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To be a part of this project, film yourself doing at least one of the following prompts and email it to [email protected] by February 28th, 2021. Submit as many of the prompts as you’d like. Please film VERTICALLY and follow the instructions. While we plan to incorporate as many videos as possible, submitting does not guarantee that your videos will appear in the final product. Each prompt/video should be around 15 seconds in length.

1. Say the first name of the person you have lost, or your relationship with them. (ex: “Dad” OR “James”). If you’re uncomfortable speaking, hold a clearly written sign for this instruction. (Option: hold a picture of your lost loved one as you speak).

2. Dance. Sometimes there are no words for the way we feel when we’re grieving. Film yourself dancing to the chorus of the song.

3. Film a scenic walk through a place you used to experience with your loved one, or a place that makes you think of that person.

4. In 1-5 words, what do you wish you could say to the person you’ve lost? (ex: I love you. I miss you.) If you’re uncomfortable speaking, hold a clearly written sign. (Option: hold a picture of your lost loved one as you speak). *Feel free to speak in your native language.

5. Film yourself doing an activity that has helped you process your grief. (Ex: Songwriting, painting, gardening, dancing, playing an instrument, etc). Be creative.

6. Film yourself laying flowers at the gravesite of your loved one, or lighting a candle in their honor.

Tips and Tricks for Great Quality:

Make sure to have good lighting, using natural light by going outside on an overcast day or filming by a window if possible.

Try to avoid filming in selfie mode, if possible use a tripod or have a friend help you.

If speaking, try using headphones with a built in microphone to limit background noise.

Stay away from wide angle mode or any alternate lenses.

NOTE: By submitting a video to the above email address, you are giving full permission to Jenn Bostic Music LLC to use this content however they see fit without any form of compensation.