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As you have most likely seen all over my social media, Take My Hand Part 1 is set to release on November 19th. This is the first five tracks off a forthcoming album, with the addition of an original Christmas song. To say "I'm excited" is a ridiculous understatement.

With every album I've created there has been a tremendous amount of growth that takes place. Take My Hand is different. Not only did I grow, I changed. Throughout this process, anxiety left and peace took its place. Boldness replaced meekness. Freedom allowed me to let go of comparison, and although fear still hangs out from time to time, I've gotten much better at showing it who's boss. 

I wrote this entire project with my dear friend Lauren Christy, with the inclusion of Benj Heard on half the EP. The music poured out of us. It was as if these songs had been waiting for the perfect moment to come to life. The writing and recording process was as easy as breathing, which for those of you who have heard "Faint of Heart," you know hasn't always been the case for me.

I've never heard my voice captured the way these producers were able to capture it. The songs are personal prayers and anthems that I still tear up listening back to. It somehow feels as if I found myself through this project, unaware that I was even lost. 


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