube
RT @RM2SteveG: Just released! @JennBostic's new single #WrongThing! Get it while it's hot! https://t.co/FNl8xjr7Vh
@kasey_stone_ @_SarahDarling @michaellogen I think we could manage that. :)
@Dazmac1882 💜
@sarahsweettater Thank you!
RT @KingRichard76: @jennbostic I bought mine yesterday :) And just love listening to it #WrongThing #JennBostic it definitely is aweso… https://t.co/eJp5aTf7Lb
RT @spnfan65: @jennbostic #WednesdayWisdom #LetsGetJennTop10 UK: https://t.co/zEr4Xp3Tw4 US: https://t.co/Vbka48h7uB #WrongThing
@JeannieBizzell @MeridianFM @thehawthcrawley Thanks so much for the support. 💜
#WrongThing is sitting at #18 on the iTunes singer/songwriter chart in the UK! 😲 Can we make it Top 10?!? https://t.co/9u9brGBFqn
RT @MartinCox0155: @jennbostic Yeah, See this! https://t.co/kngDf9q0sW
RT @CultureHUB1: A Night in Nashville @ISLANDartsbiz | Photo Review @tgreggphotos • @jennbostic • @_SarahDarling • @michaellogen… https://t.co/vhlnbcXyxV
@MartinCox0155 Awesome!!!!
@WhisperingBobTV @michaellogen @_SarahDarling Such a blessing to get to perform this on the show. Thank you! ❤️
RT @WhisperingBobTV: Whatever you're doing, stop it and watch this. Utterly beautiful from @jennbostic, @michaellogen & @_SarahDarling: https://t.co/ZUEkvxyHzm
RT @JeannieBizzell: Will be playing @_SarahDarling @jennbostic & @michaellogen on @MeridianFM can't wait for A Night in Nashville this Saturday @thehawthcrawley
RT @CycleC0mmuter: Great new song from @jennbostic #NowPlaying #WrongThing by Jenn Bostic ♫ https://t.co/I6X5n2pkUo
#WrongThing is sitting at #24 on the iTunes songwriter chart UK. Have you gotten your copy? https://t.co/9u9brGk4yP https://t.co/AMYSxxcYRA
@marvinkoch_ It'll be on the new album. More similar to keep lookin for love than the last 2.
RT @SecretRoad: Wow. @DollyParton would be proud of this stunning take on "Jolene" by @michaellogen, @_SarahDarling & @jennbostic! https://t.co/7sriLqGfaW
RT @MartinCox0155: Just released! @JennBostic's new single #WrongThing! Get it while it's hot! https://t.co/vbZLFxdZ4K
RT @vinnysheridan04: Check out the bluesy new single #WrongThing from @JennBostic and spread the love. https://t.co/Sy37oXRevX ❤️❤️🎶❤️❤️🎶
RT @bbcradioulster: If you enjoyed @jennbostic, relive A Night in Nashville with @_SarahDarling & @michaellogen, up soon with John Kerr… https://t.co/5WP87fQZG1
@bbcradioulster @JustinColeMoore @ChrisYoungMusic ❤️❤️❤️❤️
RT @bbcradioulster: John Kerr is on in 15 mins, up first with some @JustinColeMoore, then new music from @jennbostic & @ChrisYoungMusic https://t.co/reWD4BtIqQ
@nathanangelo Thanks friend!
RT @ScottKash88: #NewMusicAlert Checkout @jennbostic’s brand new single “Wrong Thing” NOW on #iTunes https://t.co/yWambDS2Xn https://t.co/2nXoQJdv30
Have you gotten the new single yet???? Release Day! Woo hoo! #WrongThing https://t.co/9u9brGk4yP RT
@MartinCox0155 Thanks!
RT @CarithaMalmgren: Download @jennbostic's new #amazing #single #WrongThing now!! #jennbostic #WrongThing #Spotify #mindblown 🎶💜🌟👌🏻👉🏻… https://t.co/USXxftrdYA
RT @Bionic_Tweets: @jennbostic Oh yes! #FeelingTheJBLove #NashvilleInTheRound #UKTour #CountryMusic https://t.co/782X5ZJlqs
@MartinCox0155 @spnfan65 You're an angel
RT @MartinCox0155: The wonderful @jennbostic has brand new single out TODAY! #WrongThing You can get your copy here! https://t.co/vbZLFwWnGa
@MartinCox0155 Thank youuuuuu!
NEW SINGLE AVAILABLE NOW! #WrongThing https://t.co/bTrd4lBEn8 RT
RT @deanandsheena: Grab yourself a copy of the fabulous new single 'Wrong Thing' from the lovely @jennbostic out TODAY! https://t.co/D37vw9S3eQ
RT @spnfan65: #TuneTuesday ***New release*** Do the #RightThing & download @jennbostic' new single #WrongThing - https://t.co/t1zvKitOFM #iTunes
@bankzzywfcffc @_SarahDarling @michaellogen @justineclaire75 Thanks for coming!
@MartinCox0155 @_SarahDarling @michaellogen @GreenNote Thank youuuuu!
RT @MartinCox0155: Thank you @jennbostic @_SarahDarling and @michaellogen for a wonderful show this evening. So looking forward to a week Thursday @GreenNote!
RT @TonyMen44217772: The lovely sound of @jennbostic tonight at @oldqueenshead https://t.co/Wq0xAopJlJ
RT @WycombeSound: Wow what a fab track from @jennbostic. Look forward to seeing you at @nordenfarm this Thursday #wrongthing
@jstpumpkin @chapel_sessions @_SarahDarling @michaellogen Awesome!!!
@justineclaire75 Adore you.
Lovely day with my sweet friend @justineclaire75! All ready for tonight's #SOLDOUT show in London! https://t.co/G4ngJWpO8g
@only1samh @NbredaBaptist Thank YOU. Next time we take the picture and THEN I cry through the prayer. 😉❤️
@justineclaire75 @BBCRadio2 @BBC6Music ❤️❤️❤️❤️
RT @justineclaire75: It may be a rainy, grey day but I'm busy @BBCRadio2 @BBC6Music and then seeing my beautiful friend @jennbostic What's not to like?!😀
So excited to kick off the English dates of the tour @oldqueenshead tonight! ❤️#SOLDOUT @_SarahDarling @michaellogen
Tomorrow! #NewMusic #WrongThing https://t.co/XqQOHNlzIN
Love this human and this song. 💜 https://t.co/89Gvy9PQIE
RT @Jillybird7: This time next Sunday heading to Leicester to see @jennbostic @_SarahDarling @michaellogen can't wait!… https://t.co/txo1MhKKT2
Ready for an incredible night of worship at Newtonbreda Baptist Church, 7PM https://t.co/Kzo96FE5xM
Beautiful run through Lady Dixon park this morning! https://t.co/WbSMrQEsZu
@Bi9_6ow Oof! Thanks! I shouldn't have let my phone even put that in there! Thanks!
@hargreg67 @PlatformFes Ahhhhh yes!
RT @BringCountry2UK: A version of @DollyParton classic Jolene from @_SarahDarling @jennbostic @michaellogen https://t.co/7OeLK4ztq1
Beautiful run through Lady Dixon park in Northern Ireland 🇮🇪 https://t.co/Q8p1HRLTkZ
RT @W21Music: Next up on the @W21Music calendar @BuckleandBoots it's going to be busy, here is Friday's lineup Tix available -… https://t.co/ZNC0SWUgjk
@WillisK Can't wait! See you then. 😘
RT @millerlintonabi: Loved seeing and meeting @jennbostic and @_SarahDarling at the @roevalleyarts https://t.co/G1JyfIBfcU
RT @WillisK: I'm going to @jennbostic at The Old Queen's Head in London, Unit... https://t.co/iYWfX4CTqH
RT @_SarahDarling: Getting ready to hit the stage at @roevalleyarts ! Getting dolled up!l with @jennbostic ✨ https://t.co/wQeGcyHhVU
RT @michaellogen: Thanks to @moogs_lumox for sending this snapshot from the show at @bangorcastle. #NightInNashvilleTour @jennbostic… https://t.co/crU5wQ0Y8j
@spnfan65 @_SarahDarling 😉 We'll seeeee
Tonight was special. Thanks for another SOLD OUT evening @ISLANDartsbiz ❤️ https://t.co/5NYfp37Jj7
@kasey_stone_ Remind me Thursday. 😉
@EugeneMcVeigh Oh wow! Incredible!
@JeannieBizzell @michaellogen @MeridianFM @_SarahDarling 💜💜Awesome!
RT @WeberJudy: Listening to @jennbostic on Pandora while designing jewelry, and Jenn is tweeting at the same time. #lifeisgood
RT @bbcradioulster: Just @thejohnkerr chilling out with some #countrylegends @_SarahDarling @jennbostic & @michaellogen… https://t.co/DSjZNCeNXN
RT @hargreg67: @jennbostic @thejohnkerr @bbcradioulster Love it! You must come to Platform Fest one year. So looking forward to se… https://t.co/HYqtorrTUk
RT @dbrownlow62: The scene is set for a great night of music Nashville style with @jennbostic @_SarahDarling and @michaellogen https://t.co/4nARPYtWLj
@BellesandGals Thanks for the love!
RT @BellesandGals: Shout #2 goes to @jennbostic with "Let's Get Ahead Of Ourselves" https://t.co/MDebIZi6N8
Grateful to the ever so charming @thejohnkerr for catching some behind the scenes footage of us for @bbcradioulster https://t.co/unjivuCtY2
@pulse_breakfast @_SarahDarling 💜💜💜 Such a fun morning! Thanks for spoiling us!
RT @andrewrhmcbride: Huge thanks to @_SarahDarling @jennbostic and @michaellogen A stunning performance on the show this morning! If you… https://t.co/ERkvBBRFaS
RT @pulse_breakfast: Hear the interview we did with @jennbostic & @_SarahDarling from the other day on breakfast https://t.co/1A9SHcLW51
RT @Zara_Lusty: @_SarahDarling @bbcradioulster @jennbostic @michaellogen loved hearing this on the radio just now https://t.co/Pn9GAXOAuq
RT @Ailser99: In conversation with #JealousOfTheAngels songwriter @jennbostic & Omagh singer @TaggartDonna https://t.co/rL6WwduvCB via @audioBoom
RT @thejohnkerr: .@bbcradioulster out here Nighting it in Nashville with @_SarahDarling, @jennbostic & @michaellogen... More to come… https://t.co/jv7rG0bzZ9
Tune into @bbcradioulster for some live music from #ANightInNashville. ❤️❤️❤️
RT @bbcradioulster: Gerry Kelly is on air from 3pm, with a jam-packed programme ft. @jennbostic @michaellogen @_SarahDarling… https://t.co/UzlH3hwP5z
@TaggartDonna @_SarahDarling @michaellogen @Ailser99 Xoxoxo 😉💜
RT @TaggartDonna: Wonderful evening last night listening to incredible voices of @jennbostic @_SarahDarling @michaellogen @Ailser99 n… https://t.co/jzPXxZvB3R
@jstpumpkin Xoxoxo
RT @michaellogen: #Belfast area friends! About to play a few tunes live on air at @Belfast89FM w/ @jennbostic and @_SarahDarling for #ANightInNashvilleTour.
RT @jstpumpkin: A Night in Nashville 26/5 @chapel_sessions 🎶 @SotonEvents https://t.co/GMRMVcuXnK @Republic_Media @_SarahDarling… https://t.co/0kqEkRnrzU
RT @Republic_Media: Nashville in the Round heads to @ISLANDartsbiz #Lisburn tonight! Feat. @_SarahDarling @jennbostic @michaellogen https://t.co/dx7B2BPgnc
RT @DTRCountry: Video: check out our Day 2 snapchat highlights from @balmoralshow with @SPARNI & add DowntownRadio for more! >>>… https://t.co/UyYxoY27KD
@LaineyyM @_SarahDarling 😍 we will!
@Ailser99 @_SarahDarling @michaellogen 😘Thanks for everything!
RT @Ailser99: What a gig in #BangorCastle @jennbostic @_SarahDarling @michaellogen #ANightInNashville https://t.co/23icvkx8dx
RT @Ailser99: What an end to #ANightInNashville @jennbostic @_SarahDarling @michaellogen #didnotwantittoend 🎹🎤🎼 https://t.co/S3QamDhbs2
RT @Zara_Lusty: Great night in Bangor Castle at A Night in Nashville listening to @jennbostic @michaellogen & @_SarahDarling 😊🍷💜🎤
@Zara_Lusty ❤️❤️❤️
@Bionic_Tweets @_SarahDarling @RadioDowntown @balmoralshow @michaellogen 😘
Grateful for the love from @SouthportReport ❤️ https://t.co/9R0Sjtn303
@Ailser99 @BBCevex @TaggartDonna Yayyyyyyy! 😍💜💜😘👏🏼
RT @Ailser99: I'll be live in #BangorCastle for @BBCevex with @jennbostic & @TaggartDonna to hear how the song… https://t.co/W7PTwacsEd
RT @RadioDowntown: The amazing @jennbostic & @_SarahDarling performing live on our @DTRCountry @RadioDowntown today @balmoralshow with… https://t.co/ambS7JCQDr
RT @DTRCountry: The amazing @jennbostic & @_SarahDarling performing live on our @DTRCountry @RadioDowntown today @balmoralshow with… https://t.co/stpWswZVPx
RT @stuartrobinson1: The amazing @jennbostic & @_SarahDarling performing live on our @DTRCountry @RadioDowntown today @balmoralshow with… https://t.co/BGXU2qjgfO
@hargreg67 @PlatformFes @_SarahDarling @michaellogen Would love to!
Always a joy to see the lovely Caroline Fleck @DTRCountry @balmoralshow @_SarahDarling https://t.co/9iCEZnFE2B
Beautiful day @balmoralshow! Performing on the @DTRCountry stage at 1PM https://t.co/frjWC1IA7u
RT @michaellogen: Ireland! We're playing Bangor Castle tomorrow night! #ANightInNashville Tour with @jennbostic , … https://t.co/wxV2FX03Cf
RT @_SarahDarling: How much luggage does it take 3 people to tour for a month!! #european #tour #anightinnashville https://t.co/a5qMt7BQMj
@balmoralshow looking forward to singing tomorrow at 1. 😉
Hey Ireland! Catch @_SarahDarling @michaellogen & I @balmoralshow starting @ 1PM tomorrow & Bangor Castle in the evening #anightinnashville
@Zara_Lusty Yayyyyy!
@kasey_stone_ 😇 I'll be singing a song about angels so you decide.
RT @22O5promotions: Less than 20 tickets available, don't miss out 'A Night in Nashville' @_SarahDarling @jennbostic @michaellogen at... https://t.co/gYOAThjs0G
@hargreg67 Thank you. God bless you and your family.
Last night @Classic_G 😇https://t.co/VVKXwB0Cq0
RT @One_More_ShotUK: Confirmed for April 2018 @jennbostic Tickets avail https://t.co/YgIOtDV0Nm Includes M&G, photo/auto ops, 2 full con… https://t.co/Z7Rf7poyKC
RT @pulse_breakfast: Joining us this morning on the show we will be talking to @jennbostic & @_SarahDarling just after 9am #NewMusic
Had a blast singing and chatting on @pulse_breakfast this AM. #newsingle #wrongthing https://t.co/H0biwNrqsN
@MartinXander3 @Classic_G ☺️ honored. Incredible night!
@TonyMen44217772 @ClassicGrand Awwww thank you so much. ☺️
@LaurelCanyonUK @GreenNote Thank you so much!!! 💜💜💜😍
RT @LaurelCanyonUK: LCM Artist of the Week - @jennbostic Excellent US singer-songwriter on UK tour now. @GreenNote 25th May.… https://t.co/2SUvlRsuRl
RT @MartinXander3: @jennbostic and @michaellogen take the stage at @Classic_G . Sensational stuff #ANightInNashville 💕 https://t.co/rFEwafUaJA
RT @MartinXander3: Not a dry eye in the @Classic_G tonight watching @jennbostic perform #JealousOfTheAngels .Beautiful. Touching. Magic. 💕 #CountryMusic
RT @nico261: Can't wait to see @jennbostic and @_SarahDarling in London! They feature once or twice each in my playlist... https://t.co/Qdc4DPSgDy
RT @bbcradioulster: John Kerr is live now with tracks from N.Ireland bound @_SarahDarling & @jennbostic and new music from @zacbrownband https://t.co/6Ac4FRukKa
RT @TonyMen44217772: What a great night of music at the @ClassicGrand with the fabulous @jennbostic @michaellogen and @SeanCKennedy1 🤗
RT @Trueblue1872: I would definitely close the cupboard doors @jennbostic 😂 was an awesome show tonight 👍 would love to see you back… https://t.co/wNJivv2ecB
RT @TonyMen44217772: @jennbostic was just so so good at the @ClassicGrand in Glasgow tonight https://t.co/zZus8mF9Tv
@TonyMen44217772 @_SarahDarling @michaellogen ❤️ she will be here in spirit
RT @TonyMen44217772: @_SarahDarling Travelled to Glasgow to see this wonderful show as love seeing @_SarahDarling and looking forward to seeing @jennbostic 🤗
@TonyMen44217772 @_SarahDarling Yayyyyy! See you tonight!
@DevinAnne Unbelievable!
@LaurelCanyonUK @_SarahDarling Yay! Thank you!!!
@MartinXander3 @_SarahDarling @michaellogen Can't wait!
RT @MartinXander3: Day 1 of the #anightinnashville tour with @_SarahDarling , @jennbostic and @michaellogen kicks off in Glasgow tonight. Gonna be fantastic 😘
Tonight!!!! We kick off #anightinnashville @Classic_G! Join @_SarahDarling @michaellogen @SeanCKennedy1 and yours truly! 💜💜💜
@roevalleyarts @skydivetn Me too!
Today was awesome! #skydiving @skydivetn https://t.co/VNIEuE8u2F
We just jumped out of a plane!!!! ✈️Most AMAZING feeling! #skydiving https://t.co/r1QZOJim3q
So...I'm about to jump out of an airplane with a guy named Wizard...🙏🏼
RT @jstpumpkin: Check out "Chapel Sessions presents Jenn Bostic Sarah Darling Michael Logen - A night in Nashville, 27/5 https://t.co/oDllKp92BY
@alicat_812 @michaelernst7 Maybe. 😉
Doing something crazy today with @michaelernst7 before I leave the country for a month. 😜 https://t.co/3eqIEpwdxo
RT @_SarahDarling: I'm packing for Month!! What it's like to be an international traveling musician! #anightinnashville #flashback wit… https://t.co/4HdNyyElLq
RT @JBosticFans: "Wrong thing is about taking risks and stepping out in faith in order to live life to the fullest." -@jennbostic (https://t.co/NCyRJd237m).
RT @JBosticFans: Who is planning to go see @jennbostic with @_SarahDarling and Michael loges on #ANightInNashville Tour!? .... share you photos with us 😊❤️
RT @spnfan65: Listening to @clarebalding on @BBCR2 on iPlayer for the exclusive debut of @jennbostic's new single #WrongThing https://t.co/PSpCG9mkBC
Over the moon! Thanks to @clarebalding, "Wrong Thing" made its exclusive debut on @BBCRadio2 #GMS this morning! https://t.co/OlSjfmcyWC
RT @NowOnRadio2: ♫ Wrong Thing - by Jenn Bostic #bbc #radio2 #np
RT @Section101Tweet: Passports ready #JennBostic #ANightInNashville #UK https://t.co/u6gsnIzGey
@Bionic_Tweets @_SarahDarling We may be able to work something out...
@opaman We like to make it affordable so we don't exclude people. 💜
RT @sussexliving: A night of #Nashville is coming to @thehawthcrawley #Crawley featuring @jennbostic @_SarahDarling and @michaellogen… https://t.co/vJYj62Yfhb
@Zara_Lusty Yayyyy
It all starts Tuesday! #ANightInNashville https://t.co/U2zNpFCJJY
RT @roevalleyarts: @DTRCountry Night in Nashville singers @jennbostic @_SarahDarling @michaellogen here Sat 13, 8pm https://t.co/tVnQKCclM1 Tckts £15/13
@andrewrhmcbride @_SarahDarling Can't wait!
RT @andrewrhmcbride: Looking forward to having these two gorgeous country stars on the show next Week for a chat and a live session!!… https://t.co/VgYG73lF1O
The new single makes me do this. 📷@michaelernst7 #WrongThing #NewMusic #nashvillesongwriter https://t.co/qz7AjsV40D
RT @LifeInASong_UK: NEWS: @jennbostic reveals bluesy new single 'Wrong Thing', a taster of her new album coming this autumn https://t.co/leanKvDp6s
Big News! https://t.co/1KpQ5fHOl7 #WrongThing @tonefreak713
@glasgowarts Can't wait to bring Nashville to Glasgow @classic_g next Tuesday with @_SarahDarling @michaellogen @SeanCKennedy1 💜
@WhatsOnGlasgow Can't wait to bring Nashville to Glasgow @classic_g next Tuesday with @_SarahDarling @michaellogen @SeanCKennedy1 ❤️
@JuceTV_network @thirstproject ❤️
@_SarahDarling @michaellogen Love this photo of you. 😘
@SeanCKennedy1 @Classic_G 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Thrilled to announce that @SeanCKennedy1 will be supporting the #ANightInNashville Show @Classic_G on Tues! https://t.co/fGhAbYb1FM
ALL THE PURPLE TONIGHT! #NorthDakota https://t.co/PemSnx8v2S
Oh wow. Check out my instagram story for all the crazy that just took place. #WhereRoadsHaveNoRoad
When your gas light goes on and Siri cannot find a gas station… Say a little prayer #northdakota
So excited for the Norwich gig, thanks to @lisaredford for mentioning us in this awesome article! https://t.co/cBdnWqbvIg
This song! Cannot wait to sing it with @michaellogen on the night in Nashville tour! https://t.co/j6ea4oqYfj
@Pentahawk @_SarahDarling @michaellogen 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼❤️
Live in Scotland one week from right now!!! ❤️❤️❤️ @Classic_G @michaellogen @_SarahDarling #anightinnashville 📷… https://t.co/HC81KjQqjp
It's 8:48PM where I am and I'm calling it a night. #RockstarLife #LivinTheDream
RT @lisaredford: Honoured to be supporting three wonderful #nashville songwriters @jennbostic @_SarahDarling @michaellogen at their… https://t.co/OsrI3WpoZ6
@traceyk9 Sending love your way.
Leaving for Scotland one week from today! Hands up if you've got your tickets for the #NightInNashville tour! 📷… https://t.co/0DdMm6hyQ3
RT @photocillin: Love this portrait I took of Nashville singer songwriter @jennbostic It looks so fab on her… https://t.co/6kUXgc0y2S
@thechrisgrundy Just me, no band this time around.
@thechrisgrundy Tomorrow afternoon at 2PM Central High School Auditorium in Cheyenne, WY
@thechrisgrundy Cheyenne, WY. Last minute gig
@thechrisgrundy On my way there 😬
This book is incredible. #Anointing #RTKendall @DrRTKendall https://t.co/ittbqAnKBs
It's almost May, come on Kansas! https://t.co/4Bfbqp15Db
@thigy Awwwww I love this!!!
RT @sussexliving: A night of #Nashville is coming to @thehawthcrawley #Crawley featuring @jennbostic @_SarahDarling and @michaellogen… https://t.co/lcNAK0UXHc
RT @BuckleandBoots: ANNOUNCEMENT: Your #BuckleandBoots Friday line-up is here! @KrisBarrasBand, @OutlanderBandUK, @jennbostic, … https://t.co/9oMY3qM0PM
RT @ChrisCountry: NEW: this is the Friday lineup at @BuckleandBoots festival... we'll be there... will you? https://t.co/c3bkmbWCtq
RT @KarenJHurt: @BuckleandBoots have just announced the #Friday Lineup @sonialeigh ✨@jennbostic ✨ @KrisBarrasBand 🎸 @southcompanion… https://t.co/k6KzL0WR5M
RT @W21Music: So the Friday line up has been announced for @BuckleandBoots get there nice & early ... let's get the party started… https://t.co/MZRdOVzQvt
Honored to announce that #HopeoftheWorld has won the Christmas @usasong Competition! Loved writing this song with… https://t.co/E5PU8iVZBy
My hand hurts. New single needs to be played on guitar. Can we start a "Bring @tonefreak713 everywhere I go" Fund? https://t.co/G29J6EaI4o
Headed west! #GrandPianoTourIII ✈️ Tomorrow night performing in Kansas, visit https://t.co/TPdaxSBger to find out where.
RT @22O5promotions: We have two shows in May, first is "A Night in Nashville' with @_SarahDarling @jennbostic @michaellogen at... https://t.co/gvvVoPijAL
Packing for #GrandPianoTourPartIII! Headed west tomorrow. Can't wait.🎹❤️🎤
@JuceTV_network Such a fun show!
RT @DaphneWillis: Me and co-writer for "Somebody's Someone" @jennbostic :) let's write some more friend ❤️️ https://t.co/gY8LV1EHFA
@Lo_Ball @_SarahDarling Oh noooo
@Lo_Ball @_SarahDarling 😭😭 any others work in your schedule?
@AmandaBlogs7 @Lauren_Alaina @blakeshelton @itsruthb @littlebigtown Thanks for the love!
RT @AmandaBlogs7: Favorite Recent Songs https://t.co/WFazOm6f0W @Lauren_Alaina @blakeshelton @itsruthb @jennbostic @littlebigtown
So proud of this crazy girl @DaphneWillis for the way she's impacting the world with our song #SomebodysSomeone che… https://t.co/EbZWfOVSH7
Headed west this weekend! https://t.co/WRMp2Vjoj2 #cheyenne
RT @HBDProductions: @jennbostic joins #HomeByDark @Infinite_Center SEPT 23. Tickets NOW ON SALE. https://t.co/vKLiU1zCQt
Just recorded cowbell on the new single... #percussioncred #studio #wrongthing https://t.co/eOupRsL8VE
RT @Uncleshag: Hear @JennBostic w/ "Jealous of the Angels" in Longtown Sound 1648 Monday, Monday! #indiemusicblast #mp3 #ondemand https://t.co/mTHVjwaOFb
RT @HBDProductions: ON SALE TOMORROW 4/24 at 12p - Tickets for Home by Dark w/ @jennbostic & @erniehalter SAT SEPT 23 @Infinite_Center… https://t.co/JGT8jSkMrq
RT @chasing_urdream: #lyrics "we all love someone something a little trick a litte fix" @jennbostic - A Little Grace - https://t.co/leKZfiIYcy
@Alanjerram @estevensmusic We're lucky to have Emma on the show!
Amazing support for select shows in the UK! 18 May @StewartMacMusic 19 May @GaryQuinnMusic 20 May @estevensmusic Ma… https://t.co/D7R5A6yjYA
@FallonJai @JuceTV_network Thank you so much!
Grateful for the Swiss radio play this morning! https://t.co/xPPINfNEMq
@thigy @JuceTV_network @TBN Thanks for tuning in!
RT @thigy: @jennbostic @JuceTV_network @TBN Fantastic performance- perfect songs for inspiration. #ChristianMusic https://t.co/5eSuXXB7X9
@sweettater810 Thank you so much!
@pappysbabies @JuceTV_network Thank you so much!
Getting ready for tonight's LIVE @JuceTV_network performance! Tune in at 9PM CST https://t.co/RbpFTWyJVq
RT @twopr: Today's the day! We're excited for tonight's live @JuceTV_network show with @JennBostic! #JUCETVLIVE
RT @dcpiddy: Double dipping with the fam and Pham. @jennbostic and @nobigdyl LIVE tonight on JUCE TV. 9pm… https://t.co/hHO6yVdLMd
Tonight at 9PM, tune into @JuceTV_network @TBN https://t.co/k2J2pI5Qhw
RT @JuceTV_network: This Friday... #JuceLive is live straight from #Nashville 🔥 https://t.co/MEdGmYmKri
Off to bed! So excited to perform LIVE with the full band on @JuceTV_network tomorrow at 9PM central, tune in. 💜 @TBN @JUCEliveNash
RT @twopr: Tune in tomorrow at 9 pm CT to watch @jennbostic LIVE on @JuceTV_network! #JUCETVLIVE @TBN 👩‍🎤🎶
Dress shopping with @jesseruben. Not a statement I thought I'd ever say. https://t.co/mGNX9Xk1wR
@Matthew_McN @_SarahDarling @michaellogen @nordenfarm Yayyyy!
RT @Motobec810: "The #music of #Nashville come to the Island" Ireland featg @_SarahDarling @jennbostic @michaellogen https://t.co/Y6evptbR3J @LisburnStar
TOMORROW!!!! Tune into @JuceTV_network https://t.co/k2J2pI5Qhw
@Section101Tweet Huuuugs!
RT @Section101Tweet: Lucky UK, what a cool triple bill! @jennbostic #NashvilleInTheRound https://t.co/Z0OBBbbZdJ
@sussexliving @thehawthcrawley @_SarahDarling @michaellogen Thanks for the love!
Thrilled to announce that 3 dates have been added to the Grand Piano Tour!! Headed west next week. 😍❤️🎹🎤 https://t.co/6FIhuIT0yW
@Zara_Lusty Nope coming now
RT @sussexliving: A night of #Nashville is coming to @thehawthcrawley #Crawley featuring @jennbostic @_SarahDarling and @michaellogen… https://t.co/QlQIdlClgC
Tonight. 😍 The new music feels gooooooood with a band friends! Thanks @NashUnsigned @HopeTreeEnt @BasementEast for… https://t.co/XWQQM2IEKX
Tonight!!!! Full band show for the @NashUnsigned #indie #soul #showcase @BasementEast https://t.co/nuLwoBsaTG
Fun times with fraaaaands tonight @CityWineryNSH @kyshona @themaureenmurph @RyanMadora https://t.co/my0AflscPh
RT @shannonlabrie: Tonight's the night! @citywinerynsh Shows at 8pm with @alyssabonagura @jennbostic @kreeharrison… https://t.co/pxfbHUnWZ0
RT @SongwritersIsle: #NowPlaying on Songwriters Island Radio Stream Change by Jenn Bostic #Listen https://t.co/DlfkGV5ApK
Fun little announcement coming soon. 😉🎙🎹🎼🎤🎧 ✈️
Tonight! @CityWineryNSH with @shannonlabrie @kyshona @DaphneWillis @themaureenmurph @BonnieBishop and so many more!… https://t.co/BgEII5DTEk
Tomorrow! @CityWineryNSH with @shannonlabrie @kyshona @DaphneWillis @themaureenmurph @BonnieBishop and so many more… https://t.co/P1jr4A9XaS
@affablewarrior @PCherice @22O5promotions @thehawthcrawley @_SarahDarling @michaellogen @ChristianKane01 Not unless he shocks us all. 😉
RT @22O5promotions: Tickets for 'A Night in Nashville' at @thehawthcrawley May 20 @_SarahDarling @jennbostic @michaellogen are availabl… https://t.co/532zAEZrJz
RT @22O5promotions: Tickets for 'A Night in Nashville' at @thehawthcrawley May 20 @_SarahDarling @jennbostic @michaellogen are... https://t.co/JnPUjhZZiw
@Lotsacopper 💜💜💜
So looking forward to heading across the pond for #NightinNashville next month. Do you have your tickets? They're g… https://t.co/ktlMC7A4L1
“Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value others above yourselves, not lookin…” https://t.co/EZaujtKN3T
This Tuesday! #stubbornhearts event @CityWineryNSH with so many favorites! Great cause. https://t.co/uGzXHCxUzX
Happy Easter! 🐣 https://t.co/eNgiknIlrV
@justineclaire75 @BBCCovWarks Happy Easter! 🐣
RT @justineclaire75: Now playing @BBCCovWarks my beautiful friend @jennbostic from when she played live here in Coventry. #LittleGrace #HappyEaster
RT @kyshona: Such a great night at @listeningroomcafe with @jennbostic @bartwalker0713 and @jeffbostic 💜 thanks for the fun... https://t.co/Ilrc83oLNO
@thigy @listeningroom @JeffBosticMusic @tonefreak713 @kyshona Thank Youuuuuuu! See you in the morning. 😘
Soulful sold out show @listeningroom tonight with @JeffBosticMusic @tonefreak713 @kyshona ❤ Thanks #Nashville! https://t.co/wdMKpDTqAk
@DanCaputo @listeningroom Thanks for coming!
RT @thigy: Pure talent is ready to take the stage @listeningroom @kyshona @jennbostic @JeffBosticMusic @tonefreak713… https://t.co/6geAT2roL5
@JSHudson @estevensmusic Yes yes yes! Can't wait to play together again!
@JBosticFans Still lots of work to be done, but the band is tracked! ❤❤❤❤⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
@DEBSK14 I'm so sorry, praying for you. 💜
RT @JBosticFans: . @jennbostic finished recording her album yesterday! Raise a hand if you are excited to hear it 🤚🏽🤚🏼🤚🏾🤚🏿😍
TONIGHT! Sharing some brand new music in the round with @tonefreak713 @kyshona and my big brother @JeffBosticMusic… https://t.co/stEQxNoBGY
@Bionic_Tweets Not yet! Lots of work to be done yet.
@DanaeCo @thepaulsalveson Hahahahaha
RT @themaureenmurph: Tuesday, April 18 I'm performing with an impressive roster of artists, to benefit the lymphoma and leukemia society… https://t.co/Dk35aEeUTI
We did it! 3 days of tracking with the band at #HouseofBluesStudio! I am SO excited for this new music!!! ❤❤❤ https://t.co/rAWPv3RM6u
RT @thigy: @jennbostic Soooo excited for your new album, although your awesome previous albums never get old. We'll see you tomorrow! I
Last day tracking with the band at #houseofbluesstudio. An important note from from my producer @thepaulsalveson https://t.co/DEIvLzRlyn
@LaurieFabry @BellesandGals I'm so sorry for your loss.
Studio Day #2...tears. For real. https://t.co/usLIEtFZ4P
RT @BellesandGals: The final shout goes to @jennbostic with "Little Grace" https://t.co/M2wUu9RoRw
RT @Bionic_Tweets: @JBosticFans This was @jennbostic in Kirton last year with @_SarahDarling and @kyshona https://t.co/SQFo7q7Oeg
@MartinCox0155 Just might be available for preorder via pledge as the time gets closer. 😉
Can't wait to play this show next week! You heard the woman, get your tickets! 😉 https://t.co/Lh0yigahUd
Okay, so maybe randomly waking up at 3:30AM & listening to the 3 songs we recorded yesterday wasn't the greatest idea... #TooExcitedToSleep
RT @JeffBosticMusic: House Of Blues Studio Tour https://t.co/IYymbsJI1U
Today. Was. Awesome. #houseofblues https://t.co/TQ7L37Oz0g
RT @northwave_onair: 「WHAT LOVE FEELS LIKE [GOSPEL VERSION]」 JENN BOSTIC 11:48  [YouTube: https://t.co/6439x3IbFd] #northwave
Pumped to be playing @CityWineryNSH 4/18 with @shannonlabrie @kyshona @DaphneWillis & more for a great cause! https://t.co/YkyHDmGfKG
RT @shannonlabrie: Guess who just got added to @citywinerynsh show 4/18? The beautiful @jennbostic ❤️❤️❤️ (ticket… https://t.co/C5jgv0zKvv
Happy heart!!!! #HouseofBlues #Nashville #NewMusic #Recording #StudioDay https://t.co/n337GXlivE
@SimonJBurrows85 @wattwellmusic ❤
RT @JBosticFans: Have fun recording your new album today @jennbostic!! We can't wait to hear it!! 😍❤️👏🏼👏🏼
ALL DAY LONG!!!!! Recording the new album!!! #houseofblues #nashville https://t.co/ZAPLJo2Gdz
Sooooooo excited to be recording at #HouseOfBluesStudio in @Nashville ALL day tomorrow!!!! <3 #newmusic #yay
This Saturday! @listeningroom with @kyshona @tonefreak713 and my big brother @JeffBosticMusic! See you there… https://t.co/IP2wiHslh0
RT @WhatsOnShrops: 🎵 SOUNDS OF NASHVILLE! 🇺🇸 Three country singers @HiveShrewsbury for a 'Night in #nashville' Wed 24 May - MORE >… https://t.co/pWozAyDOF7
@highwayman5757 @SonicVisuals I'm so sorry for your loss.
Grateful to @SonicVisuals for inviting me into the studio to record this live version of "Jealous of the Angels." https://t.co/Rv4zLRWQ37
@WkdysWithMurph I'm so sorry for your loss.
@WkdysWithMurph Thank you so much!
@bluenobby @_SarahDarling Yesssss
RT @BeaconChurchNY: Special guests for worship today! We welcome @danaemusic.co @kyshona8 and @jennbostic to Beacon. Don't miss it!... https://t.co/bHpD3hSgPn
RT @Jmw268: Had such a great night seeing these incredibly talented singer/songwriters ❤❤ #love @DanaeCo @jennbostic @kyshona https://t.co/3WPrUyMzva
Honored to be leading worship with @DanaeCo & @kyshona @BeaconChurchNY this morning. Performing an evening concert… https://t.co/mCBt7UKzIv
@chasing_urdream Awwww thank you so much! ☺️
RT @chasing_urdream: Everyone should check out @jennbostic she is so awesome one of my favorites. https://t.co/leKZfiIYcy
RT @JBosticFans: Love ❤️ @jennbostic ! https://t.co/LDasrXR5us
RT @JBosticFans: @jennbostic is incredible ❤ https://t.co/zoDMHbMgRM
Tonight was perfect. Thanks #NYC @DanaeCo @kyshona https://t.co/hnGEn7pzKj
TONIGHT!!!!! @DanaeCo @kyshona and I are performing in NYC at a really sweet venue! 7:30PM hope to see you there. 😘 https://t.co/V0rckQB5F4
April 19, @NashUnsigned at @BasementEast for indie/soul night. Music at 8, I'll hit the stage just after 10PM. ❤ https://t.co/vKrFsKzD1Y
RT @DanaeCo: Hi NYC! I'm playing a private house show in NYC on Saturday night. Let me know if you want the info! Or check out: https://t.co/aBzLI0LUal
@yousingiwrite @kyshona @DanaeCo Thaaaaaanks Annie. 😘
Last night. 😍 https://t.co/GJOKVKPQw9
RT @yousingiwrite: New York friends catch @kyshona @jennbostic & @DanaeCo live if you can!! Some of my Nashville favorites!... https://t.co/VZXe75lb7h
Saturday!!! NYC Show with @kyshona & @DanaeCo https://t.co/aZ6ThHP2Ae
RT @thirstproject: obsessed with @jennbostic and her voice! follow jenn as she takes #thirstproject on tour! #groupies #noshame… https://t.co/NByunitlqt
Tonight! Performing at Baldwin's Station in Sykesville, MD with @kyshona 7PM https://t.co/T0IapG9Hih
RT @kyshona: Tonight at #BaldwinStation on sykesvillemainst at 7pm with my girl @jennbostic… https://t.co/JBXkchrf3G
Such a beautiful night in Baltimore. 💜 https://t.co/QOZHuXJi8g
Headed to #Baltimore for the Festival of Lights! @kyshona @cassiemci7 @alyssamciltrot @kmciltr1 @mciltrot https://t.co/MlYnTWc7me
She inspires me. @kyshona https://t.co/WoEO0jAjDz
Here we go Baltimore! Always an adventure with this DIVA! @kyshona @SouthwestAir https://t.co/5UJ5RsIfHy
RT @thigy: @jennbostic @listeningroom @kyshona @JeffBosticMusic @tonefreak713 We have our tickets! Can’t wait to see you all!… https://t.co/lbzwBCuxaB
April 15, @listeningroom 6PM with a few of my absolute favorites! @kyshona @JeffBosticMusic @tonefreak713… https://t.co/eRbV4bs98m
I can't believe this! So beautiful. Thank you @iamNATHANCARTER for singing #Jealousoftheangels https://t.co/CsMfusij36
Thanks for having me in for a chat @ShowChoirLive @HOAshowchoir @alexanderhall @AdamPeters https://t.co/9ZLR7Hv5FM
RT @ShowChoirLive: Coming up after Manchester - our interview with BRILLIANT country artist @jennbostic! #HOAnash
RT @Maverick_mag: BUCKLE & BOOTS COUNTRY FESTIVAL – Returning to Etherow Country Park, June 23-25! https://t.co/U0u0L9Cxk9 https://t.co/nzCNkQqn3K
So excited to be part of @BuckleandBoots this year! Get your tickets: https://t.co/nBd968utZI #BuckleandBoots2017 https://t.co/XQVIKPR8Vf
RT @thehawthcrawley: 🎼Fab music alert!🎼Book your tickets for A Night in Nashville ft. @_SarahDarling, @jennbostic & @michaellogen in May… https://t.co/BdOImGL83n
That tour patched up my wings. Wow. Thank you to everyone who made it possible. #grandpianotourii Nashville bound t… https://t.co/Ty1W90MP2T
Tonight will be epic. #grandpianotourii https://t.co/TwiWK6vFLN
RT @spnfan65: What better way to celebrate #PianoDay @jennbostic playing Jealous of the Angels on #SongsOfPraise https://t.co/ybHrhj0zYi #Steinway 🎶🎹💙
RT @22O5promotions: Tickets for 'A Night in Nashville' at @thehawthcrawley May 20 @_SarahDarling @jennbostic @michaellogen are availabl… https://t.co/7kj5cM1hmT
RT @HBDProductions: JUST ANNOUNCED: Home By Dark @Infinite_Center Theater SEPT 23 w/ @jennbostic & @erniehalter ON SALE 4/24 @ 10am… https://t.co/0qKGbWSiIa
Here we go #Lamar #Colorado https://t.co/OX7CjnoSAQ
RT @One_More_ShotUK: April 20-22 2018. Tickets https://t.co/ieiLeduGKT Confirmed @jennbostic @mattlande @GaryQuinnMusic @StewartMacMusic… https://t.co/fF2sopYME4
@typozalot 😘
@davidbates69 aw so sorry.
@nickcer haha horrible.
It's gonna be a great afternoon in Holyoke, Colorado! https://t.co/1nmYkVUA89
@bravesandbeer ha! It's been a looooong time.
@Aquariusswift @julesp63 yayyyy!
Look what I found during intermission! Fun fact: I played drums in high school. 😉 https://t.co/F1DqCSF25H
@Lo_Ball @JeffBosticMusic 😫
"Until you can selflessly invest yourself in someone else's dream, you're not ready for your own." @MarkBatterson #ChaseTheLion
Last night. Oh my. Thank you Craig, CO. #grandpianotourii https://t.co/hceG8cWn02
RT @bootsthatbite: Crying my eyes out over @jennbostic's Jealous Of The Angels. Beautiful song
RT @folkandhoney: #NewGig- Green Note Presents 15/5 Sarah Darling, @jennbostic, @michaellogen #LiveMusic The Old Queens Head #London… https://t.co/Lte2dFMh6O
Today: Craig, CO - Mar 24 at Moffat Co High School Auditorium https://t.co/HdIBxwR8LU
@robertlanemusic May 15 to England, 9 to Scotland. ❤
RT @AXS_UK: On sale now! @Morgan_Evans @_SarahDarling @jennbostic &more will play Buckle & Boots Festival in June!… https://t.co/sMdFFjIeao
@kyshona hahaha DIVA! Love you so much.
@bravesandbeer @CityWineryATL I'd love to play there!!!
Wyoming, that was incredible. Thank you! 🎹❤️😇 #grandpianotour https://t.co/KVpBr5Yd0p
This Weekend: Holyoke, CO - Mar 26 at Holyoke High School Audit... https://t.co/KjcJhi85Si
This Weekend: Craig, CO - Mar 24 at Moffat Co High School Audit... https://t.co/9GyFKaqhtW
Today: Rock Springs, WY - Mar 23 at WWCC Theater https://t.co/4df8kqZ4sJ
This Weekend: Kimball, NE - Mar 25 at H.E. McNeeds Auditorium https://t.co/3icnXZmFIB
@LiveMcrNews can't wait!!
@maryhilgenkamp I'm playing in Kimball later this week!
Flights to the U.K. booked for May! Woo hoo! #NightInNashville 🙌🏽 ✈️ 🇬🇧
Tomorrow: Rock Springs, WY - Mar 23 at WWCC Theater https://t.co/gheiItg719
@great_listens yay!
“So let’s not allow ourselves to get fatigued doing good. At the right time we will harvest a good crop if we don’…” https://t.co/jVubAy3K1Y
"Auntie Jenn" is one of my most favorite names. #Kong with the Bostic Boys tonight. 😊 https://t.co/JTXyH0aE5h
That moment when your gas tank is on empty & you watch as the Miles count down to the gas station thinking "I could run that if I have to…"
@pigeonboy1984 yes
All smiles! @baldwinpiano #northdakota https://t.co/4z1fApASrm
@pigeonboy1984 I've performed once before a few years ago at Broadcast.
@BellesandGals Thanks so much for the love!
RT @BellesandGals: Shout #7 goes to @jennbostic with "Counterfeit" https://t.co/HnhCAIjz0n
Rugby, ND tonight! ❤
@danblythewriter yes! In May! https://t.co/e8n3jQ2FgW
Just Announced: Handsworth, United Kingdom - May 22 at Nashvill... https://t.co/M70SJu0ko5
Just Announced: Shrewsbury, United Kingdom - May 24 at Nashvill... https://t.co/QGevTJv3I4
Just Announced: London, United Kingdom - May 15 at The Old Quee... https://t.co/1QlTlAcPm9
Just Announced: Norwich, United Kingdom - May 23 at Nashville I... https://t.co/LXeHpUFDNd
Just Announced: Southport, United Kingdom - May 19 at Nashville... https://t.co/tFtpZY8LRx
Just Announced: Maidenhead, United Kingdom - May 18 at Nashvill... https://t.co/wj2gl35HcD
Just Announced: Leicester, United Kingdom - May 21 at Nashville... https://t.co/xtwmBzs896
Just Announced: Crawley, United Kingdom - May 20 at Nashville I... https://t.co/Kp74VljLjK
@davidbates69 Thanks David! I'd love to get back up that way.
@Zara_Lusty @neal_elder thanks!
20 minutes to showtime! #worthington #minnesota with @neal_elder https://t.co/bKa4Kr2vU5
TOMORROW NIGHT! "Young country music star to perform in Wadena" https://t.co/fkisoWw6tK
"A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones." PROVERBS 17:22 #staypositive
When you find out there's a shopping mall within walking distance of your hotel we call that a win.
RT @22O5promotions: Tickets for 'A Night in Nashville' at @thehawthcrawley May 20 @_SarahDarling @jennbostic @michaellogen are availabl… https://t.co/keEAbbDXrU
Just Announced! A Night in Nashville is coming to SCOTLAND for 1 show, and 1 show only! Get your tickets: https://t.co/fGhAbYb1FM
"An opportunity isn't an opportunity if you have to compromise your integrity." @MarkBatterson #ChaseTheLion #Faithful
Phillips County Arts Council presents Jenn Bostic https://t.co/cE0XHUWDnt
Grand Piano Tours could have easily been named The Blizzard Tours. 😬 https://t.co/xKklWzJWt8
@Swiss_Nashie hee hee I didn't. ''Twas a birthday present from my brother. 😉
@chasing_urdream venue suggestions?
RT @DaphneWillis: "Somebody's Someone" is dedicated to anyone who knows addictions, mental illness, homelessness… https://t.co/1nEI6Y4Hsl
Just arrived in Indiana. Excited for tonight's show at Portage High School!
@drewsh57 @_SarahDarling @C2Cfestival Aw so fun!
Thanks for the love #DailyGlobe, see you Thrusday! https://t.co/oOKPJPA83B
@HeidiBurson ❤❤❤ You are a Star! ⭐️⭐️⭐️
RT @PortageLife: 10 Fun Things to Do this Weekend in #nwindiana https://t.co/FnA2H5mD8i PLTEA @jennbostic @pchistoricalsoc & more! https://t.co/dEC3tmKtnZ
@LaineyyM @CarrieHFletcher @imaginator1dx xo
RT @DaphneWillis: Writing a super groovin tune with @jennbostic and @sarin ❤️️#feelgoodfriends @ SonyTree Studios https://t.co/8wrHhAFpgB
RT @PortageLife: On Saturday @jennbostic will perform at @PORTAGEHS Admission is free to students! https://t.co/PuQ2bIXMBQ https://t.co/GrW1FuJWn9
RT @pappysbabies: Folks get out and enjoy the great music of singer/songwriter/entertainer @jennbostic on her #GrandPianoTour beginni… https://t.co/6d1IgIDyZJ
Some exciting news coming next week!!!! 💜❤💜🎉
@claire_weston13 @_SarahDarling @michaellogen yes
RT @BellesandGals: News of a tour from @cherylssoldier1 featuring our favourites @_SarahDarling and @jennbostic alongside @michaellogen https://t.co/HJaT4fz8ML
@eswecker xoxox
RT @sweettater810: A year go today, I had the words to "Jealous of the Angels" by @jennbostic and the hymn "Amazing Grace" sung at my grandmother's funeral.😢❤️
RT @thigy: This amazing artist lives her Faith-beginning Sunday with @jennbostic leading 3 worship services online… https://t.co/Jru6GVbUL8
@alicat_812 @chicagotribune @PostTrib Thanks Ali!
@spnfan65 @MichaelOrd1 @One_More_ShotUK :(
@DanaeCo @chicagotribune xo thanks friend. Love you.
Grand Piano Tour II kicks off 1 week from today! ❤🎹 Thanks for the love @chicagotribune https://t.co/hutNJARSQR
Last night. @DerekAndSusan. Amazing. https://t.co/6OKmSv6m8W
@SamPalladio Fantastic with Sarah last night. Wonderful to meet you.
RT @_SarahDarling: We're coming for you UK! #ANightInNashville with @jennbostic and @michaellogen announced! ❤✈️🇬🇧 https://t.co/K5ttZkWrce
RT @michaellogen: UK TOUR DATES comin' up in May with my friends @jennbostic and @_SarahDarling on #ANightInNashville Tour! See you… https://t.co/ibMyvFOppB
@wayne766 @_SarahDarling @michaellogen Buckle and boots in June! ❤❤❤
All tickets for #ANightInNashville with @_SarahDarling and @michaellogen are now on sale! https://t.co/B9N9juK61G https://t.co/ve777wgipt
Who else is going to @DerekAndSusan in #Nashville @TheRyman tomorrow?? #SOEXCITED
Tonight! Come out and support this beauty on her album release show!!! 💜💜💜💜⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ https://t.co/QFsR4ik07c
@DuncanRansom Aw, thanks Duncan!
Does this stormy #Nashville weather make anyone else want to go back to bed, watch netflix and eat a ridiculous amount of snacks? ☔️ ⛈ 😴
RT @spnfan65: Congrats to 2 of our confirmed guests for @One_More_ShotUK 2018 @jennbostic & @GaryQuinnMusic Semi-Finalists in 2… https://t.co/1okigGHUVO
@dan4real16 thanks!
@dan4real16 thanks for sharing the music!
@ArettaHill you crushed it at the @HeidiBurson show!
A @HeidiBurson show is seriously a voice lesson. Listen to this girl, she is amazing. Honored to have cowritten "Pipe Dream" with her.
.@HeidiBurson is slaying at @3rdandLindsley right now. I've also never used the word "slay" but I feel it's appropr… https://t.co/MIaxbd8hfF
@benantelis @DustinPaulMusic Nice, congrats!
@salarykap I really don't know, sorry.
RT @intlsongcomp: THE SEMI-FINALISTS ANNOUNCEMENT IS HERE: https://t.co/MzqeILG4k2 #songwriter #singersongwriter #ISC2016 https://t.co/Ujppb5ImIG
Honored to find out that "Little Grace" has been selected as a semi-finalist for the 2016 @intlsongcomp! https://t.co/XDKiGu9AJs
@TaggartDonna 😘 pleasure is all mine. See you soon!
RT @TaggartDonna: Thank you @jennbostic for being such a huge part of my amazing journey. Missing you already. C u in Nashville real… https://t.co/ErRt3pgSY0
@ScottKash88 thanks for the love!
RT @Cate365: Tickets booked for @jennbostic in May. Excited already!
@Cate365 yayyyy!!!
RT @PortageLife: PTLMA is bringing highly-talented Nashville-based singer/songwriter, @jennbostic to #Portage on March 11th!… https://t.co/I6Q4QLWvqE
RT @Grace_Bernicker: Y'all meet @jennbostic @kyshona & this fantastic band!! Woo-hoo! So much SOUL 🎉🎉 Watch this! https://t.co/Vs3KCJCPis
@ISLANDartsbiz can't wait!!!
RT @grxced: 4 years since i first met the beautiful @jennbostic 💕 your music has helped to shape the person i've become since t… https://t.co/YjoL4uVCWF
RT @kyshona: #aboutthattime when I got to sit on stage with amazing musicians, sang with my girl @jennbostic and cameras flew... https://t.co/5URWjWBM4P
@Ailser99 @TaggartDonna @NCH_Music you're a star! Lovely hang last night!
Back on US soil! 🇺🇸
@mayohurling @TaggartDonna @NCH_Music thanks Brendan!
RT @Ailser99: Special moment when @TaggartDonna sang the song she's had over 80m views on Facebook with @jennbostic the songwrite… https://t.co/5rUqGvaYkp
@eleanormcevoy thank you so much! So nice to meet you!
RT @eleanormcevoy: Thoroughly enjoyed your songs tonight @jennbostic. Safe flight back to the states. X
RT @spnfan65: I had hoped someone would capture this moment for those who couldn't be there! 💙💙💙 @jennbostic & @TaggartDonna https://t.co/fKblVvbtRH
@Zara_Lusty aw thanks love!
Backstage at the @NCH_Music https://t.co/Tib4nkx9yO
Thrilled to be performing @NCH_Music tonight with the lovely @TaggartDonna 😳#Dublin #Ireland https://t.co/os9GCDWrSV
RT @TaggartDonna: Wow, appearing @NCH_Music Dublin tonight with @jennbostic and @ONeillSisters at 8pm. Amazing venue! ❤️🎤👏🎶 https://t.co/PIaA1Oze7n
Emotional day @SonicVisuals today filming for #SlemishSessions in Northern Ireland. 💘 https://t.co/0O3iF9Sbms
@One_More_ShotUK @ChristianKane01 @henrioconnor @StewartMacMusic @Jonah17 @DeanKingofWing @mattlande @GaryQuinnMusic all the feels. 😘
RT @craigsin: anyone fancy going to Nashville in the Round ? https://t.co/ltl8uaagLE via @nordenfarm @jennbostic @_SarahDarling
RT @Zara_Lusty: Wish I was reliving last night watching @jennbostic & @TaggartDonna
RT @jstpumpkin: @nashoverhere Don't miss @_SarahDarling @jennbostic @michaellogen #ANightinNashville songs & stories in the round… https://t.co/SVRaGhLrT6
@pappysbabies @JuceTV_network @TBN thank you so much!
@dara_gans no guitar tonight 😉
Grateful for the chance to share my story and songs on @JuceTV_network @TBN https://t.co/2SdViGCNGj
@RM2SteveG @JuceTV_network thanks Steve!
RT @RM2SteveG: Enjoyed seeing @jennbostic on @JuceTV_network online! Excellent performance! https://t.co/kUQsKZFvvQ
15 min to go! @JuceTV_network @TBN Download the App if you don't have the channel. 😍😘 https://t.co/zhPXYFpkl0
RT @Zara_Lusty: @TaggartDonna @jennbostic both you ladies were wonderful tonight #jealousoftheangels https://t.co/XJId5Vvub1
Airing in 1 hour! @JuceTV_network #Next @tbn https://t.co/D81zM18nte
@Scallywag8 @TaggartDonna thanks so much! 😘
@Zara_Lusty xo! Thanks! Hope to see you on May!
RT @Zara_Lusty: Wonderful night seeing @TaggartDonna at the waterfront in Belfast with @kalusty 😊💜🎤. @jennbostic was great opening act 😊
RT @twopr: Make sure you catch @jennbostic on @TBN's NEXT at 5:30pm (PT)/ 8:30pm (ET) https://t.co/Bb6ARMClOt
@myangels32 @YouTube thanks for sharing!
@TreehouseSongs @treehouse_radio thanks for the love!
RT @TaggartDonna: Night No.8 of the Tour at the second of 2 SOLD OUT shows @BelWaterfront . Here we go! 💕🎤👏@jennbostic https://t.co/UexPw1wbfN
RT @Zara_Lusty: Just watched the lovely & talented @jennbostic open of @TaggartDonna tonight at the waterfront Belfast
They really are the cutest! @TaggartDonna https://t.co/JVgk7dw2F7
@PaulHallows1 @JuceTV_network awesome! ThanksPaul!
Tonight!!!!@TBN @JuceTV_network #Next https://t.co/SV6EzubjCd
Tune in tonight @JuceTV_network @TBN at 7:30PM Central, if you don't get the channel download the app. 😉 https://t.co/RcHOkqb45X
Lovely chat with Caroline Fleck on @RadioDowntown this morning. https://t.co/3PqQ0lvRsX
If you missed it Tuesday and Thursday check out my performance and interview on @JuceTV_network #Next tonight with… https://t.co/6yD3sK9Rkz
Tune into @RadioDowntown in a half an hour. I'll be chatting with the lovely Caroline Fleck. ❤
RT @twopr: In case you missed @jennbostic on @TBN's #NEXT, catch her tonight @ 8PM (PT)/11PM (ET) + tomorrow @ 5:30 PM (PT)/8:… https://t.co/5UshDRrnRb
RT @TaggartDonna: Amazing night @StruleArts such a privilege to welcome @jennbostic to perform Jealous of the Angels for the very fir… https://t.co/GxPpB8faJe
RT @TaggartDonna: Night No.7 at the first of 2 SOLD OUT shows in Belfast. Here we go! 💕🎤👏 @jennbostic https://t.co/pYyNsFS79h
@Woodoak5962 I'll be there in May.
Which of these songs should I add to tonight's set in Belfast?
RT @kingkeyworth: Waiting patiently for @jennbostic to arrive in Omagh 2moro from Nashville TN. Appearing Sunday night @NCH_
The amazing @TaggartDonna and her band in her hometown of Omagh, Ireland. 🍀 Blessed to be here. https://t.co/BuHytHRrsn
@AnthonyOTRTHem @hemcountry thank you! Absolutely, id love to! Will be back over in May with new music as well. 😉
Picking songs for the new album. Which of these new songs is your favorite (if you've heard them)?
Finalizing my set list for tonight's show w/ @TaggartDonna. Will be amazing to hear her sing #JealousOfTheAngels. Requests for my set?
@AdelaLovesMusic @iamNATHANCARTER thank you.
Arrived in Dublin and the @PatEganMGT team is taking such good care of me.❤ Show #1 with the incredible @TaggartDonna tonight in #Omagh
@southdevonsound thanks for the love!
RT @TaggartDonna: Waiting patiently for @jennbostic to arrive in Omagh 2moro from Nashville TN. Appearing Sunday night @NCH_Music 💕🎤🎶… https://t.co/KL53LzqhpZ
Good morning Dublin. You sure are beautiful. 🍀 https://t.co/QVy4CxbmJ9
RT @twopr: Tune into @TBN #NEXT to see @jennbostic at 2:30am (PT)/5:30am (ET)! https://t.co/7i3PxcCHxA
This FRIDAY!!!! Tune in to see yours truly on @jucetv_network #NEXT hosted by @dannygokey @tbn… https://t.co/1FFfUF7IBC
RT @X_JustCarrie_X: I definitely need tickets for this 👌 @jennbostic @_SarahDarling @michaellogen 🎶 https://t.co/oge1TsfbG4
RT @twopr: It was great working with @jennbostic! Make sure you catch her #NEXT episode on @TBN on 2/20, 23 + 24!
@cripp1986 @iamNATHANCARTER that's silly. 😔
@NCBelfastTeam @iamNATHANCARTER that would be amazing!
@cripp1986 @iamNATHANCARTER not allowed? Shoot me a direct message, if it's on our end we'll sort it.
@opaman not yet! Thanks.
@iamNATHANCARTER Just heard your version of "Jealous of the Angels." Absolutely gorgeous. ❤
Please take a listen! Honored to have written this special song with this amazing artist. ❤ https://t.co/hUm2Y2PuwM
RT @bfgoat: Now playing Jenn Bostics @jennbostic song Jealous of the Angels on @AVRadio in honor of my father thank you… https://t.co/N4rPEpXLqX
RT @twopr: We are can't wait to watch @jennbostic's episode airing on @TBN on Feb 20, 23 + 24! #NEXT
Tonight with this DIVA and the @HBDProductions fam was pretty unbelievable. @kyshona @ATLMUSICONLY #HomeByDark https://t.co/ONmbVSyEL5
@whoward31 @nathanangelo Thanks so much Wes!
@UTubeLegendFan I'm so sorry for your loss. Honored this song was used.
@BellesandGals @YouTube thank you so much! ❤❤❤
RT @BellesandGals: Shout #5 goes to @jennbostic with "Little Grace" https://t.co/M2wUua8ZJ4
Tonight! Show 1 of 3 with @HBDProductions @kyshona at Roswell Historic Cottage. https://t.co/MMCSuznact
RT @HBDProductions: A little run through before tomorrow nights show. @kyshona @jennbostic #homebydark… https://t.co/SeSvZ6s9nj
RT @kyshona: Tonight!!!!! Night one of 3 for @homebydark in #roswellga with the ever amazing @jennbostic 💜💜 Rehearsal with the... https://t.co/6OlSUTqARI
So grateful to be in Georgia this weekend playing 3 shows with @HBDProductions @kyshona Get tix at https://t.co/tzKihZgSWs #feelslikehome
RT @TaggartDonna: Not long until the feature event of my SOLD OUT Irish Tour @NCH_Music with @jennbostic @ONeillSisters Sun 26th Feb https://t.co/vlofy9IrhI
Give it a listen. ❤ @AylaBrown https://t.co/5tZHlmvTus
@Lo_Ball @_SarahDarling 😂
@Lo_Ball @_SarahDarling no dancing for you then. 💜
7 songs in 4 days. 😴 goodnight
RT @One_More_ShotUK: Confirmed for @One_More_ShotUK 2018 @jennbostic Tickets & information https://t.co/ieiLeduGKT Photo credit… https://t.co/tm584N8kFv
@LaineyyM loooooove
@PaulHallows1 same to you!
Delight yourself in the LORD and he will give you the desires of your heart. —PSALM 37:4
@TaggartDonna @MillenniumForum ❤️❤️❤️❤️
@alicat_812 thx love!
1. Fun to be back in LA writing today. 2. @jensgad is still a genius. 3. @AlexaGoldie is adorable and crazy talented. ❤️ 4. Must sleep.
Getting serious with google docs today. https://t.co/vMSRLLZO2t
@robertlanemusic :) Thanks friend.
@blendedbabies LOVE your work!
Yesssss! Thrilled. xoxoxo https://t.co/QTcFYZoaV8
RT @PAWFECT3: So excited!! @jennbostic is the 4th confirmed artist for @One_More_ShotUK 2018. Thank you, Jenn, for agreeing to j… https://t.co/ih3sum8mgL
@jesseruben love you. So proud. You deserve this and so much more!
#ProudFriend Go buy this. Honored to have written Montmartre with her. ❤❤❤ Love you @_SarahDarling https://t.co/PVFdaVVj3l
I straight up ugly cried on a plane while watching this!!!! #ProudFriend https://t.co/XvLZN0kscr
Nbd...just dancing around my studio to the new song @michaellogen and I just wrote together! #newmusic #newalbum
@Oscarbob wow! Thank you Bob, what a compliment.
RT @HBDProductions: Here we come @VisitRoswellGA @CityofRoswellGA with special guests @jennbostic & @kyshona #RoswellHistoricCotage https://t.co/VGYTYhGX6I
@RachidMAHRANE hiiii! Great thanks! Hope the same for you!
Not that I needed another reason to love @HBDProductions looooook at this adorable flier they made for next week's… https://t.co/OMEPaFda9M
@VirtualJukebox awesome! Thx for the love!
@southdevonsound thanks for the love!
@BradFeeneyProd truth
Blown away. @ladygaga that was amazing! https://t.co/db2ykvcLEO
@takisa2660 @iTunes thanks!
RT @thigy: New week, new inspiration, @JennBostic leading Praise & Worship https://t.co/LrFXHnFfIB 3 online services #myoasis… https://t.co/xH5rCOnLNj
Debuted a new song @BluebirdCafeTN tonight. Can't sing it without crying... https://t.co/5MYlScRMz7 #FaintOfHeart
@songwrtr1960 you're an angel. Thank you so much!
Playing a few new songs w/ some of my favorites at tonight's #SOLDOUT @BluebirdCafeTN show! Yay! @_SarahDarling @tonefreak713 @michaellogen
RT @whittymusic: The Bottom 40 debut CD hit today!!!! https://t.co/gVzsafVhvH
Wrote with @whittymusic today. That guy has more groove in his pinky than most people have in their entire body.
Tune into https://t.co/NgJR3tNoG9 for #NightOfWorship tonight! Starts in 10 min. ❤
Songs for the new album have me doing cartwheels!!!!! So ready for new music. ❤
@pappysbabies I probably have but there are still many I've yet to see. 😉
@pappysbabies yes! A bunch!
The Lord is my strength & shield; my heart trusts in him & I am helped. My heart leaps for joy & I'll give thanks to him in song. Psalm 28:7
@DevinAnne ❤❤❤
Leftover Indian food. #winning
@BellesandGals @YouTube thank you so much!!! ❤❤❤
RT @BellesandGals: Time to tweet some great music! Shout #1 goes to @jennbostic with "Hope of the World" https://t.co/0QqhduWspo
@LaineyyM xo thanks! Next StageIt show will also feature new songs! ❤❤❤
@alicat_812 10 to 12
@smileonice yay! Thanks!
@JSHudson So awesome! Can't wait!
@sweettater810 Don't you worry at all. Just happy you were there!
Thanks for tuning in for tonight's @Stageit! New songs are #Revival #ParleyLakeRoad #TooEasy #FaintOfHeart #FollowYourOwnStar Tweet ur fave!
@pappysbabies Thank you!
@JBosticFans xo
@sweettater810 Thanks Sarah! Glad it worked in the end.
@thigy @Stageit Thank you!
@JSHudson Haha Thank you. I'm an emotional human that's for sure. :)
@Bionic_Tweets @Stageit Thank you. I so appreciate you.
@thigy That's almost ALL of them. haha thank you. :)
RT @apatientman: The @jennbostic #stageit concert is at 3:30 CST not 1:30 as I tweeted earlier, my bad. Still a few tickets left get them quickly.
Come join me in my studio today! online @Stageit concert happening in 18 min! 12 tickets left!… https://t.co/eFasq8QqGD
Soundchecking for today's @Stageit show! A little over an hour before showtime!!! ❤ 13 tickets left https://t.co/TDZej5pZ3d
RT @apatientman: #ONLINECONCERT today on @Stageit , you know her, you love her, the amazing @jennbostic Time -1:30 CST. tickets still available, 😀🎹🎸🎤🎼
#ONLINECONCERT today on @Stageit! 8 hours and counting, 16 tickets left. Previewing a bunch of new songs! https://t.co/TDZej5pZ3d
Tomorrow! #ONLINECONCERT via @stageit!! Debuting some new songs. ❤❤❤ https://t.co/TDZej5pZ3d
All the love for @HBDProductions! Can't wait to play with @kyshona again too!!! ❤️💜❤️💜 https://t.co/GGrl3DdrpH
Ready for a great night of learning at the @WhoKnewNash event @CityWineryNSH tonight.❤ #NeverStopLearning #WhoKnewNash
SUNDAY! Online @Stageit Concert! Help me choose which new songs to put on the new album!!!! xoxo Snag a ticket: https://t.co/TDZej5pZ3d
@mjbialas @HuffPostEnt @_SarahDarling Fantastic!
@noseyfinparker Thank you!
RT @photocillin: Yay, @jennbostic is touring again. Thanks for using one of our pix. @ United States https://t.co/bkCryoTQoo
@caitlynsmith Congrats on your record deal! "This Town is Killing Me" wrecked me today, in the best way possible. Thank you.
RT @DevinAnne: Finally ordered a Jealous of the Angels necklace. Didn't realize how much I needed it after I gave it to my cousin. Thanks @jennbostic!❤
#ONLINECONCERT via @Stageit this Sunday! Get your ticket! ❤ https://t.co/TDZej5pZ3d
"It's the prayers you pray when you feel like you want to quit praying that can bring the greatest breakthrough." @MarkBatterson
RT @JaHeike: Come join us! :-) Jenn Bostic performing on #Stageit https://t.co/pFbwiyf3C0 via @stageit
SURPRISE! #SundayFunday @Stageit show happening this Sunday 1/29. Snag your ticket and hear some new songs! https://t.co/TDZej5pZ3d
RT @jstpumpkin: @HampshireHour #HampshireHour @chapel_sessions St Edwards 💒 Netley 27/5 @jennbostic @_SarahDarling @michaellogen… https://t.co/gi6tKwRazn
Woah! #NightInNashville tickets for The @GreenNote are already SOLD OUT! @michaellogen @_SarahDarling #IsItMayYet???? You guys are the best.
RT @MarkLBower1: Listening to itunes and its playing 'Jealous Of The Angels' you know how much it means to me @jennbostic xx
RT @jesseruben: Today is "listen to amazing songs just in case the world ends soon" day. Check out @lizlongley @nathanangelo @jennbostic @jaybrannan
RT @TattooPreacher: My friend @JennBostic is leading Worship live online and on ROKU now worldwide at oasischurchtv… https://t.co/ubkZxP35Cb
RT @thigy: A Blessed start to Sunday worship - 3 services online https://t.co/diTxWvTK4w @jennbostic leading Praise #OasisFan… https://t.co/yaA16Mq7cJ
@robertlanemusic @_SarahDarling @FishRecordsUK thx friend!
She Stepped On Stage To Sing About Angels, When She Gets To The Chorus I Was Blown Away https://t.co/rvNQMAuQQD
Another great night @listeningroom with @_SarahDarling @emilyearle @tonefreak713 ❤ I love making music with friends.
@DanCaputo @listeningroom @_SarahDarling thank you so much. 😍
RT @DanCaputo: What talent! @listeningroom https://t.co/pZRLa03zeu
@realgonekev @KitchenGarden3 @_SarahDarling @michaellogen yay!!! Spread the word!
RT @HBDProductions: Lovin' this from @jennbostic https://t.co/91ivX76g0F See Jenn when she joins the #HomeByDark Family FEB 16-18 https://t.co/JPSC4zrFpS
RT @ImChloeCaroline: Just wanna give you a "Piece of My Mind" 👊🏼thanks for writing this with me today @jennbostic https://t.co/U2rbxDCYpi
I am honored/excited/all the feelings over supporting this lovely lady!!!! xo https://t.co/W1IJqUnVxq
@pappysbabies @TCTNetworks Thank you so much. :) Grateful for your encouragement.
@Lo_Ball @BuckleandBoots @_SarahDarling :(
FRIDAY night in #Nashville @listeningroom, 6PM! @tonefreak713 @_SarahDarling @emilyearle https://t.co/cNZ8vqpK6g
Grateful for the opportunity to share my story with @TCTNetworks #NashvilleAlive. https://t.co/69a0rdqFEa https://t.co/LaDpdnmEKV
Honored to be on #NashvilleAlive today on TCT. Tune in at 8:30AM CST https://t.co/YXoFbSeOwx
RT @MWRealEstate: God knows we all could use a Little Grace https://t.co/W5xsyHCH7e via @youtube #godisgood #grace #faith #love #music @jennbostic
@Markymoomoo39 you're the best! Thanks.
RT @Markymoomoo39: Dropped out of the music of @jennbostic for a while. But got my sh*t together & remembered how much I enjoyed it 😃
@HBDProductions @chasing_urdream @iTunes cannot wait!!!
RT @HBDProductions: @jennbostic joins #HomeByDark FEB 16-18 https://t.co/9dbOl0BOpM
To have a happy Monday write starry songs with one of your besties! Xo love the one @_SarahDarling and I wrote today. ❤⭐️
@All_Noise_co_uk Thanks for sharing!
RT @TheProcCast: Want to know about @jennbostic or @JunkFoxx ? @ISEERIVERS or @LukeWhittemore ? Subscribe to @TheProcCast here: https://t.co/iSlvffedZa
@stradiost11 Thanks!
Jackson did so well on his first flight! 🐶✈️❤ https://t.co/86z4b9qBP9
@jstpumpkin can't wait!!!
@SheRocksCountry @TaggartDonna xoxo
RT @SheRocksCountry: @TaggartDonna and @jennbostic are two of #CountryMusic's most talented and beautiful Stars! #JealousOfTheAngels https://t.co/lqbBToGR9D"
RT @BradFeeneyProd: NEW MUSIC: "Little Grace" [Live] - @jennbostic . Full video online… https://t.co/mzaOO1Rcd7
@DRS12522 @BellesandGals thank you so much!
RT @Section101Tweet: [WATCH] our client @jennbostic’s COUNTERFEIT video and read more about her on the Nashville Unsigned website!… https://t.co/FyjVv1X1K9
@LaurenIglesiasP it's available on https://t.co/y3aZLlSYE5 under the store tab. ❤
RT @spnfan65: Thank you to @leedspete for a great interview with @jennbostic & supporting Jenn's music on Phoenix Country Radio https://t.co/zn8Lqmdwt2
Can't stop singing the song I wrote today! I may now have a title for the new album!!! #2017 #newmusic 😆
RT @leedspete: Tonight on Englefield country roots from 10pm uk 4pm Nashville the fabulous .@jennbostic interview https://t.co/bX1XdmdKnP
RT @hemcountry: Don't miss Jenn Bostic (@jennbostic) tonight with Pete (@leedspete) on Phoenix Country Radio (@PhoenixCountryR).… https://t.co/cZvrAhebvP
@JOOO50 Yes Buckle and Boots festival in June
@eswecker Hugs!
Obsessed with this song. https://t.co/Xd4Px1CHSv @alessiacara
@josephbeaudion1 @wordman54 @iTunes thanks so much!
Hey Nashville! Mark your calendars! 1/20 @listeningroom with @tonefreak713 @emilyearle @TomWhallMusic ❤❤❤ https://t.co/kdAQMBdhah
RT @sarakauss: That amazingly talented @jennbostic These new friends. I'm so excited!! @emilyearle @TomWhallMusic #coldandfrozen https://t.co/dblo7uLRlA
RT @TomWhallMusic: ☕️🐶. Video shoot for @jennbostic today! https://t.co/ULVJY8EzY2
Music video shoot with these amazing humans today! @sarakauss @emilyearle @TomWhallMusic https://t.co/ur7ExhvUO0
@Bionic_Tweets thank you! Glad you tuned in.
RT @thigy: A Blessed start to Sunday. @jennbostic opening the worship online @oasischurchtv 3 services https://t.co/diTxWvTK4w https://t.co/w30y3GORUF
RT @NowOnRadio2: ♫ What Love Feels Like - by Jenn Bostic https://t.co/FdyjQHuhfQ #bbc #radio2 #np
RT @VENUES2GO: #Tickets Nashville In The Round, Feat. Sarah Darling + Jenn Bostic + Michael Logen https://t.co/ged2lgotFe
RT @mc_irisheyes: @chasing_urdream @jennbostic @iTunes thank you for playing Jealous of the Angels https://t.co/et2bvp0Gg2
@BellesandGals @YouTube thank you!
"The best way to discover your dream is to help other people accomplish theirs." @MarkBatterson #ChaseTheLion
RT @TimelessRadio1: Now Playing on Timeless Radio : Jealous Of The Angels by Jenn Bostic #listen https://t.co/4B3kZhXjEY
RT @leedspete: Big news for englefield country roots on Wednesday. Interview with .@jennbostic pencilled in. Wow
Grateful for the #hometown love. xo Thanks @waconiapatriot https://t.co/doWKh0qn7H
RT @waconiapatriot: Congratulations to Waconia's own @jennbostic , who recently graced country music's biggest stage! https://t.co/yusAgeJR4x
RT @leedspete: .@leedspete Englefield Country Roots Now Playing Jealous Of The Angels by Jenn Bostic https://t.co/qKFNiIcIhG #countrymusic #ukcountrymusic
RT @photocillin: #tbt #throwback to last year's vintage shoot with @jennbostic @ Hartley Wintney https://t.co/1sNBSSsZtY
I just Pre-Ordered Daphne Willis (@DaphneWillis): Freaks Like Me https://t.co/VKQaF4rmrc @PledgeMusic #pop #freakslikeME
@c881s @_SarahDarling yay! Can't wait!!!
@kasey_stone_ thanks!
@NialSean thanks!
@McKennaSusie @HackneyEmpire Thank you! I don't think I'm going to be able to make it over for the show 😔 Flights are expensive at the min.
@themaxstraub awww thanks Max! You are too kind. 😊
Grateful for all the birthday love. Had a special dinner w/ these gorgeous humans last night & am spending most of… https://t.co/7TNUOKmseT
@One_More_ShotUK @PAWFECT3 @kirstielouadams xoxo thank you! Love you all!
@luvin_life7 thx!
@PAWFECT3 thank you!
@crrevis1990 thx!
@CarithaMalmgren thank you!
@spn_junkie_23 thank you!
@themaxstraub @CotiHowell would be an honor
RT @NashUnsigned: #recapWeek W @jennbostic's full #interview on the site. #emergingNashvilleArtist #nashvilleUnsigned… https://t.co/vnq9MdUShc
RT @NashUnsigned: Recap Week with the lovely and talented @jennbostic. Click the link in the bio to catch the full… https://t.co/FcUX4iBaNA
@kennymargaret20 should be an MP3 once you open the zip. If not DM me your email.
@kennymargaret20 yes
@kennymargaret20 there's one available on my website under the store tab.
@samharveyuk would be an honor
RT @Country_Box: Congrats! 2016 #TopTen Christmas Songs of the Year are... More: https://t.co/tMcTfVD029 … #countrymusic #uk… https://t.co/hM49qZMO15
RT @Country_Box: Congrats! 2016 #TopTen Christmas Songs of the Year are... More: https://t.co/tMcTfVD029 #countrymusic #uk… https://t.co/08iHdwb83r
RT @TattooPreacher: Check it out! @JennBostic at #7 way to go Chica! #madlove & #madprops https://t.co/e8nfUSZh26
Happy New Year! ❤️ https://t.co/g54ZE2O6dJ
@tscott1 @BellesandGals thanks so much!
RT @LaineyyM: I LOVED getting yo sed @_SarahDarling @jennbostic @kyshona live this year, and discovering so much amazing music!… https://t.co/HlPSBNMevZ
RT @BellesandGals: Shout #6 goes to @jennbostic with "Counterfeit" https://t.co/HnhCAIjz0n
RT @Hook1KayakFish: @jennbostic headed south for some warmer weather and hot fishing action. Of course, she had to rock her @Hook1KFG... https://t.co/o0mGLq9Wf8
@kasey_stone_ @_SarahDarling @michaellogen Awesome!
@kasey_stone_ meeeeee toooooo!!!
@kasey_stone_ yep! Remind me!!! 😉😘
So grateful for this review of my limited edition Christmas EP. ❤️😍🎄 https://t.co/JtlZdaTJlN
RT @SongwritersIsle: #NowPlaying on Songwriters Island Radio Stream Jealous of the Angels by Jenn Bostic #Listen https://t.co/DlfkGV5ApK
Honored! Thanks #SongOfTheYear https://t.co/PEdkIXqsrB
RT @VISLOQ: Check out @JennBostic from the hit song "Jealous of the Angels" on @NashUnsigned https://t.co/Y1BunodTOj #Nashville #musicnews
@justineclaire75 😘
RT @philiplickley: A very welcome Christmas present from @jennbostic and @thekillers! https://t.co/a5qSv0dq11
Almost finished with this amazing book by my buddy @TattooPreacher. Diving deep into freedom, power and potential w… https://t.co/xsmhSfqJs5
@chasing_urdream thank you so much! ❤️
RT @chasing_urdream: I predict and hope these artists will have a very successful 2017! I would be delighted to see them Make It Big! https://t.co/heIRywbbaQ
@neal_elder @MyBOBCountry woop woop!
RT @neal_elder: Cause we play good music on @MyBOBCountry The only place you'll hear @jennbostic up here!! https://t.co/n8zv6QfJP5
@kasey_stone_ @_SarahDarling @michaellogen yayyyyy!
RT @kasey_stone_: Tickets booked for round 2 of Nashville In The Round! See you in May @jennbostic @_SarahDarling and @michaellogen 😃🎶
RT @John_W_Thomas: Listening to Light a Candle by Jenn Bostic, on my Echo!
@justineclaire75 @BBCCovWarks xoxo
RT @justineclaire75: Now playing @BBCCovWarks the sensational @jennbostic Yes It's Christmas Time!!!!
@Jillybird7 @One_More_ShotUK https://t.co/VC08drb4NZ
@justineclaire75 adore you. Hope you had a Happy Christmas!!!! ❤️️🎄😍😇🎁😘
RT @justineclaire75: Now playing @BBCCovWarks the sensational @jennbostic Merry Christmas Jenn to you and yours! Lots of love and continued success in 2017!
@robertlanemusic same to you! 🎄
@HHalkin thank you so much!
@craigsin hooray!!!!!
RT @craigsin: Just booked tickets for my first concert of 2017 - Nashville in Maidenhead! Really looking forward to this.… https://t.co/KXPfzk4toj
@LaineyyM Not yet, I don't think it's been posted. :) Likewise!
RT @PAWFECT3: Best Christmas present ever!! New @jennbostic CD 🌲🎅❣🎈🎶🍸🍰 https://t.co/tRV6VggVI4
@McKennaSusie @HackneyEmpire @YouTube oh my goodness that would be a dream. I'll kee you posted. My mom and I are discussing it. Thank you!
"God wants you to become that thing you have dreamt about being since you were a child more than you do." @tattoopreacher
@McKennaSusie @HackneyEmpire @YouTube it's amazing!!! I'm so honored, trying to see if I can book a flight to come see it live! ❤️
Mind blown. Crazy to stumble across this! https://t.co/OZYalZogmR #WhatLoveFeelsLike @HackneyEmpire
Christmas Eve Eve. Let me serenade your cookie baking, present wrapping preparations. xo https://t.co/eF8GS1zowi
I'll be home for Christmas. ❤️https://t.co/dZitBBN8y5
@sarakauss 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 me toooooooooo!!!
@mypulse_radio 👏🏼❤️️🎉
@John_W_Thomas thanks for listening!
RT @mypulse_radio: Jenn Bostic - Hope Of The World https://t.co/RsEoq9RCVO #mypulseradio
Beach bound for the holidays! #surfinsanta #sandychristmas 📷 @sarakauss https://t.co/FgMTnzEnoL
@SimonGosling84 you'll be missed.
RT @Jmw268: Look what came in the mail @jennbostic! ❤ yayy! Keep living your dreams friend! So proud of you! ❤ https://t.co/zEMgr3FSHA
@alicat_812 xoxoxo
These two. 😘 https://t.co/NEJ4iJsGHS
RT @thigy: This little @jennbostic EP packs a lot of Joy! Great #HolidayMusic for #Travel #JennBosticChristmasEP… https://t.co/zU0V5MW7B9
All the treasures are wrapped and placed under the tree! Roll on Christmas! https://t.co/QGs4RhATh2
@Lo_Ball SO glad it arrived before Christmas!
Honored to share #HopeOfTheWorld at my home church @oasischurchtv last Sunday! https://t.co/TVYl2NJJt8
RT @musicUwant2hear: Love You This Christmas by JENN BOSTIC... #nowPlaying at https://t.co/anzFEUr7L8 #singersongwriter - Turn On. Tune In. Wig Out.
Tune in for a stream of the new Christmas tunes! https://t.co/pO4yi2h6hX
@JSHudson yep
@nashvillegab Thank you so much for the kind words.
RT @nashvillegab: It’s Christmas time! Let @jennbostic get you into the holiday spirit with this new original song!… https://t.co/JzLTcWCfaI
@neal_elder 😔
@JSHudson Next time! :)
@smileonice I know! SO awesome!
@smileonice @Stageit @thigy $200!!! So awesome!
@PaulaJubilee Merry Christmas to you too!
@CountryMBlog Thanks for sharing!
RT @CountryMBlog: "It's Christmas Time" new video from Jenn Bostic @jennbostic https://t.co/GjZTGeszEy
@JaHeike @Stageit @ToysForTots_USA Yay! SO fun!
@alicat_812 Feel better sweet girl!
@smileonice NICE!
RT @paupoljr: Great stageit by @jennbostic https://t.co/YP4zoiT3MW
@paupoljr Thank you!
@BrinaM @Stageit Thanks so much! Hope you were singing along.
RT @BrinaM: Fabulous @Stageit as ever from @jennbostic tonight. Loved the Christmas medley. Merry Christmas!
@smileonice xoxo My father-in-law has also made that request...maybe I will someday. :)
@Jmw268 xoxoxo miss youuuu! Thanks for tuning in!
@scragnut @Stageit Thanks so much! Grateful you tuned in!
@sweettater810 Thanks so much! Merry Christmas!
Such a fun @Stageit show! Grateful to all who tuned in and donated to such a great cause! The money has just been d… https://t.co/rrh4vehbY8
Starting in less than an hour. ONLINE @Stageit show for @ToysForTots_USA xo https://t.co/WRvB5qcxRf
"When it's your time to shine it's better to be marked by God than marketed by men." @dannychambers @oasischurchtv #oasisfan
RT @JBosticFans: Guys!! @jennbostic has a stageit show today!! Grab your ticket here: https://t.co/RR9Ne06t4I 5pm EST https://t.co/pvsmqHvk4p
So grateful to the lovely @justineclaire75 for featuring my new Christmas tracks on @BBCCovWarks this AM. ❤️
@justineclaire75 @BBCCovWarks you're an angel. Thank you!
RT @justineclaire75: Today's Sunday Selection @BBCCovWarks is the sensational @jennbostic Make sure you tune in at 0740 to hear Jenn's It's Christmas Time #fab
RT @justineclaire75: Playing now @BBCCovWarks the brilliant @jennbostic It'a Christmas Time! https://t.co/MhkOdh23eh
Just a few left... ❤️ https://t.co/BfrKmTR8pQ
RT @spnfan65: Tomorrow join @jennbostic for a Merry Little Christmas Show on @stageit https://t.co/ixjLm1zD6y It's Christmas Time https://t.co/HnItZychec
@drquoz 😉That took me awhile. Glad you like it! 🎁
“I seek you with all my heart; do not let me stray from your commands.” Psalm 119:10 NIV https://t.co/Egd8lMZ1Bo
Online Concert happening Sunday via @Stageit! Get your ticket: https://t.co/WRvB5qcxRf #goodcause #christmasfun
@Piratical_Turk thanks Tom!
@wytxplaylist thank you for playing!
@mypulse_radio thanks for playing!
RT @mypulse_radio: Jenn Bostic - Hope Of The World https://t.co/RsEoq9RCVO #mypulseradio
@justineclaire75 @BBCCovWarks Yep! Tonight or tomorrow AM! <3
8 more shopping days until Christmas...8! https://t.co/UU2HMG9DjK
@alicat_812 hope all goes well, praying for you!
New music video! #ItsChristmasTime cowritten with @michaellogen produced by @thepaulsalveson https://t.co/b2RpzSDsIF
RT @wordman54: ✨fav of mine @jennbostic just released 2 new Christmas songs ~ add them to your holiday playlist 👉 https://t.co/rSCA5XN05e #HopeOfTheWorld
@BellesandGals Aw thanks!
RT @BellesandGals: Shout #9 goes to @jennbostic with "I'll Be Home For Christmas" https://t.co/wbGx4usztB
Still a few Exclusive Christmas EPs available but they are going fast. Order yours today! xo https://t.co/UU2HMG9DjK
@maryhilgenkamp @opry Thank you! xo
@paupoljr Yes!
@wandwaver70 @MENnewsdesk oh wow! I hadn't seen it, thanks for sending!
Wow! What an honor. Beautiful version. https://t.co/73N4kEAuEY
RT @wordman54: ✨fav of mine @jennbostic just released 2 new Christmas songs ~ add them to your holiday playlist 👉 https://t.co/rSCA5XN05e #HopeOfTheWorld
SURPRISE! Exclusive Christmas EPs! Only 100 available! Get yours today! xo https://t.co/6hGtBczkHs
If you've been enjoying my new Christmas music I would LOVE for you to leave a rating and review on @iTunes ❤️ https://t.co/eF8GS1zowi
@wonderfuldream thanks Lisa!
Tonight was special. Huge thanks to @SchramVineyards and to everyone who helped make it the best Christmas gift I'l… https://t.co/MaqIsz0yB1
@DaveLehman @cbslocal wow. Tears.
@sweettater810 thank you!
RT @neal_elder: About to get started for night 2 with @jennbostic and @goandpractice at @schramvineyards… https://t.co/ukMXgcDj1N
RT @wordman54: ✨fav of mine @jennbostic just released 2 new Christmas songs ~ add them to your holiday playlist 👉 https://t.co/rSCA5XN05e #HopeOfTheWorld
Honored to hear #HopeoftheWorld on @BBCRadio2 #GoodMorningSunday! Thank you @clarebalding https://t.co/PstjiQJOT6
RT @photocillin: The Minneapolis Belle. @jennbostic https://t.co/728Vgi7rUV
@JSHudson @22O5promotions @thehawthcrawley Yayyyyy! Can't wait!
@ainsleyearhardt @opry @foxandfriends so fun meeting you backstage! Congrats on your Opry debut! 😉❤️
Love sharing my new Christmas songs. Even saw a snippet of me singing one at the #Opry on #FoxandFriends today! ❤️ https://t.co/eF8GS1zowi
RT @wordman54: ✨fav of mine @jennbostic just released 2 new Christmas songs ~ add them to your holiday playlist 👉 https://t.co/rSCA5XN05e #HopeOfTheWorld
@opaman last night! So crazy!
Such a fun SOLD OUT show in my hometown tonight! #grateful @SchramVineyards https://t.co/Bh2LDOhzJb
RT @neal_elder: All set up and ready to play a holiday show with @jennbostic and @goandpractice at… https://t.co/sgnhyoFhYy
@grahamjsings thanks!
RT @MartinCox0155: #ItsChristmasTime & @JennBostic just released 2 songs to get you in the holiday spirit! https://t.co/NM1QYBCbEr #HopeOfTheWorld
RT @Section101Tweet: Our client @jennbostic continues to tour behind the incredible album, FAITHFUL. Catch her if you can: https://t.co/Of1kIsIZQr
RT @nathalierendu: @jennbostic was on air on @radiocite with Jealous of the angels 👍 https://t.co/MhKYPV4qbV
@grxced it's mutual. 😇
@LaineyyM xoxo thank you!
RT @LaineyyM: Loving these songs by the amazing @jennbostic Everyone should just go listen! I've had them on repeat ALLLLL day! 🎄 https://t.co/Pk3JuJFgZS
@grxced chin up sweets. 😘
Off to Minnesota! Releasing the new @ClarkMachtemes record tonight! #TraveledGround https://t.co/UGVKr5FksF
Last night was magical. Honored to sing on that stage. Thank you @Opry! xo https://t.co/niSbWeUsXs
RT @hollytfolsom: Jenn Bostic #opry #opryattheryman https://t.co/OZu24oe4oc
@hollytfolsom thank you so much!
RT @ClarusRadio: Now Playing Jenn Bostic - Love You This Christmas on Clarus Radio
RT @thigy: Bravo @jennbostic 👏🏼Your new Christmas songs @TheRyman were brilliant! Immediately downloaded both https://t.co/yqLwjmvzJg #HopeOfTheWorld
@BryfordMusic @opry thank you!
RT @pappysbabies: Great job @jennbostic on the @opry tonight. Always a pleasure to hear you live! #PressOn
RT @Baseballhwk: I think I just found some songs to add to my #christmasplaylist @jennbostic !! I'm sure these… https://t.co/6Fwd7rfvfw
@photocillin thanks friend!
RT @photocillin: Awesome Christmas tunes @jennbostic now available on Spotify. #NowPlaying Hope of the World &… https://t.co/Ez4zoIM5Fn
@smileonice @opry @TheRyman 1:28 now. I think it's +6 hours for you?
Getting festive for @opry at @TheRyman tonight! Here's a sneak peek at my look... https://t.co/k0Kivi4clr
@CarithaMalmgren thank YOU!
@sweettater810 thank you!
RT @Grace_Bernicker: My friend @jennbostic released 2 new Christmas songs today! Add them to your holiday playlist https://t.co/yJRMXUTcco #HopeOfTheWorld
RT @BryfordMusic: #ItsChristmasTime & my amazing friend @JennBostic has got 2 songs to get us in the holiday spirit! https://t.co/4bdmQVnkml #HopeOfTheWorld
@_SarahDarling thanks friend. 😘
@Music_By_Jeremy thank you!
RT @Jmw268: #itschristmastime and my friend @jennbostic just released 2 songs to get you in the holiday spirit! #hopeoftheworld https://t.co/hWGeXhVf46
@smileonice thanks Jo! 😘
RT @smileonice: I officially love love LOVE the new Christmas music from @jennbostic!!! If you haven't listened to it yet check it out on iTunes or spotify!
Now Available on @spotify! #NowPlaying Hope of the World by Jenn Bostic ♫ https://t.co/Rn5tdBQNx0
RT @EssentiallyPop: Essential Advent Calendar: Jenn Bostic – ‘Hope Of The World’ and ‘It’s... https://t.co/IvUp18kxgL on @bloglovin
Essential Advent Calendar: Jenn Bostic - 'Hope Of The World' and 'It's Christmas Time' https://t.co/R65gnJmqEo via @essentiallypop
RT @wytxplaylist: Jenn Bostic - Light a Candle https://t.co/msspyhRHyV #RockHill #CLT
@alicat_812 @iTunes Yay! Thank you. xo
RT @marvinkoch_: Congrats @jennbostic on the 2 new Christmas singles! Already listening! iTunes link: https://t.co/xnfxf8JBen https://t.co/OUhCn7umkp
@marvinkoch_ Thanks Marvin!
It's here it's here it's here! New Christmas Music Now Available for Download: https://t.co/yd32LnP7iV UK & Ireland: https://t.co/YA6wTnQmKJ
RT @JaHeike: It's been a while ... Can't wait! 😊💖🎄🎶👏⛄❄💖 Jenn Bostic performing on #Stageit https://t.co/WSiQqrtiNG via @stageit
Counting down the hours until my new Christmas music is released! Have you pre-ordered!??? (link in bio)
@Thejesslindsay @sarakauss #TheMostAmazingDay
RT @Thejesslindsay: Last Wednesday @sarakauss tinathomureblanco & @jennbostic did an amazing lifestyle shoot for an… https://t.co/8TgqAQE8xg
RT @deanandsheena: Catch the show tonight (Thurs) from 8UK for a sprinkling of Christmas music from @jennbostic, @JesstheBandits & more https://t.co/QEs7RbZJ28
@TrinaVernonUSA @iTunes i know, thank you. Imposter!
@deanandsheena thanks for the love!
RT @deanandsheena: Join us on @hebden_radio from 1UK (Thurs) for music from @jennbostic, @raintownmusic, @lindsayell, the best New Country & some festive cheer
Have you pre-ordered by new Christmas tunes yet??? Xo US: https://t.co/USkIoAVH3R UK & Ireland: https://t.co/YA6wTnQmKJ
RT @KeepinItCntry: Have, you heard any of @jennbostic music AMAZING #Artist key your, eyes out for some music that's just going to BLOW YOU AWAY!
@CandiCarpenter 😘 nice to meet you as well. You're a beauty and a talent. ❤️
New obsession with @NewGirlonFOX
@opaman @Stageit 4PM CST, 5PM EST
SURPRISE! Get your tickets. xo @stageit #ToysForTots #ChristmasOnlineConcert #stageit https://t.co/WRvB5qcxRf
@themaxstraub @mrBobbyBones I'd be honored. New Christmas tunes dropping Friday and debuting at @TheRyman the same day. :)
Running errands and there's a chill in the air. Sooo ready for Christmas! ❤️🎄
RT @BellesandGals: Shout #3 goes to @jennbostic with "Jealous Of The Angels" https://t.co/PbPJk3ndb5
Happy Birthday @SaraBareilles! You're a queen, hope you feel like it all day long. 💜
New Christmas tunes are now available for pre-order!!!!! Hooray!!! US: https://t.co/dAP0zNROgJ UK & Ireland: https://t.co/YA6wTnyLm9
RT @ck1brat: Hey @jamminjava please bring back these amazing artists: @jennbostic @Tim_Easton @michaellogen @bartwalker @tonefreak713 🙏🏽
RT @pappysbabies: Pre-Order now! I just bought Hope of the World & It's Christmas Time by Jenn Bostic on Amazon Music https://t.co/nvcNl9zSBG via @jennbostic
RT @chasing_urdream: #lyrics "we all love someone something a little trick a litte fix" @jennbostic - A Little Grace - https://t.co/leKZfiIYcy
RT @photocillin: Hey @jennbostic has two new records coming out on Friday. Check out https://t.co/FriG39RGhw for more… https://t.co/Pt5PiCPEqT
@pappysbabies @TheRyman I know! I still can't believe it. 😉
@LaineyyM 😘🎄❤️️
RT @deanandsheena: We're getting festive tonight with music from @raintownmusic, @jennbostic, @JesstheBandits & more. Tune in from 8UK. https://t.co/QEs7RbZJ28
Big News! 2 original Christmas songs and a performance @TheRyman for #OpryAtTheRyman! It's all happening Friday! https://t.co/8cSWr1Laez
Friends! We've got an imposter! This isn't me. My account is verified. @jennbostc is a fake! https://t.co/odXhT7Kn6R
@PerrySnyderOFC @Jennbostc thank you! Sorry for the imposter!
RT @photocillin: London calling. Phone box portrait of Nashville star @jennbostic https://t.co/4zXGfojG6P
@HanneAJ1 Bummer! Thanks for letting me know.
@CRoutesNews @TaggartDonna @wwwphilmackcom @KeepItCountryTV So honored. Her version is beautiful!
@DevinAnne I do. They should be on my website. If not let me know and we'll do a private order. 💜😍
1 week from today! Hometown Christmas Show @SchramVineyards. Sunday is sold out, but still a few tix for Monday! https://t.co/zlGkReRXVd
RT @photocillin: Excited to show you one from a shoot I did with. Nashville singer-songwriter @jennbostic We went… https://t.co/58K7p6QF3H
RT @oasischurchtv: To give birth to God's gift in you connect with life giving people. @dannychambers https://t.co/p9WjbYhVuA https://t.co/NfI1WgHi2J
RT @Maverick_mag: Jenn Bostic to release two christmas songs https://t.co/eTfxzokOsQ #jennbostic #christmassongs https://t.co/MhTd4HU7k6
@sierrabug1 we've all been there. 💋
@alicat_812 take em anyway haha
Little backstage snap of the incredible @JohnPattiMusic and his band. His dad is on cajon, yes I cried. https://t.co/mdtuuZz4wF
@Bionic_Tweets @Maverick_mag 😇👍🏼🎉👏🏼
@opaman @Maverick_mag aw thanks!
@BellesandGals aw thanks so much for being so supportive. 💜
RT @BellesandGals: Shout #4 goes to @jennbostic with "Not Yet" https://t.co/fc60rsqhdH
Thanks for the love @Maverick_mag! New Christmas tunes coming December 9th. ❤️️ https://t.co/i8lpJMgRJ1
RT @sarakauss: In less than 48 hours from conception to completion, a snowball of magic transpired! https://t.co/iKswuBAt0J https://t.co/8zlWGnPLU9
Performing a solo acoustic set at club liquid in Punta Gorda, Florida tonight. Swing by between 7 and 9 PM and let me serenade you❤️
Soundchecking for tonight's gig with @JohnPattiMusic and his amazing band for the 1st of 2 Calyp-Soul Christmas Sho… https://t.co/RoQ8ufoMQH
Heartbroken for East Tennessee. 💔😔🙏🏼
RT @pappysbabies: This song is a permanent fixture on my familys Christmas time playlist along with all the classics. @jennbostic https://t.co/0q2suPbPit
RT @SongwritersIsle: #NowPlaying on Songwriters Island Radio Stream Change by Jenn Bostic #Listen https://t.co/DlfkGV5ApK
RT @ClarusRadio: Now Playing Jenn Bostic - Love You This Christmas on Clarus Radio
Home. ❤️
@robertlanemusic Yes thank God!
So grateful for this review of my new Christmas music by @KBPSmag Release date announced SOON! :) https://t.co/nnGXgElLZH
@KBPSmag Thanks so much for the kind words!
@robertlanemusic thanks! Hope you're well!
RT @BuckleandBoots: ARTIST ANNOUNCEMENT! Your first 3 artists: @jennbostic @southcompanion & @_SarahDarling Tickets:… https://t.co/liQmVc74Uj
@Bionic_Tweets hooray!!!
RT @neal_elder: I'll be at the EP Wendys today from 11-1 with @jennbostic selling @MyBOBCountry Country Salute CDs and eating cheeseburgers
@spnfan65 @NetflixUK @BuckleandBoots @_SarahDarling xoxoxo
RT @neal_elder: Playing tunes with @jennbostic and selling @MyBOBCountry Minnesota Country Salute CDs at the @Wendys in Eden Prairi… https://t.co/QlFaZT8QSV
RT @tbgroove: Played music for the soul tonight with #TaveledGround and @jennbostic. Fun show!
@Jmw268 likewise!
Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his love endures forever. —Psalm 118:1
RT @NashUnsigned: The lovely @jennbostic is back up on the website in the bio with her song #counterfeit go check… https://t.co/fVTcRY4FYw
RT @MyBOBCountry: Live at Fox 9!! https://t.co/Fehr36Cmqk
RT @ClarusRadio: Now Playing Jenn Bostic - Love You This Christmas on Clarus Radio
Made it! With an hour to spare before singing on #Fox9 to support the @MyBOBCountry #MinnesotaCountrySaluteCD
@thigy yes thank you!
3AM...45 min from where I'm staying. More snow, roads aren't plowed, and I'm pulled over at a gas station. This is not ideal. Haha
RT @NashUnsigned: Super stoked to launch our #jennbostic with the talented, beautiful, songstress @jennbostic.… https://t.co/8cX46mdqFF
Just finished the final show of #TheGrandPianoTour and I'm driving to MN to join the @MyBOBCountry crew on Fox 9 in the AM. Tune in!
Can't wait for this!! https://t.co/tGaptuHg7b
Check out this interview with @NashUnsigned. So many giggles with @ambroshia01 https://t.co/ebGoofuqv9
@deanandsheena @TCRfmTamworth @balsamodeighton thanks for the love!
RT @deanandsheena: Keep warm with us tonight from 8UK on @TCRfmTamworth - we've got music from @jennbostic, @balsamodeighton & more. https://t.co/QEs7RbI8aA
RT @Jmw268: Been listening to your album on the way to work every morning ❤️😉 @jennbostic
RT @NashUnsigned: https://t.co/5ChV7Ffdck click link 2 watch @jennbostic's video-jealous of the angels #featuredArtist #independentArtist #nashvilleUnsigned
So grateful for the love from @NashUnsigned ❤️https://t.co/xTUG2qM0s5
"The sin that is most destructive in your life right now is the one you are most defensive about.” @timkellernyc
RT @BellesandGals: Shout #6 goes to @jennbostic with "What Love Feels Like" https://t.co/Qo1yuIowNS
On tour in South Dakota and grateful for the fuel and snacks from @PilotFlyingJ and @ArtistGrowth! https://t.co/iNVWyIKCfQ
Trust in him at all times, O people; pour out your hearts to him, for God is our refuge. —Psalm 62:8
Here we go Mobridge! https://t.co/ojEW4eefOS
Yes! Xo love these girls. https://t.co/iR3A0FFSvf
When you're bored backstage and start playing with the props you find... #Ely #Minnesota #TheGrandPianoTour https://t.co/YGMl58RZlE
RT @ShellieCMCPromo: Goose bump moment Jenn Bostic just listen to those words and you'll know why. #GodsGrace https://t.co/qa8QBlzFRq
RT @MyBOBCountry: Jenn Bostic live from Studio B! https://t.co/gmOMoSv1eJ
RT @NashUnsigned: Our #bts clip of our #interview with the super talented @jennbostic stay tuned to the website for HER feature soon… https://t.co/vC9qI8O7gI
@miss_shiv xo miss yours. Maybe March. 😘
Thrilled to find out #WhatLoveFeelsLike was used in the background of @itvcorrie!!!
New Blog Post: The Grand Piano Fitness Edition (Part 1) https://t.co/qEq075WO9R
RT @MyBOBCountry: It's a 2-for-Tuesday in Studio B this morning! Tune in to catch @jennbostic perform live! #salutethetroops... https://t.co/VdlC4wgt6c
Getting ready to jump on @MyBOBCountry this AM. Tune in if you can! ❤️
@neal_elder ha! No.
Here we go! Show #6 #TheGrandPianoTour https://t.co/jHkxXzbySI
Well, I made it to Austin, MN. #Spam 😳 https://t.co/jnAdPdykop
@kristenkuiper @Section101Tweet thanks love. You're the sweetest.
@ggshowatlanta thank you!!!
So much love to @Section101Tweet for making me their featured artist this month & designing my killer new website!… https://t.co/05F5DOyLJU
RT @ggshowatlanta: @jennbostic https://t.co/5G7wCxOkdf has fairy tale story you gotta hear about playing in Europe #goodgracious… https://t.co/Fat6J5qO8f
"Our public lives are only as authentic as our private lives." -Mary Southerland #Faithful
It's gorgeous here in Iowa. ❤️ https://t.co/au2dTgvmoT
RT @somastudioguy: “Every Singer has a Signature Song the beautiful @JennBostic will always be identified w/ "Jealous of the Angels" https://t.co/pk3RCH17ht
Beautiful night in Pontiac, IL playing this #Baldwin. 😘🎹 https://t.co/4002jF8vZN
Bear with each other and forgive one another if any of you has a grievance against someone. Forgive as the Lord forgave you.Colossians 3:13
RT @globegazette: Rising country star Jenn Bostic to grace Clear Lake stage https://t.co/MM6iWkOme3 https://t.co/AyfP8sQT6d
Loved chatting with @ggshowatlanta last week, check out this podcast! 😉 https://t.co/sbunPPky2V
Thank you Cathy! https://t.co/ziDsyiFtd4
Here we go #Chanute #Kansas (pronounced a lot fancier than you think). 😉 #TheGrandPianoTour https://t.co/4Dpd2HOlOZ
Here we go #Chance #Kansas! #TheGrandPianoTour https://t.co/k9M5FeFzix
<3 Rising country star Jenn Bostic to grace Clear Lake stage https://t.co/VK11HVpJEE
@washjrnl Looking forward to it!
Made it to Springfield, Missouri. Kicking off the tour in Kansas tomorrow! #TheGrandPianoTour #tourlife
Amazing morning on @JuceTV_network #NEXT today! Huge shout out to @twopr & @DanaeCo for making it happen! ❤️ https://t.co/bir9L79Rxu
RT @twopr: On set with @jennbostic @tbn today! https://t.co/HXtDmWFfyN
#NowPlaying King Of The World by Natalie Grant let's not forget this. ❤️ ♫ https://t.co/bLBLbXuQgb
@VirtualJukebox thanks for the support!
RT @VirtualJukebox: Faithful by Jenn Bostic is #nowplaying in The Sun, Lancaster.
ALL THE TEARS listening to the FINAL MIX of the new Christmas track! Guys! I am SO excited to share it with you. xo #tears
Been singin' with these guys since I was 16. ‘Lead Me Home’ by Traveled Ground on #SoundCloud? #np https://t.co/DlttUc2fX9
@opaman I voted early
Happy Birthday to my FAVORITE singer of all time @TheBonnieRaitt ❤️️❤️️❤️️ #Queen
#vote #ElectionNight #Election2016 https://t.co/XAu06zyrcG
Had a great rehearsal with my trio for a tv taping we'll be doing on Wednesday! So fun! 🎤🎧🎼🎹
RT @ggshowatlanta: Lucky last minute chat with @jennbostic on the Beltline @PonceCityMarket this afternoon for upcoming pod. Ck her vi… https://t.co/gEHFNkb2ks
So grateful to @clarebalding @BBCRadio2 #GoodMorningSunday for playing "What Love Feels Like (Radio Edit)" today! ❤️ https://t.co/p5mZHYeluU
RT @BBCR2MusicBot: Now Playing Jenn Bostic - What Love Feels Like #jennbostic https://t.co/g1B9ZTjf9Y
Looking forward to it #Chanute! ❤️ https://t.co/h6jQWxw8iX
RT @jamiewhitemusic: So blessed to be able to record some BGV's with the crazy talented Jenn Bostic Ernst for her Christmas project!... https://t.co/EW5vzoilnq
@BellesandGals @YouTube thaaaaaank you!
RT @BellesandGals: Shout #5 goes to @jennbostic with "Missin' A Man" https://t.co/4PLAbD14YY
Comping vocals this morning! 🎤🎧🎼🎹 https://t.co/LAtgTH5eFa
RT @One_More_ShotUK: The beautiful @jennbostic at #OMS3 2016 https://t.co/Zg1GqzHWG1
When you're comping vocals and find yourself in tears because your producer NAILED IT on the track! 😭 Well done @thepaulsalveson
RT @ChelseaAMusic: Have y'all checked out @jennbostic website for tour dates & new music? (@ChelseaAMusic) https://t.co/TO7iJaUEyd
Just a little review from my 93 year old Gramma. 😉#LoveMyGrandma #SoManyExclamations ❤️😍 https://t.co/wUcVSJM07u
He who guards his mouth and his tongue keeps himself from calamity. ~ Proverbs 21:23
Tonight!!!! #nightofworship @oasischurchtv! Join us online from around the 🌎! 7PM CST https://t.co/pvOHl0EA4H
For God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but of power and of love and of a sound mind. ~ 2 Timothy 1:7 NKJV
@Music_By_Jeremy Thanks Jeremy!
RT @Music_By_Jeremy: Thanks to @jennbostic for some awesome #TuesdayMotivation https://t.co/csYLA7ULRV #WhatLoveFeelsLike GO check ALL that Jenn has to share!
So proud of my friend @jesseruben! Please support him if you're able. Global Lyme Alliance - NYC Marathon: https://t.co/SFsAefjb8P
@One_More_ShotUK love you all ❤️
RT @One_More_ShotUK: Check out #OMS artist @jennbostic https://t.co/8ko3xtreEM https://t.co/JsKNszqhFQ
@justineclaire75 xoxo lots of love to you ❤️
This song. So good. #ProudFriend #FriendFan https://t.co/PJTgyIaxgc
Bear with each other and forgive whatever grievances you may have against one another. Forgive as the Lord forgave you. —COLOSSIANS 3:13
Anyone else excited for this??? #Mom https://t.co/jD1tsYP9W1
Just me, a grand piano and my acoustic guitar. Yes, I'm excited. ❤️ https://t.co/cHz5k4Sj5n
I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you and watch over you. —PSALM 32:8
@Cherish4You ❤️ thx
The best cure for disappointment is a new song. xo
My favorite @DanaeCo song!!!! Share it if you love it. xo <3 #ProudFriend #Fan #GoldInTheDirt https://t.co/kfSXdGqeZ7
Got some exciting news coming... #StayTuned
Switzerland came to Nashville today and I had the privilege of chatting with @nathalierendu ❤️#NextTourStop ? https://t.co/GU2SFvGhtC
Love my church family! Check out this special version of #WhatLoveFeelsLike ❤️ @oasischurchtv https://t.co/UtaXzYh3L3
@crrevis1990 thank you so much!
WEBSITE MAKEOVER!!!! Thanks @Section101Tweet you guys are the best! https://t.co/y3aZLlSYE5 Check it out! xo
RT @tmbattis: @jennbostic a great weekend that started out with some home town flair! https://t.co/BueP97lVnX
@tmbattis loved seeing you all!
RT @jill_chambers: We have a choir! Incredible @jennbostic and #myoasis @ Oasis Church https://t.co/P3mzPZVTL3
RT @TattooPreacher: Breakfast with oasischurchtv in #LasVegas this morning! Great Job #worship team! @JennBostic… https://t.co/NgPuzSC8sP
RT @thigy: You'll want to be blessed with this: @jennbostic on @oasischurchtv 3 services: www.oasischurchtv #WhatLoveFeelsLike https://t.co/Sx0g7SpXXU
Leading worship @oasischurchtv this morning! Join us 4 a special version of #WhatLoveFeelsLike 8:25 10:05 & 11:55 https://t.co/Z4bSEfRSfW
@sarakauss @listeningroom xo there'll be more!
@nmillermusic thank you! Beautiful capture!
@ck1brat @listeningroom @visitmusiccity awwww thank you so much!
Still one of my favorite moments of 2016. Thanks @jesseruben & @nathanangelo @RockwoodNYC @SamTeichman https://t.co/R0ZkaaMbdi
Tonight! @listeningroom @michaellogen @tonefreak713 @wattwellmusic https://t.co/3wq4l0zNtj
Surrounded by talent and passion today. Making music with friends is the best. @thepaulsalveson @tonefreak713… https://t.co/lmQb1B5xWn
@lunahobbes13 @YouTube thank you!
RT @lunahobbes13: Beautiful song @jennbostic and another song I must learn! #JealousOfTheAngels #PianoGoals #Piano https://t.co/CH0VS3N9Mk
The fact that there is an emoji for my new "tour bus" makes me so happy. 🚗 #itsthelittlethings 🚗 💃🏻🎹
Tomorrow! @listeningroom @tonefreak713 @michaellogen @wattwellmusic https://t.co/9XP1XQKSdX
@Atlantic_Radio Thanks for the love!
RT @Atlantic_Radio: #NowPlaying Jenn Bostic - Not Yet On Atlantic Radio Uk
RT @Song_Writers: #Cooee Jenn Bostic - What Love Feels Like #songwriter @jennbostic #originalsong #music @Pit4_Music https://t.co/avVtdxdljL
Seriously Jackson? #furbaby #trouble #doghouse https://t.co/gpgJg2n9gv
Check out my new tour bus. 🚗 #LadyInRed https://t.co/WaPpuCcyxK
@ItalianOptimist sure!
RT @Jmw268: "Everybody wants to know what love feels like..." on repeat!! @jennbostic ❤️
I thought it was always sunny in California... 😉@michaelernst7 https://t.co/Quzdsb0w3g
"If you don't get out of the boat, you'll never walk on water." @MarkBatterson #DrawTheCircle
Thursday! @listeningroom @michaellogen @tonefreak713 @wattwellmusic https://t.co/jEeDIjNf2O
@pappysbabies @YouTube ❤️
RT @pappysbabies: Thank you @jennbostic for 'Jealous of the Angels'. It will always be much more than a song. #Comfort #Hope https://t.co/MoqWke7Rgx
Spending the weekend in Napa for a performance at my favorite vineyard! ❤️ https://t.co/eSmLif6tfM
ONE week from today! @listeningroom @michaellogen @tonefreak713 @wattwellmusic https://t.co/9mdJVWo3t7
“For where you have envy and selfish ambition, there you find disorder and every evil practice.” https://t.co/J2UYl770OC
RT @DavidRoads: Talent is God given. Be humble. Fame is man-given. Be grateful. Conceit is self-given. Be careful.
Can't wait for this! https://t.co/0Dzgi7Yt4x
"Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life. Tip toe if you must, but take the step."
RT @BellesandGals: Shout #7 goes to @jennbostic with "Faithful" https://t.co/rxnc3bvoaq
When you stay in your pajamas all day because you're so inspired you can't stop writing...#TodayIsAGoodDay
Such a great night in #Birmingham a few weeks ago. #NotYet https://t.co/lcFjstusYm
@spnfan65 xo thank you!
New Blog Post: UK Tour Wrap Up xo https://t.co/qEq075WO9R
@Jmw268 great thanks! Had a blast!
@Taurus_The_Bull thank you!
@toferbrown Let's get another date to write, I'm working on a record. 😉
@richardmarx thank you so much.
Huge thanks to @PilotFlyingJ & @ArtistGrowth for@once again getting me from A to B. #utah #westcoast https://t.co/HnDYku89lL
Huge honor to open for the one and only @richardmarx last night in #Utah. #SoManyHits #HeDoesntNeedABand https://t.co/04VikfwXdi
@nativerunmusic @SnowCollege deal, let's get together and write a smash soon. 😉❤️
Back at @SnowCollege tonight and look what I found on the wall. Loved this show with @nativerunmusic last summer. H… https://t.co/eEoJUrrvbF
Just heard the legendary @richardmarx give a songwriting workshop. Looking forward to hearing him perform his hits in #Utah tonight.
Saw this gorgeous elk today up close and personal! Thanks Parson family! https://t.co/vpfQGopu4Q
"...you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there, ’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.”… https://t.co/cxH9LwFV9U
@SpooksGamingYT honored. So sorry for your loss.
RT @seviercenter: Jenn Bostic, this Saturday! At the SVC!! Get your tickets at https://t.co/dZvFXkN56Q today! https://t.co/V3Krnhn2JR
Winnin' big on our layover in #vegas. @michaelernst7 https://t.co/nJzGdt0UVk
Spoiled rotten and there's nothing I can do about it now... #furbaby https://t.co/ejsnW3KbGK
RT @CJCurran1: There's VIRAL and then... @TaggartDonna has 45 MILLION+ views on brilliant @jennbostic Jealous of the Angels… https://t.co/XrryUj2Jf1
Can't stop singing the song @EmilyShackelton and I just finished. ❤️
RT @RONNIEDOSS: If u live for applause u will die when it gets quiet. Be bold enough to walk away from anything that isn't a reflec… https://t.co/cPwyOYuWsc
"We don't get what we want, we get what we are committed to." @RONNIEDOSS #lion #leadership
RT @seviercenter: Don't miss this Saturday at the SVC! Jenn Bostic and Richard Marx will be live on stage! Get your tickets now at... https://t.co/YuTdOD9kWL
@solomonquansah thank you!
@north_wave @YouTube thanks for the love!
Tonight was awesome. I love God, I love my church. @oasischurchtv #oasisfan https://t.co/wJOmBRWSZU
Wrote with the gorgeous @sugarandsteel today. They are ALL kinds of cute. ❤️
Night of worship @oasischurchtv is going to be incredible tonight! Join us in #Nashville or online at 7PM CST https://t.co/NgJR3tNoG9
Oh hey #Nashville! See you there. 😉 @wattwellmusic @tonefreak713 @michaellogen @listeningroom https://t.co/fmUhWdxKqg
@richardmarx Looking forward to opening for you in Utah this weekend! #bigfan
@pappysbabies tell them I say there's no "right way".
@pappysbabies hahahaha
@pappysbabies oh no! I'm sorry. 😔 #SingAnyway
The bummer is our flight home is delayed by over 4 hours. The good news is @SouthwestAir takes care of their customers. ❤️ #vouchersaregreat
@JohnKruk thank you so much!
@Jmw268 hee hee Sept flew by, I'll get on that. 😉
@sweettater810 wow! Thanks for sharing Sarah!
He always keeps me laughing... 😉 https://t.co/2Pez58HRbs
RT @voicecouncil: Vocal Coach In Residence October: Jenn Bostic: Jenn Bostic had a number 1 record in the UK iTunes singer/song... https://t.co/4rXwHn0MN8
RT @Section101Tweet: THIS @jennbostic song spent a lot of time on the #BBCRadio2 playlist! https://t.co/KI91Pr4p5h #WhatLoveFeelsLike https://t.co/LzToEqB410
Loved performing #LittleGrace with #slemishsession in Northern Ireland. https://t.co/1kvvaQnfra
@thigy 🙏🏼
RT @seviercenter: It isn't too late to get tickets to Richard Marx and Jenn Bostic! Go to https://t.co/dZvFXl4Gvq today. https://t.co/qGDIg7yBxq
RT @LuvChristMusic: Donna Taggart's rendition of Jenn Bostic's 'Jealous Of The Angels' is absolutely beautiful. We have all lost loved…… https://t.co/eDFzqmkfEJ
“I’m not saying that I have this all together, that I have it made. But I am well on my way, reaching out for Chri…” https://t.co/uugr3nj8LP
@wijordan @celinedion thank you so much!
RT @BradFeeneyProd: WATCH NOW: @jennbostic 's live cut of "What Love Feels Like, " available for free streaming at… https://t.co/jmAUZKe60q
@wijordan @celinedion That would be the biggest honor. 💜
@c881s thanks Chris!
🏃‍♀️today and ALMOST started to regret all the 🧀 I ate in 🇫🇷...almost. #TakeMeBack #ILoveCheese #Health #Fitness #Yikes
RT @seviercenter: Can't wait for October 8th! Jenn Bostic and Richard Marx will be LIVE at the SVC!! Do you have your tickets yet?... https://t.co/vXx9IgZRLZ
RT @c881s: Just heard the memorial service for the late Terry Wogan. His show on bbc radio 2 was were I first heard @jennbostic & @emmastevensmusic.
What a man he was. ❤️#SirTerry https://t.co/cyNzef6FMH
@SpooksGamingYT thank you so much.
@ClaysCountry1 Thank you!
@southdevonsound Thanks for the play! :)
It's an extra cup of coffee in the afternoon kinda of rainy Monday...
Had so much fun filming with @3Asessions last month in Massachusetts! https://t.co/XSEyp5YGxc
RT @CJCurran1: #MondayMusic a real tribute to MOMS everywhere as @TaggartDonna sensational popularity increases… https://t.co/xRWfULnNJM
Proud of my sweet friend @AmyWestney who released a new single yesterday! https://t.co/DdAzIfTzeM
" I Will Follow" radio debut at 55min. #bbcradio2 https://t.co/bimdJw3V9C
@clarebalding Thanks for all your support. You're an earth angel. ❤️
RT @spnfan65: Thank you to @BBCRadio2 & @clarebalding for playing @jennbostic #IWillFollow https://t.co/Ccprx7QoHX
It's #NationalCookingDay! Sweet potato, black bean, quinoa burger anyone? https://t.co/LzLyYn6QW5
RT @nathalierendu: @jennbostic was on air with her new single #Nashies https://t.co/Gd4gx9ubfV
RT @thigy: @jennbostic Glad that you're safely home & blessing others through your musical ministry. #MyOasis https://t.co/kiS9ER8LfZ
Tune into https://t.co/NgJR3tNoG9 right now! Honored to be leading worship at my home church this AM!
RT @LaineyyM: Wearing my Angel necklace today @jennbostic 😊 Love it! 💕 https://t.co/0hrt2Kmb5k
RT @Kiersten4Plexus: Jealous Of The Angels was written by the amazing Jenn Bostic. Available on iTunes:... https://t.co/dfUNTR1qmu
RT @BBCR2MusicBot: Now Playing Jenn Bostic - I will follow #jennbostic https://t.co/g1B9ZTjf9Y
RT @3Asessions: NEW MUSIC from @jennbostic !! Check out the video here! https://t.co/d2f3WbSrIt
This is his after walk smile. 🐾❤️ #JacksonThePup https://t.co/w9JVEwGmSa
This man has spoken into my life on so many occasions. Buy this book, it just might change your life. https://t.co/4PVTKcQ9jM
@southdevonsound thanks for the love!
@grahamjsings thank you.
If being jet lagged means waking up early enough to see the sunrise please don't let me readjust. ☀️
All the puppy snuggles. 🐾 https://t.co/xA2LsAtl46
RT @BBCR2MusicBot: Now Playing Jenn Bostic - What Love Feels Like (Gospel Version) #jennbostic https://t.co/g1B9ZTjf9Y
So driving in America feels weird now. 😳 #WhichLaneAmISupposeToBeIn
Just landed in Nashville!!! ❤️❤️❤️ #HomeSweetHome
@MartinCox0155 nope taking off now!
@kasey_stone_ @_SarahDarling @kyshona likewise!
Back on US soil!!!!!! Will be back in Nashville in just a few hours. 😍🍾🇺🇸
@BryfordMusic ❤️
@only1samh @michaelernst7 likewise!!!!
RT @AbsoluteLtd: Did you catch @jennbostic's #WhatLoveFeelsLike on @achrisevans' @BBCRadio2 breakfast show this morning? If not: https://t.co/E3VwvCSnME
@wordman54 Thanks for all your support!
@tgaudin @katmcdowell @SweedishLove thanks! Just got back to the states!
RT @MusicLoverEddie: #NowPlaying another great album "Faithful" by @JennBostic ♫ https://t.co/Kj1AF5wJyr
@grahamjsings ahhhhhhh so grateful!
RT @BellesandGals: Shout #7 goes to @jennbostic with "What Love Feels Like" https://t.co/Qo1yuIG8cs
@MartinCox0155 great, leaving today.
@_GeorgiaMay13 thank you!
@southdevonsound Thanks for playing!!!
RT @BBCR2MusicBot: Now Playing Jenn Bostic - What Love Feels Like (Gospel Version) #jennbostic https://t.co/g1B9ZTjf9Y
@_GeorgiaMay13 hooray!
@MartinCox0155 woop woop!
@jstpumpkin yayyyyyy!
@achrisevans Thank you so much for playing my new single on your show!!! #honored #bigfan
RT @_GeorgiaMay13: Aaaaahhh @jennbostic on Radio 2 at work again!! Perfect start to a foggy grey Wednesday 😍😍 #newfave
RT @jstpumpkin: Great to hear @achrisevans play @jennbostic #WhatLoveFeelsLike just now. Empowering start to the day https://t.co/fLHVlX0kDT
Grateful for this review from the #NightInNashville show @chapel_sessions last week. @_SarahDarling @kyshona https://t.co/zDhvIf5iAj
RT @BBCR2MusicBot: Now Playing Jenn Bostic - What Love Feels Like (Gospel Version) #jennbostic https://t.co/g1B9ZTjf9Y
@H_A_Robinson wow thank you! Bart Walker (@tonefreak713) is the guitarist on that track. He is amazing!
Paris vibes. 🇫🇷 https://t.co/09Rr59roxd
There's usually a fun story behind a Polaroid. This is no exception. https://t.co/mv5MRLbHZH
Amazing day at #GiantsCauseway. 🍀 https://t.co/F5g7BX8f4G
RT @Funeralwise: Singer-songwriter Jenn Bostic, who wrote and performed "Jealous of the Angels, " talks about the loss of her... https://t.co/vX63GhxdsE
RT @BBCR2MusicBot: Now Playing Jenn Bostic - What Love Feels Like (Gospel Version) #jennbostic https://t.co/g1B9ZTjf9Y
RT @TaggartDonna: So great to meet the amazing @jennbostic for lunch today. #Special Day https://t.co/IvD7rNwP58
This is what we do on our nights off... https://t.co/yr6Yo6ZWcG