@alpharettagov What a night! 💜
@kfaiFA2 Throwback! Thanks for the spin. 💜
RT @RM2SteveG: I tuned to @SXMThePulse just in time to hear @jennbostic song #JealousOfTheAngels on Train Tracks. It’s a beautiful song, I’…
@GeoScarborough @HBDProductions @alpharettagov @shannonlabrie What a night! 🙌💜
#aboutlastnight @HBDProductions @shannonlabrie 🙌💜🎶✨🙏 https://t.co/BJc0GFEC7s
@Spawnlurke 💜🙏🏼
RT @CiarasCountry: Taking a trip to #Minnesota for this week's United States of Country on @ukcountryradio! Join me for music from @jennbo…
TONIGHT! Tune into #TrainTracks with @patmonahan on @SXMThePulse to hear #JealousoftheAngels at 9PM & 12AM. So than… https://t.co/4fnQMQZHqe
@JeffSoh Powerful. She’s incredible.
I’m 10 minutes into the @Pink documentary and I have both tears & goosebumps. 💜😭
I’m 10 minutes into the @Pink documentary and I have both tears ans goosebumps. 💜😭
@shannonlabrie @homebydark xoxo Can't wait!
@GraceFmSTA Thanks for your support 😇
@TonyLiggens Thank you!
This Weekend in Alpharetta, GA. My friend @shannonlabrie and I will be joining the one and only @HBDProductions at… https://t.co/KKcmGOYNiS
Three weeks in a row? Feeling super blessed, thanks @SXMThePulse @SIRIUSXM Tune into #traintracks with @patmonahan… https://t.co/Ze8m1vvKfC
TONIGHT! Tune into #TrainTracks with @patmonahan on @SXMThePulse to hear #JealousoftheAngels 💜🎶 9PM & 12AM CT. Than… https://t.co/ide1b0au81
#JealousoftheAngels will be airing on #TrainTracks with @patmonahan again this week! Huge thanks to @SXMThePulse… https://t.co/GecjOdR0Wf
RT @andygcountry: On tonight's Radio Warrington Country & Folk Show (8-10pm GMT, 3-5pm CST) I'll be chatting to the wonderful @jennbostic a…
@bogey_fore 💜💜💜
The last few weeks have been special. Too often when great things happen I get excited and press straight on to the… https://t.co/J1Nkem8gI6
“Jealous of the Angels” will be premiering on #TrainTracks with @patmonahan TONIGHT at 10PM & 1AM ET 💜 Tune into… https://t.co/xGGRFONSx9
“Jealous of the Angels” will be premiering on #TrainTracks with @patmonahan TONIGHT at 8PM & 11PM EST 💜 Tune into… https://t.co/i91G1a57GA
@TiffanyTMusic The best!
@BamaRootsRadio @mistergabelee @RubyRoseFox @goldchildband @ashleymonroe @TheSarahPeacock @greatpeacock Thanks for the love!
So thankful that #jealousoftheangels will be featured on today’s episode of @xplr_nash https://t.co/oBWa2lAH4A
Tune in today for this special from @theusarmyband You'll Never Walk Alone https://t.co/6gZTAWBpoZ via @YouTube Hon… https://t.co/y6Dbp9yyX2
Humbled that “Jealous of the Angels” has been chosen as the song to honor our heroes, and fallen soldiers this week… https://t.co/xk12khQCb6
@Gs77385923 I’m so sorry for your loss. 🙏🏼 Praying this song can bring you some comfort.
@Lisa82969372 I’m so sorry for your loss. Honored it speaks to you. 💜
“Jealous of the Angels” will be premiering on #TrainTracks with @patmonahan this FRIDAY at 8PM & 11PM EST 💜 Tune in… https://t.co/Q3wPqlimXY
RT @_SarahDarling: The guardians of the songwriting galaxy have a LIVE SHOW! I’m so excited to share the stage with two of my favorites Jun…
Forever a beach girl. ☀️ @SongwritersIsle #IslandFest2021 https://t.co/yFsW51KnGc
RT @ladiesvoices: might have a few cheeky numbers @jennbostic fans might like in the concert tonight! Check it out online (7:30pm... or cat…
Isla Mujeres #IslandFest2021 https://t.co/llUpCoEvKf
@carlypearce Love this photo! ❤️ 🔥
@Maxceb1 I’m so sorry for your loss. 💔 Honored to know this song can bring some comfort.
RT @DailyGodtube: 'Jealous Of The Angels' Jenn Bostic Shares Story Behind The Song https://t.co/RPehhAwhSM
This band!! 🔥 https://t.co/dwKPr2u7yG
#aboutlastnight @ParleyLakeWine with @tonefreak713 under the stars. 🌟 https://t.co/tQAWZxH3j0
@Waltonslim 🙏🏼
RT @EmilyFaithMusic: Check out the Premiere of my new video "When I Met Jesus" big thank you to @newreleasetoday and Thank you Jesus for al…
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@kaardal212 @YouTube 🙏🏼💜
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Tune into @RadioSobro !!! They’re about to play #PrayYouAway as #songoftheday @BenjHeard https://t.co/Is16Pm6QHP
Heading to @zaniesnashville tonight for the @CharlieBerens show! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 #midwestlaughs
So thankful to all who tuned in for today’s @Stageit show! Next one will be 6/20. Tix now available here: https://t.co/7rU4POgPiG
@keilahbeeherrin Aw thank you so much!
@wwe3coins84 @Stageit Next time! Just remind me a few days before the next show!
@JeffSoh Thanks for sharing!
Pray You Away LIVE- Benj Heard (featuring Jenn Bostic) https://t.co/F9sSeSuAzX via @YouTube
NEW MUSIC!!!!! Collab with @bheardmusic is now live! 🖤 https://t.co/hLW31YWsnE
New Cover! Thank you to Patrick for requesting this as his top tipper prize from last month’s @stageit show. 💜… https://t.co/ZwpphbYqCj
Magical Tennessee evening listening to music under the stars with these gorgeous friends. 🌟 https://t.co/LxtNkKAS0z
RT @RobWagman: @jennbostic Making MORE than JUST Lemonade, when Life Hands YOU Citrus. #LifeLessons https://t.co/L2Fy7FHWBQ
New music by @EmilyFaithMusic out today! Loved writing this one with her and Keith Everette Smith 🎶 Take a listen. https://t.co/o0Kq5hrLE3
Surprise! New collaboration single with @BenjHeard dropping next Friday 5/7. 🖤Pre-save/add: https://t.co/RtpJr0RTkP https://t.co/Fjmv77az0B
“Find a group of people who challenge and inspire you, spend a lot of time with them, and it will change your life.… https://t.co/KcZBm9SXrc
RT @_SarahDarling: What do you think we talk about?? I’m grateful for good friends. ❤️🥂 https://t.co/UWrNR3sVmp
@colleen32358764 @YouTube I’m so sorry for your loss. 🙏🏼❤️
@DianneBostic1 @listeningroom @sarakauss Thank you so much!!! 🙏🏼❤️🤗
@wjma1031 @callistaclark @heathsandersmus @lisabrokop @maryheatherh @MoPitney @Tim_Dugger @Travistritt… https://t.co/2V09kZXmH3
@meganoneill What is this spaceship looking noise cancelling situation?!
Rob Wagman has a way with words. Incredibly grateful for this encouraging feature in #AllAccess. "I realize that J… https://t.co/iEjnvjvgyB
@TheEllenShow 💜 https://t.co/xqhhBcp7v7
@KiandHemi So sorry. Praying these songs can bring you some peace. 💜
@nmcobb @YouTube 🙏🏼 I’m so sorry for your loss.
The Jealous of the Angels Project https://t.co/xqhhBcp7v7 via @YouTube 🙏🏼💜
@carlypearce @ACMawards 👏🏻👏🏻🙌🏻
@TheWomenCountry @MickeyGuyton Yes!!!
@billboard @cecewinans @carrieunderwood Stunning!!!
@thekellysutton @ACMawards @carrieunderwood & @cecewinans 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻
@JenGrim_20 @carrieunderwood @cecewinans So good!
@drdionclark Yes!!!
@SBSwags Yessssssss
🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 yes!!!! @carrieunderwood @cecewinans #praisetheLord @ACMawards
#aboutlastnight @listeningroom Emotions were sitting on the surface with a few spilling out in the form of tears. D… https://t.co/U5Q9zQ6zEC
@linebackrbarbie 😂
@pappysbabies sending you lots and lots of love and prayers. 💜🙏🏼
RT @JeffSoh: Wrapped by Jenn Bostic https://t.co/RW4OtPBFNv #NowPlaying @jennbostic
@carlypearce @ACMawards @leebrice 💜💜👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻yaaaaas!!!
@TangerineJedi @SpotifyUK Oh good! 🙏🏼
@Jmw268 @sarabfans @SaraBareilles Thanks friend. 💜
Update on The Jealous of the Angels Project 💜 https://t.co/BayWbtQ5SF
RT @Rock59: Extraordinary & Beautiful Song from Jenn Bostic https://t.co/PTiJldCd3p
@Rock59 Thank you so much!
@_SarahDarling Happy Anniversary!
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@campbellqphotos @Stageit Me too. Happy Birthday!
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#MusicMonday New Cover! This @SaraBareilles / @WaitressMusical song speaks straight to my soul. Thanks for the requ… https://t.co/VGun8pB73K
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RT @paupoljr: Sunday stageit with @jennbostic https://t.co/MisxAbM1C9
What a GIFT today's @stageit show was. xo Thank you to all who tuned in. Next one is scheduled for May 9th at 3PM C… https://t.co/AL7MrblMij
RT @smileonice: No better way to spend an hour ❤️ @jennbostic is live on @stageit NOW! https://t.co/gTght6tfMs
@smileonice @Stageit xoxoxoxo
@kfaiFA2 Thanks for spinning 😇
Sunday Afternoon Serenade on @Stageit https://t.co/FPCcv4od4K
RT @WIAMRadio: Now playing: Wrapped by Jenn Bostic @jennbostic
4/17 @listeningroom with @jeffcohenmusic & @EmilyShackelton 💜 Tickets: https://t.co/4GEtqnEPoq https://t.co/v4ZogPwF2G
@thasingingbee Thank you so much!
@andygcountry @bobdylan @TroubadourLDN @themorganwade @Kathymattea09 @randytravis @ladychatterley Thank you so much!
Sunday! Online concert via @Stageit Tickets available at https://t.co/FPCcv4od4K
RT @singdaptive: Nice to take this sound in to the weekend! EVOCATIVE rendition of @IngridAndress song More Hearts Than Mine' by @jennbosti…
Toby says I’m the cat’s meow. 🤷‍♀️ https://t.co/72ybdbEVra
RT @GaryQuinnMusic: Big thanks to @voltalab Studios for inviting me in to do a live session with them recently! Absolutely loved singing on…
@TangerineJedi @SpotifyUK Really?! Will get this sorted right away.
Spring has sprung! Sprinkle some seeds of love and kindness everywhere you go. ☀️💐💕 https://t.co/nNfDh4cmvX
@campbellqphotos Yes 😂
My to-do list is a never ending cycle of checking 1 thing off and adding 2 more. #ilovealist #getitdone
@LanieSchrubba You’re too kind. Plenty of flaws. 😂🤦🏼‍♀️
I can be really hard on myself. It doesn’t matter how many things I get right, I tend to fixate on the things I hav… https://t.co/1wXfu9kpGW
@_SarahDarling So sweet. 😍
It’s true. We all want to know what love feels like. These kiddos in Dronfield, England made me feel so loved in th… https://t.co/YBfIr6497M
The @natebargatze special on @netflix is 🤣🤣🤣
@SwanEJones7 @Stageit 💜💜💜
RT @SwanEJones7: Lovely @Stageit show by @jennbostic today we got to hear More #NewMusic from her 👏🏻🙌🏻👍🏻❤️😊 https://t.co/MMTDkzenVG
Such a special @stageit show today! Thanks to all who tuned in. I shared 2 new unreleased songs today, don't miss t… https://t.co/ZOqiGArNaw
@carlypearce 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Online Concert today at 3PM CT via @stageit https://t.co/hMklyXf28M
So thankful for another memorable night making music. ✨ https://t.co/FkXnjbBMOT
@marc7brewer @IngridAndress @nico261 🙏🏼
@Becca_32x @IngridAndress Thanks so much Becca. Ingrid knocked it out of the park with this one. 💜
@keilahbeeherrin @IngridAndress @nico261 Thank you. 💜
New Cover of this stunning @IngridAndress song. Thanks to @nico261 for the request. 💜https://t.co/QfoUYsrMx6
@carlypearce The cutest! She and Jackson may need to have a play date at some point. 💜
The best day. 🤗💜 https://t.co/3sXU9LSPc6
Facebook marketplace is like a internet garage sale and I am here for it! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 #bargainshopper #recycle
Welp, just wept through “Safe Haven” for the 3rd time. 😭 #allthefeels #romcomsaremyfavorite
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RT @kfaiplaylist: "Jealous of the Angels" by Jenn Bostic Everything Minnesota Music at 4:45am
Online Concert this Sunday!!! :) Hope to see you there. xo @Stageit https://t.co/l2SD5ypBom
So awesome that @RecordingAcad is highlighting so many incredible venues. #GRAMMYs #livemusicwillcomeback
@wwe3coins84 @jenngrinels @rebeccaloebe Aw thanks so much. That would be a dream come true.
So powerful @MickeyGuyton #GRAMMYs
Love @BrunoMars so much. #thecoolestcat #GRAMMYs
Speaking the truth @Trevornoah “billions of streams for $2-3.” #GRAMMYs
@dbrownlow62 Thankfully my 61 key @nordkeyboards Electro 3 fits nicely in the overhead. 💜
@gpnicklay I’m so sorry for your loss. Honored you can find some peace through this song. 🙏🏼
@gpnicklay Nah, that one I don’t mind. 😇
There’s a tambourine on my 8AM flight. 😳 #iwasntready
RT @SteveLuffRadio: https://t.co/upmzcBp4LA @jennbostic
A little snippet from tonight’s gig @HideawayCafe with @danorlandomusic 💜 https://t.co/eAVwB9OXt3
RT @danorlandomusic: Beyond blessed to take the stage again TONIGHT with @jennbostic - NOT the show to miss (Sneak peak on my FB page)! Tic…
@ladiesvoices 💜🙏🏼💜
RT @ladiesvoices: What a difference a year makes! 1 yr ago we were unsure if @jennbostic would be able to continue with her Uk tour. #feeli…
RT @danorlandomusic: FLORIDA FRIENDS! Tomorrow night with the wonderful @jennbostic - Limited tickets available! Link in bio!!!! CAN’T WAIT…
@justinlaf @nordkeyboards 😂😂😂
Haven’t traveled with my @nordkeyboards in quite some time. I had almost forgotten how many people ask me if it’s a… https://t.co/7hJNMP7v0V
@_SarahDarling Always. 🤓
@jubileecastent Thanks for the support!
RT @jubileecastent: #JennBostic Releases New Version of Viral Sensation '"Jealous of the Angels" @jennbostic #NewMusic https://t.co/U76sl4
@Derbyshireduck Thank you so much.
@BoldKbld Thanks for the spin!
RT @SongwritersIsle: Jenn Bostic and MORE - Outdoor Shows - This week on Songwriters Island Radio - https://t.co/tjNUTyaD1C
“Jealous of the Angels” spinning now on @KBOERadio Vote for it here on the #newmusicchallenge… https://t.co/JcuKfdn4Or
This weekend in Florida with @danorlandomusic ☀️ 🎹 🎶 https://t.co/paudpoPYk2
@alexanderhall Aw thanks friend!
@marc7brewer Thanks!
Would appreciate your vote for “Jealous of the Angels / Amazing Grace”. Click the link, and “like” my image to cast… https://t.co/BaKtgIRZG8
LIVE ON IGTV - Join me Today at 6:30pm on @NowPlayingNash Artist Spotlight. We'll talk about my newest version of "… https://t.co/tB7Shw3nD8
LIVE ON IGTV - Join me on Mon, 3/8 at 6:30pm on @NowPlayingNash Artist Spotlight. We'll talk about my newest versio… https://t.co/EgjaaNeL7D
So excited to return to @HideawayCafe next weekend. Extremely limited capacity. Tickets: https://t.co/Imw4cVdNv8 https://t.co/6DjXgktoBI
Heads up, if you want to get any work done in #Nashville today, don’t step outside. #toobeautiful #ijustwanttositinthesun
When your to-do list is so long you’re not even sure where to start...hang in there. Little by little start chippin… https://t.co/dhOFtc9TpS
@_aas20_ 🙏🏼
@_Afterthought__ 🙏🏼
RT @CameronDole: S2E31 @jennbostic podcast performance of "Jealous Of The Angels" https://t.co/XeBt9LsYFe via @YouTube. All episodes at h…
@sflcountrymusic @_SarahDarling @emilybrooke Awwww so fun!
RT @GQwithCam: S2E31 - Robert Williams, Ted @McFallbeeyard, and @JennBostic on today's episode https://t.co/M6JhTAtBuN
@RoperKirsten @ninanesbitt 🙏🏼💜 Thank you so much.
@WeberJudy He just had the time zones messed up. 🤷‍♀️ Happens to all of us. I resisted the urge to correct him. 💜
@TiffanyTMusic I did! 🤐
This just blew my mind.🤯 Avi's Dance Project - Jealous Of The Angels https://t.co/gv58Xm6mQG via @YouTube
@campbellqphotos 😢. I know, I’m so sorry. I just wish I didn’t even have the urge to correct haha. Bad habit. 🤐
The guy behind me on the plane just gave his wife completely incorrect information on the length of this flight. I… https://t.co/Z28HebvpS6
Headed back to Nashville ✈️ miss them already... https://t.co/PI6MGYwHjW
@wwe3coins84 Awesome!!!
@marc7brewer I would absolutely do that!
Would love for you to be a part of “The Jealous of the Angels Project.” https://t.co/i9T23ydWyM
@PaulLeamon7 I’m so sorry for your loss. 🙏🏼
I’ve had the honor of leading worship w/ @REVBOYLE @BuckleandBoots a few times. She loves like Jesus & meets people… https://t.co/uXyXNpEw4K
@JRodOnAir Thanks for the support!
RT @JRodOnAir: #NewMusicMonday is on now on 101.3 FM streaming from https://t.co/0Xha4PAUQY #LOUDnPROUD! Special feature of #NewMusic #NowP…
Just 1 more week to submit for The Jealous of the Angels Project. Here’s a video I created with examples for those… https://t.co/KPzt4DXeiE
RT @andygcountry: On tonight's show (8-10pm GMT) I'm delighted to say I'll be chatting to @jennbostic about her song Jealous of The Angels.…
@PaulLeamon7 I’m so sorry for your loss. God bless you.
Colorado, Utah, Wisconsin, Indiana...I’m coming for you. Check out https://t.co/TPdaxSBger for details. 💜🎹🎤🎶
RT @CarrollCoCal: COMING UP IN CARROLL COUNTY, INDIANA: Jenn Bostic at the Delphi Opera House on March 2, 2019. https://t.co/ICAaODjWh9
Sending lots of love your way! https://t.co/mg17zDT2QY
RT @shellyspeak: events: Larry, Steve, & Rudy: The Gatlin Brothers w/ guest Jenn Bostic https://t.co/JjiIgRNllQ
@BellesandGals Thanks so much for the support!
RT @DelphiOperaHous: Check out Jenn Bostic on @yelp https://t.co/NquQE0VIPR
Excited to be hitting the road with @gatlinbrothers next week in Colorado and Utah. 🎹🎤💜 Tickets available at https://t.co/TPdaxSBger
@KreepinCountry @MorganMylesLIVE I lived in Boston for 4 years! 😂
RT @Jesus_Calling: As you open up to Me, I will put My thoughts in your mind and My Song in your heart.  #DearJesus https://t.co/1GDQp0XYys
@MorganMylesLIVE Pats!!!
@RoperKirsten @kateandhergirls @carrieunderwood @YouTube Aw, thank you. 💜
@jamesbradshaw_1 Y’all are incredible!
RT @jamesbradshaw_1: #tb to singing with jennbostic on BBC Songs Of Praise! Thank you so much to Jenn for having us and for writing su… https://t.co/OZxHQgOHVg
👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 truth. https://t.co/Wt0qEmitFI
THIS! Thanks @RONNIEDOSS https://t.co/7DqRnIuQMs
@Jmw268 @SaraBareilles That would be a dream come true! 🙌🏻🥳
February 15 @BluebirdCafeTN with @bncmusic @erniehalter & @michaellogen https://t.co/KLLWHUIZgi
@sarahsweettater Feel better!
@wwe3coins84 Awwwww thank you!
@smileonice Thank youuuuuu. 😭😭😭
RT @smileonice: Couldn't have asked for a better way to finish up my day than an awesome online gig with @jennbostic. There are so… https://t.co/A1qWMUb43w
@JSHudson Next one! No worries!
@RM2SteveG @Stageit Thank you so much!!
@pappysbabies @Stageit Thank you!
Here we go! Happening now! https://t.co/59zRYuf7RE
ONLINE SHOW happening in 25 minutes! Get involved, it’s gonna be fun. 😍 https://t.co/59zRYuf7RE
“Private faithfulness is a prerequisite for public usefulness.” @ricardomusic #myoasis @oasischurchtv
ONLINE CONCERT via @Stageit happening TODAY at 2:30PM CST. Watching online from around the world. Snag your “pay-wh… https://t.co/8mWFRDbZnN
@justineclaire75 @BBCCovWarks 😢
“Jealous of the Angels” necklaces are back in stock! https://t.co/FroK2jpBrG https://t.co/JA3bupFKts
@dearjhonletter @BuzzEdition 😂😂😂
Tonight @GRAYSonMain with @neal_elder 🎶 amazing food...and the music isn’t too bad either. 😉 https://t.co/PFfKLg9657
@CassadeePope @iTunes 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 🔥
So so so good!!! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 https://t.co/D7MHMs0hZt
RT @bobgoff: Fear only has as much power as we give it; hope works the same way.
SUNDAY!!! Online @Stageit show! ❤️ Snag a ticket! https://t.co/59zRYuf7RE https://t.co/dQBiJNb5rI
@TaggartDonna Beautiful!!!!!
RT @bobgoff: It's easy to confuse a lot of activity with a purposeful life.
Friday night @GRAYSonMain with @neal_elder on 🎸 9PM, see you there! 📷: @sarakauss https://t.co/kfTEIH2DKH
@scottwarner18 Pizza
@HuwThomas3 @BBCSoP Thank you!
@_Sue_W_ Thank you!
@JoTBirks @rmcquick Thank you so much!
@rmcquick @JoTBirks Thank you so much! 💜
@RevDave03 @projectouchline @revkatebottley @BeLiftedNow @BBCSoP Thank you Dave. I’m so grateful.
@lmason1972 Thanks Lee!
@song_title @BBCSoP Just as a tourist!
What an amazing experience. God is good! https://t.co/Ir4nQNVSS6
@JSHudson Thanks so much Jason!
@Paul_PBK @BBCSoP Thanks so much!
So incredibly grateful for the opportunities @BBCSoP has provided to help me share the music God has given me with… https://t.co/8HcYWS4L85
@JoTBirks @rmcquick Thank you. :)
@Half_Moonpub Thanks for sharing!
@LindaShotterFam @BBCSoP Thanks so much for helping to spread the word and encouraging people to tune in. :)
@JSHudson Wow, so humbled! God is good!
@song_title @BBCSoP Thank you so much for your encouragement. <3
@MartinCox0155 @RIWills Thanks so much for sharing this! Can't watch in the US. :(
@HilsRobinson @BBCSoP @revkatebottley @BBCRadio2 Wow! Thank you so much! Means so much to me. ❤️❤️❤️
RT @HilsRobinson: Lovely to see @jennbostic on @BBCSoP presented by @revkatebottley. Jenn’s live performance on Good Morning Sunday… https://t.co/S6dzMgCDlN
RT @MartinCox0155: @jennbostic, you're on the telly! https://t.co/GhQElh4YU2
@justineclaire75 @BBCCovWarks 🥰 thank you!
RT @justineclaire75: If you can't wait for #SongsOfPraise then tune in to @BBCCovWarks Now playing the brilliant @jennbostic #Revival https://t.co/a98fN8OfWz
RT @LindaShotterFam: Looking forward to watching @jennbostic performing #Revival on @BBCSoP today. Show starts at 1:15. If you miss it… https://t.co/fStywcDcvq
RT @Half_Moonpub: Our great friend @jennbostic will be appearing on #SongsofPraise tomorrow at 1.15pm. Please tune in to hear her sin… https://t.co/jmfTiDm1TM
RT @BBCSoP: #SongsofPraise 1/2 Hymn books at the ready! Here’s what we’re singing this week. Morning Has Broken – The Church of… https://t.co/gI9rjKtIZx
This Sunday!!! Tune in. 🙏🙏🙏🙌🏻 https://t.co/YkG5kVBz1l
Indiana!!! ❤️❤️❤️ https://t.co/U8TWQ14yXi
Tune into Songs or Praise this week for a special performance of #Revival! https://t.co/Y0nPB0YEMd
RT @SFSeries1: Our friends at Radio Sobro will be streaming a clip featuring the amazing Jenn Bostic from last Saturday's Songwrit… https://t.co/oMfrxV6Hja
T-shirts $14.99 this month on https://t.co/y3aZLlSYE5 💙 https://t.co/0ER191V0NI
February 13, 2019 at Richfield High...
February 12, 2019 at Avalon Theatre...
@bobbybonesshow FRIENDS
💜💜💜💜😳🥰🥰🥰🥰 https://t.co/C57r6vwMDy
“Joy is a focus before it’s a feeling.” @stevenfurtick
Finally started watching @ThisIsUsTVShow ... who else is in the club?!
Take time to stop and hear the music. 📷: @photocillin https://t.co/62YgB2ByZt
@joe43021412 Joe, I’m so sorry for your loss and am honored to know my song has brought comfort to your family. For… https://t.co/loaSK5T3pV
@wwe3coins84 @jenngrinels @ZarniMusic @rebeccaloebe 💜
Jenn Bostic has a show on 01/12/2019 at 06:00 PM @ Merridee's Breadbasket in Franklin, TN https://t.co/LgvLHv3GQv https://t.co/5L1HtkFnTp
Jenn Bostic has a show on 01/12/2019 at 06:00 PM @ Songwriter Feature Series in Nashville, TN… https://t.co/MhEWb04iEY
Saturday Night! https://t.co/bxktAiJxQk
Family fun run! 💜 https://t.co/IAZvjmyPrm
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Saturday night! https://t.co/OOrPXasPAH
@worldcupblues Not yet 😉
Girlfriends are the best💜 https://t.co/HLWiCpP1D0
RT @downtownradio: Take it Easy is on the way... Tonight, it’s a Special - The Class of 2018 - the best new music from the year as pla… https://t.co/pXtZ1EZfY6
RT @addistock: [email protected] has had me singing along in my car all year and that's no mean feat. Here's my favourite from Revival https://t.co/iMXly2Hiwh
RT @StephBee23: I love that I can tell our new @amazonecho to play @jennbostic on @amazonmusic! 💕🎵 #merrychristmas #amazonecho… https://t.co/UDfUN76hFK
@Tylershouse @_SarahDarling 😍😍😍
@TaggartDonna @aris_choir @KennedyMary @NCH_Music Good luck!
RT @bobgoff: It's easy to get distracted watching what everyone else is doing. Tend to your own fire.
@ELLEmagazine @carlypearce @Cosmopolitan Amazing!
Thank you for all the beautiful birthday wishes! Extra special that I got to celebrate with family last week and my… https://t.co/PcWWxN9Sn8
@Washington_Ctr ❤️❤️❤️
RT @sarakauss: HAPPY BIRTHDAY 💜 to this adventure-seeking-songbird-singing best-friend of mine!! @jennbostic this is your year to… https://t.co/o7CniRrhdJ
@PAWFECT3 Thank you.
Boldly stepping into 2019 believing God has a plan for every step on this beautiful path. Praising Him for new musi… https://t.co/VRiJYI4Uuy
90’s party in #Nashville to ring in the New Year! @michaelernst7 @mysocalledband https://t.co/FZ61YBI87r
@TheChazLangley Have fun!
@bobgoff Love this. 💜
RT @bobgoff: God never compares what He creates.
Flying ✈️ home to ring in 2019 with the love of my life @michaelernst7 ❤️ First time I haven’t performed on NYE in a long time. 🎊
Dear friends, let us love one another, for love comes from God. Everyone who loves has been born of God and knows G… https://t.co/AE3XtY91SJ
@nppayne11 It’s difficult and I still struggle with it.
@MarenMorris Do we HAVE to take them down?
Flying across the country on my last adventure of 2018! TPA —> DEN —> PSP https://t.co/agnUd4s4cG
@sarakauss Yes! https://t.co/ODqEPLk5wE
RT @bobgoff: The way we deal with uncertainty says a lot about whether Jesus is ahead of us leading, or behind us just carrying our stuff.
“If I’m going to experience peace, I have to let go of my expectation of perfection.” 🙌🏻 @stevenfurtick
My humans. 💜 https://t.co/MuWqN3YO4f
Merry Christmas from our family to yours!!! https://t.co/kPRG5s5gmd
Huge thanks to the wonderful @mrmichaelball for playing #JealousoftheAngels on @BBCRadio2 yesterday. The holidays c… https://t.co/2E99SpkbxP
RT @bobgoff: Much of what God's doing in the world, He's doing in people's hearts. Be patient. It'll make sense later.
Hats off 🎩 to my friends @oasischurchtv bringing some INCREDIBLE CHRISTMAS MUSIC this morning! Tune in at 11AM CST… https://t.co/9WTkWIOKAU
@ladyjaney75 @Thrifty_Mumma_ @SueRyderLCH Heartbreak lets the light through. Blessings to you.
RT @BBCR2MusicBot: Now Playing Jenn Bostic - Jealous Of The Angels #jennbostic https://t.co/g1B9ZTjf9Y
@ladyjaney75 @Thrifty_Mumma_ @SueRyderLCH Thank you
@Fleabag1970 @mrmichaelball @BBCRadio2 💜
RT @jenretkawallace: ⁦@southviewONE10⁩ making music with ⁦@jennbostic⁩ . Great experience for our SV musicians #WEareONE10 https://t.co/LBIPURW9B2
He really did make the best Santa Clause. 🎅🏽 🎄❤️ Miss you Dad! https://t.co/btvpKjjaqd
RT @KJOfficialFanP2: This is probably the best article the Mail have ever published!Well done @KathJenkins for being Patron you can cert… https://t.co/MpGbB5cYnR
Headed back to Nashville with a full heart. Thank you Waconia for 4 #soldout shows @SchramVineyards & thank you… https://t.co/djE8R44Jlj
Guys!!! The @amazonecho now streams @AppleMusic Just say “Alexa- play Jenn Bostic on Apple Music” Enjoy!!!!!
@SO45fan Hope you’re feeling better!
RT @southviewONE10: Caring Heart Gratitude! ❤️ Jenn Bostic held a very special concert at Southview Elementary! #WEareONE10 https://t.co/Pkl7WxhySR
RT @southviewONE10: Honoring Mrs. Lozito! A special concert at Southview Elementary by Jenn Bostic! #WEareONE10 https://t.co/yaNmuepjUY
RT @southviewONE10: Thank you Brenda Grams for inviting Jenn Bostic to Southview Elementary in honor of Mrs. Lozito, MN Choral Director… https://t.co/85g0XDrS0T
Tonight! So fun. What a week! https://t.co/NUfIk6Yijl
❤️❤️❤️❤️ https://t.co/A6cx6C6WMT
@grams10brenda Thank you for making it happen!
RT @MrsThompsonBV: Every transition remained calm today thanks to @jennbostic #wearesuperfans https://t.co/CknWZ3x4xk
@MrsThompsonBV Awwww so sweet!
RT @nathalierendu: Pour bien finir l'année, voici mon top albums 2018 ! @AshleyMcBryde @signegeneve @clarembee @NHMpublishing… https://t.co/JMqI1NkgBl
RT @AKSJaeger: Jenn Bostic is home! #WEareONE10 https://t.co/Mz9IrpdJpk
@justineclaire75 @BBCRadio2 @achrisevans You’re so cute!
@eswecker 😘
@CassadeePope @NBCTheVoice 🙌🏻👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼❤️
What a morning. I’ve got 1200 new best friends. Wish I could take them all on the road with me. 🎄💜 @southviewONE10… https://t.co/X2Izb9t56G
RT @BradReichCPA: Wow! What an awesome evening at Shram Vineyards with Waconia’s own @jennbostic her #FantasticBlues guitarist Bart… https://t.co/l8gz1BZezg
@TravisHorton94 Thank you!
RT @SO45fan: A Christmas tradition @jennbostic soooo good with help from @tonefreak713 https://t.co/3Lovlcor5o
RT @LindaShotterFam: What a wonderful way to start a #MusicMonday turning the TV on to @KathJenkins singing @jennbostic's Jealous of the… https://t.co/TA3Ys6MPJW
RT @tbgroove: A blessing to make music with an inter generational group of performing artists. These are my brothers and sister f… https://t.co/px4KMl9U0e
Tonight! Sold out show #1 of 4 with @tonefreak713 @SchramVineyards https://t.co/qultBikArG
Jenn Bostic has a show on 12/16/2018 at 08:00 PM @ Schram Vineyards in Waconia, MN https://t.co/XCtom90K3e #concert https://t.co/sFJH2G6wtC
Jenn Bostic has a show on 12/16/2018 at 05:00 PM @ Schram Vineyards in Waconia, MN https://t.co/Teu1prtkjX #concert https://t.co/sFJH2G6wtC
RT @Megz2121: The amazing jennbostic bringing me into the holiday's with her amazing music. Have a blessed rest of 2018!! https://t.co/nkFcUGlegw
RT @bobgoff: "If our heads are full and our hearts are empty, we'll just tip over." #EverybodyAlways
RT @RandyMaluchnik: An evening of music with Jenn Bostic and Traveled Ground | Lifestyle | https://t.co/cDOxgjOOTJ https://t.co/EvMMHIUbjq
@BradReichCPA 😊😊😊
Minnesota Bound! ❄️ ⛄️ 📷: @sarakauss https://t.co/s9iofXO2WH
@PadCharFan4ever Thanks so much!
RT @BBCRadioWales: 'I'm not sure I'll ever have closure...I still feel like he's with me.' Katherine Jenkins didn't get the chance to… https://t.co/2SQiTELjHy
Had a blast covering #rayoflight at tonight’s Salute to #Madonna supporting 2harvestmidtn The band was killer, huge… https://t.co/yqpIGDL6R8
This is going down tonight to support @SecondHarvestFB 🎸❤️ https://t.co/S0vZfo46sq
Love love love this! https://t.co/U58tc8Fqqr
@jasonmohammad @BBCRadio2 @revkatebottley @DavidCookUK This is awesome! 😂
RT @KathJenkins: Tune in to @BBCOne from 1.15PM for my @BBCSoP Faith Journey special. Such a lovely episode to shoot and it features… https://t.co/VzCRnBfzW6
So excited for these shows! https://t.co/WbFfy0lLco
RT @bobgoff: Be patient when it gets weird. The angels explained things to Joseph after he talked to Mary, not before.
@PuebloEstrella Thanks Ray!
@PuebloEstrella Thanks Ray! Grateful you asked me to sing.
❤️ Thanks San Diego! https://t.co/8YBii9u31d
RT @wwe3coins84: Best musicians on Earth!!! @jenngrinels @jennbostic @rebeccaloebe @ZarniMusic They deserve to win song of the yea… https://t.co/QZAeosZcVP
RT @elizwalas: Of course @ChristianKane01, @stevecarlson and @jennbostic would be my Top Artists. Along with @TheTimMcGraw and… https://t.co/lyP3qKd3jH
RT @bobgoff: Figure out what you’d give your life for and you’ll know what to give your time to.
@Marchmont_St_G_ Aw thank you!
Throwing this one back in the set tomorrow! 🎄❤️😘 https://t.co/aHzEoYrWfM #SanDiego
@carlypearce @FaithHill 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
@smileonice @ClaireCarey_ 😍
Jenn Bostic has a show on 12/07/2018 at 08:00 PM @ Queen Bee's in San Diego, CA https://t.co/vH6Teuk6UZ #concert https://t.co/sFJH2G6wtC
Let the countdown begin. Feeling all kinds of Christmas vibes today. 🎄 #christmas #christmasmusic… https://t.co/iSBgUIt614
RT @Section101Tweet: Nashville-based singer-songwriters, @jenngrinels and @jennbostic will be performing together for the first time a… https://t.co/WlVHe1cVn7
@JeannieBCountry @BritishCMA @MeridianFM Same to you!
Friday!!!! San Diego with @jenngrinels and my buddy @johannfrank on 🎸 @PuebloEstrella TICKET LINK: https://t.co/koDG41jYOe
@evilboxof Aw that’s so sweet!
@JeannieBCountry @BritishCMA @MeridianFM Thanks so much for sharing my music!
Hope to see you there! https://t.co/D27CMDh8w0
😊❤️😍 https://t.co/oAiMP1pynY
Hey #SanDiego THIS Friday!!!!❤️🎄😘 @jenngrinels @PuebloEstrella Tickets: https://t.co/DL7Dan2diX
RT @louderthan: @jennbostic - Revival : Is This Album one of your #ChristianMusic Top albums of the year. Vote on this Years… https://t.co/QtjJsffl8f
Friday!!!!❤️🎄😘 @jenngrinels @PuebloEstrella Tickets: https://t.co/DL7Dan2diX
@marc7brewer @TheWritersShare @michaellogen @_SarahDarling Aw thanks so much! That was such a fun night. 💜
@amanda_panda333 @bosendorfer Really? Who was it?
@opaman @bosendorfer It’s amazing! Best Ive played
My forever wedding date and a @bosendorfer 😍 https://t.co/qQG5tC2rKi
RT @justineclaire75: Now Advent has started my Sunday Selection @BBCCovWarks is going all out Christmas. I can't wait to play you the br… https://t.co/ktqhTFEMyO
@danbuckley @kyshona @Lightning100 @CityWineryNSH @MusCornerNash @ErinRae_Music @thePaulMcDonald @AmberRubarth… https://t.co/CCUOAywNUP
RT @CathleenThom: Waconia’s own @jennbostic. Excellent artist, and really good song for the season! #ChristmasTunes https://t.co/AIDGcEwzQs
😊❤️😘 Congrats on your new album! It’s stunning! I’m so thankful you’ve given #JealousoftheAngels new wings. 😇 https://t.co/5yBjCEvQPF
RT @BradReichCPA: About 15 days until @jennbostic is in Waconia to #LightUp Christmas 🎄 locally‼️ #WhiteChristmas awaits
@wonderfuldream Thanks, you too!
It’s Christmas Time! https://t.co/b2RpzSDsIF
RT @SFSeries1: THIS is going to be a fun show! Hope you'll make plans to join us! If y'all haven't heard the incredible Jenn Bos… https://t.co/ulGMauE38B
RT @ClarkMachtemes: Jenn Bostic : NAMED 2018 "INTERNATIONAL TOURING ARTIST OF THE YEAR" https://t.co/NWVztV9rN7
Soooo good! ⁦⁦@stevenfurtick⁩ https://t.co/VOzaPcGmtQ
Next weekend in San Diego with @jenngrinels 🎄❤️🎹🎸🎤🎙 Tickets: https://t.co/DL7Dan2diX https://t.co/Puk6ARAMPv
@metalheadkjk @Mignon_Music @thewomenofcoun Thank you!
@thewomenofcoun @emilyann_music @avarowlandmusic @JessieLynnJL @hollytmusic @TaylorEdwards @mary_kutter @elisehayes… https://t.co/s8I8tzjwYW
New email blast coming at you tomorrow morning. Make sure you’re signed up! 😉 https://t.co/y3aZLlSYE5
Working outside my comfort zone this week! Stay tuned for something special Minnesota... :)
@REVBOYLE xo Likewise!
Aw, thanks guys! 😊 https://t.co/ItQEXXkP0J
@dstone820 @LifeInASong_UK @BritishCMA Thanks David!
This is how @tonefreak713 and I make a set list. 😂 See you soon Minnesota! https://t.co/hHaG3Xr4j8
@djSJBirds @BritishCMA Awww thanks!
😊♥️🇬🇧 https://t.co/lVLDrYf1MF
Home sweet home. ❤️ 🇺🇸
RT @djSJBirds: Playing today on #MondayMusicAndMore on @RedroadFM The @BritishCMA Award presenter @GaryQuinnMusic, Award winners… https://t.co/ry5Mkcn1le
@SueMcMillanUK Thank you! Likewise! 💜
Off to Nashville! ✈️ If only I was #idreamofgenie and could blink myself home...😉🇬🇧❤️
@GaryQuinnMusic Hahaha mayyyybe🤷🏼‍♀️
Jet lag is real. Staring at the ceiling at 3AM like... https://t.co/93XV8QVHem
@MeryemHassan 😊 Thank you, we had a blast!
@MeryemHassan @BritishCMA @emilyfayemusic @jadehelliwell2 @BackwoodsCreek @GaryQuinnMusic @MorganwayUK @Keziagill Thanks so much! ❤️
It’s mutual 💜💜💜 https://t.co/HRvM7Lsy8u
RT @LewisHarrower: Tonight on The Hoedown at 9pm I have a @BritishCMA special running through the winners nominees and performers with… https://t.co/7nToMTZ4ir
😍❤️🇬🇧 https://t.co/jGEyAkuvYx
What a night! So grateful to have received the award for #InternationalTouringArtistoftheYear again this year. Than… https://t.co/z6Uf7sQuQ2
RT @SteveLuffRadio: Congrats to @jennbostic for award last night #internationaltouringartist @BritishCMA -Artist I have reviewed and f… https://t.co/zlnfwLHfU8
RT @DanaeCo: Congrats @jennbostic !!! https://t.co/ytI4x6baOe
@Indy4roo1 Thank you!
RT @Indy4roo1: Congrats @jennbostic International Act 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 #BCMAawards
RT @LifeInASong_UK: International Act Of The Year - our lovely host @jennbostic! https://t.co/rSP0nBLuQP
RT @LifeInASong_UK: The brilliant @jennbostic kicking off the second half of tonight's show! https://t.co/104ltyGpTq
RT @LifeInASong_UK: What a start! @GaryQuinnMusic and @jennbostic with 'Shallow' https://t.co/RZea3oiuOD
❤️❤️❤️ https://t.co/M8eNuogJta
Surprise! Mom’s coming to the @BritishCMA Awards with me! ❤️✈️🇬🇧 https://t.co/WX18dbMrj2
👇🏼👌🏻❤️🌲 This. Is. Awesome. Loved writing it with this UNBELIEVABLY TALENTED QUEEN! 👑 https://t.co/xnEQUILBUF
@stradiost11 Thanks for all your support!
@biffo60 @dankthemanc Thanks Brian. 💜
Here we go! @BritishCMA @GaryQuinnMusic ✈️ 🇬🇧 ❤️ https://t.co/5Junjqfl0e
Thankful. 😍 https://t.co/9ly2nFi2cr
RT @bobgoff: “God doesn’t just give us Himself. Sometimes He gives us a few other people in our lives whose voices we can trust.” #EverybodyAlways
@TravisHorton94 Thanks!!!
Happy Thanksgiving! https://t.co/assimkSuvS
It’s Christmas Time! 🌲❤️ (I know, Thanksgiving First). So excited to start playing this one again, wrote it with my… https://t.co/ZaDjbyMF3H
💜💜💜💜💜 https://t.co/NF0U4Hr92e
Wow. God bless you @KathJenkins I can’t help but think of how this experience would have affected me as a 10 year… https://t.co/j17JTFmzkJ
@LindaShotterFam @KathJenkins @griefencounter 😭😭😭 I have now.
RT @smileonice: Such a blessing to be able to worship at oasischurchtv this morning after well over a year of congregating with the… https://t.co/XjXTFTve5X
RT @smileonice: So that just happened. Terrible photos but INCREDIBLE music with jennbostic, @tonefreak713 & friends ❤️… https://t.co/9Eq5XKWPu7
RT @wosradio: Jenn Bostic focuses on building relationships with her fans. https://t.co/3LpflrUuyq #womeninmusic #recordingartist… https://t.co/imI0T2VSGz
@Matthew_McN @Stageit Thanks for tuning in!
Tonight! @listeningroom with my friends @NatalieStovall @tonefreak713 @philbartonmusic Tix: https://t.co/MAecO1eCYU https://t.co/coiskDo5uW
Huuuuuge thanks to everyone that tuned in for today’s @Stageit show! 💜 Had so much fun singing all your cover requests. 😉
@DanaeCo @Stageit 😉
Tomorrow Night @listeningroom with @NatalieStovall @tonefreak713 @philbartonmusic 💕 Tickets:… https://t.co/9VNrQgavre
Today on @Stageit #onlineconcert Tickets: https://t.co/w3GnYBu8ZY #allrequestcovershow https://t.co/gmKlmRJDcR
Who’s watching the @CountryMusic Awards???? #CMAawards2018
I love waking up before my alarm. ⏰
RT @LindaShotterFam: Listening to an interview with @jennbostic on @wosradio https://t.co/jSFUqsmnMK Also on @YouTube: https://t.co/KNet2t4WfP
@BradBaileyGTR @hallmarkchannel Haha so all of them then? 😂
So much fun! 💜💜💜 https://t.co/YpJfOsDIah
Honored to have been interviewed by @wosradio for their latest podcast. ❤️ Check it out! https://t.co/6OyZgEf34K https://t.co/F0Sidohlfg
I don’t know how you do it @hallmarkchannel but you have my heart EVERY Christmas. ❤️ 🎄
@carlypearce Love this so much! So happy for you!
#RememberanceDay #JealousoftheAngels https://t.co/HxXOzmPMhi
@poolmanpetersim @justineclaire75 @BBCCovWarks Thank you.
@justineclaire75 @BBCCovWarks 😍
RT @justineclaire75: Now playing @BBCCovWarks the beautiful @jennbostic #JealousOfTheAngels #LestWeForget
Tonight @GRAYSonMain ❤️ https://t.co/5yJar8UGn3
Dear nose, please stop running. Thx.
Next Friday! @listeningroom with @tonefreak713 @philbartonmusic @NatalieStovall Tickets Available Here:… https://t.co/zOqoYgKxtv
@timkellernyc Yes!
@eswecker 💜💜💜
RT @ClarkMachtemes: Put this one on the calendar. It doesn’t happen often. Special appearance by couple of new members of Traveled Grou… https://t.co/mnaD5sJXnP
RT @coachpolding: Simple and powerful from jennbostic. If you haven't listened to her music yet, do the right thing and download imme… https://t.co/89Vkd1QCMd
Tomorrow Night @GRAYSonMain https://t.co/FFwGV5aEbD
Let the light in. 📷: @sarakauss https://t.co/ANFy2MKrFn
@wwe3coins84 @jenngrinels @rebeccaloebe @ZarniMusic 💜💜💜
Jenn Bostic has a show on 11/10/2018 at 09:00 PM @ GRAYS on Main in Franklin, TN https://t.co/ti1wDIVh0H #concert https://t.co/sFJH2G6wtC
@photocillin You are SO talented.
Spent the week writing songs with these world changers 🤗 https://t.co/00ckUIpJtJ
@bobbybonesshow 🤷🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️
This Saturday Night @GRAYSonMain 💜💜💜 https://t.co/iY0RQBMnUp
@carlypearce @DancingABC Amazing!!!!
@BonTempsNOLA Thank you!
Another great show for #WingsofHope in Pottstown, PA tonight! ❤️ https://t.co/2BR5p1grD0
Tonight was a warm, fuzzy, fill my heart with joy kinda night. ❤️ #wingsofhope #steelriverplayhouse #pennsylvania… https://t.co/Kf8QNZcBzc
Key West ✈️ Miami ✈️ Philly 🚘 @Steel_River for tonight’s show benefitting #WingsofHope 💜
Jenn Bostic has a show on 11/03/2018 at 06:30 PM @ Steel River Playhouse in Pottstown, PA https://t.co/ONfwvbIMwc https://t.co/gA8oIeljjr
Happy Halloween! ❤️🐭🎃 https://t.co/8ezDcGKSI3
@wwe3coins84 Thank you so much! That means the world!
🎃 👻 🦇 https://t.co/JxpMAevaGA
@MarenMorris 😂😂😂
@GaryQuinnMusic @LindaShotterFam @theroundupldn @TwoWaysHome @jamiefreeman @SueMcMillanUK @ColonelFawcett… https://t.co/OlXQzusASv
@bobbybonesshow @RadioAmy Raisins!!!!
@MikeCannoni 😘
@MikeCannoni 💜💜💜
I mean...he’s the cutest ever!!!! 😍❤️😘 https://t.co/8FWbo7lKzQ
@_Sue_W_ @thigy @smileysmusic Awwwwww so sweet 💜💜💜
Be the friend you want to have. 💜
I’m so lucky to have people like Linda in my life. 😍 https://t.co/utCm6jmnJd
@TaggartDonna So sweet!
The Florida fun starts tomorrow!!! @SongwritersIsle @EricErdmanMusic 💕 https://t.co/b6cW5KbzSA
I just Pre-Ordered Sarah Darling: Wonderland https://t.co/FvZ8mCBKqQ @PledgeMusic #country
Jenn Bostic has a show on 10/27/2018 at 08:00 PM @ Rotary Rocktober Fest in Bonita Springs, FL… https://t.co/D41o8wbQtL
3 of the 4 Minnesota Christmas Shows are SOLD OUT! Get your tickets for Tuesday, December 18 to avoid disappointmen… https://t.co/5yFrQHqplq
Jenn Bostic has a show on 10/27/2018 at 01:00 PM @ Hurricane Charley's Raw Bar and Grill in Punta Gorda, FL… https://t.co/EKgXoRkNAU
One additional Minnesota Christmas show added @SchramVineyards and @tonefreak713 has been announced as the special… https://t.co/xzIJETgip6
RT @bobgoff: When it matters more what our faith looks like than what it is, it isn't faith anymore, it's theater.
❤️❤️❤️ https://t.co/kQUd75bsIn
@DreamerDreamr Awwwww thx Jeff!
Off to Hollywood... ✈️
RT @sarakauss: You can do anything you set your mind to. 🐎 {including travel to Iceland and photograph @jennbostic with Icelandic… https://t.co/g9L9lt8gZL
This weekend in the Carolinas filled up my heart! 💜 Huge thanks to @tonefreak713 for bringing the 🎸 & 🎤 https://t.co/4OAEANt7px
So fun! ❤️ https://t.co/vZM9ALbys6
@JSHudson @Stageit Love that movie!
@Matthew_McN 💜💜💜 such an amazing night!
@RickP10425 Can’t wait!
RT @Uncleshag: Hear @jennbostic w/ "Missin' A Man" in Longtown Sound 1757 Weekend Power Hour #indiemusic #ondemand https://t.co/CEwyLitbzB
@BirdyMaker2013 @joshgroban Haha no #uglycry
Such a sweet night with these beautiful humans. ❤️ @joshgroban you are incredible. Thanks for making me cry all th… https://t.co/HvXcKaOZfM
Jenn Bostic has a show on 10/20/2018 at 06:30 PM @ Smileys Acoustic Cafe in Greenville, SC https://t.co/cnKbDxS2AP https://t.co/WM79j2CcFW
Saturday Night at Smiley’s Acoustic Cafe in Greenville, South Carolina!!! 💜💜💜 https://t.co/eW9x8Bpy9p
I love @stageit! What a fun ONLINE CONCERT this afternoon. Join us for next month's ALL REQUEST COVER SHOW! Get you… https://t.co/3iH0oI3l90
Thanks for tuning in! https://t.co/80A2oF9KCs
ONLINE @Stageit SHOW HAPPENING IN 5 MINUTES!!! https://t.co/0LxR5s6QQl
What a night... ❤️ https://t.co/so2Ys9m8PY
Today at 4PM ONLINE CONCERT VIA @Stageit 💜 Tickets: https://t.co/0LxR5s6QQl
@BonTempsNOLA Thank you!
This guy. 💜 So glad he’s my friend. Listen to this song, it’s fantastic. https://t.co/gLHQlvD4dV
Greenville this Saturday with @tonefreak713 ❤️❤️❤️❤️ https://t.co/qNeGLI6ZXe
Thx guys! This was fun one! https://t.co/HHYaIZsCzZ
@bjandthebear @davebarnesmusic @jordankreynolds Congrats!
@thewanderhearts @CountryMusic @KassiAshton @ashcambanjo @tenilletownes @destefanomusic Gorgeous!
RT @bobgoff: The One who has called us is much more powerful than any of the impediments we're facing.
@Tylershouse @marc7brewer @LindaShotterFam @_SarahDarling 💜💜💜
@bobbybonesshow @TheBonnieRaitt & @MarcBroussard
Online @Stageit concert this THURSDAY at 4PM CST. https://t.co/0LxR5s6QQl
RT @bobgoff: “Love always finds a way to express itself.” #EverybodyAlways
PJs + hot ☕️ + the sound of 🌧 on my window = the perfect Monday morning.
RT @addistock: Oddly for me I didn't buy this album immediately upon it's release, kicking myself now as the CD hasn't left the ca… https://t.co/kJIbi2l1C7
@addistock 💜💜💜
RT @LindaShotterFam: #NationalAlbumDay @jennbostic #Revival Every home should have one! https://t.co/68RXVH1o5h https://t.co/k8Yw8xarZ4
Awwwww couldn’t be in better company 💜 https://t.co/KRArEsigbJ
@opaman @AlcatrazIsland @michaelernst7 No it closed back in the 60s. 😉
Visited @AlcatrazIsland today with @michaelernst7. Wow. https://t.co/FFRmNtynaA
@CockayneJared Awhile back. 😉 I’ve gotten used to it over the years.
RT @bobgoff: Most people need love and acceptance more than they need advice.
“Joy is not getting what you want, joy is appreciating what you already have.” @MarkBatterson
BNA ✈️LAX ✈️ SFO 🚗 NAPA 👫 🍷
RT @RONNIEDOSS: You've got to decide what level you're going to play at in life. If you don't, other people's mediocre standards wi… https://t.co/WraYkUrFoH
#WorldMentalHealthDay Wrote this one with @DaphneWillis 💜 Honored to see how it has been helping people. It hits so… https://t.co/ERdsa50JfB
Thank youuuuu! https://t.co/NM3W2ERyTt
😂😂😂👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 https://t.co/xI9IOZlkpi
@sarahsweettater Sending prayers your way
RT @wwe3coins84: This is actually happing and I can’t go!! My 2 favorites musicians together I believe for the first time!! You don’… https://t.co/T3UsnvG2qj
When writing a song makes rain fall from your eyes, it’s bound to be a good one. 😢💜 🎶
@themaxstraub Awesome!
RT @bobgoff: "The more beauty we find in someone else's journey, the less we'll want to compare it to our own." #EverybodyAlways
This weekend ❤️ Huge thanks to @disciple_live for making it possible. https://t.co/tv0tYVAlCs
@disciple_live Thank you my friend!
@jesseterrymusic @moogs_lumox @michaellogen @CrescentArts He’s the best!
💜💜💜 Thank you so much! https://t.co/LA1Z1FGk29
@RMDDirector_NSP Thank you so much!
DEN ✈️ PHL 🚘 👰🏻🤵🏻 #jacobrubensandwich @jesseruben @jenjacob_ ❤️ #ilovelove
It was an absolute honor to open for @CollinRaye this weekend in Colorado. 25 hits in 25 years! Not only is he unbe… https://t.co/Zgui82a0bt
When your 3 year old nephew watches you perform a show for the first time and tells you “That was awesome!” 😭😭😭❤️ @JeffBosticMusic
Ummm i get to play THIS tonight! 😳🤭 🎹 #yamaha #grandpiano #rialtotheatre #lovelandmusic https://t.co/VXori2tlma
@TaggartDonna @VisualCarlow @iontastheatre @UlsterHall @glorennis @PavilionTheatre @INECKILLARNEY @RoyalCastlebar… https://t.co/KJOevBPv9w
@jeff_wilson10 @AvalonTheatreGJ @CollinRaye Thank you so much Jeff
Tonight. Was. Amazing. Thank you Grand Junction @AvalonTheatreGJ & @CollinRaye. I have never sold out of CDs at a g… https://t.co/3OGqVY7UWJ
About to take the Stage @AvalonTheatreGJ to warm up the crowd for @CollinRaye 💜 Here’s a snap of this beautiful spa… https://t.co/nkH9t2OhEx
@linzeejordan Yayyyyy! ❤️❤️😉
Tonight! Supporting @CollinRaye at the @AvalonTheatreGJ in Grand Junction, Colorado! 🤗💜
@justineclaire75 @BBCRadio2 @jeffreygoldbIum 💜💜💜
RT @BradReichCPA: A don’t miss show here in Waconia https://t.co/RUzjbf7wfy
Jenn Bostic has a show on 10/06/2018 at 07:00 PM @ Rialto Theater in Loveland, CO https://t.co/h1rJg9k2oP #concert https://t.co/sFJH2G6wtC
@jamieskent @kroger @Publix Preach!
Since the 2 Hometown Christmas Shows @SchramVineyards SOLD OUT in 24 hours we’ve added another show. 😉 Monday, De… https://t.co/DltzB5hzbS
Instagram shopping scares me. Either I click the link to a dress I like and it is 1 million dollars OR it’s $1.99 +… https://t.co/nayzP2IqTL
@BuckleandBoots @jadehelliwell2 @banddarcy @sarahjorymusic @Keziagill @StewartMacMusic @IzzieWalsh Have so much fun!
@CassadeePope Happy Birthday Cuppy! 🐶 🍖 🎈
@takisa2660 Thanks for listening!
BNA ✈️ DEN 🤗
Because I can’t stop singing it around the house... #yousay #laurendaigle #christianmusic #iamloved #faith #hope… https://t.co/HumjP9Wtib
Jenn Bostic has a show on 10/06/2018 at 07:00 PM @ Rialto Theater in Loveland, CO https://t.co/gCr74wqPdB #concert https://t.co/sFJH2G6wtC
Jenn Bostic has a show on 10/05/2018 at 07:00 PM @ Avalon Theatre in Grand Junction, CO https://t.co/0IQRPvHn2L https://t.co/P9SXTgpp7T
Jenn Bostic has a show on 10/06/2018 at 07:00 PM @ Avalon Theatre in Grand Junction, CO https://t.co/8nkqkJjMUs https://t.co/mbp9uFhkr4
Posted a new song: "Revival" https://t.co/2yslZNGAcs #music https://t.co/sFJH2G6wtC
Posted a new song: "Haunting Me" https://t.co/UHhORLDopB #music https://t.co/sFJH2G6wtC
Thanks for the love! 💜 https://t.co/8Wl0DeR04b
Get going this Wednesday! https://t.co/IHWRlAEZQx
❤️💜💕 https://t.co/wv47gfyOL8
You guys are amazing! 2 Christmas Shows SOLD OUT in 24 hours. Working with @SchramVineyards to see if we can add another. Stay tuned!
THIS is how happy I am to be opening for @CollinRaye this weekend in Colorado! Do you have your tickets?… https://t.co/Vap583mMvW
Tuesdays that start with phone calls from a bestie are my favorite. 😍
“Worry weighs us down; a cheerful word picks us up.” Proverbs 12:25 MSG *Say something cheerful to someone today.* https://t.co/u2gshGuBCH
Do you have #revival on vinyl yet? 😍 Order your copy from my brand new store today. https://t.co/pqLxuyzuaA
☺️❤️😍 https://t.co/k52yF8r1g4
5PM Showtime for this year's Annual Hometown Christmas Show @SchramVineyards is already sold out! Get your tickets… https://t.co/3pgRQE4kdX
Tix for my 4th annual Hometown Christmas Show now available. Special guest TBA! Get your tickets early:… https://t.co/JRXXM160vU
Home is where he is.😍 @michaelernst7 https://t.co/O2MBCsxMpA
@pappysbabies @Stageit Aw thanks!
What a @Stageit show! Together we provided 8 people in Swaziland clean water for life!!! Amazing. Huge thanks to… https://t.co/DBYanCAyVX
Singing for a good cause this morning! Join me live and online via @Stageit to support the amazing work… https://t.co/zQw6lnrHnG
Online Concert TODAY on @Stageit! Help us build a well in Swaziland via @thirstproject 💦 Grab a tea or coffee and j… https://t.co/HigQgjHMY9
Tune in for a live show NOW on https://t.co/irny2NG3ev ❤️😉
@Sprogkatbzz @GaryQuinnMusic @BritishCMA 🤷🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️
@Hustlinpup @timehop @SpotifyUK ❤️
@DanaeCo ❤️😍😘
@hikingviking69 @LaBebeBellota Aw thanks for listening hope your travel has improved.
@GaryQuinnMusic @BritishCMA 😍❤️🎶
❤️❤️❤️❤️ https://t.co/K3OWga0ZXW
@_Sue_W_ @sue_cord @DisabilityJ Thank you so much!
Big Announcement! @GaryQuinnMusic and I get to hangout with you at the @BritishCMA Awards 😍 https://t.co/S2pn2104FC
@_Sue_W_ @sue_cord @DisabilityJ Sorry you got lost! 😉❤️ Thanks for listening!
Thanks for sharing my music! 💕 https://t.co/lmXw2ZJIHp
Just sent out a new email update with some exciting info! 😉💜 If you don’t get it, be sure to sign up for my mailing… https://t.co/8P1s4qoAqw
@CassadeePope 😂
@justineclaire75 @BBC6Breakfast @BBC6Music @BBCRadio2 💜💜💜💜proud friend!
@evilboxof Enjoy!!!
@carlypearce @people @peopletv @Michaelraymusic I love this so much! You deserve every ounce of love and success. 💕
Reflecting on a beautiful month making memories with my mom and her bestie in Europe. So grateful. ❤️ https://t.co/FlIPP6pCEs
Skunk: 1, Jackson: 0 😷
@lincoln_lezli I am so sorry. Of course you can.
@mrBobbyBones So amazing! ❤️
@DanaeCo Thanks! ❤️
@BellesandGals @AstridHeleneM84 @emmalynnwhite @FirstAidKitBand @KelseaBallerini @JennyTolman Thank you. ❤️
Home. ❤️ No place sweeter.
@kmciltr1 💜💜💜💜💜💜
@_Sue_W_ Gorgeous!
@deanandsheena @RadioTamworth @oandoduo @raintownmusic @thewanderhearts Thanks for the love!
@luisalberto_dg Amalfi Coast, Italy
NAP ✈️ FRA ✈️ IAD ✈️ BNA 🚘 🏡 💑 🐶 🙏😍
Boat days are the best days! #AmalfiCoast https://t.co/D4xBOgIV7d
Amalfi Coast 💜 https://t.co/EAjxBuJu6M
@legofish Also, you’re brilliant. Thank you for creating this masterpiece.
@legofish Voice conversation. 😉
@frankbrowne2 @BBCSoP 💜
Still one of my favorites off the “Revival” album. https://t.co/IsjZf7GGTA
When you’re riding shotgun in Naples and the driver wants to have a full conversation using google translate... 😳… https://t.co/IWPa63iGri
Ice cream in a bread bowl? Yes please! 😍 #Sicily https://t.co/M4NNWdqVzj
Me: “why are you laughing?” Mom: “I was looking at you.” 🤷🏼‍♀️
Hi Palermo! #firsttimetosicily ❤️ https://t.co/38jTr6ThPY
RT @Section101Tweet: Look who is playing in San Diego in December! Tix on sale for @jennbostic on December 7 at Queen Bees Arts and Cult… https://t.co/U9caoi1MvS
@BradReichCPA ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️send me dates!
💜💜💜💜 https://t.co/HP564fbWCb
Fact: 30% of Italians have never been online. Happily falling off the grid for a few weeks.💜
RT @nathalierendu: https://t.co/G8KgEIXO2c
@kyshona Haha I didn’t even notice that!!!!!! 😂😂😂😂
@Matthew_McN Shows are over, now I’m on holiday to Italy for 2 weeks! 💜💜💜
@_SarahDarling @WAStateFair 💜💜💜Enjoy sweet friend!
@PaulHallows1 Jealous of the Angels
Vienna, Austria 😍 https://t.co/PattoQk7ql
☺️😘🤗 https://t.co/ggYgKgYHTb
Felt like Cinderella tonight singing in a castle in Seftenberg, Austria. 💜 https://t.co/9jE0gIkZaX
Performing at a castle in Austria tonight. Is this real life???? https://t.co/YiaFCMiRws
@Philippahanna ❤️
Loved filming this with Sessions In The House a few months back. #FaintofHeart https://t.co/JfcQLc0ksA
RT @Section101Tweet: @jennbostic has a @Stageit date coming up on September 29th! https://t.co/bQpfKmzXrY https://t.co/UBJpdvjn8o
@IndieArtSouth Aw thank you so much! 😍
Off to Görlitz, Germany! 🇩🇪
Oh what a night! 💜 Thank you Berlin! 🇩🇪 Photos by Thomas Künzel. https://t.co/KZ2ouiDmkb
PROUD FRIEND ALERT! Yaaaas Queen! @DaphneWillis Will Open For Barenaked Ladies https://t.co/2qUDfOqtVg via @dobservermusic
@LarkinPoe Need an opener? Amazing!!!!
@LarkinPoe Amaaaaaazing!!!
Sharing a few songs in Berlin, Germany tonight. 🇩🇪 https://t.co/R1iKNbdLWB
Beautiful performance at the Historic Auditorium in Hannover, Germany last night. 📷: Ilka Reidler-Zimmerman ❤️ https://t.co/0thTmUhjhA
@Matthew_McN @KathJenkins @BBCSoP That would be incredible!
💜 Thanks guys. 😊 https://t.co/FSpTdf2i3b
This. Is. Amazing! Listen listen listen!!! @michaellogen @Pink https://t.co/cWD1Gl2yor
So good to be back in Germany after 3 years away. ❤️😍😘 🇩🇪 https://t.co/4Ol7p8P9Pk
@lauraoakesmusic @carrieunderwood @TheLongRoadFest Amazing!
@ethansgrumps So grateful!
RT @KathJenkins: Here’s a clip from my new video for ‘Jealous of the Angels’, dedicated to anyone who has ever lost someone - you ca… https://t.co/e5fGzAM16R
@GraemeHargreav1 @PlatformFes @_SarahDarling @michaellogen Would love to. 💕😉
Farewell Amsterdam ❤️ https://t.co/RUJHqJiYK9
@MarkLBower1 Gorgeous!
RT @elizwalas: And this woman right here has has the most beautiful voice I’ve heard in a very long time. Love you @jennbostic Jen… https://t.co/zcvO5WNNAg
@elizwalas @YouTube ❤️❤️❤️
RT @photocillin: Yay. One of my favourite classical artists is covering one of my friend’s songs @jennbostic https://t.co/cd043lxU1e
@photocillin 💜💜💜💜 So excited about this.
RT @HeidiBurson: We’ve got these #openmouthselfies down 🤣#europeantour2018 https://t.co/KOj5xpWyf4
@STRIKINGMATCHES 😂 i standunder
RT @AmyWestney: 8 years ago in Nashville I met the fantastic jennbostic playing around the open mics in the city. I remember the fi… https://t.co/ZfaI1aS0qq
RT @LifeInASong_UK: This is wonderful news!! @Katherine_Jenkins has released 'Jealous Of The Angels' as her new single, written by our… https://t.co/qGpnjAzWbo
RT @JSHudson: What a fantastic night listening to @jennbostic smash it! Had goosebumps from start to finish!! Insanely talented!… https://t.co/CP8oXoSteW
@photocillin @KathJenkins So gorgeous!
@thebigroom @KathJenkins That would be amazing!
@carlypearce @LukeBryanOnline @SamHuntMusic @JonPardi ❤️❤️❤️
Take a listen to this gorgeous version of “Jealous of the Angels” ❤️ https://t.co/9UdJsMbhfI
@JSHudson @KathJenkins I heard it! So beautiful!
Jenn Bostic has a show on 08/31/2018 at 07:00 PM @ The King's Church in Heathfield, UK https://t.co/kz1bBNZuj6 https://t.co/ZD3jaBqrON
Thankful @justineclaire75 is helping me adjust to the time change with breakfast, shopping, exploring and afternoon… https://t.co/VuCVvkfLZL
Just arrived in London, first stop to visit this queen in her element. #proudfriend #woganhouse #bbcradio2… https://t.co/JnFvI8hLQj
Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and your plans will succeed. —Proverbs 16:3
@Matthew_McN Thank you☺️
❤️❤️❤️ https://t.co/q3dLrOXDNe
@JSHudson Aw feel better! Hope to see you Friday. #lotsofliquids #vitaminc
Headed to England today! Who’s face will I see this Friday??? https://t.co/7qSFZDRCHG https://t.co/9kI3cCuKPl
@bobbybonesshow Young Mongolian Beef 😎
@StringsofMercy Thanks for sharing. 💜
@KJonCountry Thank you!
@RadioNewWheels ❤️❤️❤️
Can’t wait for this show on Friday in Heathfield, England! ❤️🎵👏🏼 @HeidiBurson https://t.co/aNVV1bx00d
@MilesMH92 Gorgeous!
👇🏼❤️ 🎵 https://t.co/5CUlfdeQ0g
“You can be a victim or a victor, but you can’t be both.” @TattooPreacher @oasischurchtv
RT @wwe3coins84: Please go and vote for this beauty @jennbostic here voice will leave you speechless!!!!!! @BritishCMA https://t.co/gkpc9zFpjf
@kmciltr1 @BritishCMA 💕 love and miss you guys!
RT @HeidiBurson: Incredible nominations @BritishCMA and well deserved for @jennbostic Don’t miss her at the King’s Church in Heathfi… https://t.co/WKFjw21EG1
@TonyMendes13 @BritishCMA Thank you so much Tony!
Humbled. Grateful. Honored. Thank you to all the voting members of the @BritishCMA for these nominations. They mean… https://t.co/q292TBb9oY
RT @SongwritersIsle: #NowPlaying on Songwriters Island Radio Stream Faint Of Heart by Jenn Bostic #Listen https://t.co/DlfkGV5ApK
@blackberrychris @martyn_joseph @_SarahDarling @kristianbush @baileymyown 💜💜💜 So grateful for you!
Wow! So thankful. https://t.co/9U5Rx3WCUU
TICKETS NOW AVAILABLE FOR December 07, 2018 at Queen Bees Arts and Cultural Center in San Diego, CA with @JennGrinels
Snazzy new online store is now LIVE! :) xoxo Obsessed with the purple "Faint of Heart" journals. https://t.co/CLOojxWPML
RT @JeannieBizzell: #Nowplaying 'Revival' by @jennbostic from her album of the same name on @MeridianFM #Countrymusic #Countryradio - n… https://t.co/oqIXUaa2Sj
Happy Birthday ⁦@GaryQuinnMusic⁩ ❤️ So glad we’re friends. https://t.co/yAp9v5FxSD
@justineclaire75 @achrisevans @BBCRadio2 Yaaaaas! #proudfriend
RT @BellesandGals: Shout #6 goes to @jennbostic with "Faint of Heart" https://t.co/apLS33Ep7i
The new store has launched! "Revival" now available on CD, Vinyl, as well as exclusive t-shirts & "Faint of Heart"… https://t.co/mGVMkikH2U
RT @bobgoff: We're all a little broken. We don't need more varnish; we need a carpenter.
So @shannonlabrie & @AliciaMichilli are going to blow your mind at the @BasementNash tonight. Excited to sing a on… https://t.co/FBztUczg6v
@HeatherDibblee @KipMooreMusic Thank you! 😍
@_SarahDarling Still love our song “when I feel close” caught myself humming it the other day ❤️
@RM2SteveG @oasischurchtv To God be the glory, glad you tuned in.
Leading worship @oasischurchtv this morning at 9AM & 11AM CST. Tune in and join us https://t.co/zEkO13bcCf
RT @photocillin: Jenn Bostic ‘s song Lamp is an absolute cracker. Here’s one of the shots we did in Shoreditch last year to promote… https://t.co/dvN4j2fZT0
Woah! 😳 #grateful https://t.co/zs4japp9kr
@pappysbabies Just hold on a little longer 😉
Friday reminder. ⭐️ #FollowYourOwnStar https://t.co/hWxoXUcgKz
💕 Thank you for sharing. https://t.co/ZAgOAGOr4g
RT @gibbol88: Drive to work entertainment supplied by the amazing @jennbostic this evening!! Makes late shifts a little easier an… https://t.co/wGEI4PyNqW
RT @BritishCMA: Nominees for International Touring Act! We have @jennbostic, @americanyoung, @KipMooreMusic, @filmoremusic and… https://t.co/nLOmaAei6D
@JSHudson ❤️❤️❤️
@jadehelliwell2 You too sweet girl!
Incredibly honored to be nominated for International Touring Act again this year along with so many talented friend… https://t.co/BJxfLgy3qZ
RT @bobgoff: Everybody has a plan; know your purpose.
Surprise! I’ll be back in England at the end of the month. 😉 @HeidiBurson https://t.co/7qSFZDRCHG https://t.co/phBb70ZaXD
So sad to hear about the passing of the Queen, @ArethaFranklin. Such an inspiration to so many. The sound of heaven… https://t.co/oJ9IHeqDmv
RT @csmagtweets: @jennbostic shares her music and her heart with fans. Watch our conversation from @CountryMusic #CMAFest to hear ab… https://t.co/oOGwNNYNZW
@photocillin Xo Thank you friend. Grateful for all the pieces of this story you’ve captured in your photos. 💕
@DreamerDreamr Great to see you again! :)
This #StageIt Show just got better! All Proceeds will go toward building a well in a village of Swaziland through… https://t.co/SdlxVc47Vv
RT @smileonice: "I won't let your song go unsung" @jennbostic ❤️ Thanks Jenn & Lauren for this beautiful song. #UNSUNG (If you miss… https://t.co/uy2JIKmaas
RT @bobgoff: Every decision we make is driven by love or fear; who we toss the keys to determines where we'll end up.
RT @Half_Moonpub: So good to see our great friend @jennbostic performing on @BBCSoP yesterday singing "Unsung". Such a lovely song an… https://t.co/qcdRU5k8D9
RT @Tylershouse: Lucy just got home - safe to say someone is really happy! Thank you @jennbostic ❤️ https://t.co/iYsQs0Yqa7
@Matthew_McN @BBCSoP Thank you so much!
@renatetomkins @Songsofpraise Aw thank you so much!
RT @LindaShotterFam: ICYMI @jennbostic's breathtaking performance of #Unsung on today's @BBCSoP is now available on @BBCiPlayer… https://t.co/QoTJ1DiwJm
@ceceliafindorff 💜💜💜
@chantalkjl @BBCSoP 😍
RT @BBCSoP: #SongsofPraise 2/2 Jesus Paid It All (Performed by Town Hall Gospel Choir) – Town Hall, Birmingham Unsung – Jenn Bo… https://t.co/0qYWgQV2Ri
@Zara_Lusty Thank you so much for tuning in!
@chantalkjl @BBCSoP Thank you so much!
RT @chantalkjl: So nice to hear @jennbostic on @BBCSoP again today. Such a lovely voice
RT @LindaShotterFam: I woke too late to hear @jennbostic chatting with @justineclaire75 live on @BBCCovWarks so I'm listening on BBCiPla… https://t.co/I9DkY3tjoC
RT @BlazePolly: Great to wake up to @justineclaire75 in conversation with @jennbostic and to hear her fabulous new track #Unsung on @BBCCovWarks
@BlazePolly @justineclaire75 @BBCCovWarks Aw thank you!!
Always a treat to chat with @justineclaire75 on @BBCCovWarks ❤️ Tune in now for a live interview. 😍 https://t.co/KHN3Ps0LpH
Coming up now! Tune in 💜💜💜 https://t.co/ZlaczOdHmA
RT @bobgoff: When you feel like you can’t explain your faith, go love someone — you just did.
@aromabella @mrBobbyBones Aw thank you Laurie. I would L💜VE to be on the show, reading your book right now @mrBobbyBones 👌🏻
Tune in!!! ❤️❤️❤️ https://t.co/yXakWhHKjh
@aromabella Xoxoxo thank you for coming!!! 😍
👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼🙌🏻 https://t.co/SDjroLrOUF
RT @drquoz: Awesome Friday night entertainment at @DCPDurham with @jennbostic https://t.co/qgw9fytecc
RT @DurhamNC: The final concert in @DCPDurham's summer series 🎸 The release of a Batalá Durham-inspired beer 🥁🍻 A tour of… https://t.co/J2kkXKBfVM
This Sunday!! Tune in to @BBCSoP to hear #Unsung ❤️❤️❤️ https://t.co/ljclP1Z2Zr
Happy Birthday @sarahsweettater! Thanks for listening to my music all these years. :)
🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️ https://t.co/j33vFN7SGg
RT @elizwalas: Now Playing on @AVRadio @jennbostic’s Revival. Love ❤️ this whole CD. Thank you for always playing my favorites 🎶 https://t.co/TvJU2jmT6S
@demisewell63 Thank you, I have. https://t.co/fAfowoxl0c
❤️ “Bostic alone on keys dazzled...” https://t.co/NwV1Xpif4h
@JosieDunneMusic Girl, I made it to 30 before I realized it. #youarenotalone #ilikeourwaybetter
@DreamerDreamr @Jmw268 Free Concert in the park from 6-8. No tickets, just show up 💜
@mc_irisheyes The park. 🤗 Open to the public and freeee
This Friday in Durham, NC! https://t.co/DgORXcwNIe
RT @Jmw268: NC friends!... This is happening this Friday! Hope to see you there! 💖 #jennbostic jennbostic #durhamcentralpark @… https://t.co/dHBDQw47f2
RT @8thPoynton: Brownies! Remember that our friend @jennbostic is on Songs of Praise this Sunday - BBC1, 12.25!
RT @DCPDurham: Only 7 of 15 slots remain for Friday's FREE #songwriting workshop for teens. @jennbostic is filling in for @kyshona… https://t.co/beyXpT7rBG
RT @DCPDurham: @jennbostic is filling in for @kyshona at the final night of our PLAYlist Concert Series Friday… https://t.co/GnUsf8vWGQ
RT @bobgoff: "If you've lost your way with God, let Him close the distance between you and start the celebration again." #EverybodyAlways
Riding into this week like... 📷: @MSKPhotography #casual https://t.co/Olzt1L6htN
Such a great day on the water! ❤️ https://t.co/TbkuRqasHV
Huge thanks to everyone who tuned into today's @Stageit show! Next one is scheduled for September 29th. :) https://t.co/k8UJfbvxxC
Jack’s ready for today’s @Stageit show! Get your ticket, starting now! https://t.co/Sh68nGmFmG https://t.co/Wpkxf6Elor
@marc7brewer Thank you for the reminder ❤️
@marc7brewer Got your email. Will resolve. My apologies for the inconvenience.
Playing a BRAND NEW song on @Stageit today! Snag a ticket and tune in. T-minus 2 hours. xo https://t.co/Sh68nGmFmG
@Timmar54 @photocillin Played last night and will be in Murfreesboro on Friday. 😉
RT @LindaShotterFam: Today!!! @jennbostic on @Stageit Grab a ticket, there's still a few left. Watch from anywhere in the world Pay wha… https://t.co/pPcQEATUVq
Online @Stageit concert in 3 hours! Get your ticket! 💕 https://t.co/Sh68nGmFmG
RT @bfgoat: I'm listening to Revival - Jenn Bostic ⁦@jennbostic⁩ on ⁦@AVRadio⁩ great song!
RT @LindaShotterFam: [email protected] - Your on-line music venue My Birthday weekend line-up with some of my favourite music makers! 4th Aug… https://t.co/2cTZ1xjB1E
Tomorrow ONLINE @Stageit SHOW! Snag a ticket. 💕 https://t.co/sdD4ycLOLq
So happy to be home in Nashville with my family, sleeping in my own bed for 3 whole weeks! 💜 📷: @photocillin https://t.co/fDvcJUU6qy
RT @RONNIEDOSS: Success comes from being willing to stay committed after all the emotional payoffs are gone. If you want to know if… https://t.co/lEZKo082xz
@_SarahDarling 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 miss u friend
@adamlevine 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
I’ve got some Instagram fake accounts out there sending some interesting messages. 🤷🏼‍♀️ If there’s no blue check m… https://t.co/NHouOUZil7
@lincoln_lezli Aw thanks. One of my favorites as well.
@jesseruben @luccadoes I love this. It’s adorable.
#GrandCanyon July 30, 2018 ✅ https://t.co/h6xYMMfMs5
Oh Hollywood...this smile says it all. Thanks for an unforgettable week. See you again soon. 📷: Justin Higuchi… https://t.co/BrNbox5owv
@evilboxof I was with @BelindaLeeWebb at @sugarfish
Such a sweet ending to a wonderful trip! Grateful for the chance to share a few songs for @swsundays. 💕 So good to… https://t.co/9qbCEru4wF
Sushi at my favorite spot. What a great visit to LA. 💕 🍣 https://t.co/97LtPc8QC2
RT @RONNIEDOSS: You have immense value more than anything money can buy. And with that value comes a responsibility to put your 100… https://t.co/MXk4e3jTRe
@jasonmohammad @BBCRadio2 @revkatebottley @DavidCookUK 😉 Always ready.
RT @HeadlinerHub: Lovely talking to US artist Jenn Bostic about life in the music biz, playing on the roof of the flagship Whole Food… https://t.co/dZSLCD9gDZ
@jasonmohammad @BBCRadio2 @revkatebottley @DavidCookUK You two.😍
@CassadeePope @YouTube 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
RT @BRASH_Magazine: Women and Music | “Music Like a Lady” Podcast Debuts New Episode with Jenn Bostic A female-oriented podcast, Music… https://t.co/TXV87cbXz0
Fun show in NC last Saturday. 💕 https://t.co/dId32Icf0u
@DavidNyro I don’t, sorry.
☺️👇🏼❤️ https://t.co/4aB259AxHo
RT @Jmw268: Our incredibly talented friend/matron of honor @jennbostic sang “Saturday with you” for our first dance at our wedd… https://t.co/GGr7qgA3SL
I’m in! 🙋🏼‍♀️ https://t.co/EN7G8KMlwF
Put one foot in front of the other and bring your very best to the table every single day. ❤️📷: @sarakauss https://t.co/lUNuPQ042e
@wardthomasmusic This also drives me crazy!
@HeidiBurson I can’t wait to join!!!!!
@DreamerDreamr @themaxstraub I knew what you meant. 😉
@DreamerDreamr @themaxstraub So sweet! Thank you Jeff.
“The LORD is my strength and my shield; My heart trusts in Him, and I am helped; Therefore my heart exults, And wit… https://t.co/jERduBWEsr
I can’t fake a smile like this. Thank you #Roseville, North Carolina, you were wonderful tonight. 💕 @themaxstraub t… https://t.co/Zff6RgGoLb
RT @BRASH_Magazine: Women and Music | "Music Like a Lady" Podcast (@MusicLikeALady) Debuts New Episode with @jennbostic #musicpodcasts… https://t.co/lzCmFdMAWP
@Indy4roo1 Chin up. 💕
@jesseterrymusic @michaellogen @LizanneKnott @roevalleyarts @CrescentArts Love those venues! 💕
@bobgoff @sweetmariagoff Happy Birthday Sweet Maria!
THIIIIIIIIIS. 💜💜💜💜💜💜 https://t.co/A8wKJU8Mu5
👇🏼👏🏼❤️ https://t.co/vCUBojyQu3
@WhisperingBob @MarcCohn @UnionChapelUK Absolutely love his music. Have a wonderful time. 💜
@EmerBarrySop Honored.
@hikingviking69 Awwwww thanks!!!
Headed to #Hollywood on Sunday! Can't wait to share what I'm up to. xo For now..."Raise 'em up, raise 'em up!" xo https://t.co/NU7XsoKH91
@aiok1 @musiclikealady @LindaShotterFam @_SarahDarling @SBSwags @Jessica__Lynn_ @kolarsmusic They are amazing!
👇🏼❤️ https://t.co/cAZjVnHuO4
MN —> WI —> CT —> NY —> NJ —> Home 🏡 🐶 👫 #HappyToBeHome
Thaaaaaank you! https://t.co/rJxjRk2LNT
👇🏼😎⭐️ https://t.co/i2bVwY3s3L
💜💜💜 Grateful for this review https://t.co/mFC3nLA486
RT @DanaeCo: According to @EndlessRiff we had close to 200 people watching our performance via streaming. Thanks to everyone wh… https://t.co/ssCKucVBs5
RT @Section101Tweet: We love @jennbostic's REVIVAL Pop Remix - listen now: https://t.co/blM5lfDlpO https://t.co/mJFtnnWPtv
1 hour to showtime!!! See you tonight @RockwoodNYC! ❤️
@jesseruben 💋 See you tomorrow
RT @DanaeCo: See everyone soon!!! Looking forward to performing with @jennbostic at @RockwoodNYC
TONIGHT! Playing in NYC @RockwoodNYC with @DanaeCo 💜💜💜 See you there! https://t.co/7rda3AHuKG
💕Thanks Tim. https://t.co/DaNrwF82VD
Today’s show at @RockwoodNYC will be streamed in Virtual Reality on @EndlessRiff #socialvr #OculusGo #oculusrift… https://t.co/IbRpx9SAds
👇🏼❤️😎 https://t.co/mnt0mN5n62
RT @bobgoff: Every unselfish act of love whispers God's name.
2 days and counting!!!!! @RockwoodNYC @DanaeCo https://t.co/7rda3AHuKG
#FlashbackFriday to @BuckleandBoots ❤️ 📷: @W21Music 👗: @AriellaCouture https://t.co/fuABEjoEGa
@joyinthehouse7 @DanaeCo I wish!
When a butterfly tries to steal the show and Jeff Scott is there to capture it. 🦋 https://t.co/DwNm0mjLlq
RT @Life_Channel: Relax and chill: "Too Easy" von Jenn Bostic – jetzt in unserer Spotify-Playlist "The Relaxed" auf… https://t.co/TjHwQdteRl
@KatieButterfly6 How beautiful. Thank you so much for your words! Honored to know the music can speak to you.
Sunday FUNday in NYC!!!! @RockwoodNYC with @DanaeCo Get your ticket!! https://t.co/7rda3AHuKG
@CassadeePope @opry Yaaaas Queen. 👑
@DanaeCo 🤟🏽😎
What a day performing at #FarmTechnologyDays 💜 @voxmarshfield https://t.co/qFmhkr4nQ1
Sunday in NYC!!!! @RockwoodNYC with @DanaeCo https://t.co/WUfZKCBzGY https://t.co/1jt4EJ40vs
@xkatie19x Aw thank you.
Tonight! Can’t wait.💕 https://t.co/g6HdwFD83m
@afish7412 @YouTube Thank you.
Tonight! Acoustic Show at Columbia Park in Marshfield, WI for @voxmarshfield, 7PM! https://t.co/73HjieGgRh
“Every time I see Jenn she manages to stun the crowd with her mesmerising performances and Buckle and Boots was no… https://t.co/DxpHWPZeAf
RT @peterwilson40: @jennbostic on keep it Country 🇬🇧 love you #tune @ChrisCountry
@Timmar54 Thanks Tim!
RT @justineclaire75: Paying tribute now to @covblazehockey #AdamCalder @BBCCovWarks Thanks to @jennbostic for finding the words I couldn't. #JealousOfTheAngels
@traceywood07 😍
@EcofemFranklin Thanks for coming out to the show!
RT @lincoln_lezli: Date night in Nashville @jennbostic https://t.co/tjpt18VB6s
Tonight! @listeningroom at 6PM with @kyshona @erniehalter @michaellogen ❤️ Tix: https://t.co/i3cPtNRfxP https://t.co/qTegFfoBOI
RT @JosieDunneMusic: super fun writers round last night at @BluebirdCafeTN ! always a pleasure 🤘🏻🎶 https://t.co/1CPVYXEM2f
@PaulHallows1 @GRAYSonMain @kyshona Thanks! An AMAZING one!
@justineclaire75 @GRAYSonMain @kyshona 💋
Tomorrow Night! @listeningroom with @michaellogen @erniehalter & @kyshona 🤗 Get your tickets!… https://t.co/YCWWeWNksg
Tonight! @GRAYSonMain with my favorite DIVA! @kyshona 9PM. 💋 https://t.co/QE44pX9ChO
Next Sunday in NYC!!! 💜💜💜 @DanaeCo @RockwoodNYC #livemusic https://t.co/oy4a4ao7nj
RT @FearonKerry: Kerry’s Gold Country tonight 8pm @KeepItCountryTV Special guest&video premiere from @miragoto Exclusive performance… https://t.co/Nhaqt6c6zz
@mrBobbyBones Monica Gellar.
@LesleyHastings 😂
😍 @CassadeePope @JosieDunneMusic @tylerflowers @BluebirdCafeTN https://t.co/5blc5W2V2z
Playing @BluebirdCafeTN tonight with @CassadeePope @JosieDunneMusic & @tylerflowers ❤️ Can’t wait! 🤗
RT @CassadeePope: Excited to play @BluebirdCafeTN tonight with @jennbostic! See ya at 6 🎉
RT @Section101Tweet: Get in on this while the getting is good! Pre-Order @JenBostic's "Revival" on her @PledgeMusic page.… https://t.co/A3b5DTJoYu
RT @steviejmarks: We had an awesome writing session this week with the truly talented & amazing jennbostic #newsong #cowrite… https://t.co/qHkgFI91Xk
SUPRISE! Next @stageit show is 1 month from today! :) https://t.co/Sh68nGmFmG
Happy 4th of July!!! Come down to @PuckettsGrocery (downtown) between 7-8:30PM to celebrate! 📷: @sarakauss https://t.co/ZDg3wcbXqP
RT @SongwritersIsle: #NowPlaying on Songwriters Island Radio Stream Love You by Jenn Bostic #Listen https://t.co/DlfkGV5ApK
RT @erniehalter: Nashville friends! This Saturday night I’m doing a writers round with some incredible peeps. 6 PM at the… https://t.co/ucXtcU6Jpk
@pietertf @sarakauss Awww thank you. 📦 =👎🏼
RT @BellesandGals: Shout #6 goes to @jennbostic with "Revival" https://t.co/EiwCZlWy5o
RT @louderthan: LTTM News : @jennbostic Releases 'Revival (Pop Remix)' Single From Latest Album .. https://t.co/agzqlvnwVI
This week is Nashville! 📷: @sarakauss https://t.co/ngdkvMe5rb
RT @louderthan: LTTM News : @jennbostic Releases 'Revival (Pop Remix)' Single From Latest Album https://t.co/agzqlvnwVI
“Adversity causes some men to break, and other men to break records.” -Arthur Ward
@AlYnn_0396 I love you. xo
@guyhinwa @sarakauss Thank you so much for your encouragement.
RT @guyhinwa: @jennbostic @sarakauss I cannot stop watching and listening to your emotion in this video/song. You will be a beaut… https://t.co/n1IlJvxZCB
@guyhinwa @sarakauss Amen!
☺️ Thanks Simon. ❤️ https://t.co/P47dOCdUlK
RT @LindaShotterFam: #MusicMonday “A star is not born with the help of a famous man or a record label, but rather faith.” -… https://t.co/m8ZwN5QgrO
LIVE VIDEO PREMIERE now available on Galore Mag ❤️ https://t.co/ePiOzak295 📷: @sarakauss https://t.co/8SURywEpCa
RT @tomcat8040: Listen to "Revival" by @jennbostic on Spotify https://t.co/56oiMduu4S
RT @deanandsheena: Coming up on our #buckleandboots2018 special, we chat to @joemartinmusic plus music from @raihannaestrada and @jennbostic
RT @bfgoat: I'm listening to Jenn Bostic ⁦@jennbostic⁩ - Jealous of the Angels - Jim and Vic's Country Cave Radio Show On ⁦… https://t.co/8Mq2xluWyT
@CassadeePope You 2 are the cutest!
“She opened her mouth and a freight train came out.” -Ed Longenecker #audiencereviews
RT @sarahsweettater: I know I shouldn't wish for time to go by so quick But I can't wait to be sitting in a rocking chair with weathere… https://t.co/FCuN8ZWwN6
RT @smileonice: So today is the day to #PostASongLyricYouLove. Tough call. First choice: "We're all diamonds in the rough / it does… https://t.co/KDyzJlqQEz
Okay Port Byron, IL is the cutest! So excited to be playing #BabyBluesFest tonight. 💜 https://t.co/rDIMr1HYbB
RT @sarahsweettater: I love my not so fancy life Everybody tries to see the world from way up high I do not have to fly to California… https://t.co/WMXK258MOC
RT @LindaShotterFam: #PostASongLyricYouLove ...but I'll keep circling this mountain, that stands between where I am and the stars... Dr… https://t.co/hGe4FoNRST
RT @michaellogen: Lookin’ forward to playing @thebluebirdcafe in #Nashville, July 5th, 6PM! In The Round w/ @jennbostic , … https://t.co/kQUCTL2KOG
@Markymoomoo39 @george_ezra ❤️
RT @Markymoomoo39: #PostASongLyricYouLove There will be another angel Around the throne tonight Your love lives on inside of me, And… https://t.co/cd4miptr73
“Let your eyes look straight ahead; fix your gaze directly before you.” Proverbs 4:25 📷: @sarakauss https://t.co/Rjsau2ng4r
I just finished reading “When God Doesn’t Fix It, ” by @LauraStoryMusic What an incredible book! #blessings
New York City! Cannot wait for this show @RockwoodNYC with @DanaeCo on July 15, get your tickets! 💜 https://t.co/oEiQoelvvm
RT @LindaShotterFam: Review by Chris Farlie for @W21Music @jennbostic #MainStage at @BuckleandBoots https://t.co/qUYjGqDjg1
❤️🇬🇧👇🏼 https://t.co/G8p7aceNjN
VIDEO PREMIERE!! “While Bostic isn’t out to serve as the catalyst for an all out soul and ..” https://t.co/Cyvi0XOAkJ
RT @deanandsheena: Coming up in the next 20 minutes on our #buckleandboots2018 special, we chat to @joemartinmusic plus music from… https://t.co/qwfMPFLI1B
@afish7412 @DierksBentley @RodneyJCrowell @ashcambanjo @mirandalambert @ashleymonroe @jadehelliwell2 @MorganwayUK… https://t.co/IIRNQn92aK
@_SarahDarling @PaulSimonMusic @JamesTaylor_com @BSTHydePark Safe travels friend! 💕
RT @SW_Invasion: Find out the latest on @sw_invasion 2018 alumni @jennbostic https://t.co/BfYnc9SM5s #SWInvasion2018 https://t.co/QmmDa20kNW
RT @bobgoff: “God’s plans aren’t ruined just because our plans need to change.” #EverybodyAlways
One more flight before I’m home! Can’t wait to snuggle these two. 😍 https://t.co/rCO7ZU8kxS
@WkdysWithMurph Amazing! Seriously was such a lift to see that today.
@WkdysWithMurph Yes!
Ugly cried through the “I Can Only Imagine” movie on the plane. Wow! Soooo inspiring.
Happy Birthday @ChristianKane01!!! https://t.co/aaO3w7gLOU
RT @DanaeCo: Some exciting news coming about the July 15th show with @jennbostic Stay tuned!
This Saturday in Port Byron, Illinois! #BabyBluesFest https://t.co/kOVBaWDkSH
All the slide guitar being played @HeathrowAirport this morning! #notmadaboutit #slideismyfavorite
@ethansgrumps @BuckleandBoots 💕
@stradiost11 Thank you!
RT @stradiost11: More n more hits pop rock disco now playing Missin' a Man by Jenn Bostic on https://t.co/8kCZI8sqPw https://t.co/hIf80mmLcq
Guess what Nashville??? July 7, 6PM @listeningroom with @erniehalter @michaellogen @kyshona Tix:… https://t.co/uFG69Pqnyp
Writing, girl time and drinks at the top of @TheShardLondon with @_SarahDarling 💕 #notabadday https://t.co/6sDf7qvtIW
❤️❤️❤️ Grateful for the love! https://t.co/3JFH72dtgJ
RT @TheHospitalClub: Inspiration of the day: 'You teach people how to treat you, by what you allow, what you stop and what you reinforce.' -Tony Gaskins
RT @EddyWhiteMusic: Tooning up at Buckle and Boots, Manchester https://t.co/FeAqrUH6Ch
Seriously, if you don’t know who @STRIKINGMATCHES are you owe it to yourself to find out ❤️ #realmusic… https://t.co/cNijDiQoTE
@AlexaGoldie Yessssss!
RT @Section101Tweet: Hey NYC, @JennBostic is bringing #Revival your way @RockwoodNYC Stage 2 on July 15th. Get your tickets:… https://t.co/6TEx5dAHAy
@swindonforever @theyoungfables We played a round together in Nashville a few months ago. 😉❤️
@Half_Moonpub Xoxo
RT @Half_Moonpub: The CD playing today right now is our great friend @jennbostic and her fantastic album #Jealous. Lots of fabulous… https://t.co/4VcpP3Fwny
RT @LindaShotterFam: #GlobalBeatlesDay #MusicMonday @jennbostic with my favourite Beatles track #InMyLife with @neal_elder on guitar. https://t.co/zbQIaWq4go
❤️ @BuckleandBoots you are truly #WhatLoveFeelsLike ❤️ Thanks for an unforgettable weekend. https://t.co/igWn4VLMHK
@CurtisGrimes @BuckleandBoots Thank you. God bless!
@Jessica__Lynn_ @Gasolineonline ❤️ likewise
RT @photocillin: Handle life carefully Portrait of jennbostic @ Shoreditch https://t.co/cQG9o6Nghi
RT @JeannieBizzell: Had some much fun talking with @jennbostic at @BuckleandBoots for my show on @MeridianFM Loving her new album… https://t.co/ZlfrTY0D17
@JSHudson @JeannieBizzell @22O5promotions @BuckleandBoots @MeridianFM @thehawthcrawley aw thanks!
@ethansgrumps @BuckleandBoots 💜
@jojo965 Awwwww love that
@suehorley Oh my goodness that’s amazing! It’s beautiful.
@Jessica__Lynn_ @marc7brewer @farewellamusic @chelywright @MaggieBaugh @IAmMaggieRose @leahturnermusic… https://t.co/SblKN25Esx
You’re th sweetest! Thank you. Also I need a @lindsayell hat cause they’re the coolest. 😉❤️ https://t.co/gFC5aBEcI1
@CurtisGrimes great job at @BuckleandBoots love what you do.
RT @BuckleandBoots: Another great 'In The Round' session with @jennbostic, @kirstyleeakers and @GaryQuinnMusic! #buckleandboots2018 https://t.co/7JQNLJQoEZ
RT @BritsInBoots: Cannot y’all you how good @GaryQuinnMusic & @jennbostic sounded together just now @BuckleandBoots 👏👏👏
Sweet little Lucy! 💕 https://t.co/N5W9je1Lsw
Awwww thanks for the love. 😍 https://t.co/Mb7S1uDBHE
@traceywood07 @BuckleandBoots ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Thank you.
Tonight. Thank you. I love @BuckleandBoots https://t.co/20LRitUPAO
RT @BuckleandBoots: A big welcome back to @jennbostic! ❤ #BuckleandBoots2018 https://t.co/cjP6rwu9B0
RT @BellesandGals: Keeping the party alive @jennbostic takes the stage @BuckleandBoots 🙌🙌🙌 https://t.co/jBx9Dmdr7Z
RT @BuckleandBoots: All the way from Nashville, Tennessee... it's time for the one and only @jennbostic to headline Friday night's Main… https://t.co/q6hnfMqFLs
Grateful for this feature. 💜 “”How Are These Newcomers Navigating A Post-Time’s Up Music Industry?” https://t.co/u07fyUtrWO via @swaaymedia
RT @SongwritersIsle: #NowPlaying on Songwriters Island Radio Stream Change by Jenn Bostic #Listen https://t.co/DlfkGV5ApK
RT @BellesandGals: @jennbostic has just joined @jadehelliwell2 on stage for an epic duet! 💕 #buckleandboots2018 https://t.co/SLyStRMu6x
RT @LindaShotterFam: #NewMusicFriday As if @jennbostic's #Revival was brilliant enough...the #PopRemix just came out today!!! https://t.co/baeOys1lsC
@Matthew_McN @BuckleandBoots Aw thank you!
@traceywood07 Just here for @BuckleandBoots
❤️❤️❤️🙌🏻 https://t.co/mFAxOJQwRw
Revival (Pop Remix) Now Available WORLDWIDE! 💕 https://t.co/n5NStbP0En
@LindaShotterFam @BuckleandBoots 😢😢
Well isn't this the sweetest thing?! See you tomorrow Lucy! xo https://t.co/0LzlM53orB
Hey UK Friends! "Revival (Pop Remix)" is OUT NOW! xo https://t.co/Ko6ew7lET6
Who’s ready for @BuckleandBoots tomorrow?!?!?! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
The cutest gig ever. https://t.co/G5P1Yoa3FW
The perfect ending to a perfect day. Loved singing for and with the @8thPoynton ❤️ https://t.co/qQqbIMAIO1
RT @DanaeCo: A little early #ThrowbackThursday but here is a video collage of a tour @jennbostic and I did together back in 2011… https://t.co/gYF9Lv1lrH
@dannygokey Preach!
This dress tho. 😍 @AriellaCouture See it on @BBCSoP soon. Air date TBD #SongsofPraise https://t.co/aMpmYjlvuA
@RONNIEDOSS Can’t even begin to count the ways Ronnie inspires, encourages and influences me through his sermons, r… https://t.co/SrWNId4zQp
It’s an incredible day filming for @BBCSoP #songsofpraise in Manchester. So grateful for this opportunity. Air date… https://t.co/EenKmxvIZt
RT @BritishCMA: The countdown is on... only 2 days to go until Buckle & Boots 2018 kicks off! Here are your day splits for the fest… https://t.co/EIL4dtD5Wd
@_Sue_W_ I’m honored to know that it speaks to you. 💕
@_Sue_W_ ❤️
💜💜💜 So grateful #Revival is the LCM Album of the Week! 💜💜💜 https://t.co/vKa3A0zpwt
There are 3 gorgeous dresses in this bag for a few VERY special events happening this week! 💕 Thanks… https://t.co/Yrn9lks0np
So grateful for the love. 💜 https://t.co/nyR9pUla95
@thewanderhearts @BuckleandBoots Can’t wait! See y’all there. 💜
Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there! Grateful for the 10 years I had with mine. ❤️ https://t.co/5RkdA0gWCK
TONIGHT! @GRAYSonMain https://t.co/25coVwpIXA
❤️❤️❤️ https://t.co/CboQyOfkpN
“Impossible is just a big word thrown around by small men who find it easier to live in a world they’ve been given, … https://t.co/0mOp4YcEjI
💕Grateful for this album review. https://t.co/uI2UgIYO3T
Hometown Highlights from my Minnesota Album Release. 💕 https://t.co/pGRxWzcKsO
RT @EricChristina43: Playing the Revival CD. @jennbostic Very powerful. If you don’t already have a copy of this you should order one today! 🎵🎵🎵💕💕💕😊😊
“...it used to be so easy to tell them all my secrets...” #faintofheart https://t.co/0lOm4isltX
“Your profession is not what brings home a paycheck. Your profession is what you are put here on earth to do with s… https://t.co/xmPUyluEoN
@EricChristina43 Hang in there! Honored to know the music is bringing some peace.
RT @e33h66: What’s the connection between the two ladies...... @jennbostic (15May2017 at @oldqueenshead) and @TaggartDonna (12J… https://t.co/OQvaxdy9qz
Saturday night @GRAYSonMain ❤️ https://t.co/TvtPX6QKlq
@LarkinPoe @KeithUrban Amazing!!!! Congrats!!!
Who’s ready for @BuckleandBoots??? @BelindaLeeWebb @smileonice @AmyWestney @Lo_Ball https://t.co/ga8pPcXUFr
@BellesandGals ❤️❤️❤️❤️
RT @BellesandGals: Shout #24 goes to @jennbostic with "Revival" https://t.co/EiwCZlWy5o
@bobgoff 💜
RT @bobgoff: The more beauty we find in someone else's journey, the less we'll want to compare it to our own. #EverybodyAlways
“If you’re looking for permission to quit, you will find it. If you’re looking for reasons to carry on and achieve… https://t.co/A7nFFLXoWf
Great night on the water. 🌊 https://t.co/DIu4uua4PJ
RT @RONNIEDOSS: One of the greatest rewards in life is when you push yourself past what you first thought might be a limitation. Th… https://t.co/5ZJ0tiwcAE
Hey NYC, bringing #Revival your way @RockwoodNYC Stage 2 on July 15th. Cannot wait to be reunited with @DanaeCo for… https://t.co/dsO60Cdp7s
@JeffBosticMusic 😢 love you
@norm1314 @ukcountryshow Aw thank you!
RT @UlvBjerkan: @jennbostic - 'Haunting Me' | UNDER THE APPLE TREE https://t.co/3h8pfcR6S5 via @MilesMH92 @ChrisCountry
Tune in!!! So grateful for the support!! ❤️❤️❤️ https://t.co/jYT76glt2B
@_Sue_W_ I’m so sorry. Celebrate the amazing memories you all shared.
@opaman @michaelernst7 We have family visiting and it’s their rental car. Definitely not ours. 😉
I don’t think I’ll ever be able to watch a Daddy-daughter-dance without getting a little misty. ❤️
Forever my wedding date 💕 @michaelernst7 https://t.co/M7oj6hykg9
@jasonmohammad @sarakauss 😉 You’re the only one.
Jackson crashed today’s photoshoot & I missed the silly face memo. 💕 📷: @sarakauss https://t.co/8TR4pOPqU6
@marc7brewer Aw thanks! Same to you.
@imcathmcgrath You’re so precious!
RT @RM2SteveG: Yes! I just got tickets for @Danaeco and @jennbostic at @RockwoodNYC on 7/15/2018: https://t.co/73AyAeNQrC on @ticketfly
Hey NYC, guess what?!?!?! 👇🏼 https://t.co/NmFxZczO2G
@blackberrychris @RightToPlay_UK @Viper10Sports @Great_Run @BHLiveActive Congrats!
@CassadeePope So so sad. 😢
New live @YouTube video with @tonefreak713 now available. 🎥: @michaelernst7 https://t.co/z31HZ1uWCA
RT @JeffBosticMusic: Be Genuine. Be Honest. Be Loving...and happiness will find you. ;)
@justineclaire75 @achrisevans @BBCRadio2 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼🙌🏻
@michaellogen 😂😂😂😂
When you finish a filmed interview and then look in the mirror only to find lipstick on your teeth! 🤦🏼‍♀️
When you finish a filmed interview and then look in the mirror only to find lipstick on your teeth! 🤦🏼‍♀️… https://t.co/z8F2WqVd7t
@TaggartDonna @thecorecorby @coretheatresol @IhlCannockChase @GroveTheatre @BeckTheatre @RhodesBStort… https://t.co/s07zbHABQO
@CassadeePope 🔥
♥️♥️♥️ https://t.co/w53NFoCe3V
These two women. 💕 No words for how grateful I am for them. @nifs28 @kyshona 📷: Don J Olson https://t.co/iJ2mAV9LUt
@BellesandGals Thaaaaank you.
RT @BellesandGals: Shout #29 goes to @jennbostic with "Wrong Thing" https://t.co/lBv9CWz6XA
Surprise! Dropping June 22. 💋 https://t.co/q9ueZdFMKg
@DanaeCo @RockwoodNYC Crush it Queen!
RT @ScottKash88: Checkout @jennbostic's amazing live performance of the title song from her new album #Revival from Bush Hall! And s… https://t.co/NxwIycZtNw
RT @SteveLuffRadio: Forthcoming UK Gig @jennbostic Artist previously featured on my show https://t.co/BoU01oN7Lj
@AbsoluteLtd @TeleMusicNews Xoxo
RT @AbsoluteLtd: We ♥️ @jennbostic. Watch her perform #LoveYou courtesy of @TeleMusicNews: https://t.co/HdtF84AjMH
RT @Psicopepito: Jenn Bostic tells us about making her new album @jennbostic https://t.co/2gqNt6adL6 https://t.co/DwmVNWyW0w
Grateful for this Review of Friday's Show in Waconia, MN. "Bostic Gives Huge Hug to Hometown at New Music Release C… https://t.co/oMlBFV1AdB
So grateful that “Faint of Heart” was added to the @TheDailyShuffle’s “The Country Pop Playlist you need this Summe… https://t.co/Afi6CHZYRF
This weekend was amazing! 💜💜💜 https://t.co/Op2TrdRH1R
@lincoln_lezli Yep! Early July, check out https://t.co/TPdaxSBger
Headed back to Nashville! 💜
RT @maxmaz: The lovely @jennbostic took part in my new "How I Made..." series for @themusicfix , talking about her new album… https://t.co/5ZDTuuegIf
@EricChristina43 Awwww thank you. 😍
RT @EricChristina43: Baking with Alexa playing songs by @jennbostic!🎶🎶🎶
Wow! Thank you to everyone who came out to my #HometownAlbumReleaseShow ! Here are a few shots from the night! Many… https://t.co/KPIEzg5JzP
T-10 minutes until showtime! Hop on over to @jennbostic instagram for some BTS! https://t.co/7ioY4QnQf2
RT @CCMMusicPR: @JesusWired Live Video: Jenn Bostic – Revival https://t.co/VpwWWQ1BVZ
RT @thedigitalfix: "There’s a really special energy when you’re about to start writing a new song." How I made... Revivial. By Jenn Bo… https://t.co/lTkQnVN6C1
RT @EmmsPublicity: Jenn Bostic tells us about making her new album. https://t.co/xDWSXNdZr2
@Matthew_McN Thank you!
RT @LindaShotterFam: ...meanwhile, in Minnesota... @jennbostic is preparing for tonight's Hometown CD Release Show. Have a fantastic nig… https://t.co/1Yqd76tBZE
So grateful for the love from @thedigitalfix ❤️ Read this interview about the process of creating “Revival.” https://t.co/UC4J6U5xrp
RT @LindaShotterFam: Sitting in the sun listening to @jennbostic #Revival Such a rare activity...the sun shining I mean...not listening… https://t.co/Vouk2HpTNQ
RT @Mike22670697: 🙏🏻 Here’s a song for you… Jealous of the Angels by Jenn Bostic https://t.co/JYsCV3NCbr
@smileonice @kyshona @lesmisofficial @estevensmusic @ChicagoOnStage @TerriClarkMusic Love this!
@Leighski67 @mallofamerica Don’t give me any ideas, that sounds comfy. 😉 And thank you!
@waconiapatriot Thank you! I can’t either!!! ❤️
@GuignolThomas @_SarahDarling 💜 So great seeing you earlier this month in London. I’m so grateful you made the journey.
RT @EmmsPublicity: Watch Jenn Bostic perform her song Love You in an exclusive music session for the Daily Telegraph:… https://t.co/DikovduOXf
@lucybluofficial @Spotify @StephanieQuayle @KaceyMusgraves @camcountry @meganoneill @Jeannine_Barry @AshleyMcBryde Aw thanks so much!
Thank you @TeleMusicNews for featuring this live acoustic version of “Love You” with @tonefreak713 ❤️  RT https://t.co/gSHZXm2bQ9
@mallofamerica 😘☺️thanks!
@TheNenya Pleeeeease diva, I need your help!
Confession. Wardrobe is always THE LAST thing on my to-do list for a show 😬 Currently @mallofamerica tryin go find… https://t.co/GK3558DnPk
Are you tuned in? @MyBOBCountry https://t.co/M2l4RLKpjX https://t.co/JDRzD6YW6Q
About to have a little chat on @MyBOBCountry Tune in! https://t.co/IStSRQSlVN
Is it Friday yet? https://t.co/3JpGAPvhqn
@afish7412 @KeepItCountryTV @opry 💜
RT @afish7412: Finally sitting down to watch @KeepItCountryTV 's Focus [email protected] and as a guy not ashamed to say that watchi… https://t.co/EGMWkSejq2
@justineclaire75 @aplusapp 😍
RT @BellesandGals: Shout #22 goes to @jennbostic with "Faint of Heart" https://t.co/apLS33Ep7i
@bankzzywfcffc Not me. Please report. 💜
RT @smileonice: Tuned in to @KeepItCountryTV for focus on @jennbostic ❤️ Great to see Jenn getting the air time she deserves ❤️… https://t.co/rKbSIQwV4H
Falling in love with @NewGirlonFOX all over again 😍
@lostinbluejazz1 Thank you!
LIVE VIDEO PREMIERE with @digitaljournal #REVIVAL #livefromlondon https://t.co/piaSBpUWBf @BelindaLeeWebb… https://t.co/PvARwUlR0o
@jadehelliwell2 Thanks girl. 💕😘 Adore you.
@PAWFECT3 @kyshona She reached it!!!
@smileonice @kyshona 😘💋🙌🏼 It’s a good day.
@msmeby @aplusapp 💜💜💜
@nowayjomo @aplusapp Thank you
Once again wearing my heart on my sleeve...💕 https://t.co/0SmXRaeA22
@_Sue_W_ @aplusapp Oh my goodness that means so much! ❤️❤️❤️
Please support my dear friend @kyshona. Last day to help her fund this amazing project!! 💜 https://t.co/Yu8hNKXUZ2
@CassadeePope @SamPalladio Cutest!
It would mean a lot to me if you read this vulnerable letter to the dreamers. ‘Faint Of Heart' Artist Jenn Bostic W… https://t.co/zqOxxO3V19
@sarahsweettater No stress, next month!
I always make the best meals when there’s no one else around to share them with. 🤷🏼‍♀️
@wwe3coins84 @Stageit Awwww thank you!
@JSHudson Thank you!
💜Thanks for tuning in! https://t.co/5cTQKqPUWf
[email protected] shows are seriously one of my favorite things ever! Thanks to all who tuned in. 💜
❤️😍😘 https://t.co/bSEhHLZqtZ
RT @LindaShotterFam: 🎶Hometown Album Release Week 🎶 @jennbostic Live On-Line Via @Stageit 1 Hour 'til showtime 17 tickets left Pay… https://t.co/W7a3PjTVeU
ONLINE CONCERT via @Stageit in 15 min! https://t.co/KPum9CxsNg
@smileonice @Stageit Yep!
Online Concert TODAY on @Stageit ❤️ https://t.co/vMRKoGWsFA
@justineclaire75 @BBCCovWarks Gorgeous girl!
When you start getting dressed for a 90s themed show and you realize you already dress super 90s.... 😬
@DuncanRansom @tjmaxx @TKMaxx_UK I know! I love it there!😍
When you find a dress you love @tjmaxx for $16.99, you buy it in two colors. #winning
@ColinLimb12 Thank you so much!
@ColinLimb12 Thanks so much Colin. 💕
“Those who guard their lips preserve their lives, but those who speak rashly will come to ruin.” Proverbs 13:3 NIV https://t.co/eExIAl7Ayp
Did you catch my #Focuson Episode with @KeepItCountryTV ??? #Sky: 376 - #Freeview: 87 - #Freesat 516 Online:… https://t.co/rksI60boC4
@SamandKen1 @KeepItCountryTV @wwwphilmackcom 💜
RT @LindaShotterFam: ***Today*** Exclusively for @KeepItCountryTV Focus On @jennbostic #Sky: 376 - #Freeview: 87 - #Freesat 516 Onlin… https://t.co/vP439WmNfi
RT @wwe3coins84: You don’t want to miss @jennbostic online concert she’s is absolutely amazing and is one of my favorite musicians!!… https://t.co/PodsZt2Fqm
Online Concert this Sunday!!! https://t.co/vMRKoGWsFA ❤️
“You are the sermon, you shouldn’t have to preach it.” @RONNIEDOSS
💜💜💜 Thank you! https://t.co/cUScr9PIrZ
@TBNUKtv So grateful for all of you! <3
@PaulHallows1 @TBNUKtv Aw thanks.
RT @TBNUKtv: Tonight at 7pm TBN Meets American country and worship singer-songwriter @jennbostic from Nashville, Tennessee… https://t.co/zVbq3hYNAB
Hey @WaconiaMN! Thanks for the hometown love from the @waconiapatriot ❤️ Who’s got tickets for next Friday???… https://t.co/NlMJa1OzWG
🔴 #NosesOn for @RedNoseDayUSA Let’s come together to end child poverty. Head over to @Walgreens and grab one!… https://t.co/GukzADzxXX
@wwe3coins84 @Patreon I have 😉
@_Sue_W_ Sending hugs your way. 💕
@Sara_1979 Aw, thank you so much!
Have you been streaming #REVIVAL on @Spotify ??? https://t.co/pMtkZE7lPb
If you can support this woman’s amazing music please do. She has words and sounds the whole world needs to hear! ❤️ https://t.co/Dq4ON21XyZ
So grateful. 💕 https://t.co/sunNX8Uiu2
@wwe3coins84 Thank you. ❤️
@wwe3coins84 No but it is available on my website. 😁
The image that inspired by new song #TooEasy 📷: @photocillin https://t.co/BPvwFwsY7M https://t.co/4tOQ0wwgFc
Awwww thanks for this. What a special night that was. 😍 https://t.co/1BGJvfzsu0
@IndieArtSouth @BellesandGals Awwww thank you. <3
@love_radio_ Awwww thank you so much! :) Would love to come visit you all when I'm in Paris in September. :)
Awwww thanks. The band and I had a blast recording this. <3 https://t.co/jhk0TUvxCs
@sarakauss @michaelernst7 xoxo
Fair punishment. ;) https://t.co/ls2Qi3JOp2
Today I made myself avocado toast for breakfast...and dropped it on the floor. Today I made #JacksonThePup avocado… https://t.co/gBMEomRkzA
Reliving the magic of the UK Album Release Tour for #REVIVAL this morning. THRILLED to be doing it all over again i… https://t.co/STjoRX43aO
❤️❤️❤️👇🏼❤️❤️❤️ Tune in. Loved filming this segment with @KeepItCountryTV https://t.co/fSeWBDc1IO
@WillowSpringsUK Awwww thank you! I know where has the time gone??? 🤷🏼‍♀️
“Dreaming was never meant to be for the faint of heart.” 📷: @michaelernst7 https://t.co/mwVha0XXxa
Tune in! 👇🏼❤️ https://t.co/RsiSDvvUHT
@barrman Hi!
“If faith can move the mountains, let the mountains move.” https://t.co/kcCVxOfbNF
@ainsleyearhardt @foxandfriends @FoxNews You’re so adorable!
“Insecurity is the awareness of the gap between who we are and who we want to be.” @dannychambers @oasischurchtv #oasisfan
@_SarahDarling @bbcradio @GabyRoslin 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
RT @RM2SteveG: Got my ticket to see @jennbostic performing on #Stageit https://t.co/2v6Qam1MrO via @stageit
SURPRISE! ONLINE CONCERT via @Stageit NEXT SUNDAY at 2PM CST/8PM GMT :) xo https://t.co/vBlMoE94UW
@WhisperingBob It was AMAZING! Nothing beats a gospel choir!
RT @bobgoff: “God doesn’t just give us Himself. Sometimes He gives us a few other people in our lives whose voices we can trust.” #EverybodyAlways
That gospel choir had me sock sliding through my kitchen this morning!!! 🙌🏼 #REVIVAL #TheRoyalWedding https://t.co/NlfHtCeEJj
@smileonice @kyshona ❤️
There are few sounds in this world I love more than a gospel choir. #Amen #TheRoyalWedding
@smileonice I love weddings so much!
Aaaaaand I’m crying. #TheRoyalWedding
I love love. 💕 #TheRoyalWedding https://t.co/PpJ7ac94zU
This choir! 😍 #allthefeels #TheRoyalWedding
@_SarahDarling @katespadeny Love that dress! 😘
@PaulHallows1 Happy Birthday!
This breaks my heart. NO child should grow up this way. #SantaFe https://t.co/fRLdK9u6nu
Happy Birthday Dad! Miss you. 🎈 https://t.co/7zFiZdq4Oy
2 WEEKS FROM TODAY!!!! Hometown Album release show at Waconia Performing Arts Center!!! Tickets: https://t.co/cliI4myErX
Going live on Facebook today at noon with @musicupdatecen Tune in for a few tunes during your lunch hour! https://t.co/6PiGySYoJz
@Matthew_McN @BuckleandBoots Not at the moment, sorry.😬
@_SarahDarling @photocillin Safe travels! Have fun!
HOMETOWN ALBUM RELEASE SHOW 2 WEEKS FROM TOMORROW in @WaconiaMN!!!! @kyshona will be opening at 7PM. Tickets: https://t.co/cliI4myErX
So many fun tour stops being announced soon. ☺️ #giddy
@photocillin @_SarahDarling 😘
@BenevaF 😉
@smileonice 💜💜
Grateful for this feature on the @BerkleeCollege blog. Cheers to the wonderful @shansmusic for the wonderful chat a… https://t.co/sxajfHIQ0q
xo love this girl https://t.co/NaeOR9eMzq
RT @countrymusicNI: Just over a month to go until @BuckleandBoots in Manchester. It night not be NI but its only a cheap flight away! G… https://t.co/JtqrfmZadR
I’ve missed being home. Thursday night @GRAYSonMain with @neal_elder ❤️ https://t.co/H9ETHcxHd2
@BellesandGals @WhisperingBob Thaaaank you. 😘
RT @BellesandGals: Shout #8 goes to @jennbostic with "Haunting Me" #UnderTheAppleTree with @WhisperingBob https://t.co/dqK0rAEXvF
Grateful for the love from @swaaymedia ❤️ https://t.co/u07fyUtrWO
Farewell Isla Mujeres. You were wonderful. 🏖 https://t.co/b5ToCHOuxf
@smileonice Same time next year!
@dlovell1986 @RandallKingBand @Imogen_Clark Thanks!
👇🏼 A letter to my younger self... https://t.co/d2wtomV0or
Music, massages and margaritas on the beach. 🏖 #Mexico
Happy Mother’s Day Mom! 💋 https://t.co/ov8WN3tvku
@DuncanRansom @hmvOxfordStreet Thanks Duncan!
@RM2SteveG Thaaaank you
@DuncanRansom @hmvOxfordStreet Hope you’re enoying it. Thank you. 💜 We can remedy that next time I’m over.
RT @deanandsheena: Start your Saturday with us from 10am on @HotCountryHits_. We've got tracks from @jennbostic, @TwoWaysHome, … https://t.co/xdvr9l2Cy7
@_Sue_W_ Thanks for the support
@_Sue_W_ @JenBostic @revkatebottley @jasonmohammad Thanks so much!
@TravisHorton94 Thanks Travis!!
@Fleabag1970 Thanks David!
@ScottKash88 Thank you so much!!!
RT @EmmsPublicity: #LYRICreviews: Jenn Bostic's Brand New Album 'Revival' Out Today https://t.co/n32TUhMdYA via @LYRICmagazine
RT @afish7412: Became a fan of @jennbostic after seeing a short set in Glasgow earlier this year. My first tweet is to say how am… https://t.co/HoAJda20KB
RT @AbsoluteLtd: The team over at @MusicNewsWeb took some time to listen to @jennbostic's new album #Revival. Read the review here: https://t.co/D2fQ7cjXLs
RT @samjcam: On Saturday I was asked to take photos as @jennbostic brought her UK tour to a close in Northern Ireland. It was a… https://t.co/UrrA24yOnh
@SO45fan @sarakauss Next year!
#REVIVAL has been out for 1 WEEK! 💕 Loved filming this #Sessionsinthehouse piece on release day. https://t.co/WZRT64NgFv
@estevensmusic @Tylershouse @JohnKen41177976 @_SarahDarling Soooo cute.
Enjoying some much needed R&R in Mexico with family and friends. 💜📷: @sarakauss https://t.co/lnboVw6nRl
@musicismyradar4 Awww I’m so glad! Hope to be back soon.
@Matthew_McN 🤣🤣🤣
Whoop whoop!!!! 🙌🏼💜🍾🥂 https://t.co/BF8wiXkEua
Headed to Mexico and ran into #allthesongwriters on their way to the Key West Songwriter Festival. More guitars tha… https://t.co/Qz1yevCz6J
Awwwww thank you! 💜 https://t.co/Asg3cSAfPR
👇🏼 So thankful for this review!!! 💕 https://t.co/nJtjV4OMrf
Headed to Mexico!!!! ✈️ ☀️ ❤️
@moogs_lumox @RealKenBruce @BBCRadio2 That would be a dream! 🙌🏼
@moogs_lumox @RealLynnBowles Aw thanks Gavin!
RT @BellesandGals: Shout #37 goes to @jennbostic with "What Love Feels Like" https://t.co/Qo1yuIG8cs
RT @KsKaniac: Now playing Revival by @jennbostic on @AVRadio . Thank you for having her music in rotation
RT @TheMusician94: Check out my cover of @jennbostic's song Saturday With You! Click the link below! https://t.co/ShrEcgQ0Io
RT @loserville1964: Is that really a week ago phew time goes to quick. @jennbostic @lauraoakesmusic @meganoneill @estevensmusic… https://t.co/N735BCHw2l
@luisalberto_dg No I’m singing at a few hotels, but it will be a workation.
@WeLoveKymMarsh So good to see you again Kelly! Thanks for the support!
@MartinCox0155 Yes! Thank you. Ready for some sunshine.
RT @GuignolThomas: I love it...Album of the Year! @jennbostic https://t.co/EN1gVsOBiQ
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@luisalberto_dg Isla Mujeres
@Industrymee Thanks for listening! All the guitar work done by the completely ridiculous @tonefreak713 He was also… https://t.co/HE893JPJ9N
@davie576 @Kodaline Thanks, I’ve never heard that one, will take a listen! 😉
RT @moogs_lumox: Came across this review of @jennbostic Revival album, the Yorkshire times, completely agree with quotes like this “… https://t.co/4AenUeTTIM
@moogs_lumox Thanks Gav!
RT @pappysbabies: Thank you @Jennbostic for making another really good album, "Revival". #enjoying #vinyl #smiles
Grateful that “Too Easy” was added to this @Spotify playlist 💜👇🏼 https://t.co/cydllwAtOm
48 hours and I’ll be landing in Mexico. Yes!!!! So excited!!!!
👇🏼 So grateful for this review! What an amazing tour across the UK. ❤️ https://t.co/cWn1JDMvRj
Happy Birthday to the love of my life @michaelernst7 💜 photo by @sarakauss https://t.co/QynCfZ1ZFI
@CRoutesNews @TaffMartin @BuckleandBoots 💜 As long as people are listening. 😉
RT @bobgoff: “Loving people means caring without an agenda. As soon as we have an agenda, it’s not love anymore.” #EverybodyAlways
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1...more...flight. #soclosetohome IAD —-> BNA
@TaffMartin @CRoutesNews @BuckleandBoots Thanks Taff, I’m glad you like the songs. I try not to put myself in box w… https://t.co/sxXWYc1p0z
RT @deanandsheena: Join us from 10pm on @RadioTamworth for the best New Country including music from @jennbostic, @TwoWaysHome, … https://t.co/RwdljI8Dan
@Matthew_McN @GreatestShowman @joinwonder Absolutely!
So. Much. Joy. #ilovemyjob 📷: @samjcam https://t.co/a9xIeuYosL
Well I’ve already sobbed my way through @GreatestShowman & @joinwonder on this flight... #allthefeels
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Thanks for the love. ❤️ https://t.co/Dl2nNBo6W4
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👇🏼 Thank you Justine! 💕 https://t.co/xxIdWQYDJC
RT @DavidNyro: Check out Jenn Bostic's new release, "Revival, " @Spotify @jennbostic @JennBosticFans https://t.co/88JTkghT7y
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@BrianCr17009983 @CrescentArts 💜💜💜💜
RT @RM2SteveG: #REVIVAL is here! @jennbostic released her amazing brand new album. Get your copy here: https://t.co/4uJE7YMQbc
RT @RONNIEDOSS: Are we listening to the words coming out of our mouths? It is a direct reflection of what is living in our heart.… https://t.co/Xu7ILgZMwj
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@wwe3coins84 ☺️
RT @LindaShotterFam: Congratulations to @jennbostic on a #SoldOut show completing the UK #Revival Tour. Have a brilliant night in Belfas… https://t.co/gl5l6Eme8D
@justineclaire75 Xoxo love you!
RT @justineclaire75: The perfect accompaniment to @jennbostic Cheers! To a fantastic album #Revival, sensational week and a little of yo… https://t.co/mLmXXNQVrP
RT @Half_Moonpub: So proud of our great friend @jennbostic whose new album is out NOW! It's getting rave reviews. Please check it out… https://t.co/PVWxOrPwK8
RT @carlypearce: RT to vote for #CarlyPearce for #TheFreshest! @radiodisney #RDMA @carlypearce https://t.co/Q6k2lbkAwt
Belfast, I love you! #SOLDOUT tonight @CrescentArts #REVIVAL https://t.co/IhDZh8x2r0
@countrymusicNI Nope they’re gone! 😉
@justineclaire75 @CrescentArts @moogs_lumox Haven’t tried it yet
RT @DrumNDance: Starting our day off by pegging people at the pool with our #Champagne corks and listening to the new @jennbostic a… https://t.co/778vKdPSft
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@marc7brewer @hmvBelfast @BelindaLeeWebb @MC_Lachlan 💜💜💜
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This will never get old! 😍 @hmvBelfast @BelindaLeeWebb @MC_Lachlan https://t.co/77VJ05bKeP
@_Sue_W_ Awwww so sweet!
RT @hmvStirling: Another new album that we are enjoying instore @jennbostic #Revival check it out https://t.co/Gv8FjEDXRt
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👇🏼 This guy! 🎸 Blessed to have him on the road with me. https://t.co/4i1G10xplt
This is the most thoughtful gift!!! Celebrating the FINAL date of this UK Album Release Tour in #Belfast tonight… https://t.co/kRZF6mUtc3
Filmed a segment with #sessionsinthehouse yesterday. Check it out here: https://t.co/nOxhXk9TFf
@Sprogkatbzz 💕 I can barely get through it without crying
RT @Sprogkatbzz: Faint of heart just hit me in the feels #cryingandtryingnottoo @jennbostic
@DavePiperDJ @jesuswired Would love to!
RT @jesuswired: @jennbostic Releases Revival Album Today - https://t.co/4w4BrzPyOp https://t.co/7kIBzWPLDH
RT @themaxstraub: One of my favorite artists and friends just released a CD today! I highly recommend you buy this and increase you… https://t.co/AUS6Ciixut
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TOMORROW! Only 10 tickets left for the last show of this full band UK Tour! Support by @GaryQuinnMusic, I’ll be joi… https://t.co/XnkIVkwh2Y
@smileonice Yess! You are literally the best.
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RT @SRmusicmaven: Singer-songwriter @jennbostic dropped her new album #Revival today! Check it out! #NewMusicFriday https://t.co/odBO0FKuOO
Going live on Facebook, tune in!
RT @wwe3coins84: One of my favorite artists @jennbostic blowing up my newsfeed with Revival retweets and updates!! I love it because she deserves it!!!
Grateful for the love from Fem Founder. 💕 Q&A with Singer Jenn Bostic https://t.co/QLdSm49h2Y
RT @LindaShotterFam: Today my Twitterfeed is all #Revival tweets & retweets & I'm #sorrynotsorry It's RELEASE DAY!!! Have you got… https://t.co/7bmbs7gfff
RT @BryfordMusic: The much anticipated new album #REVIVAL is out today from the talented @jennbostic Twelve wonderful tracks full of… https://t.co/hyodbzRPtw
RT @LightFuryDoctor: R E V I V A L by @jennbostic is out today !! #newmusicfriday #newalbum https://t.co/gP5dvcwlxd
Wow. This review! 🤭 Thank you @LifeInASong_UK Love you guys so much! 💜 https://t.co/zMAWyC3XKk
RT @tonefreak713: My good friend jennbostic had her album drop today! I had the honor of… https://t.co/fwsh2bop91
RT @bfgoat: I'm listening to Revival - Jenn Bostic @jennbostic on @Avradio Check Out Jenn’s new album! Available today!! Great music!
RT @ScottKash88: #NewMusicFriday Here's the must have new release of the day @jennbostic's #Revival album is so amazing top to botto… https://t.co/y4lrMUxTfG
RT @MusicNewsWeb: https://t.co/cGbkkwFHAS Revival @JennBostic #JennBostic #Revival #Review - Revival https://t.co/prusa2FeV8 https://t.co/CupSd6RRI1
RT @SteveLuffRadio: Jenn Bostic - "Revival " released today @jennbostic https://t.co/KZaiYQ7d2P https://t.co/YfFajNs5jq
RT @EmmsPublicity: https://t.co/Ue74E1c8gl - Jenn Bostic - https://t.co/LkErttyHu9
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RT @_Sue_W_: @jennbostic Revival’s looking good on itunes. Second only to Simon and Garfunkel ... https://t.co/l1662MTEAG
👇🏼 This Album Review! ❤️❤️❤️ Thanks @MusicNewsWeb https://t.co/wb54vJNcRn
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RT @Section101Tweet: TODAY is the day!! The amazing @jennbostic's amazing new album, REVIVAL, it OUT TODAY!! Run, don't walk, to… https://t.co/rvlWB4dqbB
RT @blackberrychris: This superb album is officially released today. Do yourself a favour and go buy it (you can probably stream it too… https://t.co/fK7IM2pFh3
RT @CRoutesNews: #NewMusicFridays @jennbostic Revival #debut #3 UK iTunes Singer/Songwriter (#170 UK iTunes all-genre) ➡ https://t.co/FrCAEa4liW
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RT @Matthew_McN: Out today is the new album #REVIVAL from @jennbostic I highly recommend with stunning vocals and perfect to enjoy o… https://t.co/gGJeeFcC2k
RT @LifeInASong_UK: The new album 'Revival' from UK fan favourite @jennbostic is out today! Check it out: https://t.co/LHz1Wvvpgj https://t.co/vuhx18Zy0w
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RT @stevenfurtick: Your breakthrough begins where your excuses end.
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RT @coolhandfluke65: Check out the amazing new album REVIVAL from @jennbostic . It’s fantastic and will be part of the soundtrack to your life :) @EssentiallyPop
RT @RoperKirsten: Absolutely LOVING Revival, the new album from @jennbostic I've been looking forward to it for months. Whatever your… https://t.co/P32TpoVCUw
@CloudwatcherUno Thank you thank you thank you. BIGGEST hugs!
@gibbol88 Thanks Laura!
@jadehelliwell2 Thanks Jade! xo
WHAT?! #Revival went #1 on the iTunes singer/songwriter chart this AM! I missed the screen grab 'cause I was singin… https://t.co/NKQvydlKlM
@_Sue_W_ 💜💜💜
RT @tgaudin: #Revival by @jennbostic vinyl version on #Amazon 🎶🎶 https://t.co/1WXAVdDGhZ
@LindaShotterFam @deanandsheena @PledgeMusic @One_More_ShotUK Yayyy!
@smileonice Only helps!!! 💜💜
@jasonmohammad I know! I met her after the show. So sweet! Thanks again for having me on the show.❤️
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RT @BenevaF: @jennbostic very proud to be repping my #Revival swag today! Cause Lord knows I need a #Revival right now! I am obs… https://t.co/8hE91Esnie
❤️❤️❤️ https://t.co/BlPpnGDqvd
RT @MartinCox0155: Full set from @jennbostic's - Revival Album Launch @Bushhallmusic - May 1st 2018! Was SO GOOOD! https://t.co/CtDBRZJejr via @YouTube
Off to BELFAST! Last show of the UK Album Release Tour THIS SATURDAY @CrescentArts 💜 Only 13 tickets left!… https://t.co/AdGRJSxUh0
RT @stevenfurtick: Your greatest message will be spoken by your life, not your lips.
@smileonice Yessssss
@Lo_Ball @kyshona 😂❤️ Heard it was epic!
Aaaaaaand I’m crying! 😭 Thank you @W21Music ❤️❤️❤️ This review means so much more than you know. An unforgettable n… https://t.co/OdFYRI5KDu
@mygirltheriver @meganoneill He sure did! @thepaulsalveson is a beast!
@_Sue_W_ @jasonmohammad @revkatebottley I am SO glad you came.💜💜💜
RT @_Sue_W_: By having @jennbostic on Radio 2 on Sunday @jasonmohammad & @revkatebottley are responsible for me abandoning my te… https://t.co/YJR9GERRB9
@meganoneill 😘😘😘❤️
RT @meganoneill: Literally have every @jennbostic song stuck in my head. What a super talented lady!! X
@Lo_Ball @BelindaLeeWebb @kyshona @estevensmusic Awwwww
@jadehelliwell2 Yaaaaaas
@samc83 @MartinCox0155 @Bushhallmusic Awwww thanks Sam!
@lizteo68 @justineclaire75 @Bushhallmusic @kyshona @meganoneill @estevensmusic @lauraoakesmusic ☺️❤️Thank you!
RT @MartinCox0155: Now online, @jennbostic - Lamp @Bushhallmusic 01/05/18 https://t.co/1Y23o7GVDz
@lizteo68 @Bushhallmusic @MartinCox0155 Xoxoxoxo love you!
@jesseterrymusic Yes! Likewise, let’s do it!
@jesseterrymusic @AmericanaFest @_SarahDarling Woah! Congrats! Great. Hit me up when you get to town. 😉
@jesseterrymusic I’m back in Nashville for awhile May 16
@jesseterrymusic Craaaazy, I know! Yes please! Let’s write some smashes.
@TonyMendes13 @W21Music @Bushhallmusic Xoxo thank you so much!
@MAGIC2310 @jadehelliwell2 @meganoneill 7:45 / 8:30 / 9:15
RT @smileonice: Counting down to @jennbostic at @GulliversNQ. I could say lots about her songwriting talent & incredible vocals but… https://t.co/r0ZC84Z1pl
Sooooo grateful for this Album Review: Jenn Bostic - #Revival https://t.co/kYFDXckq43 via @vickycaswell
@Matthew_McN @Bushhallmusic Thank youuuuuu for posting this!
RT @BryfordMusic: Total perfection @jennbostic @Bushhallmusic #Revival launch. Shout out to @kyshona Natalie Palmer @estevensmusic… https://t.co/JZrl7xjehm
@BryfordMusic @TheBonnieRaitt 💜💜💜
Sooooo fun!!!!! 🙌🏼 https://t.co/6WJgJIxLjR
@Matthew_McN Matthew, you’re the sweetest. Thank you so much for coming!
Thanks for the kind words Mark! https://t.co/G7ZUi7ap76
@BryfordMusic @Bushhallmusic @kyshona @estevensmusic @lauraoakesmusic @meganoneill @BelindaLeeWebb @EddyWhiteMusic… https://t.co/OFkVxje0IO
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@LiveMcrNews @GulliversNQ @jadehelliwell2 @meganoneill ❤️❤️❤️
RT @LiveMcrNews: As @jennbostic performs at @GulliversNQ tonight, here she is with our #trackoftheday Faint Of Heart Also performing… https://t.co/Hr6VJj8gvs
RT @imomarshall: Unbelievable show last night from @jennbostic... #revival https://t.co/mdZCuvKY1a
@imomarshall Thank you for coming!!! 💜💜💜
@One_More_ShotUK @kyshona @GreenNote 😍😘❤️ love you more!
London! Last night was amazing!!!! Thank you. Go catch my girl @kyshona @GreenNote tonight in #camden. ⭐️
@nico261 ❤️💜 Thank you for being there!!!
@justineclaire75 @Bushhallmusic @kyshona @meganoneill @estevensmusic @lauraoakesmusic You are a star. ⭐️
@coolhandfluke65 ❤️
I’ll go ahead and say it...BEST GIG EVER! ❤️❤️❤️🙌🏼😭 Thank you all. I’ll never forget tonight @Bushhallmusic as long… https://t.co/vSaUao0gNK
@musicismyradar4 Thank you!!!
@loserville1964 @lauraoakesmusic @meganoneill @CountryClub @ownnashville @FOXNashville @STRIKINGMATCHES Thank you for being there!!!
RT @W21Music: Wow the adorable @jennbostic hits the stage and totally blows our socks off 😮 UK you are in for a total treat this… https://t.co/EmRI3nFTtI
RT @coolhandfluke65: What a way for @jennbostic to launch her new album @Bushhallmusic tonight. Incredible! @EssentiallyPop #REVIVAL… https://t.co/0q1d431J6c
@WkdysWithMurph Thank you!!!!
RT @dcbrowndeep: Fantastic performance by @jennbostic thanks for the signed vinyl https://t.co/TL07xE15P4
@musicismyradar4 Thank you sooooo much!!!
❤️❤️❤️🙌🏼 What a night! #REVIVAL https://t.co/p9ATcPgdA3
RT @justineclaire75: Stunning night @Bushhallmusic for the album launch of #Revival by @jennbostic Delighted to introduce my beautiful f… https://t.co/pZ5wMz289W
RT @Kathy__Anderson: Just enjoyed the most fabulous gig @jennbostic for her #Revival album launch @Bushhallmusic tonight with so many t… https://t.co/hcM0vpfJCX
RT @MartinCox0155: From sound check to performance, thank you @jennbostic https://t.co/ZVcVuyyiWn https://t.co/mrAYn42qdk
RT @F1andStuff: Incredible night of music at @Bushhallmusic @estevensmusic @meganoneill @lauraoakesmusic and of course @jennbostic… https://t.co/pak1ykgPhB
❤️❤️❤️👇🏼 https://t.co/NXaiAhQkh5
@MartinCox0155 💜💜💜 you’re an angel. Thanks for being so supportive!
RT @MartinCox0155: Thannk you @jennbostic for a wonderful gig :-). Thank you, on behalf of everyone who you met, for making them all feel so special.
@loopy141 Xoxoxo yessss!
@loserville1964 @lauraoakesmusic @meganoneill @CountryClub @ownnashville @FOXNashville @STRIKINGMATCHES Thank you for being there!!!!!
👇🏼 Tonight. ❤️ https://t.co/AHewlLOKzb
@cwrci @Bushhallmusic @BelindaLeeWebb @EddyWhiteMusic @MC_Lachlan @kyshona @meganoneill @estevensmusic… https://t.co/PX5vIEtoZT
@W21Music @Bushhallmusic @lauraoakesmusic @meganoneill @estevensmusic 😉
RT @W21Music: Welcome to @Bushhallmusic for an evening of music with @jennbostic @lauraoakesmusic @meganoneill and @estevensmusic… https://t.co/qtNbzVCMZ3
@loserville1964 @lauraoakesmusic @meganoneill @CountryClub @ownnashville @FOXNashville @tubeway @dwbullock @The_Anchoress 💜💜💜
RT @BellesandGals: Shout #20 goes to @jennbostic with "Faint of Heart" https://t.co/apLS33Ep7i
@CloudwatcherUno Yayyyy!
@blackberrychris ❤️
RT @blackberrychris: The hugest good luck to @jennbostic on her #Revival album launch tonight. Deserves all the luck in the world - such… https://t.co/smQUBUe7jw
@LindaShotterFam @Bushhallmusic ❤️❤️❤️
RT @MartinCox0155: Here at @Bushhallmusic for this lady - @jennbostic #soundchecking #london #gig #albumlaunch #revival #concert… https://t.co/4BPVncfd83
RT @Lo_Ball: Hanging at @Bushhallmusic for the soundcheck. If you don’t already have a ticket for @jennbostic tonight, hurry up… https://t.co/8ufqvUVpdg
@JUMPINSOUNDS @MartinCox0155 @meganoneill We’ll play until 10:30 😉
@GaryQuinnMusic @Bushhallmusic ❤️❤️❤️
@musicismyradar4 Just before 9
So I’m already crying tears of joy. All your texts, emails, calls for luck tonight.💕💕💕 Thank you. See some of you… https://t.co/gHU14iBJi8
@jesseterrymusic Have so much fun!!!
@Hellie1980 @WhenCalls Cool!
RT @kyshona: Hey #london 👋🏾 Tonight: singing in the jennbostic band at @bushhallmusic… https://t.co/xPlUxhdHGP
@royle1957 Thanks David! Hope to see you next time around!
@loserville1964 @Bushhallmusic @BelindaLeeWebb @EddyWhiteMusic @MC_Lachlan @kyshona @meganoneill @estevensmusic… https://t.co/LKgZGEGrth
RT @countrymusicNI: The epic @jennbostic hits Belfast this Saturday as she wraps up her UK tour promoting her brand new album 'Revival'… https://t.co/X4royD3zFE
5 May First EVER full band show in Northern Ireland @CrescentArts 💜 Support by @GaryQuinnMusic 😎Only 15 tickets lef… https://t.co/ZQTGhZ2xz2
Tomorrow Night I’m back in #Manchester! Tickets are going fast so snag one of you want to join me. Support by… https://t.co/dlGg1xdAMJ
“Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life? Since you cannot do this very little thing, why do you w… https://t.co/xqNplnXujj
TONIGHT!!!!! Full band album release show @Bushhallmusic with @BelindaLeeWebb @EddyWhiteMusic @MC_Lachlan @kyshona… https://t.co/OkfkEkRF31
RT @countryintheuk: Tonight we will be heading to [email protected] to see [email protected] hope to see you there https://t.co/GUF9NQapRX
@MarkLBower1 Pizza ❤️
@Bionic_Tweets @kyshona Diva!
@dashboardmusic @MWphotos_ Meeeeeee...and if you need an opener... 😉
@callaghanmusic @GabyRoslin @BBCRadioLondon @EmmsPublicity @allaboutpromo Congrats! Would love to do some touring together in the future 💜
@WhisperingBob @MilesMH92 He’s brilliant!
@Matthew_McN @PledgeMusic So fun! Absolutely!
@MorganwayUK Thanks guys!
@Lo_Ball @BelindaLeeWebb 😂😂😂 noooo
@hikingviking69 @SaraBareilles 😂 Would LOVE to sing with @SaraBareilles someday! Would be a dream come true.
Proper girl’s night with two of my absolute favorites tonight! So grateful they’ll both be @Bushhallmusic supportin… https://t.co/aR4LPGTxFT
Happiness is when you get to go to dinner in London without a keyboard strapped to your back! 🙌🏼 #tourlife
@Bionic_Tweets @kyshona Yessss! Enjoy that amazing diva!
@becomingrebecca thanks for everything yesterday! Let me know how many want to come to @GulliversNQ on Wednesday. 😉❤️
@cwrci Yayyyy! Me toooo!
@Bambography Never! I love it over here. 💜
Check it out! Amazing review from @EssentiallyPop https://t.co/IRBaECmuzd
@WorldBeatsMusic @BelindaLeeWebb She is the best!
@Matthew_McN 5PM arrival However you can come anytime after that and it guarantees a front row seat and autographed album. ❤️😉
💜 What fun this was! Did you hear it? https://t.co/MmuHFy2kuz
@EllenWilson05 @Bushhallmusic @BelindaLeeWebb @EddyWhiteMusic @MC_Lachlan @kyshona @meganoneill @lauraoakesmusic… https://t.co/mLu5NkFlIG
👇🏼❤️❤️❤️🙌🏼 #REVIVAL https://t.co/7qW7Zlp4xh
@londonkro @Bushhallmusic Seated ❤️
@cwrci Absolutely! I love the UK 🇬🇧
@_Sue_W_ You are DEFINITELY not too old!!! We will see you Wednesday. 💕
@msrachelhollis you’re amazing. Thanks for the encouragement and inspiration in #GirlWashYourFace
It’s cold and rainy in London and I’m online swimsuit shopping for Mexico. Hard to believe I’ll be playing on a beach next week. #tourlife
@meganoneill Gonna be fun!!!
@traceywood07 Hahaha be careful!
@LindaShotterFam ❤️
TOMORROW NIGHT! Full Band Album Release Show @Bushhallmusic with @BelindaLeeWebb @EddyWhiteMusic @MC_Lachlan… https://t.co/gf1Qsallm1
Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of you… https://t.co/ZgOjH5OKP0
@tw1gs @One_More_ShotUK ❤️❤️❤️ I love this! Thank you so much. 💜
@LoriAll369 @ChristianKane01 @RileySmith @henrioconnor @Jonah17 @mattlande @GaryQuinnMusic @StewartMacMusic @DeanKingofWing I’m in.
@Matthew_McN @BBCRadio2 Can’t wait! 💕
@ZoeFriend1 @revkatebottley @jasonmohammad Thanks for listening!
@photocillin 💜💜💜
@affablewarrior @One_More_ShotUK 😘😘😘
@Matthew_McN @BBCRadio2 Thank you so much for screenshooting this! ❤️❤️❤️ Makes my heart so happy!
🙌🏼 Oh my goodness!!! ❤️❤️❤️ https://t.co/TmJZ5OR0b4
@WkdysWithMurph ❤️ no shame in showing your emotions. Thanks for the kind words.
RT @WkdysWithMurph: Y’all, @jennbostic’s “Jealous of the Angels” is a gorgeous song. I’m a grown man, and I’m not ashamed to say that… https://t.co/zro3EUpBM9
@tinaw5567 Thanks for the love.
💜 My happy place. Tickets: https://t.co/TPdaxSBger https://t.co/6k2qdK729i
@Kathy__Anderson @Bushhallmusic ❤️ adore you.
RT @moogs_lumox: This Saturday 05 May the wonderful @jennbostic brings her full band to Northern Ireland for the first time at… https://t.co/QprY1d4rky
@gillo1 @BBCRadio2 @jasonmohammad @revkatebottley @BuckleandBoots I’ll make sure to let everyone know at my… https://t.co/4ZuJHAFx67
@mummyhelenpt @revkatebottley @BBCRadio2 @jasonmohammad Yay! Thank you so much!
@mummyhelenpt @revkatebottley @BBCRadio2 @jasonmohammad Thanks so much!
@DavidNyro Grateful to have been a part of it. :)
“Jenn’s style lends itself equally to solo performances or full band, as it’s her voice that commands attention. Th… https://t.co/wvWrTlN37z
@danblythewriter Me too. 💜
RT @jasonmohammad: This morning we had the pleasure of welcoming jennbostic to our @bbcradio2 studio. Thank you… https://t.co/9bjC3T6C5D
@danblythewriter 😉 Thanks!
@rebeccalees Awwww thanks so much! 💕
@_Sue_W_ @revkatebottley @BBCRadio2 @jasonmohammad ❤️ big love and hugs being sent your way.
ICYMI This morning’s performance and chat on @BBCRadio2 #GMS is now live. ❤️ https://t.co/QVF9OdM6dd
@smileonice @ArrantSchemata 💜
@LindaShotterFam @revkatebottley @BBCRadio2 Thank you so much for your support!
RT @BBCR2MusicBot: Now Playing Jenn Bostic - Jealous Of The Angels #jennbostic https://t.co/g1B9ZTjf9Y
@Half_Moonpub @BBCRadio2 💜💜💜
@LindaShotterFam @BBCRadio2 Aw this is so neat! Thank you.
@LesleyHastings @BBCR2 @Bushhallmusic Thank you. 💕
@Gmski @BBCRadio2 Thanks Garry!!! 💜
@Kathy__Anderson @BBCRadio2 Xoxoxo
@jayney36 @BBCRadio2 @camcountry Thank you!
These two sure know how to make a girl feel loved. Such a blessing to sing on @BBCRadio2 #GoodMorningSunday this mo… https://t.co/83ZE0vcLZc
RT @smileonice: So I have slept for about an hour and a half.... now awake to listen to @jennbostic sing live on @BBCRadio2 and tal… https://t.co/VShuPnFahL
Getting ready to sing on @BBCRadio2 Good Morning Sunday and they’re playing @camcountry’s #Diane. Love this song! 💕 #NashvilleMeetstheUK 😉
@photocillin 😘
@traceywood07 Love this!
@Hellie1980 Aw thank youuuu!
@mrgraysonfdn Yay! Of course. I’ll be chatting to everyone after the show. ❤️❤️
Behind the scenes of the album cover photo. 😂 That wind was fierce! @sarakauss @mikevarel… https://t.co/5AwhjT08LQ
@MahaffyMo @GaryQuinnMusic Thanks Mark!
@MahaffyMo @GaryQuinnMusic 💜
@Markymoomoo39 💜
Tomorrow! Singing live on @bbcradio2 Good Morning Sunday! Be sure to tune in. 💜 https://t.co/2s6zfiBZgT
@kerkie17 ❤️❤️❤️❤️
RT @songsandstarsuk: The incredible Jenn Bostic, performing tracks from her new album Revival last night in Kent. Such an amazing night… https://t.co/cXJGDKYDxt
@thejohnkerr @CrescentArts @GaryQuinnMusic ❤️
@kerkie17 Awwww thank you!
@mouse555 😂🤷🏼‍♀️
@AndyWebbDJ 💜
@PAWFECT3 @One_More_ShotUK @BrandXMgmt @ChristianKane01 @RileySmith @StewartMacMusic @GaryQuinnMusic 🙌🏼
Hey Belfast! 5 May come out to @CrescentArts for my first ever FULL BAND show in Northern Ireland! 💕 Support from m… https://t.co/MUGdpQZNWU
2 May I am FINALLY returning to #Manchester with the band. Join us for a memory making evening @GulliversNQ with su… https://t.co/se614X7mtu
@deanandsheena @mckay_hayley @Philippahanna @HotCountryHits_ @philvassar Thanks for all your support!
@SimonJamesBand @Barbara_Nesbitt 💜
Tuesday!!! ALBUM RELEASE SHOW @Bushhallmusic with support from @meganoneill @lauraoakesmusic & @estevensmusic 💜 Tic… https://t.co/hdHTjrblj9
Fun times in Sittingbourne, Kent tonight with @BelindaLeeWebb @MC_Lachlan @EddyWhiteMusic Huge thanks to amazing su… https://t.co/qnsLokynAc
@MartinCox0155 @LindaShotterFam 💕 which did you prefer?
@MartinCox0155 @LindaShotterFam Yayyy!
@traceywood07 @IanWood600 Xoxo thanks for all your support!
RT @IanWood600: Great evening out with @traceywood07 seeing @jennbostic at the dancing dog Sittingbourne. Was lovely to meet jenn… https://t.co/ww8ij9ZjG2
@DominicKingBBC Thanks for having us!
RT @DominicKingBBC: Nashville singer-songwriter @jennbostic performed live on the show tonight for ‘The Music Conversation’. Superb art… https://t.co/2M2EKT5C8a
@Markymoomoo39 @eswecker Don’t be ashamed of that. Emotion is a beautiful thing.
@Markymoomoo39 @eswecker 💕
@eswecker @Markymoomoo39 Oh my goodness! I love this. Thank you so much!!!!
Fun times chatting with and singing for @DominicKingBBC. Huge thanks to @EddyWhiteMusic for playing guitar like a b… https://t.co/JdYztgjsCy
@loserville1964 @CountryClub @Nashville_ABC @ownnashville @FOXNashville @nashvillesounds Yayyyyyy! 💜
RT @MC_Lachlan: Loving this tour so far with @jennbostic. Looking forward to some more soulful grooves in #Kent tonight!… https://t.co/T1sp6Jz4UM
@AndyWebbDJ Yayyyyy!!!
Only a few tickets left for tonight’s show in Kent! https://t.co/fxSRC6j7FE
May 4 #REVIVAL 📷: @sarakauss Preorder on iTunes & https://t.co/3NvRB3rneG https://t.co/JdgTtZpdKv
@HeisenJud Yayyyyy! I’ll get you your VIP stuff there! 💜
@IndieArtSouth ❤️❤️🙏
@samc83 @LaurenBayram_x @a_webb96 @lauraoakesmusic @musicismyradar4 Amazing!!!! 🤞🏼❤️
RT @KsKaniac: listening to Revival by #JennBostic @jennbostic on @AVRadio https://t.co/7CZ6IdoYcw
@Tylershouse @chapel_sessions @kyshona @sarakauss 💜💜💜💜
ICYMI loved this live session with the band! ❤️❤️❤️ Catch us at @Bushhallmusic this Tuesday night! https://t.co/ZVQ0FqoITA
@love_radio_ Would love to come sing in Paris. Know anyone who could help out with this?
@70sJan Thank you so much!
Thanks @BellesandGals, I love y’all! https://t.co/41HHsDYcb0
@barrman @chapel_sessions @kyshona @sarakauss 💜
@Tylershouse @chapel_sessions @kyshona @sarakauss Awesome!!!
@samc83 @LaurenBayram_x @a_webb96 @lauraoakesmusic Would love to see you there!
@MusicNewsWeb @Matthew_McN @CompetitionsC Yay! See y’all there!
Wow! Totally humbled. Thanks for making me feel heard @IndieArtSouth 💕 https://t.co/8QBV29S0tq
@Alanjerram @estevensmusic Thank you!
@clsyorkshire @blackberrychris 💜
@wwe3coins84 Awwwwww thanks!!!
@Coast1079 Thank you so much. 💕
@royle1957 Thank you so much!
@chapel_sessions 😘😘😘
@meganoneill @talentbanq @TwoWaysHome @PuddingstoneGin Have fun!
@RileySmith Kill it friend!
@Coast1079 Thanks for all your support!
@Markymoomoo39 Oh wow! That’s so awesome. Thanks for sharing.
@nathanangelo @PledgeMusic Aw thanks friend!!!
RT @nathanangelo: My friend/tour mate @jennbostic is releasing a new album soon! Reserve your copy here: https://t.co/YwkbdtUXXE https://t.co/eWNip1Qn20
RT @deanandsheena: Tune in to @reachonair tonight from 8pm for another chance to hear our recent chats with @mckay_hayley and… https://t.co/WpmJyl7vZN
@jelly_kentucky Wrong Thing, Revival and Faint of Heart are all fair game!
@IndieArtSouth @AstridHeleneM84 @BellesandGals 💜
@BryfordMusic @chapel_sessions @kyshona ❤️
☺️🙌🏼😭 https://t.co/jhGlUfN8vP
RT @Kathy__Anderson: A fantastic evening @chapel_sessions for @jennbostic #revival tour with @kyshona as the opener. Such a great eveni… https://t.co/VZsqX7uMf6
My new album #Revival comes out one week from today! The entire process was a dream come true… https://t.co/4Zb18PoZkV
@hikingviking69 @callaghanmusic So fun! Love her music.
A little live clip from last night @chapel_sessions next stop #Kent tomorrow night. https://t.co/BT1zp43pTP
@Bambography @kyshona @PledgeMusic Thank youuuuuuu
RT @CRoutesNews: Tickets still left for @jennbostic Friday, April 27 2018 - The Dancing Dog , Sittingbourne | Full Band show + Barba… https://t.co/UnPhyVOXd2
@JSHudson Yayyyyy
❤️❤️❤️ https://t.co/ze9xBZCQKC
@wwe3coins84 Yep! They are available on Pledge now and will be made available on my website after release.
@HeisenJud @chapel_sessions Oh no I’m so sorry. If you can make it to Bush Hall on Tuesday we can do a VIP redo if… https://t.co/dZPOxmk5qs
@Markymoomoo39 @chapel_sessions @kyshona Thank you for all your support!!
RT @blackberrychris: And finally, one of the songs that has helped me so much. Thanks for singing this for me tonight Jenn. #musicheals… https://t.co/tvfWu4rz4Z
@elizwalas Thank you so much!!!
RT @elizwalas: Received my CD @jennbostic. #Revival2018. Loving ❤️ it. Have a great tour!! Everyone, go get it. It’s awesome.… https://t.co/A7myB8hCW4
RT @smileonice: Pausing my epic Stargate rewatch to listen to #REVIVAL2018 the awesomely fantastic new album from @jennbostic 💜 I… https://t.co/ZF5GG8WIOe
@smileonice Xxoxoxoxo
@scragnut 💜💜💜
@HeisenJud @chapel_sessions Did you make it? You have a front row seat saved for you. 😇
@JSHudson Yayyyy
@EllenWilson05 @Bushhallmusic @meganoneill @lauraoakesmusic @estevensmusic @kyshona Xo
@drewsh57 @nashoverhere Yayyyyy!
@EricChristina43 @meganoneill @lauraoakesmusic @estevensmusic @CaseyMcQuillen 💜💜💜
RT @raths_kitten: My new @jennbostic CD arrived. Thank you! Can’t wait to listen to it. :)
@jelly_kentucky Yay!
❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ https://t.co/GabAKrp3B1
@HeisenJud @chapel_sessions Yay! See you tonight!
@Tylershouse @chapel_sessions @kyshona @sarakauss Bummer! Can’t wait to see you at Bush Hall! 💕💕💕
👇🏼☺️❤️😭 https://t.co/xjBSBHEmmc
@Bambography @PledgeMusic Can’t wait!
New Album 'Revival' & 2018 Tour update: Hello from the road! https://t.co/3G6SRWIe9W @PledgeMusic #singersongwriter
@HeisenJud @chapel_sessions I sent you an email, but maybe it went to junk. 😇
@HeisenJud @chapel_sessions You’re on the list. 😉❤️
@PAWFECT3 😘 Adore you.
Tonight! #REVIVAL comes to Netley, Southampton for @chapel_sessions with support by the amazing @kyshona ❤️ photo b… https://t.co/bFzctFEKhb
@RealScottNash @NialSean Still a few left!
Tonight! Full Band Show @chapel_sessions in Southampton! Just a few tickets left. ❤️❤️❤️ @kyshona @BelindaLeeWebb… https://t.co/7HJKKhxEnJ
RT @KsKaniac: Now playing Revival by @jennbostic on @AVRadio
@gibbol88 💜💜💜
RT @gibbol88: My drive home soundtrack tonight supplied by @jennbostic perfect songs to help me de-stress after a tough shift… https://t.co/i2q4bpfJrR
RT @blackberrychris: Cannot wait for @jennbostic tomorrow night - will be great to see her again! Hoping that one of ‘Not Yet’ or ‘Fight… https://t.co/Rm0joCw7mL
@BrianWren I’m so sorry for your loss. God bless you!
@CountryrocksKay 💜
May 1 FULL BAND ALBUM RELEASE PARTY @Bushhallmusic with @meganoneill @lauraoakesmusic @estevensmusic @kyshona https://t.co/jQNxbmYiez
@stevenfurtick Preach!
@mrgraysonfdn So fun!
RT @RussHillCountry: @kyshona @jennbostic's highly anticipated show for @chapel_sessions will be happening tomorrow and it was plugged o… https://t.co/y5QLhFTpew
A little clip from last night. 💕 https://t.co/XoBFr9D6UN
@One_More_ShotUK @ChristianKane01 @RileySmith @henrioconnor @Jonah17 @StewartMacMusic @DeanKingofWing @mattlande… https://t.co/pGVXeVY5KL
Thrilled to announce that @jadehelliwell2 will be joining @meganoneill and me @GulliversNQ on the 2 of May! Book yo… https://t.co/hnlhhO3o9X
@kyshona Be safe! See you tomorrow DIVA!!!
@tinkerteacher Thank you so much!!!!
#Revival came to #Newcastle tonight. 💕 Thank you to everyone who came out to support my first show ever in your bea… https://t.co/jfHsNhHmGz
RT @LewisHarrower: What a fantastic evening @JoshNewellBrown has an incredible voice, @meganoneill is amazing and has really beautifu… https://t.co/7npOX4cS27
@LewisHarrower @JoshNewellBrown @meganoneill Thanks so much for staying!!!! Great chatting with you.
@Hellie1980 @thecluny @Tamsinontour @SummerTyne @Sage_Gateshead Thank you so much for your support! 💜
RT @Hellie1980: Then you come out of a gig to the world gone mad again in Toronto. That's what these incredible, talented humans do… https://t.co/jIT96Guoj6
@Hellie1980 Ireland.
👇🏼❤️ 🍎 🌳 https://t.co/ZVQ0FqoITA
@marc7brewer Perfect! 😉
@BeckyMohr7 @One_More_ShotUK 😉
RT @Glasswerk: UK tour for @jennbostic starts tonight at @thecluny with support from @meganoneill and @JoshNewellBrown Also pla… https://t.co/UkKrlo5fTt
RT @RM2SteveG: Great surprise in the mail today: new album from @jennbostic Amazing music!!! #MusicMondays https://t.co/dviHuRYj5N
👇🏼😭❤️ https://t.co/phzZZh236y
@BeckyMohr7 @One_More_ShotUK Xoxoxo thank you. Means so much more than you know.
@Matthew_McN @countryintheuk @Bushhallmusic Thank you so much!!!
@equus256 ❤️❤️❤️ Safe travels home.
RT @Kathy__Anderson: Please don't forget to get your tickets for this gig with the very talented @jennbostic and her full band with soul… https://t.co/fMufLNuAZB
@marc7brewer Sure. All those songs are on my full length “Jealous” album though. Just as a heads up.
@smileonice @Bernie_Angel Thanks love!
@LiveMcrNews @GulliversNQ Yayyyy! Can’t wait. Surprises in store! 👇🏼
@70sJan @thecluny @JoshNewellBrown Yayyyy!! So fun. 💜💕 See you tonight!
@DEBSK14 Aw thanks!
RT @meganoneill: Off to #Newcastle to play a gig supporting the lovely @jennbostic tonight at @thecluny. Can't wait!! Who's coming o… https://t.co/jYgV4PJToM
Kicking off the FULL BAND ALBUM RELEASE TOUR TONIGHT in Newcastle with support from @meganoneill at @thecluny… https://t.co/udHjJlhmEm
Can’t wait to see you there!!!! ❤️❤️❤️ https://t.co/HHBPJrvJe9
Woo hoo! Tour starts tomorrow in Newcastle!!! https://t.co/5lGZUjuFPX
RT @CRoutesNews: Marie Crichton Country @BBCShropshire Playlist April 20: Jo Dee Messina @Gasolineonline @jennbostic Big Tom McBride… https://t.co/c6xoUbPu3a
@wwe3coins84 @jenngrinels Thank you!!!
Grateful for the love from @SongwritingMag 💕 Check out my Top 10 picks including @carlypearce @caitlynsmith… https://t.co/Sklon7XiFL
@wwe3coins84 Awwww thx
💕Grateful for the love from @SongwritingMag 👇🏼 Check it out. https://t.co/fLHfWhQFR5
@MilesMH92 @Bushhallmusic @Kimmie_Rhodes @RobVincentMusic So fun!
@tsw630 Yayyyyy
💋👇🏼🤗 https://t.co/MkswYC2IAY
It might not be working, starting with the fact that I did not spell coffee correctly...
@gibbol88 @ChristianKane01 @GaryQuinnMusic @RileySmith @StewartMacMusic @O2Islington ❤️❤️💋
@MartinCox0155 Nope. 😉 Feeling good.
@loserville1964 That’s fine. 😉 He’ll still get to come in whenever he arrives and will get to sit front row with yo… https://t.co/fYNop5vLEv
Who wants to come??? 👇🏼 https://t.co/r0fI9sL4IH
@loserville1964 Can’t wait to see you there!!! 💜
@loserville1964 Yep I’ll send you an email. You can get there whenever you like. We will be allowing you in at 5PM 😉
New jet lag plan. No coffe, no naps. Talk to me at 3PM today... 😂
@Miranda_Jayne Yikes!
@SarahHartridge Aw thank you Sarah. 💜
@Oabaab1 😜
You looked good tonight #London. @O2Islington https://t.co/f1TrP9tKFW
@RealScottNash Thank you so much! 💕
@BryfordMusic @O2Islington Thank youuuuu. ❤️❤️❤️
@NialSean @staceymariexox @RealScottNash @ChristianKane01 @RileySmith Awww would have love to meet you too! I’m in… https://t.co/Yej3AVrclJ
This is going down right now. 👇🏼 https://t.co/LJatoA7Cwm
@mygirltheriver Yayyyy! So fun!
RT @kyshona: #ANNOUNCEMENT! Today is launch day! I'm making a record and I would love your help. How can you help? 1. Visit th… https://t.co/fUY4mBvKh6
@PorgiBreeder @RealScottNash @NialSean @staceymariexox @ChristianKane01 Ha! Sorry. 😬
@NialSean @staceymariexox @RealScottNash @ChristianKane01 Excited!
@SarahHartridge 💜
@apriljaimusic Yesssss that’s what i like to hear. I was in a blizzard last week!
@lee_boardman Yayyy!
@noteapleeeease Hardly, maybe more heroic if I had made my flight. 😂
@Matthew_McN Thank you!
@NialSean @ChristianKane01 Woo hoo!
@DominicKingBBC Can’t wait! 💕
Alright here we go. #London T-minus 7.5 hours. ✈️ 🇬🇧 ❤️🎹
RT @guyhinwa: @jennbostic #revival #jennbostic music is a gift from God, Jenn is His gift to all of us! https://t.co/1F29JhbkM9
Bad news: I missed my connection. ✈️ Good news: I got the best workout I’ve had in a long time running through the… https://t.co/2zLnJFpDSY
@MartinCox0155 Yesssss
@honestmktr I’m so sorry for your loss. God bless you. ❤️
@campbellqphotos 💕
@jamesbstewart73 @One_More_ShotUK Yes! I can’t wait! I love OMS!!! 💜💜💜
@campbellqphotos Yes!
@opaman Got ‘em in my purse.
@opaman It’s nice weather over there! Won’t need the red coat!
@MattSJK Crazy!
@kestrelrising You’re welcome. I brought the snow to Minnesota so I was bound to bring some sunshine across the pond.
London baby!!!!!! 🇬🇧 ✈️💜 #iamwearingmyowntshirt 🤓 https://t.co/nMpm1R4yKw
@apatientman Yay! So glad you got it!
RT @Glasswerk: Check out @jennbostic's cover of Over The Rainbow below. She is on tour in the UK in next couple of weeks. 23 Apri… https://t.co/91HOthoDCH
Awww thanks love! #whatshesaid 👇🏼 https://t.co/q96fu4BlCH
@Freevibegh @Stageit Thanks so much!
@wwe3coins84 Hope your birthday has been a happy one!
Cutest thing ever. 👇🏼😍❤️ https://t.co/j7piRyT7yA
RT @bfgoat: I'm listening to Revival - Jenn Bostic @jennbostic on @AVRadio great song!
👇🏼Check it out! https://t.co/i6o7P7VirY
@LouiseASmalldon @mattlande @RileySmith @ChristianKane01 @GaryQuinnMusic @StewartMacMusic @One_More_ShotUK ✈️ Tomorrow! Woo hoo!
@xenaphon8 💜
RT @xenaphon8: Another expertly written song from @jennbostic "Faint of Heart" Pulled at my own decision for family or dream.… https://t.co/DUN5aSyA4R
Xoxo thankful for the love. 💕 https://t.co/Xwy7YVMGDs
RT @Section101Tweet: Mark that calendar - @jennbostic's REVIVAL out on May 4th. Can you tell we're super excited for it???… https://t.co/shr4o0HZ4x
ONLINE @Stageit SHOW TODAY! Snag a ticket. 💕 https://t.co/nLgL0YfyJt
RT @LindaShotterFam: Join @jennbostic for #TuneTuesday Today at 1pm (PDT) 9pm (BST) Live on-line via @Stageit… https://t.co/NCUUSWkwWb
@EricChristina43 @Stageit ❤️ Sending prayers your way!
@tgaudin Yayyyyy!
@Hellie1980 Yes! Hi, send an email to [email protected] thx!
He will have no fear of bad news; his heart is steadfast, trusting in the Lord. -Psalm 112:7
@blackberrychris I’ll have them in Southampton. 😉
@LifeInASong_UK @GaryQuinnMusic Love this one. ❤️
@smileonice 😍☺️❤️
FULL BAND ALBUM RELEASE SHOW in LONDON @Bushhallmusic Tuesday, May 1 https://t.co/3AJKiurmuE
@ownnashville Thanks so much for your support!
RT @ownnashville: When in Nashville: Jenn Bostic suggests….. – @jennbostic https://t.co/eUgKD6V401
ONLINE @Stageit Concert tomorrow! Get your ticket. 💕 https://t.co/Wt1BRvPNh2
RT @UzoDesign: Win Jenn Bostic live tickets #rockmusic #musicvideos #musicnews https://t.co/abXRyMOOcw
RT @ClarkMachtemes: Look what flew in with the Minnesota snow storm. Jenn Bostic has a new Album. Wow! Out in May. So hot it froze me o… https://t.co/kOvcqeTWwv
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Honored to be included on this amazing list!!! 💕 https://t.co/QPCLTFjVG9
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Up to 18 inches of snow...are you kidding me Minnesota?! 🤦🏼‍♀️
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#REVIVAL out May 4 🙌🏼 https://t.co/6YoekORley
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@standardnews Excited to be performing at @Bushhallmusic on May 1st for my album release. Any chance you could list… https://t.co/xRNsBgqnOj
ICYMI: Just went live on Facebook. https://t.co/ltHF3MVPvo
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New cover video on @YouTube https://t.co/mC8x3JWBvo
@michaellogen 🤦🏼‍♀️
Happiest of birthdays @WhisperingBob 🎉
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Tickets to @Bushhallmusic anyone??? https://t.co/d33hkDJkB5
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RT @ClarkMachtemes: Special guest Donald Jay Olson on drums and our famous band daughter from Nashville Jenn Bostic will be with us on… https://t.co/A6ponlmXhE
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Loooove recording this podcast with @imomarshall 💜💜💜 Take a listen. 👇🏼 https://t.co/6dNhzKi63E
@stevencolborne @Bushhallmusic So wonderful! I’m so excited to play there, I have never performed there before.
Winner winner chicken dinner? 👇🏼 https://t.co/d33hkE0VsD
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Did someone say VIP??? Experiences still available on https://t.co/3NvRB3rneG https://t.co/BGLtdaYNJu
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RT @BellesandGals: Shout #5 goes to @jennbostic with this amazing cover of "In My Life" https://t.co/Fp1cZLLrHZ
@stevencolborne 💜 Maybe I’ll see you at @Bushhallmusic May 1?
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@SimonBatesUK was singing your praises yet again tonight. I can’t thank you enough for the way you have supported me over the years.
@Alanjerram @chapel_sessions Yep!
@HolaElSted @JRRadioNI @downtownradio Awwwww thank you so much. It’s my favorite song I’ve ever written. 💕 See you soon!
💜💜💜 So grateful for this spotlight. 💜💜💜 https://t.co/kFaCmqIY3C
RT @C_M_Wallace: Just love @jennbostic’s song Faint Of Heart. So honest and haunting. It’s has such a beautiful message within the song. #FaintOfHeart
@traceywood07 @IanWood600 Awwwww I love this!
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Tune in! So grateful to finally share this song with the world! Live version comin’ at you today and Thursday! https://t.co/ofcS4I8BbH
Headed to #BocaRaton 🎤 🎹 please have ☀️ my 💜 needs ☀️ ✈️ @SongwritersIsle
@BestGigsLDN so excited to play @Bushhallmusic on May 1 for my Album Release!
RT @HBDProductions: Listen to ASCCYL with special guest Jenn Bostic by HOME BY DARK #np on #SoundCloud https://t.co/C6RYhcADAm
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Little snap from last night... https://t.co/fA2HmWNyjL
@dralvinjones Woah great shot!
@BonnieBishop Absolutely!
I’ve got a REAL fun surprise coming in a few weeks. 🤗
“@kyshona you rap, I’ll topline.” #thingsineverthoughtidsay
@marc7brewer Wow! Check this out @sarakauss all your beautiful photos and beautiful make up by @reedmylipstick
Red velvet jumpsuit. #gameon @GRAYSonMain with @neal_elder #packedhouse https://t.co/fDmwA8FHO5
Wednesday. @listeningroom @kennyisgo @theyoungfables Josh Matheny https://t.co/uVfgumHSg2
RT @bfgoat: I'm listening to Revival - Jenn Bostic @jennbostic on @AVRadio
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Rainy day in #Nashville means a new @thebeatles cover with @neal_elder! Come see us live @GRAYSonMain tonight at 9P… https://t.co/NWzIXh6H33
RT @ownnashville: Jenn Bostic will be playing a stunning show at Bush Hall on May 1st and you can WIN a PAIR of tickets simply by Fol… https://t.co/3lZ9juN3wS
Tonight! @GRAYSonMain with @neal_elder 9PM start. 💕 https://t.co/6FTdtNV9vt
So grateful for the support from @MusicNewsWeb 💜💜💜 UK I’m comin’ for you. 😘 https://t.co/j8WISORbau
In case you missed in! 👇🏼 https://t.co/oGymcpyA2X
RT @stevenfurtick: Faith is not the absence of doubt, it's the means to overcome it.
@kyshona 😘😘😘😘😘😘🤗
JUST ANNOUNCED! I’ll be performing on #Stageit April 17 ❤️ https://t.co/XLLP9bNIng via @stageit
Have you seen the latest cover video on my @youtube channel? It's part of my @PledgeMusic campaign for "Jukebox Jen… https://t.co/pZNMD0mKb4
@neal_elder @GRAYSonMain Truth
Apr 11, 2018 at The Listening Room Cafe...
@MusicNewsWeb @TicketmasterUK Thanks for the support!
Tomorrow! @GRAYSonMain 9PM with @neal_elder 💜 https://t.co/2TLQ5RtOys
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Just went live on Facebook. Did you catch it? https://t.co/xNMRdVVDb8
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@WhisperingBob Sounds amazing!
@BellesandGals Would love to take over 😉😉😉
RT @timkellernyc: If you say: I believed in God, I trusted God, and He didn't come through-You only trusted God to meet your agenda.
@WorldBeatsMusic @BelindaLeeWebb ❤️❤️❤️
@bbcnewcastle so excited to be playing in Newcastle for the first time on April 23rd! 💜
@marc7brewer @TheWritersShare @_SarahDarling @michaellogen @WorkPlayBham @1047WZZK @1025thebull Can’t wait!
@BrianCr17009983 Sure thing! Thank you. 💜
MAY 1 - FULL BAND ALBUM RELEASE SHOW @Bushhallmusic Support by @estevensmusic @meganoneill @lauraoakesmusic & speci… https://t.co/smRP57gU1t
Can’t wait for this! https://t.co/jEHBg43UG5
@AlpertDC @PledgeMusic Yay! Thanks!
@Sn4tchg4me 😍 Thank you!
RT @Sn4tchg4me: Wow @jennbostic, Revival is just amazing. It's sass, class, heart, an anthem. https://t.co/pt6jpcZ9hb
Who tuned in??? So grateful for the opportunity to share my heart on @TBNUKtv with @jonflemingmusic https://t.co/Enzjy64TKt
RT @UlvBjerkan: @jennbostic TBN UK Live Streaming 24/7 https://t.co/28VrWNbPM7
@bobgoff 💜
Happening now! Tune in. 💕 https://t.co/QE3TfiAylJ
RT @the_Crack: Jenn Bostic https://t.co/fQslWZlSFl @Glasswerk @fatsoma
Tune in tonight!!! 💜 https://t.co/NmytyT2PzY
What she said 👇🏼 https://t.co/3d67QXeFa7
@LindaShotterFam @YouTube 😘😘😘
“I will not allow my human reason to talk me out of my spiritual inheritance.” @SharonJaynes #KeepCirclingtheMountain
Friday @GRAYSonMain ❤️ https://t.co/nHd9tmyjd2
@KsKaniac @AVRadio 💜💜💜
RT @KsKaniac: Now playing Revival by @jennbostic on @AVRadio . Such an inspiring song
Huge thanks to @Section101Tweet for the feature. 😍😍😍 https://t.co/8RabeXQrIz
@nextwomenofcoun @Sophunky @MusicBRenea @tallyspear @CassadeePope @NatalieStovall @ChloeCollinsMus @AshleyMcBryde… https://t.co/mzY8jGli3m
Honored to be on this amazing playlist. 💜 #faintofheart https://t.co/HhlDOEruqc
@BellesandGals Thank you. 💜
RT @BellesandGals: Shout #4 goes to @jennbostic with "Faint of Heart" https://t.co/apLS33Ep7i
@One_More_ShotUK @meganoneill Sooooo excited!!!
UK Tour starts THIS MONTH! Get your tickets, @meganoneill and I promise to bring you lots of… https://t.co/4Zid5vZr37
@linzeejordan @BluebirdCafeTN Thank you so much! That was a special night. 💜
@kyshona @snowingNspace 🤣
❤️❤️❤️ https://t.co/Vp7tw5br39
@BrianCr17009983 Thank you so much!
@JohnKen41177976 @Miss1972Theresa @EllenWilson05 @BelNash ❤️
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@kyshona @Bushhallmusic 😘
@LindaShotterFam @PledgeMusic 😍
RT @smileonice: Loving the new pledge update from @jennbostic about her new album #REVIVAL. Can't wait for it to drop through my mailbox! #newmusic
New Album 'Revival' & 2018 Tour update: Behind the Scenes with Producer Paul Salveson Take 3 https://t.co/scaBO1Hith @PledgeMusic
He is risen! Happy Easter! #letmysongjointheonethatneverends https://t.co/QqUQpmJByJ
RT @SoftRockRecords: [email protected] will be joining a bunch of talented musicians in London on the 1st May for @jennbostic's album rele… https://t.co/BnC3skd3F6
RT @chapel_sessions: Exciting news - Diary date 25th April @jennbostic @kyshona Armstrong play Chapel Sessions St Edwards Church Netley… https://t.co/BIHUfUM5T3
RT @WorkPlayBham: The Writer’s Share presents: Jenn Bostic, Michael Logen and Sarah Darling only 2 weeks away. Purchase your tickets https://t.co/nJrDq1prn6
@justineclaire75 @BBCCovWarks Thank you sweet friend. ❤️❤️❤️
@BlueFreezer180 Thank you so much. 💕
@smileonice @kyshona ❤️ love you girl!
RT @KsKaniac: Now playing Revival by @jennbostic on Jim & Vic's @DJDocJim & @DJVickiLynn's Country Cave Radio special edition Ea… https://t.co/o72LeEPl0A
RT @Jmw268: Tuning into Oasis church this morning watching our friend @jennbostic bless the world ❤️ https://t.co/cm7YS5jWmz
RT @justineclaire75: Now playing @BBCCovWarks it's today's Sunday Selection the fabulous @jennbostic It's the UK's first radio play of… https://t.co/5RR6YtCRMi
RT @justineclaire75: Today's Sunday Selection @BBCCovWarks is the beautiful and brilliant @jennbostic You will not want to miss the UK f… https://t.co/p1tO35DYWD
@HaNnA_Wut Hang in there. 💜
RT @tgaudin: “Faint of Heart” - @jennbostic Tiny Desk Contest Submission https://t.co/PfbSsACehN via @YouTube
Sealed it with a kiss 7 years ago. Happy Anniversary to my best friend. Love you @michaelernst7 💕 https://t.co/6i1VmwedZm
New Album 'Revival' & 2018 Tour update: Hello from Maryland https://t.co/B4RjlWezl3 @PledgeMusic #singersongwriter
@TravisHorton94 @lucybluofficial @leonniblog @BeckyLawrenceUK @erichbergen @BaileyJamesGang @BadMaryBand… https://t.co/3qZLZanjmu
RT @kyshona: The children gonna be ok. I have had a very inspiring, humbling and positively challenging three days leading songw… https://t.co/ZKCQBaOcBc
The Maryland fam. 💕 (not pictured Cassandra). https://t.co/Kl9qZl8TEk
@opaman Muy Thai
@Bionic_Tweets Muy Thai
Did you catch the amazing news yesterday? @meganoneill @lauraoakesmusic @estevensmusic & @kyshona join me for my FU… https://t.co/tF7i58Qdq0
@BerrysJewelryCo @GRAYSonMain Oh! I haven’t played there but would love to!
New Blog Post about my amazing adventure as Artist Ambassador for @SW_Invasion & @WholePlanet during #SXSW https://t.co/9RlMvWbwR3
RT @Section101Tweet: We are all about the blog @jennbostic posted about being the first-ever Artist Ambassador for @SW_Invasion &… https://t.co/3DYKjbEnhf
RT @SW_Invasion: Super psyched about this blog @jennbostic posted about being the first-ever Artist Ambassador for @SW_Invasion &… https://t.co/YZzROHz7t1
@BritishCMA @Hollowayroaduk @Philippahanna Thanks for the love. 💕
RT @BritishCMA: Tune in to CMR Nashville at 2pm and 10pm today for the BCMA Radio Show, featuring music from @Hollowayroaduk, … https://t.co/8PfIwtLdiM
RT @SteveLuffRadio: Forthcoming Gig @jennbostic https://t.co/IIUMfbRK4l
Took my first martial arts class this morning at 6AM. Just another reminder in life that we are so much stronger than we think we are. 💕
RT @RM2SteveG: Loving @jennbostic and @kyshona performance tonight!! #livemusic https://t.co/pOmD1U0q6K
@BerrysJewelryCo @GRAYSonMain Wisconsin?
So many of my favorites are joining me @Bushhallmusic for my full band album release show! @estevensmusic… https://t.co/N5hPJDDeVR
RT @kyshona: That new new acoustic single is out! https://t.co/zmknw3paq8
Yaaaaas! New music from @kyshona 💜💜💜 Come hear it on @chapel_sessions when she supports me April 25th https://t.co/InGs35RzSC
@BerrysJewelryCo @GRAYSonMain I’ve lived in Nashville for the last ten years.
RT @MUntapped: Jenn Bostic | 'Revival' is the record my heart has been longing to make for years - https://t.co/lKzhAEHchb https://t.co/sVi8Hfi1ZT
@MusicOTFuture @EmmsPublicity Thanks for the love!!!
Suuuuuch a fun night!!! https://t.co/nx7xFiFEet
@smileonice @_SarahDarling Awwww so sweet! Hope you all had fun. 💜
@AnalogRob @gvilleautomatic @SamBurchfield @EmilyKoppMusic Entered yesterday. 😉
@Timmar54 @EmilyShackelton @cameronbedell @GavinSlate Thanks for being there!
Tonight!!!! @EmilyShackelton @cameronbedell @GavinSlate https://t.co/UmMq975HGj
RT @SW_Invasion: Read all of @jennbostic’s interview with @ownnashville here: https://t.co/pgxAjaCS9d #REVIVAL #SWInvasion2018 https://t.co/cpZ0DsCQem
New Album 'Revival' & 2018 Tour update: We’re in printing!! https://t.co/rcvoJRFYb3 @PledgeMusic #singersongwriter
RT @grecian13: Next on Country Belles https://t.co/xvcEiho4iK @jennbostic Revival
Tomorrow night! A few changes due to illness, but I am THRILLED to be playing with these talented humans tomorrow… https://t.co/WG56tAl5XE
Dear World, I cannot wait for you to hear the song @lauraoakesmusic and I just wrote.❤️ https://t.co/bTYtUhpGwG
RT @ScottKash88: #NewMusicFriday SEE @jennbostic's brand new scenic lyric video of her emotional song "Faint of Heart" from her up c… https://t.co/K4ZUfpU6YX
@BerrysJewelryCo @GRAYSonMain My whole life. 💕
@chizman69 I’m so sorry for your loss. Thank you for your support.
@cherrysodablog 💕 thank you.
RT @BringCountry2UK: AWARD WINNING COUNTRY SINGER JENN BOSTIC RETURNS @jennbostic https://t.co/h56sPdr3NS
From a snowy train station chat in London. 💜 Thanks @Ent_Focus https://t.co/bIMqdB7vRH
I got to sing while these two got engaged tonight!!!! It’s moments like this that make life so special. ❤️❤️❤️… https://t.co/t7aPWhf54R
@wwe3coins84 @Stageit 😬 I don’t know. I’ll have another next month.
@_SarahDarling @belfastEmpire 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
@thigy @Washington_Ctr So sorry to hear about this.
Tonight in Franklin!!! @GRAYSonMain https://t.co/IoYZfXNfgx
FULL BAND ALBUM RELEASE SHOW @Bushhallmusic - May 1 - LONDON ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Get your tix: https://t.co/UtnVoDZN0M
@RM2SteveG @Stageit Thank you!
@mrgraysonfdn Hooray!
Yaaaaaaaas! 🤗 https://t.co/72bauBovTc
Today’s @Stageit show was just what the doctor ordered. Thanks for filling me up with so much love. 💜❤️💜
@JSHudson ❤️😉
@nico261 @Stageit Thanks for tuning in! So excited for Bush Hall
30 minutes from NOW online @Stageit show! https://t.co/1keLDMxe85
@LYRICmagazine @Jason_Aldean @KarenLMcCormick @RaeLynn @lindiortega Thank you so much. 💕💕💕
RT @LYRICmagazine: #LYRICReviews: Top 5 Country Singles Out This Week https://t.co/p6Gyd2bu4p Featuring tracks from @Jason_Aldean, … https://t.co/jG97yf8vZR
RT @LindaShotterFam: #WednesdayWisdom Get a ticket before it's a sold out show! Only 14 Tickets left! @jennbostic on @Stageit ***Today… https://t.co/jRdEv5ofGr
RT @marc7brewer: only a few tickets left ! #WCW #WomanCrushWednesday @jennbostic performing on #Stageit https://t.co/ck4AcM9JId vi… https://t.co/th75yEPbQ4
Online @Stageit show TODAY at 3PM CST/ 8PM London 💜 https://t.co/KPum9CxsNg https://t.co/L884CAFlO9
RT @RM2SteveG: Looking forward to @jennbostic performing on #Stageit https://t.co/IJB3DxAeKk via @stageit
Loved chatting with @ourownnash about the new album. 💜 https://t.co/tpOPEGLNAm
This THURSDAY @GRAYSonMain ❤️💜💕 https://t.co/2myrmEpyFH
RT @bfgoat: I'm listening to Revival - Jenn Bostic @jennbostic on @AVRadio what a great song!
@Indy4roo1 I’m so sorry for your loss. Honored to know the music has brought you some peace.
RT @Indy4roo1: 2 years ago today my nan passed. My son lost his forever friend @jennbostic helped me get through the pain with her music. #musicheals
❤️❤️❤️ https://t.co/YLGBnyKzaC
RT @ukcountryshow: The amazing @jennbostic on @FearonKerry Gold Country just now with her latest track “Revival”. Saw her in #Glasgow… https://t.co/cRLBGihy5V
Tomorrow! ONLINE @Stageit SHOW! ❤️❤️❤️ https://t.co/KPum9CxsNg https://t.co/NEZP8v6Lmj
So grateful for the chance to share my heart about songwriting with @TheAffinityMag https://t.co/x1oJzO1yfS
RT @FearonKerry: Catch it again today (Tues) at 4pm! I chat with the lovely @jennbostic who gives us a few tunes from… https://t.co/ygpxh6KD2N
Huge thanks to @countryintheuk for giving #faintofheart some love! 💕 https://t.co/zfPUjrztfp
Saturday! @listeningroom @michaellogen @EmilyShackelton @GavinSlate 💜 tix: https://t.co/l4kJwzSWUK https://t.co/SaXwFJnZiK
@MusicOTFuture @EbruEllis @ThaylerRhys @officialortario @GuvnaB @CubsRefrain @mutechoirmusic @lukepottermusic… https://t.co/EwO1uoOe2d
RT @chapel_sessions: Chapel Sessions Music presents Jenn Bostic plus Kyshona Armstrong https://t.co/wp0fgEL6EL https://t.co/ocuOcybrsI
Thrilled to be performing @Bushhallmusic with my FULL BAND on May 1. Tickets now available: https://t.co/UtnVoDZN0M https://t.co/Yzd9CBCFG9
RT @SimonJamesBand: Great week of announcements, @BuckleandBoots @jennbostic @thisisLITLR plus a few more I can’t say yet. :-) #blessed
RT @Section101Tweet: Giving one last shout out to the @SW_Invasion, who had another terrific festival with amazing acts (@jennbostic, … https://t.co/Jrhw0WXTB2
RT @NewCountryUK: What a line-up! The full selection of acts set to perform at @BuckleandBoots Festival this June has been announced!… https://t.co/cq5vRuMyM8
RT @LifeInASong_UK: There you have it! The full line-up for this year's @BuckleandBoots is here! Get your tickets:… https://t.co/p2jaLRFdZJ
@SarahHartridge Yayyyy! See you there. Come out to bush hall if you can too to see me with the full band!
@Indy4roo1 @Usualsuspectguy @sxsw 💜
Oh #SXSW week was 🔥 Let’s do it again @SW_Invasion 💜 📷 by @VincentRoazziJr https://t.co/K421suMlUF
@traceywood07 Yay! See you there!
Loved this interview about my Essential 8 with @TheDailyCountry @RoyalAlbertHall @wagamama_uk @TheBonnieRaitt https://t.co/8D2lAmdYCg
❤️😍 Thaaaaaank you. What a week! https://t.co/EQ2zAnsfEr
@richloader Thank you so much! See you there!!! 💜💜💜 Tell your friends. 😉
@CloudwatcherUno I can’t wait! Tell your friends, it’s gonna be a party!
@RoperKirsten Yesssss
RT @BringCountry2UK: Award Winning Country singer Jenn Bostic returns @jennbostic https://t.co/WewBdj59DG
@RoperKirsten Sorry 😢
@CloudwatcherUno In London? The Bush Hall date is Full Band, I’ll just be sharing a few acoustic songs on the 19th… https://t.co/krjg2R5nZZ
Who’s coming???? #uktour #revival Tickets: https://t.co/TPdaxSBger https://t.co/kvrFoPQSmD
What a week! Just a few boomerangs from the red carpet @SW_Invasion ❤️ Thanks to all the bands and brands who made… https://t.co/XuIgnFp3L3
@Section101Tweet @WholeFoods @SW_Invasion 😘😘😘
RT @SW_Invasion: Damnnnnn @THEKINGDMC is bringing down the house at #swinvasion2018 right now 🤘🤘🤘🤘 #dmc https://t.co/e05VtplEZ9
Love @IdgyDean ❤️ crushed it playing for @SW_Invasion benefitting @WholePlanet @WholeFoods #powerherpotential… https://t.co/3w1G9jF9fv
RT @MUntapped: Essential 8: Jenn Bostic https://t.co/VDlFJsXO7g
@WholeFoods 💚 No problem!
RT @SW_Invasion: All Hail @THEKINGDMC, on stage at the @SW_Invasion at 5:30pm!! #SWInvasion2018 https://t.co/LYjHEncJyw
RT @SW_Invasion: One-woman wonder band @IdgyDean ⚡️⚡️ https://t.co/D6ffDqC3Fy
Day 3 @SW_Invasion benefitting @WholePlanet @WholeFoods 💚 #Wholeplanet #swinvasion2018 https://t.co/5qlSseCPZk
RT @photocillin: "Beyond the wall" by @photocillin featuring @jennbostic #500px https://t.co/hExsw7mwDz
@wonderfuldream 😘
“Faint of Heart” Official Lyric Video 💕 https://t.co/slRLacbmgp
@Thomaslarson734 ❤️🙌🏼👍🏼
@sarahsweettater Haha definitely not
RT @ventsmagazine: INTERVIEW: Jenn Bostic https://t.co/JdF963rLjx https://t.co/GPanLY9NKQ
@STRIKINGMATCHES @SW_Invasion @WholePlanet Likewise! Let’s connect in Nashville. 💜
RT @smileonice: This is my favourite shot from @jennbostic's new lyrics video for her single #FaintOfHeart. The ocean has always st… https://t.co/f3hSUzS6SZ
I love @RideSchwinn & @Lifeisgood & the way they love @WholePlanet 💕 https://t.co/tkG2O6sJzC
I want to be best friends with @MeltTheBandNYC 😍 #SWinvasion2018 https://t.co/Ihy0XHCeIC
So grateful for the feature from @ventsmagazine! Grateful for the extra love to @WholePlanet @SW_Invasion… https://t.co/O7MKBGANLM
RT @SW_Invasion: Dreamy @Lola_Marsh_Band is giving us such major #Lanadelrey vibes 💕💕 https://t.co/Ku1i5kzAU2
So many amazing bands today! Loved seeing @STRIKINGMATCHES again. 😍 @SW_Invasion @WholePlanet #swinvasion2018 https://t.co/RvZSaXTHvw
RT @LindaShotterFam: Watching @FearonKerry's #KerrysGoldCountry on @KeepItCountryTV with special guest @jennbostic Sky389/Freeview87/w… https://t.co/6dF7L4zAZb
@LindaShotterFam @FearonKerry 😘😘😘
Go get one! $10 and every penny goes to @WholePlanet #wholeplanet #SWInvasion2018 https://t.co/3fxH1PqMo7
RT @TheDailyCountry: Essential 8: Jenn Bostic who talks about her upcoming album 'Revival, ' recharging on the road, Royal Albert Hall, a… https://t.co/gA8DUP9Rca
Take a look at this interview with @TheDailyCountry about these Essential 8 things. 😉❤️ https://t.co/8D2lAmdYCg
RT @ScottDuffield_: Playing the lovely @jennbostic's #FaintOfHeart on the #ScottFromScotlandShow just now! Such a lovely song - and it… https://t.co/dH1nR5iMc4
@ScottDuffield_ Thaaaaank you. 💜
RT @AbsoluteLtd: Being a creative isn't for the Faint of Heart. Watch @jennbostic's brand new video courtesy of @LYRICmagazine: https://t.co/KvUtz1UmBB
Huge thanks to my friends @BellesandGals for this feature about #faintofheart & @WholePlanet #wholeplanet https://t.co/d2wEXNVyPe
RT @BellesandGals: Watch @jennbostic play three live tracks on @FearonKerry's great 'Kerry's Gold Country' show tonight! Details below… https://t.co/1UYG0jLTeI
RT @ScottKash88: #Download #Female Friday Pick up some great #countrymusic from @RaeLynn Queen Don't @jennbostic Revival… https://t.co/X96gw7a4qV
RT @SW_Invasion: The @SW_Invasion DAY 2 is HERE! Hope you can join us for a day of incredible music including @sego_music, @zulimusic… https://t.co/kpIWJsGo5W
RT @LYRICmagazine: #LYRICexclusive: Premiere of @JennBostic's 'Faint Of Heart' Lyric Video https://t.co/nUAP1QzKq7 https://t.co/qkwUjF4rEa
Make today a great one! https://t.co/pjHyFJf9Sw
RT @LYRICmagazine: We have an exclusive premiere of the super-talented @jennbostic's new song #FaintOfHeart coming up in the next hour… https://t.co/1jW8pXCT2Q
@kolarcoocoo Yas Queen! #swinvasion2018 https://t.co/KmksCL79lo
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Day 1 of @SW_Invasion was a complete success here @WholeFoods benefitting @WholePlanet 💚 See you tomorrow!… https://t.co/WxHvbqQBdJ
RT @SW_Invasion: Tomorrow morning at 9am: @CalifiaFarms hosts morning yoga at the @sw_invasion. And then in the afternoon stop by th… https://t.co/VuK3ZU17Dj
RT @BringCountry2UK: Award Winning Country Singer Jenn Bostic returns https://t.co/WewBdj59DG
This is amaZing! ❤️❤️❤️ https://t.co/DVKRPQTWIi
RT @FearonKerry: Kerry’s Gold Country 8pm Fri 16March from @musicstoreomagh @KeepItCountryTV My very special guest is @jennbostic… https://t.co/VwJPvDYhR3
We’re having soooo much fun @SW_Invasion! Remember if you can’t join us in #Austin one way to get involved is to do… https://t.co/fPjK0KGuOJ
I live on @RXBAR when I’m out on the road. Love that they are a sponsor @SW_Invasion benefitting @WholePlanet… https://t.co/njr1Jai9jf
❤️ Having THE BEST time @SW_Invasion https://t.co/0Nt0Yhw3UJ
@urpmusic @SW_Invasion @WholeFoods @blncdbrkfst @AlexNesterMusic @ElmerDemond @SlimdaReazon @lindsaytrombone… https://t.co/dh7II6TWJ7
This band tho!!! 😍😍😍😍😍 @kolarcoocoo https://t.co/StxqmKgsDO
RT @SW_Invasion: All th vibes with @DearRouge 🦋✨ #swinvasion2018 https://t.co/yf1lcylJ8U
[email protected] is one of the amazing sponsors @SW_Invasion. Enjoying one of their incredible juices with my new fri… https://t.co/F9rvmkf9ha
@AstridHeleneM84 @BellesandGals Xoxoxo thank you!
RT @MusicOTFuture: @jennbostic releases her brand new single #FaintOfHeart available on YouTube, ITunes and Amazon.… All for an amazi… https://t.co/5ijST0uQ08
RT @MusicOTFuture: THIS IS FOR US #UK MUSIC LOVERS @jennbostic IS COMING so head over to https://t.co/aZ1YpovHzA for all…… https://t.co/rRt0ZmbuVY
@drhillarymarek @SW_Invasion @WholeFoods @WholePlanet Come down to @wholefoods in Lamar in Austin, TX!
We have music lovers of all ages out @SW_Invasion supporting @WholePlanet 💜 @jamieskent killed it today!… https://t.co/LUz2dMUu09
Guys!!!!! @urpmusic just played @SW_Invasion and blew everyone away! Check them out! Sharing their talent to suppor… https://t.co/qwmFkS3gGm
So honored that #faintofheart has been added to the @whphplaylists @spotify playlist! https://t.co/2cj3cYsL0w
It’s all happening today! I’ll be kicking off @SW_Invasion at 11:15AM. Head down to @WholeFoods and get involved. I… https://t.co/SMp9H3iO91
RT @dashboardmusic: Today is the day...See you out there @sxsw! https://t.co/d09JSB51C4
RT @SW_Invasion: The @sw_invasion is HERE! Hope you RSVP’ed so you can join us for a day of incredible music including @jennbostic, … https://t.co/F3IM7WO6qp
RT @LindaShotterFam: #WednesdayWisdom Download @jennbostic #FaintOfHeart today & 50% of proceeds will go to @WholePlanet Links:… https://t.co/84806TQIeV
RT @countryintheuk: Read the midweek roundup featuring [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] and [email protected] https://t.co/JtwvJgfQfl #countrymusic
@SW_Invasion @homeslicepizza 🙌🏼
@BonnieBishop @sxsw When are you playing?!
Got a sneak peek of some of the fun that’s going on this week @SW_Invasion at @WholeFoods benefitting @WholePlanet.… https://t.co/PFDLIb7EGU
Cannot wait for this tour! Thank you for the support! https://t.co/SHqbGzjwgh
I know where I’ll be all week! #swinvasion2018 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 https://t.co/dHvGVLzchx
Listen to the @SW_Invasion @Spotify playlist! Whether you’ll be in Austin for the event or not, you can be with us… https://t.co/icHqvJOOp3
Grateful for the love from @Melographic #faintofheart #swinvasion2018 @SW_Invasion @WholePlanet #wholeplanet https://t.co/DDSJWBhQC9
@kristianbush Happy Birthday!
RT @Section101Tweet: The @SW_Invasion is starting this week (March 15)! Make sure you're part of the amazing 3 day free event with grea… https://t.co/oTBApokozG
RT @bobgoff: We spend a lot of energy remembering failures God spent a lot of love saying we could forget. #EverybodyAlways.
#faintofheart #newmusic #newvideo @wholeplanet @sw_invasion #swinvasion2018 #wholeplanet… https://t.co/TTTrPCZVbM
Next Thursday night in #Nashville @GRAYSonMain 💜 Photo by Jeff Scott https://t.co/lYvzLzNjeb
Next @Stageit show happening March 21st! https://t.co/KPum9CxsNg 📷: Jonathon Cuff https://t.co/ilXlbkJOUx
Next Saturday night in #Nashville @listeningroom @michaellogen @EmilyShackelton @GavinSlate Tix:… https://t.co/NWw6WzuHfa
@LindaShotterFam @BestGigsLDN @LiveMcrNews @ukcountrylive @BritishCMA @MeetsLondon @Bushhallmusic @O2Islington… https://t.co/aCUwKaJsQk
@LiveMcrNews @GulliversNQ Thank you!!! Can’t wait to be back in Manchester.
@LiveMcrNews @GulliversNQ 💕💕💕
Six weeks away!!! Tickets available on https://t.co/TPdaxSBger ❤️❤️❤️ @BestGigsLDN @LiveMcrNews @ukcountrylive… https://t.co/K3UisqgSwq
Huge thanks to @MillennialMagz for this feature! Thrilled to be heading to Austin, TX tomorrow for @SW_Invasion ben… https://t.co/BzYB0hqL3W
@BellesandGals @WhisperingBob Thank you!!
RT @BellesandGals: Shout #15 goes to @jennbostic with "Haunting Me" #UnderTheAppleTree with @WhisperingBob https://t.co/dqK0rAnmE7
Headed to Austin, TX tomorrow! Who will I see @SW_Invasion?! Thrilled to be the Artist Ambassador & spread the word… https://t.co/XAZa7eiYiB
@Alanjerram @meganoneill @kyshona @SimonJamesBand @chapel_sessions Yayyyyy
Only 6 week away!!! Full Band UK tour for #REVIVAL Album Release! Special guests @meganoneill @kyshona… https://t.co/6XC9JkofwJ
RT @SW_Invasion: Have you SEEN this @SW_Invasion line up!? @beccamancari, @scofficialmusic, @GordiMusic @Jennbostic, #ChrisCarrabba, … https://t.co/IUUnXUtNjd
RT @FearonKerry: A very special show with this very special guest @jennbostic coming soon to Kerry’s Gold Country @KeepItCountryTV 📺… https://t.co/NQz5RTDnvv
RT @GaryQuinnMusic: Huge thanks to @LynetteFay and all the gang at @bbcradioulster for their hospitality recently when @jennbostic, … https://t.co/a7DMkNHpjL
RT @smileonice: Now playing : @jennbostic ~ Not Yet "Comparisons won't get me anywhere / We're all diamonds in the rough" #themesong #musicwithamessage
RT @RideSchwinn: @jennbostic is the official ambassador of @sw_invasion! 🎵 Are you going to be in Austin, TX March 15 - 17? Come c… https://t.co/P9nHzxs9tX
Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord. —Psalm 27:14
Who’s coming to @SW_Invasion this week???? #SWInvasion2018
@revkatebottley thanks for your support!
@jasonmohammad thanks for your support!
RT @LindaShotterFam: Listening to @BBCRadio2's Good Morning Sunday on @BBCiPlayer Thank you @revkatebottley & @jasonmohammad for playin… https://t.co/cY20Gh2Rms
@marc7brewer @WorkPlayBham @TheWritersShare Of course! Awesome!
So grateful to hear #REVIVAL on #GoodMorningSunday @BBCRadio2 this morning. ❤️ https://t.co/ilcgPHin6v
RT @NowOnRadio2: ♫ Revival - by Jenn Bostic https://t.co/aV6zJSEDGc #bbc #radio2 #np
@marc7brewer @Jessica__Lynn_ @JessieLynnJL @kelleighbannen @olivialanemusic @carlypearce @marciaramirez… https://t.co/j3zyDW2Wen
@campbellqphotos Thank you so much Campbell!
RT @bbcradioulster: After 7 this evening @LynetteFay will be #keepinercountry and hosting @jennbostic, @GaryQuinnMusic & @meganoneill… https://t.co/nQHrbEp4Ln
@Louise_Sharp1 Thanks Louise!
@suehorley Thank you so much.💕
RT @campbellqphotos: Fantastic to have the chance to meet the lovely @jennbostic ahead of her set at #countryontheclyde today. https://t.co/pFtUyC2vHa
RT @Indy4roo1: Arrived much earlier than I expected #Revival @jennbostic https://t.co/4Y4TSP2Asc
@JohnnyHorley @DanaeCo I am!
When your best friend doesn’t realize you’re in Ireland and calls to say “Hi” at 2:30AM you take the call and fall… https://t.co/fRXVV4Ec0a
Honored that #REVIVAL is included on this list of videos giving @TCountrySource chills this week. ❤️ https://t.co/gzbAgMzca9
Headed to Glasgow! https://t.co/azsYtVM2g5
@HolaElSted @UTVLife Thanks Eddie!
RT @bfgoat: I'm listening to Revival - Jenn Bostic @jennbostic On @AVRadio Great Song!!
RT @elizwalas: Now Playing on @AVRadio @jennbostic's Revival. Can't wait for the cd. She has a voice of an Angel. https://t.co/kyRV7m6aaQ
@nathanangelo ❤️
RT @nathanangelo: dreaming was never meant to be / for the faint of heart Thanks @jennbostic for the honest songwriting! Keep circli… https://t.co/4nxi7chynW
@RoperKirsten @WholePlanet Thank you!
RT @KeepinItCntry: Jenn Bostic #Exclusive #Song #Premiere https://t.co/tqKOkGwq8k
@campbellqphotos @WholePlanet Yes yes! Thank you!!!
RT @pmstudio: Nashville-based country music singer-songwriter Jenn Bostic has delivered a new song “Faint Of Heart” from her four… https://t.co/N5Q2T0Uxnc
RT @CrescentArts: We are absolutely thrilled to welcome to The Crescent this May the incredible @jennbostic! A singer/songwriter with… https://t.co/QlhLD3JVAe
RT @Bambography: Something a little different from @jennbostic via @pledgemusic A piano key from her old 1920s Cable Nelson piano. T… https://t.co/ctKTMiD2OO
RT @bbcradioulster: Coming up on the Gerry Kelly Show today, a music-filled afternoon with live performances by Americana-tinged duo Th… https://t.co/KC7xduu64M
RT @SW_Invasion: Download @JennBostic's new song, FAINT OF HEART from her album REVIVAL and 50% of the proceeds go to @WholePlanet F… https://t.co/Scrj6HDdjJ
RT @tinakeil: Sweet friend, Jenn Bostic, you nailed it on this one. So raw and real. Beautiful. https://t.co/6DDnudKWS9
Today’s segment with @gerrykellyshow can be heard here: (1:05) 💜💜💜 So grateful. https://t.co/yBiQR9tm2B
RT @LindaShotterFam: Saturday on @bbcradioulster @LynetteFay will have guests @jennbostic @GaryQuinnMusic & @meganoneill on… https://t.co/SU1gaXY5UN
@pearldiver23 Thank you.
@lorny_donegan Thank you!
RT @lorny_donegan: Just seen the amazing @jennbostic on UTV..brilliant performance.
@liamocoinn Thank you so much!
RT @BelNash: On @UTVLife - @jennbostic singing #faintofheart - thanks for the kind words about @BelNash - so good to have you here.
@Vicky_Walters Thank you so much!!
@jadehelliwell2 Yessss! Me too!
RT @nico261: @jennbostic @GerryKellyShow @bbcradioulster If you have a BBC iPlayer account you can listen to the whole interview… https://t.co/btWmHqOpM2
@eswecker ❤️❤️
Tune into @UTVLife right now! About to sing #FaintofHeart
The end of a long press day calls for a bubble bath and a glass of red. 💕
@jstpumpkin @guidoalvarezp @72Beatrix @kyshona @_SarahDarling @wailingjohnny Wow!
Huge thank you to the wonderful @GerryKellyShow for allowing me to share “Love You” and “Faint of Heart” on @bbcradioulster
RT @GaryQuinnMusic: Absolutely superb night last night playing at @BelNash! Huge thank to @jennbostic and @meganoneill and everyone tha… https://t.co/P5D8b9hcla
RT @ScottKash88: #Download #FemaleFriday Here are some great new #countrymusic singles to add to your library from @Jeannine_Barry… https://t.co/7wZ8ZUDn2c
RT @Section101Tweet: Tooting our own horn (toot!) - @jennbostic, @jamieskent and @HardinBourke's @StepRockets all performing at… https://t.co/6XaFyJFIpP
Performing 2 tracks on this beautiful piano for the @GerryKellyShow just after 4PM. Tune in! 💕 https://t.co/zaeeGKdx6V
@PamBallantine @UTVLife ❤️❤️❤️ Thank you. So lovely to meet you!
RT @PamBallantine: Wait until you hear the beautiful voice of @jennbostic on @UTVLife tonight at 8. Stunning & she's a brilliant song… https://t.co/V65cleCqAT
@dbrownlow62 @GaryQuinnMusic @meganoneill Thanks!
RT @kingsleykase: Follow and Check out @jennbostic Her new single "Faint Of Heart!" Thank you! I can only imagine how many other l… https://t.co/k5W0FgafBq
Tune into @gerrykellyshow today for a performance from yours truly! 💕
It’s official! The last date for my CD Release Tour has been announced!!! Get your tickets. ❤️❤️❤️ https://t.co/K6D9uwXbCj
Big Announcement!!!! BELFAST FULL BAND FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER!!!! 💜💜💜 https://t.co/aFGOk9TdSl
Really looking forward to performing on @UTVLife today and chatting with @PamBallantine <3
“One of the last lyrics of “Faint of Heart” particularly pierced right through my soul: “But then every time my hea… https://t.co/TqeytqGqdp
RT @valberchaves: Faint of Heart - Jenn Bostic https://t.co/4zUrC0DRkt via @YouTube
RT @dbrownlow62: What a great night of Nashville-style music 'in the round' at the Clayton Hotel with @meganoneill @GaryQuinnMusic a… https://t.co/NAv2QAQNO8
RT @nitrocoffeeco: Sensational night @BelNash listening to Gary Quinn, Megan O'Neill & Jenn Bostic. Incredible songwriters all & perfo… https://t.co/jPetnZ7QIJ
RT @amandastjohn_: An inspiration and emotional night listening to @meganoneill @GaryQuinnMusic and @jennbostic at @BelNash THANK YOU… https://t.co/UokhZygNop
RT @JohnKen41177976: I had a wonderful evening at @BelNash with the very talented songwriters @meganoneill, @jennbostic &… https://t.co/Mj9TL2Fy82
RT @MahaffyMo: An eclectic mix of poignant and adeptly crafted songs @BelNash by a trio of super singer songwriters… https://t.co/MHMNapzAGe
@Coast1079 @_SarahDarling Thank youuuuu. 😘😘
RT @Coast1079: A privilege of radio & broadcasting is to share creative music & crafts. Playlisted 'Wrong Thing' @jennbostic & 'Wasted' @_SarahDarling 1/2
RT @SW_Invasion: [email protected] is the Whole Planet Foundation Artist Ambassador, @SW_Invasion performer & an all around great person… https://t.co/Sab43tiAWi
“Jenn is one amazing songwriter and “Faint of Heart” is a extremely emotional and beautiful piano ballad that will… https://t.co/fhP1Jcnm1U
RT @SW_Invasion: [email protected]_Invasion is celebrating International Women’s Day and can’t wait wait to see @jennbostic, @EliseTrouw, … https://t.co/bzeX1M5MfO
It’s here, it’s here!!!! My favorite song I’ve ever written. 50% of the profits of every download will be donated t… https://t.co/KsHSQqD8tj
RT @wewant2go2: The Belfast Nashville Songwriters Festival THURSDAY 8 MARCH @jennbostic @GaryQuinnMusic @meganoneill 9.30-11pm Als… https://t.co/w9Q2n68c2m
RT @ScottDuffield_: Had a lovely chat with the amazingly talented @jennbostic! Tune into the #ScottFromScotlandShow tomorrow at 3pm on… https://t.co/Q6K12I6EdK
RT @jojo965: On this international women’s day I can’t not wait to see a very inspirational women that is @jennbostic looking fo… https://t.co/nnWiaOZquw
@jojo965 ❤️❤️❤️
RT @UTVLife: Nashville singer-songwriter Jenn Bostic performs her latest song Faint of Heart. @jennbostic #country #music… https://t.co/l6KoWDn9IV
@ScottDuffield_ sitting outside your studio. 😉
@smileonice UK as well!
@ScottDuffield_ @QueensRadio Yay! See you later!
@GaryQuinnMusic @BrettJamesMusic @BelNash @CountryMusic @C2Cfestival Wish I could have made it to this! Pumped to play tonight.💜💜💜
@tabzt16 Thank you so much!
Who’s got their tickets for May 1st?!?!?!?! CD RELEASE PARTY @Bushhallmusic ❤️❤️❤️ Tix: https://t.co/TPdaxSBger https://t.co/tgryGpaTH4
RT @BelNash: On #Thursday (8 Mar) at #belnash - @ashcambanjo @kazhawkins @jennbostic @GaryQuinnMusic @meganoneill… https://t.co/w5oi67Lbvp
@BelNash @ashcambanjo @kazhawkins @GaryQuinnMusic @meganoneill @laurenbirdmusic @FionaMcCourt @ClaytonBelfast… https://t.co/qWeEfohFAp
@bankzzywfcffc @meganoneill @Bushhallmusic Yayyyy!
@tigeralan61 @cwtvd @_SarahDarling Thanks Alan!
RT @Section101Tweet: You know what's happening next week? THIS (@SW_Invasion). Make sure you're up to date on all scheduled performances… https://t.co/C5mkuamTQE
@_SarahDarling @cwtvd Oh my! I’m only halfway through season 1! 🤦🏼‍♀️
@tigeralan61 @cwtvd @_SarahDarling Thanks!
Long flights are leading to an addiction to @cwtvd 🤷🏼‍♀️ Thanks @_SarahDarling 💕
When your plane lands 45 minutes early! Thanks @united #howdoesthatevenhappen
@smileonice Xoxo you’re loved.
RT @GaryQuinnMusic: Can’t wait to get back to my homeland to play some music with great friends @jennbostic & @meganoneill at @BelNash.… https://t.co/PigRv8NO8o
RT @eswecker: Her best tune yet...and that is sayin' something. #revival #jealous #faintofheart https://t.co/m6qrCZhhcz
Thanks for the love. This video was so fun to make! https://t.co/85d8tNqpNZ
@eswecker xoxoxo
Who's face do I get to see in Scotland this weekend? #CountryOnTheClyde https://t.co/IOr5Vc59lb
Thursday. #newmusic 📷: @sarakauss https://t.co/4dK26kUTSQ
RT @AlexaGoldie: Last two days to vote! Please use the link to register and vote for my song 'Anchor'💕really appreciate all of the s… https://t.co/K97mSOrutR
@CassadeePope Ha! Truth.
@SW_Invasion @WholePlanet I’m cool with it. 😉😎🤓 See you soooooon!
RT @SW_Invasion: Is it cool if we say @JennBostic rules? Jenn Bostic rules and we are so thrilled that she is the first ever… https://t.co/AtgJzEPPou
New music coming in 2 days! #faintofheart https://t.co/Qe7fBajopj
Headed to Belfast today! ✈️ So excited to be performing at @BelNash this year with @GaryQuinnMusic & @meganoneill o… https://t.co/FUAYqby4hf
New Album 'Revival' & 2018 Tour update: Artist Ambassador Announcement https://t.co/brIgnLPkDg @PledgeMusic #singersongwriter
NEW MUSIC COMING THIS WEEK! Check out this video to hear all about this opportunity to raise awareness and funds fo… https://t.co/qrdhphwSmB
RT @songsandstarsuk: Following a hugely enjoyable sold out gig in Maidstone last month, the wonderful Jenn Bostic returns to Kent on 27t… https://t.co/NtLCnl0eJH
RT @TheHospitalClub: A wonderful review from our recent @jennbostic gig with @PledgeMusic. https://t.co/7fE7q7psLT @W21Music
@Michael0848834 @W21Music 💜
Grateful for this review of last week’s show by @W21Music ❤️ Got your tickets for the full band UK album release to… https://t.co/f4nK8EeJcq
RT @songsandstarsuk: A selection of photos from last months incredible sold out gig in Maidstone. Jenn will be returning to Kent at the… https://t.co/NPMscoUrG3
RT @michaellogen: It was an incredible night last night at the fundraising concert for @CF_Foundation with @CassadeePope and… https://t.co/4ymgFnaFRa
#aboutlastnight Incredible Show with @CassadeePope & @michaellogen raising funds for @CF_Foundation ❤️ 📷: @sarakauss https://t.co/o7lQMc59hR
RT @SW_Invasion: ICYMI: @jennbostic has been announced as the @WholePlanet Artist Ambassador at @SW_Invasion March 15-17. Get the s… https://t.co/W8SCXQUBij
RT @KsKaniac: Now playing on @AVRadio Revival by @jennbostic https://t.co/IYa9VvM48g
@WhisperingBobTV @ChrisCountry 💜💜💜
RT @WhisperingBobTV: We’re live with #UTATRadio on @ChrisCountry! #nowplaying is @jennbostic with an amazing performance of Haunting Me.… https://t.co/km649CzaSm
@JSunFLA @CassadeePope @michaellogen @CF_Foundation Thank you!
@CloudwatcherUno @PledgeMusic Yay! Thank you!
RT @WhisperingBobTV: We've got another hour of incredible #UnderTheAppleTree sessions coming up on tomorrow's #UTATRadio! Tune in to… https://t.co/0JsYnk9Vbn
RT @bobgoff: "Grace never seems fair until you need a little." #Everybodyalways
@astle83music Thx!
RT @SimonJamesBand: So looking forward to supporting the amazing @jennbostic in Kent. Tickets are already selling fast... which is good… https://t.co/QFk1gxec2Q
RT @GaryQuinnMusic: Excited to be getting back #Belfast to play @BelNash next week on Thurs 8th Mar with @jennbostic and… https://t.co/Baojwqgh4h
“Judging others doesn’t define who they are. It defines who you are.” #TonySutherland #GraceWorks
@MarkLBower1 No thanks!
New music. Coming soon. #faintofheart https://t.co/SYUpmHs0wi
@TonyMen44217772 @TheHospitalClub @PledgeMusic @photocillin Thank you!!
@traceywood07 @IanWood600 Aw so fun!
@MarkLBower1 Beautiful! I’m in Florida.
Check out "Southwest Invasion 2018 - March 15, 16, 17" https://t.co/xGV0IqNzqv @Eventbrite
RT @Section101Tweet: Awesome news - @jennbostic named the FIRST @WholePlanet Artist Ambassador for the 2018 @SW_Invasion!… https://t.co/gqrCocD3bR
BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! Thrilled to be the Artist Ambassador for this year’s @SW_Invasion benefiting @WholePlanet. Follow… https://t.co/CU4NEd5URs
@ScottKash88 @_SarahDarling @kaitlynabaker @TiffanyAshton3 Aw thanks!
RT @ScottKash88: #Download #FemaleFriday Here are some great new #countrymusic singles that are a must have for your library… https://t.co/X7vcKssmkq
Still glowing after Wednesday night’s show @TheHospitalClub for @PledgeMusic Presents! 📷: @photocillin https://t.co/QJW5JzW6Si
RT @CassadeePope: Tomorrow! Good times for a good cause.... hope to see you there ❤️ https://t.co/nTXapgwTl7
@_SarahDarling @WhisperingBob @BBCRadio2 @BBCR2Country 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 Such a gorgeous photo too!
@lizteo68 missed you last night. Hope to see you next time I’m in town. 😘
Proud of this girl! Help our song #Anchor make Top 10 in Canada by voting for her. 💕 https://t.co/lgQSRfMU2f
@peterwilson40 @chapel_sessions @TheHospitalClub Thanks Peter!
@Lo_Ball @MartinCox0155 @TheHospitalClub It’s true, he is!
Grateful to @thrive for the chance to talk about lessons learned over the last decade as an independent artist. https://t.co/p2CnXrpjNn
“I’m just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her.” #NottingHill 😭 #planemovies.
@Lo_Ball Glad you are safe.
@CantabileCarole @smileonice Thank you so much!
@smileonice Aw so fun!
@EFCountry @cherrysodablog @TheHospitalClub Thank you so much for the kind words. Such a special night for me.
So grateful for this review of last night’s gig. “The rawness and yearning in her voice really drew me into the son… https://t.co/Ly6uRxQql3
@cherrysodablog @EFCountry Thanks again for such a sweet chat! 💜
RT @cherrysodablog: Just had a great chat with @jennbostic - look out for the interview on @EFCountry soon! And don't forget to check o… https://t.co/yl2IVVACOW
RT @sarakauss: “Great things never came from comfort zones” . Cannot WAIT to see my talented friend this weekend sing her heart o… https://t.co/qelFPuUhWw
RT @WhisperingBobTV: Jenn Bostic - 'Haunting Me' | UNDER THE APPLE TREE: https://t.co/GAyHk9sqge via @YouTube
@BelNash @GaryQuinnMusic @meganoneill @ClaytonBelfast 😘
RT @photocillin: She’s coming up. jennbostic is playing live @thehospitalclub tonight for @PledgeMusic @… https://t.co/gakNvvKXK6
RT @BelNash: Catch Jenn Bostic live at Belfast Nashville Songwriters Festival on Thursday 8 March (that's next week!) Book:... https://t.co/jRrq8tPY3v
@kyshona 😘😘😘😘😘
RT @kyshona: Proud friend shout out!!! Take a listen to Jenn Bostic performing our song “Haunting Me” on Whisperingbobtv... https://t.co/vyJqNyKrPV
RT @BringCountry2UK: Jenn Bostic - 'Haunting Me' UNDER THE APPLE TREE https://t.co/D8PKSwULXu
RT @MartinCox0155: She is the fabulous jennbostic Follow Your Own Star @ The Hospital Club https://t.co/QQTqpeJRQ7
@jonflemingmusic @TheHospitalClub 💜💜💜
RT @jonflemingmusic: Great night of music and chat with Jenn Bostic @thehospitalclub with her full band! You’ve got… https://t.co/6wyFFJS8oc
RT @MartinCox0155: Fantastic as ever! @jennbostic playing her @PledgeMusic gig at @TheHospitalClub earlier this evening. Loved it! Tha… https://t.co/H4fhukdSnB
RT @1drinstar: Fabulous hearing jennbostic and her band in London tonight. #livemusic #concert #pledgemusic… https://t.co/zR5TvAc6ta
RT @CloudwatcherUno: Haunting Me by jennbostic Totally awesomesaurous voice from #jennbostic #livemusic #musician… https://t.co/PPKHi83ver
RT @CloudwatcherUno: You give the best hugs jennbostic Thank you for making the trip across the Atlantic and share… https://t.co/hrdDZFdbNV
RT @HeidiBurson: Got to catch my friend Jenn Bostic at The Hospital Club tonight! #nashvillerepresent #revival https://t.co/1IGtLH1K5U
RT @bankzzywfcffc: Tickets booked to see the lovely @jennbostic and @meganoneill on the 1st May @Bushhallmusic 😁😁😁😁
@bankzzywfcffc @meganoneill @Bushhallmusic Yayyyyyyy! Can’t wait!
@Lo_Ball You were missed 😢
RT @smileonice: Without a doubt this has been one of the hardest weeks of my life, but music is healing. Thank you @jennbostic for… https://t.co/9qXBu6vfsV
RT @MartinCox0155: Yusssss! @jennbostic Haunting Me!!! #love!! https://t.co/kgXMUOuFD4
@Lo_Ball @TheHospitalClub We filmed a bunch for you!
@chapel_sessions @TheHospitalClub I had your piano key!!! 🤦🏼‍♀️
RT @chapel_sessions: Attending the incredible @jennbostic jennbostic #Revival album launch @TheHospitalClub London this snowy evening https://t.co/z9teHTehGF
RT @TonyMen44217772: Pledged towards @jennbostic :New Album 'Revival' & 2018 tour and tonight had a great time watching the fabulous Jen… https://t.co/N2UvR5mzlI
@WhisperingBob Awwww! This means the world!!! Thank you.
RT @WhisperingBob: Jenn Bostic is a star https://t.co/EdBHCCYtj8
@WhisperingBobTV Thank youuuuuuu.
Snowing outside but this band brought the heat to the studio yesterday! Huge thanks to @WhisperingBobTV @MilesMH92… https://t.co/u0gPlmXPYR
Tonight!!!! FULL BAND LONDON SHOW @TheHospitalClub Doors at 7PM, the band and I start right at 8PM. NO physical tic… https://t.co/iBpbWszB0t
Don’t let the snow keep you from @TheHospitalClub tomorrow. We promise to bring the heat! 🔥 tix:… https://t.co/T60sPjZvas
@Jeannine_Barry stunning. Your voice is just stunning.
@MattSJK great to meet you today!
@jstpumpkin @JBosticFans @TheHospitalClub @PledgeMusic London is pulling in from my Minnesota roots I suppose...
@Alanjerram @Jeannine_Barry @MilesMH92 @WhisperingBobTV @WhisperingBob @BelindaLeeWebb @MC_Lachlan @EddyWhiteMusic… https://t.co/SXl8cTilqT
@Jeannine_Barry @MilesMH92 @WhisperingBobTV @WhisperingBob @BelindaLeeWebb @MC_Lachlan @EddyWhiteMusic Thanks so mu… https://t.co/EFl6I22BF7
RT @jstpumpkin: Yay! @jennbostic Can’t wait for tomorrow when we venture out of our igloos & head for @TheHospitalClub… https://t.co/nSVmRm0Pzw
@MahaffyMo @downtownradio @DTRCountry @BelNash Thanks Mark. 💜 Always such a joy to visit the @downtownradio @DTRCountry studios.
Tomorrow! Full band at @TheHospitalClub in #London for @PledgeMusic Presents prerelease showcase. Still a few ticke… https://t.co/yBOiw6dBDJ
Today was a snowy and spectacular! ❄️🍎🌳 #UnderTheAppleTree @MilesMH92 @WhisperingBobTV @WhisperingBob… https://t.co/eJu9K6MPN0
RT @BellesandGals: Shout #15 goes to @jennbostic with "Change" https://t.co/G3gO7mL9Nf
RT @countrymusicNI: Check out this great session w/@jennbostic - one of the great artists playing @BelNash Festival next week 🎊🎉 https://t.co/6W2AD4BFjp
RT @BryfordMusic: Tomorrow will soon be here. Few tickets left. Grab them before its too late. https://t.co/EbuDMc2Msp
@BelNash @downtownradio @GaryQuinnMusic @Megan @ClaytonBelfast Can’t wait!
RT @downtownradio: Watch: @jennbostic chats and performs for us ahead of her appearance at @BelNash next month ➡️➡️… https://t.co/iYFbXp6hwN
Such a fun day at @DTRCountry last Friday! Grateful for their support. Can’t wait to head back to Belfast for… https://t.co/5YBjGasXQC
RT @WorldBeatsMusic: Really excited that our drum teacher @BelindaLeeWebb will be filming a live session in Oxford tomorrow with Jenn Bo… https://t.co/ITtqCaamdx
@WhisperingBobTV Yes!!!!
@leader_music @RobVincentMusic Truth!
Perfect night off. Beautiful dinner with my hosts, FaceTime with my family and off to bed by 10PM. #peaceontheroad
@_SarahDarling Yesssss it’s so cold!
RT @ScottKash88: #NewMusicMonday Let @jennbostic inspire you with the title song from up coming album "Revival" in her brand new… https://t.co/lEfyICwntD
Pure perfection?!! Thank youuuuuu @musicismyradar4!!! Well done @thepaulsalveson 💕 https://t.co/gklQYR4GE0
“Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.” Romans 12:12 NIV https://t.co/oIpyOs7nbG
WEDNESDAY NIGHT! Full band show @TheHospitalClub LONDON for @PledgeMusic Presents! Still a few tickets left at… https://t.co/Xq8H5w8vS4
Such a fun day with the sweetest people!!! 😘 https://t.co/wt9hBtTVLN
@elizwalas @WhiskeyCigsShow 💜💜💜
RT @WhisperingBobTV: A little later than planned, #UTATRadio has just started on @ChrisCountry! Tune in for an hour of amazing live sess… https://t.co/DXuxDpt15L
@willie1001 Thank you so much! 🙏
RT @dmarrinermusic: Just under 2 weeks until Country on the Clyde! If you’re in Glasgow for @C2Cfestival - be sure to pop by in the day… https://t.co/T5RriKY7pi
Listening to #REVIVAL on vinyl this morning as I sip my morning coffee. 🙌🏼❤️😭 https://t.co/99i8AZN3WI
@jstpumpkin @TheHospitalClub @PledgeMusic 💜💜💜
RT @jstpumpkin: Who’s excited to be seeing the incredible @jennbostic @TheHospitalClub London on Wednesday @PledgeMusic #Revival al… https://t.co/fBsOYKUTkX
RT @WhisperingBobTV: Tomorrow's #UTATRadio on @ChrisCountry is a covers special! Tune in from 5pm on Sunday to hear an hour of amazing l… https://t.co/gqMncbTZYZ
RT @bobgoff: Most of us spend our entire lives avoiding the people Jesus spent His whole life engaging. #Everybodyalways
@WhisperingBobTV @ChrisCountry @WildwoodKin @RobVincentMusic @_SarahDarling @michaellogen @theSamOutlaw… https://t.co/xeX9LyT7AX
New Album 'Revival' & 2018 Tour update: Album Art Revealed https://t.co/zfvfNYKfRb @PledgeMusic #singersongwriter
@traceywood07 @IanWood600 Nope, they won’t be available yet
@Bambography @chapel_sessions @PledgeMusic Hooray! Thanks Chris!
@drewsh57 💜💜💜So glad it arrived.
@traceywood07 @IanWood600 Awwwww so sweet! Thank you. Enjoy! 💕
WEDNESDAY FULL BAND Album prerelease Show @TheHospitalClub Tix: https://t.co/uqgUiBbetv https://t.co/57XpN2DRCx
@meganoneill HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
@Nigel97 Wonderful! Thank you.
@MarkLBower1 Hi doing great thanks! Hope the Sams for you.
@Nigel97 @PledgeMusic Thanks Nigel!
Tweeting some friend love into the universe. @GaryQuinnMusic is one of the kindest people on the planet. Today he d… https://t.co/r8R9eoaLjf
@jelly_kentucky @CinderHillTwins @estevensmusic 🙈🙈🙈 awwww thank you.
@Markymoomoo39 Yayyyyy!
@Bambography @chapel_sessions @PledgeMusic Pre-orders will mail out April 20, but i will have copies at the show.
RT @ScottKash88: #NewMusicFriday Let @jennbostic inspire you with the title song from up coming album "Revival" in her brand new… https://t.co/SE7qGr6FkM
RT @BelNash: Catch David Gordon chatting to @jennbostic later today about her appearance at Belfast Nashville Songwriters... https://t.co/3VqqN8daWq
Rehearsed with the band last night. They sound fierce! Hope to see my LONDON friends @TheHospitalClub on WEDNESDAY!… https://t.co/VULlalWxql
@opaman I’m flying. I’ll be in good hands. 😉❤️
Headed to Northern Ireland! ❤️ https://t.co/j9vQXrDFC8
@dgtlwriter @LifeInASong_UK It's so kind! Just let me know if you'd like to come along to any of the upcoming shows. :)
@ScottGBR Awwww! I’m honored.
@BryfordMusic ❤️❤️❤️
RT @BelNash: Book @jennbostic @GaryQuinnMusic @meganoneill #IntheRound @ClaytonBelfast on 8 March (9.30-11pm, doors 9pm):… https://t.co/rImD5xKoO5
❤️😭🙌🏼 This Review. Oh my goodness, so humbled. Thank you @LifeInASong_UK @dgtlwriter https://t.co/qMLURe2WwY
@Iona_Monkey @_SarahDarling Thanks for coming last night. xoxo What a fun show! We'll play together again, no worries there. <3
@ChristianKane01 @One_More_ShotUK @RileySmith Yesssss! See you soon friend!
@LifeInASong_UK @dgtlwriter I’m so humbled by this review! Thank you so much!
Grateful for the love. 💜 https://t.co/xuzt4tDmhw
WEDNESDAY FULL BAND in LONDON @TheHospitalClub Tix: https://t.co/qEgRzus11q https://t.co/sQjE2lJzhB
@ntdiario Hey! Thanks for the love!
Give them a follow. They were wonderful. Also, their @dixiechicks cover= 🔥 https://t.co/udAqXon7kP
@richloader @estevensmusic Thank you so much!!!!
RT @richloader: Great gig last night. Thank you Jenn and Emma. Jenn’s new album is going to be awesome. @jennbostic @estevensmusic
@Tylershouse Love this!!!!
This just made my morning! ❤️❤️😂😂😂 https://t.co/df0qMVGa4N
@wwe3coins84 @rebeccaloebe Awww thanks!
RT @wwe3coins84: If you live in London you should check out two of my favorites @jennbostic @rebeccaloebe they will be doing shows!!… https://t.co/rp6Bu3qOII
@traceywood07 Thanks Tracey. ❤️ music evokes emotions in me as it truly is my healing and therapy. Cleansing tears. 😉
@grxced @estevensmusic 😘 you are so special
@Tylershouse @CinderHillTwins @estevensmusic 💕💕💕
RT @Tylershouse: Just home after a lovely evening seeing @CinderHillTwins @estevensmusic and the amazing @jennbostic - children all… https://t.co/0o3HhHLtGT
@richloader So sorry, just seeing this. 💕
@CNewlynRWK @RoydsWithyKing ❤️ Aw, thanks. You are all so kind, i loved bringing a little love to your office.
@JohnKen41177976 @BelNash Likewise! Thanks for coming!
@Indy4roo1 @CinderHillTwins @estevensmusic Thank you thank you thank you!
@JohnKen41177976 @CinderHillTwins @estevensmusic 💜💜💜
@Liztafc @estevensmusic @CinderHillTwins It was so fun! Thanks for coming! 💕💕
@TheHospitalClub Yes! Looking forward to sharing some music in your beautiful space next week!
Loving my time in the UK! I haven’t forgotten Scotland this time, so please snag your tickets!!!! https://t.co/966PhIDuTm
@BuckleandBoots @ukcountrylive @SeanCKennedy1 @GaryQuinnMusic @jadehelliwell2 @kennyisgo @dmarrinermusic… https://t.co/VZcs957iGl
RT @mindchwf: What a way to spend a lunchtime! Thanks @jennbostic for entertaining us at ‘lunch with lyrics’ - a perfect music mo… https://t.co/7P8UIHuKgQ
RT @RoydsWithyKing: Great to have @jennbostic and @mindchwf with us for our ‘lunch with lyrics’ - wonderful music to help us be present… https://t.co/YhO8vam4ZI
@Indy4roo1 @estevensmusic @CinderHillTwins 💜💕❤️
1 week from today!!!! Full Band @TheHospitalClub in London! Tix: https://t.co/qEgRzus11q https://t.co/1mlRfqMlC7
@lee_boardman @estevensmusic @CinderHillTwins Yayyy! See you soon!
@BryfordMusic ❤️❤️❤️
RT @pieman40: Check out "Revival" by @jennbostic Amazon Music. https://t.co/e6Sg4YyHji https://t.co/72nhSFiQPj
@vasox85 Thank youuu
@Bambography @estevensmusic @JohnKen41177976 @meganoneill @chapel_sessions Yayyyyy
Woke up with a smile on my face! So excited to play tonight’s SOLD OUT show in Maidstone with @estevensmusic & @CinderHillTwins ❤️❤️❤️
@traceywood07 @estevensmusic Can’t wait!
@RachidMAHRANE What?! So fun!
@laurelcanyonra @Fatea_Magazine @FreyaRidings @WillVarleyMusic @DonovanWoods Thank you so much!!!
@Flikchik22 @JSHudson @edsheeran Thank youuuu
RT @GaryQuinnMusic: #Glasgow Who’s coming along to these in March then? #DayDrinking #AfternoonSesh #CountryMusic #DrinkingOptional… https://t.co/2T8kwBVT1h
@WriterJazzy Thanks for the support! New album now available for preorder on https://t.co/uqgUiBbetv
Thanks for the love @BellesandGals xoxo https://t.co/KyY8TchCyy
@mygirltheriver @kyshona So fun!
@lizteo68 Thanks Liz. xoxo
@hikingviking69 @wwe3coins84 @_SarahDarling Maybe a road trip?? 😉
@hikingviking69 @wwe3coins84 @_SarahDarling Not at all! 😉 Wish I could play in ALL the cities!
RT @SteveLuffRadio: Forthcoming Gig @jennbostic https://t.co/AMtahhLbVV
@mygirltheriver Safe travels!
RT @wwe3coins84: If you live in the UK🇬🇧 go and check out one of my favorite @jennbostic trust me she’s amazing and you won’t be dis… https://t.co/z7RKl6FXD1
@meganoneill It's the best thing since sliced bread.
Jukebox Jenn cover for @JSHudson The beautiful #SupermarketFlowers by @edsheeran https://t.co/w34aDeUv6U
Made it to London 💜💜💜 https://t.co/66VsL9TtjB
RT @photocillin: She’s coming back. Yay Nashville star jennbostic is coming back to London @ St. Paul's Cathedral https://t.co/WGICZz6fij
RT @Section101Tweet: Oh UK, you lucky dogs, you have @jennbostic coming your way!! https://t.co/VEKqDaS36K
RT @ScottKash88: #NewMusicMonday Let @jennbostic inspire you with the title song from up coming album "Revival" in her brand new… https://t.co/VJBEd2CvBv
Next Wednesday!!! Full Band Show in #LONDON @TheHospitalClub Still a few tickets left at https://t.co/uqgUiBbetv https://t.co/WcO1aHU16b
So lucky to have @BelindaLeeWebb playing drums for my UK Tour! https://t.co/sl4ObS8rMj
@EFCountry Thanks so much for the support!
Just finishing my packing now! 💕 See you soon London. 😘 https://t.co/DfngC6Kutt
RT @_SarahDarling: Sunday baking with @jennbostic ♥️ https://t.co/8Gi5yVD078
RT @GaryQuinnMusic: Next show takes me back home along with two good friends @jennbostic & @meganoneill on 8th March at @BelNash ! Tick… https://t.co/BgYAnRt64o
@lolsmcelroy @BelNash Oh no! Hope we can get this solved. Can’t wait to see you there!
@Indy4roo1 Awesome!!!
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@sarahsweettater 😉
Well this is fun! :) https://t.co/jFaRJOVAmo
Still #jealousoftheangels after 22 years. Miss you Dad. 💕 https://t.co/VEWVcn8UyO
@dannygokey @billboard Congrats!!
RT @ScottKash88: #NewMusicFriday Let @jennbostic inspire you with the title song from up coming album "Revival" in her brand new… https://t.co/fhYMdoo2ya
Awww @michaelernst7 and I made it into the @MegaCountry Valentine's collage. <3 https://t.co/nqz0x946Y5
New Album 'Revival' & 2018 Tour update: Behind the Scenes with Producer Paul Salveson Take 2 https://t.co/YQkUGjmCTR @PledgeMusic
Wednesday, February 28th. Full Band Show in LONDON @TheHospitalClub 💜 Who’s coming??? https://t.co/AA2x0jE7KK 📷:… https://t.co/hHbTORBfyL
@bobbybonesshow @KelseaBallerini Love this!
RT @bobgoff: Insecurity wants us to keep track of our failures; grace doesn't even write them down.
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RT @TheSoundLabUK: Check out Revival by @jennbostic on https://t.co/qtRwY56HYA or on the app #NewMusic Buy song https://t.co/NgPQPM4zdw
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RT @BellesandGals: News of a new release from @jennbostic - check out the great new 'Revival' video below and read about the release a… https://t.co/RYdIDfa0wD
@JohnKen41177976 Yayyyy
@Indy4roo1 Oh no! I wonder why, have you tried emailing pledgemusic? I want to see you there. 💜
@Indy4roo1 Yayyyy! Looking forward to it!
RT @bobgoff: Quit waiting for permission; go live your life.
Who’s coming to join the fun on tour in the UK??? All tickets on sale now: https://t.co/ykZ5apICgN https://t.co/OsWI1289ne
The piano keys are going fast! Snag one now if you want one! https://t.co/qEgRzus11q https://t.co/3xKOhETFmQ
@BritishCMA 😘
RT @BritishCMA: BCMA International Touring Artist Of The Year @jennbostic is back with her new single 'Revival', available March 2n… https://t.co/iwRBRqUxoq
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‘REVIVAL’ UK TOUR KICKS OFF FEBRUARY 21 https://t.co/wsv29Q9FFe via @ownnashville
“Revival is the sound of an accomplished artist making the music they want to make.” @Maverick_mag https://t.co/nsKO9VeweA
RT @Maverick_mag: Jenn Bostic tour kicks off this month with REVIVAL album following suit! - https://t.co/fMI9B4uojY
RT @BFGuitarLegends: Jenn Bostic tour kicks off this month with REVIVAL album following suit! - On May 4th, the critically acclaimed U.S… https://t.co/NEgQVaYiiU
RT @TheHospitalClub: Inspiration of the day "Far and away the best prize that life offers is the chance to work hard at work worth doing". -Theodore Roosevelt
@RachidMAHRANE @LifeInASong_UK Same to you!
@wwe3coins84 Aw, thank you so much. I'm so grateful for your support!
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Grateful for the #ValetinesDay Love from @StageRights xoxo Read about my favorite Valentine's gift ever! https://t.co/MQPE6TZKRP
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RT @New_Indie_Music: Jenn Bostic – Revival (Official Music Video) #MusicNews https://t.co/yfgMLJxBrT
Huge thanks to The Music Site for this tour promo! :) Cannot wait to get back overseas! Who's face will I see???… https://t.co/UyicckZYCX
London Friends! Need a last minute VALENTINE’S gift for your special someone. Get tickets for my show on Feb 28 at… https://t.co/sNYwdPp5tZ
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@LindaShotterFam @LifeInASong_UK @O2Islington @One_More_ShotUK Thanks so much! HUGS HUGS HUGS! Yes yes yes, can't w… https://t.co/HlYCtam1Je
Next month's ONLINE CONCERT via @Stageit announced! March 21st. See you there! xoxoxo https://t.co/oii7SycmBD
So grateful to @LifeInASong_UK for this feature! :) #REVIVAL https://t.co/whgKcCMu2W
👇🏼😍😇 https://t.co/ADsvkUf81O
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1, 000+ views on the #REVIVAL video already. You guys are awesome! Have you seen it yet? xo https://t.co/c6KWobdHRC
@wardthomasmusic See you soon ladies! Good luck!
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Who else had tears in their eyes as 2 17 year old snowboarders took gold last night at the @Olympics??? 🙌🏼 #TeamUSA @chloekimsnow #RedGerard
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New Offer on @PledgeMusic!!!! Get yourself an autographed piano key from my 1920s Cable Nelson piano!… https://t.co/E9qoKtVuQg
RT @SteveLuffRadio: Forthcoming Gig @jennbostic https://t.co/elgaXuvfkG
@BryfordMusic @Stageit @kyshona Xo thank YOU
RT @BryfordMusic: Very special @Stageit show from the super talented @jennbostic and @kyshona Thank you both for a great show.
@kyshona @smileonice Truth!
💜💜💜Thanks for the kind words friend. https://t.co/I2mXN9Udr4
RT @smileonice: Working late, but sneaking an online concert on your phone... WIN! Thanks @jennbostic and @kyshona for making my ni… https://t.co/GMallQnzGn
RT @Lo_Ball: Managed to get Firefox downloaded onto my Amazon firebox...now I can watch @jennbostic & @kyshona’s @Stageit show on the big screen 💕
@kerkie17 @LindaShotterFam Thank uuuuuu!
RT @JennyLynn1990: . @jennbostic is gonna be live on @Stageit in 7 minutes. Few tickets left. @kyshona is gonna be a guest star on the… https://t.co/apL7aQmjzj
Online concert via @Stageit with @kyshona happening right here in less than 2 hours! https://t.co/OFdFFReME1
RT @ScottKash88: #NewMusicMonday Let @jennbostic inspire you with the title song from up coming album "Revival" in her brand new… https://t.co/HwqXcakBY2
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@LindaShotterFam You’re a gem. Thank you for all the support.
RT @LindaShotterFam: #MusicMonday @jennbostic's new video #Revival. The 1st single & title track from the new album due for release in… https://t.co/vvm2WcDbmC
ONLINE CONCERT via @Stageit today with @kyshona ❤️❤️❤️ Snag your ticket! https://t.co/jcRThbnzCJ
RT @LindaShotterFam: #MusicMonday Love Songs from Nashville Join @jennbostic & @kyshona on @Stageit 1pm PST/9pm GMT Venue: Wherever… https://t.co/QjrMvaNARW
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So grateful for the love. 💕 Thank you! https://t.co/CnxI62uVtr
@cwrci @TheHospitalClub Yes they both are! See you then!!! 🙌🏼😉
Not long now! Performing FULL BAND at @TheHospitalClub on February 28th. Tickets available at… https://t.co/T786bK9okX
@smileonice 8PM 💕
RT @MikeBBCCountry: Are you ready?? Join me for new #CountryMusic and the new singles from @LivAusten @jennbostic @WildwoodKin and… https://t.co/lnImEGEeJt
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@justineclaire75 @BBCCovWarks Xo and I adore you. Thanks for the love sweet friend.
RT @justineclaire75: Now playing @BBCCovWarks the brilliant and beautiful @jennbostic #Revival. I absolutely adore this track!!
@BelNash Thaaaaaaank you!
RT @BelNash: Good luck with the new video Jenn Bostic from all at Belfast Nashville Songwriters Festival. Catch Jenn at... https://t.co/b35LvKFAsZ
@wwe3coins84 Unfortunately not.
@kyshona @smileonice Yaaaaaaas!
@nppayne11 Not yet, where are you hoping to hear me?
@CitizenMusicIre @BelNash @davidhooper Yayyyy! See you there!!
RT @CitizenMusicIre: Just seen @jennbostic will be performing. @BelNash #excited First time I heard her was on @davidhooper podcast!… https://t.co/Qmp9dSVajL
RT @JBosticFans: Have you preordered @jennbostic’s album from pledgemusic yet? So amazing many goodies to choose from also! You can… https://t.co/KiTw48f5Id
@JBosticFans 💜💜💜
RT @whatsoncountry: IT'S BACK! @ukcountrylive and @BuckleandBoots bring back #Country On The Clyde in #Glasgow on 10th & 11th March… https://t.co/0XgRBWfyVh
RT @whatsoncountry: We know that @jennbostic will be back this year... but who else is playing at @BuckleandBoots in #Manchester this y… https://t.co/XFrofr1K0o
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ICYMI New Music Video for #Revival dropped yesterday!!! https://t.co/NlfHtCeEJj
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I will instruct you and teach you in the way which you should go; I will counsel you with My eye upon you. —Psalm 32:8
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@jesseruben Hahahaha you’re hilarious. Miss you!
@sheepyie @One_More_ShotUK 🙌🏼💕😍 Can’t wait!
RT @bobgoff: What distracts us will eventually define us.
Surely God is my salvation; I will trust and not be afraid. The Lord, the Lord, is my strength and my song; he has… https://t.co/M8XMVFnJKf
@JSHudson I’m sooooo excited to share it with you!!!
@BelNash @GaryQuinnMusic @meganoneill @ClaytonBelfast Can’t wait!!!
@JSHudson Haha none believe it or not! 😉❤️
@BellesandGals @LindaShotterFam Awwww thank you. 😘
RT @LindaShotterFam: An #NewMusicFriday for you @BellesandGals & maybe it could make your video shouts sometime soon. @jennbostic's new… https://t.co/TDj4tzalqS
@GaryQuinnMusic ❤️❤️❤️
RT @SteveLuffRadio: Jenn Bostic world video premiere of 'revival' - https://t.co/nasZfKnlir @jennbostic https://t.co/uLnDWtfOrt
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RT @EntertainMeHub: https://t.co/LKIjLoNFJh Jenn Bostic exclusive world video premiere of 'revival' @jennbostic #jennbostic… https://t.co/UhslIKVHXm
Here it is!!!!!! Brand New Music Video for #Revival!!!!! https://t.co/g1XYVkBp1H
RT @KsKaniac: Now playing Revival by @jennbostic on @AVRadio
@RussHillCountry @meganoneill @ExpressFM So grateful! 💜
RT @LindaShotterFam: Scientific Fact: Singing along to @jennbostic's #Revival makes you smile! On your face....& in your soul! Go on, … https://t.co/RKeMVxNc5V
@wwe3coins84 8AM 😉
@LindaShotterFam @Glasswerk @thecluny @Bushhallmusic @GulliversNQ @O2Islington @One_More_ShotUK Yayyyyyy
RT @LindaShotterFam: @Glasswerk @jennbostic @thecluny @Bushhallmusic @GulliversNQ Got my ticket for @thecluny #Newcastle rounding off a… https://t.co/PQvHQyd66F
RT @LindaShotterFam: #TBT to 2015 @jennbostic's music video #Counterfeit From the album #Faithful https://t.co/4WHZgGnwhK https://t.co/f44YL3wQCq
@writeintheheart @LanceStinson1 @JuliaColeMusic @KayleeRutland @FlopsEgo @haileyknoxmusic @DelphiFreeman… https://t.co/I78ufVPsMv
RT @Coast1079: Thursday's special via the world's leading digital radio/audio app catch our Contemporary Country ft. this week's C… https://t.co/oEMT8lK5ba
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Tomorrow! New Music Video!!! #Revival #christianmusic #believe #soulmusic #gospelmusic #singer… https://t.co/r8PuLwNoJd
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Who will I be jamming with at Buckle and Boots?!?!? Find out soon. #excited https://t.co/MH5phwFfvf
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@meganoneill @TheBonnieRaitt Do it!!!
@JohnKen41177976 @meganoneill @GaryQuinnMusic 🙌🏼
❤️❤️❤️Still my favorite song of all time. @TheBonnieRaitt https://t.co/yWD1yjn7vl
#Revival the music video. Coming soon. 💕 https://t.co/WERml8Caoh
I want men everywhere to lift up holy hands in prayer, without anger or disputing. -1 Timothy 2:8 🙏
@wonderfuldream Thank you Lisa! ☺️
Is it May yet? I am SO ready for a beach vacay. @SongwritersIsle @EricErdmanMusic https://t.co/8sRedD0foC
So grateful to all the international radio stations that are playing #Revival!!! 💜 Makes my heart burst with joy. 😍
RT @bfgoat: I'm listening to Revival - Jenn Bostic @jennbostic On @AVRadio
RT @MarkReverseFMUK: #NowOnAir Jenn Bostic - Revival @jennbostic @HartMedia (Brand New Single) Now On #ReverseFM 24/7 #Newmusic… https://t.co/MXHAxEMGt7
Thanks so much for your support! 💕 https://t.co/xNcuKZwGxj
So grateful. ICYMI! https://t.co/1OLqKNyT8n
RT @MusicNewsWeb: Echo: https://t.co/cGbkkwFHAS Revival @JennBostic - Revival https://t.co/TmxTwGU8vt https://t.co/aAFWOW4j1I
@BelNash @ClaytonBelfast Can’t wait!!!
Super Bowl Sunday! Pumped to see @jtimberlake perform. 🙌🏼 @yellowtailwine & @Doritos are both winning the “best com… https://t.co/XL2fkuO7UG
@BrianCr17009983 Thanks! See you there!
@BelNash Can’t wait!
RT @BelNash: We'll have BelNash - Jenn Bostic, Gary Quinn & Megan O'Neill 'In The Round' at this year's Belfast Nashville... https://t.co/Oh5qi2JGgQ
This AM was 🙌🏼 @oasischurchtv @kyshona https://t.co/z0W62oP9si
RT @BeeClaudi59: NOW PLAYING: Jim and Vic's Country Cave Radio Show - Jenn Bostic - Revival @jennbostic @AVRadio @DJDocJim @DJVickiLynn
RT @TheYorksTimes: Jenn Bostic Revival @jennbostic #Revival https://t.co/UqFTggYQnG
@MartinCox0155 @meganoneill She’s playing!!!
RT @LindaShotterFam: First time hearing @jennbostic's new single #Revival on the radio! Thank you @RussHillCountry on @ExpressFM… https://t.co/9ewpGacEJV
RT @thigy: @kyshona @jennbostic @tonefreak713 Icy roads cancelled church for us. Grateful for your inspiring #praise &… https://t.co/V0HO9IJWpH
RT @MartinCox0155: Can't wait to hear @jennbostic's new album, Revival! Pre-order from iTunes here & download the title track immediat… https://t.co/jWAf8a0BDd
RT @wwe3coins84: Don’t waste time! Go and Pre order @jennbostic new album Revival. You’ll be glad you did come 5/4!! She’s amazing!!… https://t.co/5H7aHQJMZe
@carlypearce 😘 You inspire me sweet girl.
Thanks @TheYorksTimes! 💜 Heck it out! Shout outs to @carlypearce @jesseruben @ladygaga @TheBonnieRaitt @BritishCMA… https://t.co/MWiR9y1a9M
Cannot wait for this!! https://t.co/eRZ8dugcDM
@justineclaire75 😘😘😘😘❤️🙌🏼
NOW AVAILABLE WORLDWIDE for pre-order on @iTunes with an instant download of the new single!!! Revival by Jenn Bost… https://t.co/BG8CG7P5du
RT @kyshona: #Announcement! I’ll be joining Jenn Bostic for a special StageIt show on 2/12. Just click the link below, get... https://t.co/iYlddC9URN
@HeisenJud @PledgeMusic Thanks so much Jordan!
👇🏼YESSSSSS! 💜 https://t.co/s0g8QV8Zcq
Next ONLINE CONCERT will be 2/12 “Love Songs from Nashville” featuring the QUEEN herself @kyshona! We’ve also got a… https://t.co/JxFc5o6y7D
NOW AVAILABLE WORLDWIDE for pre-order on @iTunes with an instant download of the new single!!! Revival by Jenn Bost… https://t.co/mqsbCqWXho
@mrgraysonfdn Absolutely!
Thanks for playing the new single!!! https://t.co/fuECPhtkx6
RT @spnfan65: Watching @jennbostic #WhatLoveFeelsLike on Kerry’s Gold Country @KeepItCountryTV Thank you @FearonKerry Sky 389/f… https://t.co/5vUr4pTMFR
@RussHillCountry @meganoneill @ExpressFM We’re playing together @Bushhallmusic on May 1. 😘❤️ Thanks for the love.
RT @RussHillCountry: My #CountryMusic show loves to support @jennbostic @meganoneill's tracks. In fact, their latest songs will be on… https://t.co/xPhwhI2lBQ
@GaryQuinnMusic @FearonKerry @KeepItCountryTV @BelNash @philvassar Yeah!
@mrgraysonfdn Yayyyyy!
RT @chapel_sessions: Tickets for 25th April @jennbostic #Revival @chapel_sessions St Edward’s Church, Netley have just gone onsale this… https://t.co/fXIS4TAJ7Z
@Bionic_Tweets Yayyyyy!
RT @Bushhallmusic: ON SALE NOW @jennbostic plays here on 1st May as part of her Revival Album Tour! Tickets available from website. Li… https://t.co/cjxAmpPmd9
RT @musicnewsitaly: https://t.co/s5dp4Az4qM Revival @JennBostic - Revival https://t.co/eAbuFKTXKH https://t.co/YAe6NREg6x
RT @MusicNewsWeb: https://t.co/cGbkkwFHAS Revival @JennBostic - Revival https://t.co/D0qGrhQIBa https://t.co/dSQS12deoP
RT @BelNash: great music on your tv show Kerry @FearonKerry. @jennbostic playing with @GaryQuinnMusic & Megan O'Neill at… https://t.co/R7FecdR2ux
@BryfordMusic Yayyyy!
@Michael0848834 😘
RT @chapel_sessions: Jenn Bostic @jennbostic plays Chapel Sessions St Edward’s Church Netley Southampton 25th April #Revival support fr… https://t.co/oRabFrr3QY
RT @LifeInASong_UK: The lovely and immensely talented @JennBostic will be touring the UK over the next 4 months, promoting her upcoming… https://t.co/aQK0pFnjoO
@spnfan65 Should be live in a few hours. Sorry, I got excited. 🤷🏼‍♀️
@jesseruben 😂 thx friend 😎🤓😇
Full UK Tour Announced! Tickets on sale NOW at https://t.co/TPdaxSSR5Z 💜 VIP packages available on… https://t.co/ieCuUOipI2
Dear Photoshop, I’m glad we could be friends today. ❤️ #firsttimeforeverything
RT @bankzzywfcffc: Looks like a visit to @Bushhallmusic to see the wonderful @jennbostic on the 1st May is in order!! I wonder if… https://t.co/l0tKJwzfAF
@Markymoomoo39 @PledgeMusic @chapel_sessions Yayyyy! We’ll see you there!
New Album 'Revival' & 2018 Tour update: UK TOUR ANNOUNCED +First ever VIP options on Pledge! https://t.co/diDR8yNeZB @PledgeMusic
@smileonice @PledgeMusic One more week. I'm sorry, I thought it was tomorrow.
RT @SongwritersIsle: #NowPlaying on Songwriters Island Radio Stream Give Me Back My Pride by Jenn Bostic #Listen https://t.co/DlfkGV5ApK
So good. Love this girl. So inspiring to watch her journey unfold. 💕 https://t.co/ZaaUNKIk6e
@smileonice @EricErdmanMusic Hoping it’s an annual thing 🙏
🙌🏼 Thanks for the love! ❤️ https://t.co/5MltUqD77X
RT @whatsoncountry: Returning to @TheFerryGlasgow on 10th & 11th March... @ukcountrylive & @BuckleandBoots present "Country On The Clyd… https://t.co/l21e6TyDFl
@smileonice @EricErdmanMusic Seriously, it’s soooo fun!
Mexico! May 10-14. You know you’re dreaming of a sunny beach right about now. 5 day party with music by… https://t.co/wDSdC4PYWD
@Timmar54 Thanks Tim!
TONIGHT!!!! Basement off 8th with @kyshona & @shannonlabrie, 8:30PM xoxo https://t.co/7OB9Lrr5Az
Honored to be on this rockin' playlist! https://t.co/IGDgIzNBDE
xoxoxox TONIGHT! Thanks @AlannaRoyale https://t.co/A3Dc4jh00n
Refuse to waste energy worrying, and you will have strength to spare. #JesusCalling
@BellesandGals 💕
RT @BellesandGals: Shout #11 goes to @jennbostic with "Missin' A Man" https://t.co/4PLAbD14YY
RT @TheSoundLabUK: Check out the best new music featured on The Experiment every evening this week from 8PM. Tune in to… https://t.co/mL90efmMoc
@TheSoundLabUK @bdGottfried @WillVarleyMusic @SunArcana @jtbuckcherry @SpeakBrotheruk @TheSurvivalCode… https://t.co/Sx9fQ15fBi
@Matthew_McN Hee hee. Meeeee either
@Matthew_McN It’s next Friday! 🤦🏼‍♀️ i got excited. 😂
THIS FRIDAY! #newmusic #musicvideo #singer #songwriter #gospelmusic #popmusic #blues #roots… https://t.co/vESXlskGgD
RT @TheSoundLabUK: Tune in to The Sound Lab now on https://t.co/qtRwY56HYA to hear Revival by Jenn Bostic ~ Listen live right now… https://t.co/GVwBQXqWnm
New Album 'Revival' & 2018 Tour update: NEW MUSIC VIDEO DROPS THIS FRIDAY! https://t.co/PUTk2gi2Y5 @PledgeMusic #singersongwriter
@moorsy11 Thanks so much!
@nppayne11 In the UK and Ireland now, on https://t.co/uqgUiBbetv worldwide.
@wwe3coins84 @BBCCovWarks @justineclaire75 Thank you!
RT @cashydc: Revival @jennbostic https://t.co/nd9rozmBYD
@leader_music @MeridianFM Thank you so much!!
RT @leader_music: #NowPlaying @jennbostic Revival - on the strength of this, I'm really looking forward to hearing the rest of the al… https://t.co/HRQDy41EoY
@pappysbabies Thanks for tuning in! 💕
@spnfan65 @Stageit 💕
@smileonice @Stageit 💜💜
RT @smileonice: Tonight's @stageit with @jennbostic was AWESOME! Thanks Jenn! 😘
@spnfan65 @Stageit 😘
RT @spnfan65: In my #HappyPlace watching @jennbostic on @Stageit https://t.co/5NO9IXwa71
@wwe3coins84 Awwwww I’m so sorry. 😢
RT @SongwritersIsle: #NowPlaying on Songwriters Island Radio Stream Give Me Back My Pride by Jenn Bostic #Listen https://t.co/DlfkGV5ApK
“Faith is the refusal to panic.” #tonysutherland
“Forgive everyone of everything. It’s not a feeling, it’s a choice.” #tonysutherland
Today on @Stageit at 2PM CST/8PM LONDON. https://t.co/hMklyXf28M https://t.co/3QujaLuzBq
RT @cashydc: Check out @jennbostic live with Justine this morning. https://t.co/GtP8IDhpuX
@smileonice Should be! https://t.co/Z4bSEfAhoo OR Facebook live.
RT @spnfan65: Listening to an interview with @jennbostic live from Nashville & the new single #Revival on @BBCCovWarks… https://t.co/j1XKbuLd6U
#WhatLoveFeelsLike playing now on @BBCRadio2 #GoodMorningSunday ❤️
RT @NowOnRadio2: ♫ What Love Feels Like - by Jenn Bostic #bbc #radio2 #np
RT @BBCR2MusicBot: Now Playing Jenn Bostic - What Love Feels Like #jennbostic https://t.co/g1B9ZTjf9Y
@pappysbabies @BBCCovWarks @justineclaire75 Thanks!
#Revival playing RIGHT NOW on @BBCCovWarks THANK YOU @justineclaire75 for making it your Sunday Selection. 😘❤️😍
15 minutes! Tune in to hear @justineclaire75 and I chatting #Revival on @BBCCovWarks #NewMusic
RT @justineclaire75: Not long now until I speak to @jennbostic live on Sunday Breakfast @BBCCovWarks Stay tuned to hear her brand new si… https://t.co/tShqPlwMND
@HappyWoman9 Happy Birthday!!!
Staying up laaaate in the states to hop on the phone with @justineclaire75! Join us on @BBCCovWarks and hear her sp… https://t.co/FGb6nkmIHG
RT @marc7brewer: with shows coming to town @WorkPlayBham , hoping get my guitar signed by all @Elizabeth_Cook @Andrea_Pearson… https://t.co/VE85fzj8vt
@Jayali_Music I am not a rapper, sorry.
☺️ Thank youuuuu! @thepaulsalveson @JamesCGood @jessenemitz @tonefreak713 @whittymusic @JeffBosticMusic &… https://t.co/FxXGgdCon6
@RachidMAHRANE @TheBasementNash @kyshona @shannonlabrie @NashMusicGuide Thx! 💕 Maybe we’ll do a little Facebook live.
WEDNESDAY! @TheBasementNash on 8th at 9PM FULL BAND with @kyshona & @shannonlabrie #Nashville @NashMusicGuide https://t.co/KfeORfU6Hj
RT @kyshona: Next Wednesday | @thebasementnash 1-31 at 8:30pm | it’s on! @ryanmadora @themaureenmurph… https://t.co/6G2cGAPBmD
RT @justineclaire75: So excited to play the brand new single from @jennbostic on Sunday Breakfast @BBCCovWarks Tune in at 0740 tomorrow… https://t.co/MYVCaGjnCl
RT @wwe3coins84: If you haven’t heard @jennbostic New song Revival you don’t know what you’re missing!! she is simply amazing go to… https://t.co/hK2odbfnQK
@CRoutesNews @CMRNashville @BritishCMA ❤️
@spnfan65 💕💕💕❤️❤️❤️
RT @spnfan65: #NewMusicFriday It's only January & I already know this will be my favourite album of 2018....& it's not even out… https://t.co/Wm40gLXvcp
@cashydc @BritishCMA Aw thank you. Nope, physical cd and vinyl coming.❤️❤️❤️ https://t.co/uqgUiBsPl3
RT @cashydc: @jennbostic I can also say that I thought Jenn was excellent @BritishCMA awards. Heartfelt, emotive and outstanding. Digital only Jenn?
RT @HilsRobinson: TUNE IN! Novelist @sophiehannahCB1 joins @AngieGreaves on Good Morning Sunday @BBCRadio2. Music from… https://t.co/i4MhA0gCMF
Spent the week writing songs for God with this a gem of a human bein👌🏼. Watch “LAUREN CHRISTY | VIDEO DISCOGRAPHY”… https://t.co/gD3YyzyULk
Preorder, presave, stream. Whatever makes your heart happy!!!! ❤️❤️❤️ I am SO proud of this album I could cry...and… https://t.co/zOIbejus2u
RT @smileonice: Put my MP3 player on "shuffle play all" to get me through the morning and it chose 4 @TerriClarkMusic tracks and 2… https://t.co/hc4ZMNl9j1
@AlexSmitha10 @xkatie19x Huuuuugs!
RT @AlexSmitha10: It's #NewMusicFriday and thank you to @xkatie19x for reminding me about this masterpiece! Can't wait to hear the re… https://t.co/zJ4ob1nMDX
@justineclaire75 @PMUpdates @BBCCovWarks Yesssss! Emailing it over now. 💕💕💕
👇🏼😍😇 https://t.co/9szkJ7SwQc
@guyhinwa Thank you!
Join me THIS SUNDAY for my first ONLINE CONCERT of 2018 via @stageit. https://t.co/EQvOcj3GHN #Revival
RT @deanandsheena: We're on @reachonair tonight from 8UK with music from @meganoneill, @Hollowayroaduk, @jennbostic, @JackAndEllaUK, … https://t.co/3ytx05eq3J
RT @Coast1079: New Releases including @jennbostic's craft in today's playlist from 19:00GMT & with Mike @CountryRoots6lv from 20:0… https://t.co/ylkLSgvtcs
@BryfordMusic ❤️❤️❤️
RT @Markymoomoo39: @jennbostic This is rather splendid @jennbostic ; makes me look forward to the new album even more now :D
RT @tgaudin: Listening #Revival by @jennbostic 👏 Can't wait to listen the CD !!!!
@guyhinwa Weird. Send me a message at [email protected] Have you logged in?
@AlexaGoldie Xoxo thanks love!
❤️❤️❤️ https://t.co/eoLBW0WmVn
@1drinstar Yay! Thank you!
@guyhinwa Did you figure this out? Try refreshing the page, it should be there.
New Album 'Revival' & 2018 Tour update: "Revival" is HERE! Be the FIRST to download the brand new single and titl... https://t.co/a3XIFJE5lv
@AlexaGoldie Enjoy it!
Hey LA. My crazy talented friend @whittymusic is playing at Vibrato Grill and Jazz tonight. He might even let me si… https://t.co/GwzsXaO5na
@Indy4roo1 @estevensmusic @CinderHillTwins 💜💜💜
RT @deanandsheena: Enjoy 2 hours of the best New Country tonight from 8UK on @RadioTamworth. We've got NEW music from @meganoneill plu… https://t.co/2vKXZADEmc
@BellesandGals 💜💜💜
RT @BellesandGals: Shout #16 goes to @jennbostic with "Not Yet" https://t.co/fc60rsqhdH
RT @michaellogen: I’m honored to be a part of this fundraiser to support the #cysticfibrosisfoundation in Palm Beach along with… https://t.co/SnbkAn0JFn
@allibow8 Yay!
@allibow8 I don’t play March 2nd
@BelNash @meganoneill @ClaytonBelfast @GaryQuinnMusic Can’t wait!
@TheSoundLabUK @paparoach @_DiMaggioJones @WillVarleyMusic @PACESHIFTERS @FIZZYBLOODMUSIC @__thewired… https://t.co/2UlJ3BhfYA
Singing my heart out at @TheloniousWines today from 2-4PM! See you there. 💜
@_James_Ross Awwwww thanks!!! We had a blast tonight!
@portland_enigma Thank you!!!!
Sneak peek from tonight. ❤️ https://t.co/gSESlBMUZV
Wilsonville, you were everything tonight. 😍 Thank you. https://t.co/QppDJWKNyO
@dannygokey great running into you the other day on the ✈️ Hope you finally ended up where you needed to be. Keep shining your light! 🌟
Hey Pledgers! What did you think of today’s album cover reveal??? First taste of the new music coming at you next w… https://t.co/Kpyh8qCCib
RT @BuckleandBoots: Full line-up #CountryOnTheClyde for #Glasgow 10th/11th March. Tickets: https://t.co/qJGNEhCa4t https://t.co/q5XhPO2CoM
New Album 'Revival' & 2018 Tour update: Album Cover Revealed! https://t.co/J3j9uxOevJ @PledgeMusic #singersongwriter
@RoseAnnGallo @AVRadio Thank youuuuu
RT @RoseAnnGallo: Listening to @jennbostic "Faithful" on @AVRadio GREAT voice! Check her out😍 https://t.co/hAwAnNKhob #Shotters
Album cover is being released on @PledgeMusic as a @PMUpdates tomorrow! Get involved. xo https://t.co/qEgRzuapCQ
Who’s face will I see in the next few weeks??? 📷: @photocillin https://t.co/VD48wYLoYy
“She called to my heart to find my dreams again.” -attendee of tonight’s show in Montana 💕 #whyidowhatido #reviewsthatmatter
@WalkerIkard Thanks!
Tonight in Montana! https://t.co/gn7N07wD2l
New video up on @YouTube ❤️ https://t.co/kYqxGdYaua
I always seem to be traveling out of town on the rare #Nashville snow day... https://t.co/QDHHZTMx79
ONLINE CONCERT, Jan 28 via @Stageit https://t.co/EQvOcj3GHN 📷: @photocillin https://t.co/SYoJaIyPwV
RT @wardthomasmusic: “Success is not final, failure is not fatal. It is the courage to carry on that counts” Winston Churchill !! #TheDarkestHour
So honored to be on this wonderful playlist wth #JustOneDay. 💕 https://t.co/S5g1slRmK6
@nextwomenofcoun @Saraspicermusic @RileyClemmons @MaddieandTae @NRayy @HeidiRayeMusic @farewellamusic @MikalynHay… https://t.co/5vCSlSsDva
Hey #Oregon! It’s been awhile... see you on Friday at Quench Taproom. https://t.co/WOqWWWjgqe
Anybody else stuck at the Denver airport? #delayed #makingthemostofit
Headed to Montana! If you’re anywhere near Fort Benton come join the fun! Tix: https://t.co/TPdaxSBger https://t.co/2Kk1icIlvi
Flight delays don’t seem so bad when you get bumped to first class. Thanks @united 💕
6 weeks away and only a few tickets left! LONDON Full Band Album PreRelease Party @TheHospitalClub. Hear the new mu… https://t.co/Ai5ebzk697
@JSHudson @michaellogen @CassadeePope @22O5promotions Aw thanks Jason!
@AndyWebbDJ @PledgeMusic Thanks for the support Andy!
THIS is going to be SO fun! @michaellogen @CassadeePope https://t.co/rmQU9R3lu9
New Album 'Revival' & 2018 Tour update: "Revival" First Single Cover Artwork https://t.co/F9cOaPrTKQ @PledgeMusic #singersongwriter
"Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase." - Martin Luther King Jr. Photo by… https://t.co/sVPeZHejjp
London FULL BAND show! Feb 28 @TheHospitalClub. Playing songs from the new album, sharing stories about the process… https://t.co/bTur2Vn9om
@smileonice Plenty of other opportunities this year ❤️❤️
RT @starnewsn1: Jenn Bostic: New Album 'Revival' & 2018 Tour update: Reflections Iceland from The Blue… https://t.co/SUgCGM4PGy
RT @theJennMcGill: Jenn Bostic is an award winning artist, a friend, beautiful from the inside out, & such a joy to… https://t.co/TjcxOhW7x8
RT @tonefreak713: Savannah with Jenn Bostic Ernst and the rest of my friends was wonderful!! Now on a plane to Pennsylvania to... https://t.co/Qs75D0Anhm
@TaggartDonna Have so much fun!!!
RT @GaryQuinnMusic: Heading back to Glasgow to perform at ‘Country On The Clyde’ in March along with @jennbostic @ashtonlane &… https://t.co/dCHgIYxZZm
RT @aKaTMusic: Get to play a little drums tonight!!! Thanks @jennbostic for letting me play! #firstmusicallove #hardlyplayanymore… https://t.co/RMeTVNaeDL
Hey Scotland! 😉 https://t.co/kVbHHYw3aL
@MartinCox0155 @PledgeMusic Nice!
@LiveMcrNews @PledgeMusic Thank you. 😍
@elizwalas @LiveMcrNews @PledgeMusic Thank you @elizwalas
New Album 'Revival' & 2018 Tour update: Reflections Iceland from The Blue Lagoon https://t.co/Sq6FvkxB3w @PledgeMusic #singersongwriter
@LiveMcrNews @PledgeMusic Thank you so much for the love. I may be coming to Manchester this spring, stay tuned. 😉
RT @LiveMcrNews: For today's Track of the Day we have the incredibly talented @jennbostic with the absolutely stunning Jealous Of Th… https://t.co/N98gLkAvll
@smileonice 😘❤️😍
Feb 28. #London Full Band Show! @TheHospitalClub for @PledgeMusic Presents! https://t.co/qEgRzus11q @BestGigsLDN… https://t.co/5mxS7lUOGA
Turn up the music and let it give you strength. @beatsbydreUK #BeatsStudio3Wireless https://t.co/T3Uvqomngg
RT @deanandsheena: Enjoy 2 hours of the best New Country tonight from 8UK on @reachonair. We've got music from @sashamcveigh, … https://t.co/LU288UDDuM
RT @SongwritersIsle: #NowPlaying on Songwriters Island Radio Stream Anywhere But Here by Jenn Bostic #Listen https://t.co/DlfkGV5ApK
@meganoneill Just sent you a WhatsApp. 😉
February 28th! Full band London show @TheHospitalClub ❤️❤️❤️ Tickets available on https://t.co/qEgRzus11q https://t.co/gClnJSxaHy
Truth. @officialtobymac https://t.co/ReWAMq9KOH
@meganoneill 🙌🏼 ALSO your new single!!!!! Yesssss!
New Album 'Revival' & 2018 Tour update: We filmed the music video for “Revival” today!!! https://t.co/ZnMxaDBBlU @PledgeMusic
@meganoneill Xoxoxo ah! We need to talk. Haha tomorrow?
RT @BellesandGals: Shout #21 goes to @jennbostic with "What Love Feels Like" https://t.co/Qo1yuIG8cs
Music video day! ❤️ #Revival https://t.co/YKa7tan0wf
Last week to get your name listed in the credits of #Revival. Don't miss this offer via @PledgeMusic https://t.co/qEgRzus11q
Doing something super exciting today!!! Pledgers found out last week. 😉
January 31st. 8:30PM. @TheBasementNash with @shannonlabrie & @kyshona https://t.co/hsVWHp7xuT
👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 SO excited!!! https://t.co/rlVM7WZxVl
Want your name on the album credits of #Revival? Visit https://t.co/vEMAVMhdpW by the end of the week. Offer ends Monday. ❤️
@MarkLBower1 Not really. But i love what i do. 😉
February 28! ❤️❤️ Live @TheHospitalClub London. Tickets available on https://t.co/qEgRzus11q @bigLondonevents… https://t.co/DWRjwT5G3u
@MarkLBower1 Yes, I did thanks. You?
@TonyMen44217772 @TheHospitalClub Cannot wait!!!!!
This song! Got me again this morning. WATCH: Caitlyn Smith Debuts 'Painfully Sad' Video for New Song 'This Town Is… https://t.co/Sp7x1UqJUs
Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer. -Romans 12:12
@hikingviking69 @_SarahDarling @michaellogen 😘😘 Thank you, means the 🌎
Just take the first step. 📷: @photocillin https://t.co/IUbxbd7XQ0
Feb 28. @TheHospitalClub London. Full Band. New Music. Tickets available at https://t.co/uqgUiBbetv
RT @RM2SteveG: Looking forward to @jennbostic performing on #Stageit https://t.co/x0AhSa9tmQ via @stageit on January 28th!
Loved meeting this sweet little soul. xo https://t.co/ar0dlFuIaS
RT @jammbermusic: #Nashville// Go see @jennbostic at @listeningroom at 6PM! Powered by @DoStuffMedia @Do615Nashville #WeekendJamm
About to go live on Facebook with @EricErdmanMusic! Tune in https://t.co/yTtIdr0hOD
The righteous cry out, and the Lord hears them; he delivers them from all their troubles. The Lord is close to the… https://t.co/5j1cwreMOX
@RoperKirsten @imwtclothing I will! Performing @TheHospitalClub on Feb 28 and have a spring date coming soon. 💕
@RoperKirsten @imwtclothing Honored to know that. Music is such a healer. God bless you!
Full band show @TheHospitalClub London on February 28th for @PledgeMusic Presents! First taste of #Revival! https://t.co/qEgRzus11q
1/28 online @stageit show! https://t.co/EQvOcj3GHN
RT @kyshona: Back at it with the #birthdaygirl jennbostic ✨Bart Walker✨ and Eric Erdman✨ tomorrow night at… https://t.co/Y467I4Ohdv
@RoperKirsten @imwtclothing 😘
RT @Purpleroses0929: Perfect song while riding out this New England weather!! Thanks @jennbostic 😍 Would love for @TheBull1017… https://t.co/i1IpY6ku9Q
New Album 'Revival' & 2018 Tour update: Happy New Year! https://t.co/zLYrI4jbeZ @PledgeMusic #singersongwriter
@apatientman Thanks!
@Coast1079 Thanks for the love!
RT @Coast1079: With thanks @jennbostic playing 'Wrong Thing' 👏 Sojourn well. 🇺🇸 & 🇬🇧 The special relationship.
RT @PAWFECT3: #HappyBirthday to the beautiful @jennbostic Hope your day is amazing, Jenn. See you soon! 💖🎁🎂🍸🐈💖 https://t.co/hRXg86OLsn
RT @One_More_ShotUK: Sending Birthday wishes to the amazingly talented @jennbostic from all of us @One_More_ShotUK Have a great day, Jen… https://t.co/ilKNu0SApJ
RT @spnfan65: #WednesdayWisdom Take a look at @jennbostic's @PledgeMusic page: https://t.co/0MUfhUPlph You can #PreOrder th… https://t.co/HP5bcPWk0Y
Already my favorite year! Thx for all the birthday love. Overwhelmed with gratitude. 💕 https://t.co/HynP7ptRBo
@meganoneill @YouTube Yesssss queen!
@CloudwatcherUno @PledgeMusic Thank you!!! 💜
RT @CloudwatcherUno: I just Pre-Ordered Jenn Bostic (@jennbostic): New Album 'Revival' & 2018 Tour https://t.co/3wg2P8w7SX @PledgeMusic #singersongwriter
@JohnKen41177976 @Miss1972Theresa @meganoneill @lauraoakesmusic @carlypearce @dexeterband @erinenderlin… https://t.co/EQimEbOWDo
@Section101Tweet @PledgeMusic 😘
@JohnKen41177976 @Miss1972Theresa @meganoneill @lauraoakesmusic @carlypearce @dexeterband @erinenderlin… https://t.co/hcgnCGUbT1
RT @GaryQuinnMusic: #Belfast #Omagh #NorthernIreland There's a great night of country music taking place at @BelNash Mar 8th.… https://t.co/4eHnVIjQFA
RT @BellesandGals: Shout #22 goes to @jennbostic with "Haunting Me" https://t.co/2a4kyJxkwq
RT @Section101Tweet: If this doesn't top the list of things to look forward to in 2018, we don't know what will: Pre-Order @jennbostic's… https://t.co/UVO4L1esb4
Friday! @listeningroom @EricErdmanMusic @tonefreak713 @kyshona 6PM tix: https://t.co/nrH1oUpqsJ https://t.co/uHTbTqc5I5
@XanPhillips @BBCRadio2 Thank you so much!
RT @RONNIEDOSS: This is that year, the one you’ve been waiting for. #NextLevel #BeExcited
@PAWFECT3 @mattlande @StewartMacMusic @DeanKingofWing @GaryQuinnMusic @emadalaeddin @guyjonesuk @jasonmanns… https://t.co/46xAdrZAxq
@xkatie19x @CassadeePope @lindsayell @theadelaidesuk 💜💜💜
So grateful #WhatLoveFeelsLike was played on #GoodMorningSunday @BBCRadio2 this morning. What a way to say farewell to 2017! ❤️
@pulse_breakfast @ThePhantomsUK @WeekendDebt @MiracleGlassCo @GregorColeman @CallahanMusic_ @thelogansmusic… https://t.co/yi8y8HaFkc
RT @BBCR2MusicBot: Now Playing Jenn Bostic - What Love Feels Like #jennbostic https://t.co/g1B9ZTjf9Y
Declare a thing and it shall be established. Praying that 2018 brings you the desires of your heart. 📷: @photocillin https://t.co/EirpudQ4Ah
RT @spnfan65: @BellesandGals Charity music event @One_More_ShotUK in April in Birmingham, UK with guest artists @jennbostic… https://t.co/VJ3lc8vtba
RT @CathleenThom: Great music tonight at the Iron Tap from locally grown Waconia talents Jenn Bostic & Clark Machtemes!… https://t.co/mqvWvVQtYl
@DanaeCo @kyshona 😘😘😘❤️❤️❤️😭
I’ll never fully be able to explain how special this trip to #Iceland really was. 4 dream… https://t.co/JsN3jsAlSS
RT @MarshfieldCVB: Ring in the New Year with Jenn Bostic & the Traveled Ground at The Vox - Marshfield's Rockin' New Year's Eve... https://t.co/YXqT0Upjoc
Saturday! @IronTapMN with @ClarkMachtemes 7-10PM https://t.co/MdqrVFaN7h
@TonyMen44217772 Aw you made the tour wonderful by being a part of it. 💜
So many fun things in the works. Declaring that 2018 will be the best year yet! https://t.co/gRLFhOi1hW
@JohnKen41177976 @estevensmusic Yayyy!
Nashville! First in town show of 2018 with 3 of my absolute favorites. This night will be 🔥, soul, pop, blues, love… https://t.co/VTHJOcZONX
@justineclaire75 @BBCCovWarks @The_Portraits @HannahsYardHQ @johnsmithguitar I adore you. Thanks for allowing my mu… https://t.co/6h5QGDTO21
RT @justineclaire75: Huge thanks to my emerging artists who've played live @BBCCovWarks and have graced my Boxing Day special. Thanks… https://t.co/lE31WFOMs6
New Year’s Eve with @ClarkMachtemes @voxmarshfield https://t.co/lRTX4set5C
@wwe3coins84 @jenngrinels @rebeccaloebe @ZarniMusic Merry Christmas!
RT @smileonice: Christmas can be tough when you're missing someone you love... this song from @jennbostic is about that. Merry Chri… https://t.co/lu7zGhO0RB
Merry Christmas! The holidays can be tough and remind us of those who are no longer with us. Just did a little live… https://t.co/Ape0UgC1b7
Merry Christmas from our little plaid family! @michaelernst7 https://t.co/VPYIZyiMLi
So honored this song won Christmas song of the Year for the USA Songwriting Competition. 🎄 @EmilyShackelton & I lov… https://t.co/R4nYsmyIwL
@RM2SteveG @YouTube Thanks for sharing Steve!
RT @RM2SteveG: Merry Christmas everyone! Oh Holy Night - @jennbostic featuring Jordan Hedlund https://t.co/hObItDuuMw via @YouTube #ChristmasEve
@UlvBjerkan @MilesMH92 @ChrisCountry Thanks for sharing!
@pappysbabies @JohnPattiMusic Sending love and prayers your way.
@elizwalas Thank you!
RT @elizwalas: What a wonderful version by @jennbostic Oh Holy Night - Jenn Bostic featuring Jordan Hedlund https://t.co/qLeSIvt9dl
RT @bfgoat: Listening to @jennbostic song It’s Christmas Time On @AVRadio with @DJDocJim @DJVickiLynn On The Country Cave Show… https://t.co/BYV3kCYz3K
@johpoh21 @JohnPattiMusic ❤️❤️❤️🎄🎁
@smileonice 😘😘😘😘
RT @smileonice: Today, please try to step away from the tree, the presents & the food for just five minutes and remember the reason… https://t.co/BYIElWqhoa
@spnfan65 ❤️
Merry Christmas! Enjoy this live version of "O Holy Night" https://t.co/yuW4O5qvSX Huge thanks to Waconia High Scho… https://t.co/lvM0BRb0pV
@michaellogen 😂
There’s a Christmas surprise coming your way tomorrow...😉🎄❤️🎁
@TonyMen44217772 @_SarahDarling @Jeannine_Barry @LivAusten @swinny91 @KT_Hurt13 @jadehelliwell2 @EmmaMooreCoUk… https://t.co/ZSU7hWzaun
@Music_By_Jeremy @EricErdmanMusic Soooo fun!
SURPRISE! This is happening if you still need some Christmas ideas! #Mexico @EricErdmanMusic #MerryChristmasToUs https://t.co/np5SPh7L3i
Honored to be included in this beautiful Christmas Eve playlist! https://t.co/6cLhOYwA3V
SURPRISE! This is happening if you still some Christmas ideas! #Mexico @EricErdmanMusic #MerryChristmasToUs https://t.co/i0LdBBfFvX
Yessss! Can’t wait! https://t.co/hpbb105dlH
@Kymley247 @estevensmusic 💜💜 Thank you so much!!
@AlexaGoldie ☹️
When you’re enjoying a glass of wine o your way home from #Iceand and your favorite @MarcBroussard comes on the rad… https://t.co/osweFmeYtm
RT @deanandsheena: Come and join our Christmas party today from 1pm on @hebden_radio. We're chatting to @DennySCountry plus we've got… https://t.co/TB0LtBt6qs
RT @Markymoomoo39: I just Pre-Ordered Jenn Bostic (@jennbostic): New Album 'Revival' & 2018 Tour https://t.co/Ayx1ruSHQX @PledgeMusic #singersongwriter
Jenn Bostic has a show on 12/22/2017 at 09:00 PM @ GRAYS on Main in Franklin, TN https://t.co/ldAjEYh2kh #concert
Just posted a new update on @PledgeMusic with one of @sarakauss’s amazing photos from today’s shoot in Iceland! Joi… https://t.co/uVAF5VBn5W
New Album 'Revival' & 2018 Tour update: Iceland Photoshoot Day 3 https://t.co/SUcHTTBbIi @PledgeMusic #singersongwriter
Current state. #iceland https://t.co/NzH7gdw5ry
Me between photoshoot locations... 😂 #Iceland #ColdandFrozen #NotForTheFaintOfHeart #WeStillDontHaveAHashtag… https://t.co/RpicYnOgni
RT @spnfan65: @jennbostic @PledgeMusic Loving the updates Jenn, thank you for sharing your #IcelandExperience with us. So glad I… https://t.co/REf983Dge3
New Album 'Revival' & 2018 Tour update: Iceland Photoshoot Day 2 https://t.co/FBctpxKtPb @PledgeMusic #singersongwriter
RT @sarakauss: We have now experienced one of the wonders of God’s world. #IcelandicHorse #skptravels https://t.co/wDBRpK3asL
@deanandsheena @RadioTamworth @DennySCountry @TheRisingMusic @GaryQuinnMusic @JesstheBandits Thanks so much!
RT @deanandsheena: It's our Christmas party on the show tonight from 8UK on @RadioTamworth. We're also chatting to @DennySCountry & pl… https://t.co/XYgUgZYIBk
So today was EPIC! Love making dreams come true with @sarakauss 💕🇮🇸 #Iceland #WeStillDontHaveAHashtag https://t.co/VrsIqOmveQ
RT @GaryQuinnMusic: #Belfast Delighted to be heading back to play @BelNash on March 8th with two of my talented friends @jennbostic and… https://t.co/WkGo48YIhr
@songwrtr1960 @PMUpdates 😘😘😘
@ChuckNilosek @PledgeMusic Yep! Truth. Though i haven’t been to Greenland I’ve heard the same.
New Album 'Revival' & 2018 Tour update: Iceland Photoshoot Day 1 https://t.co/b3i0uyKtvz @PledgeMusic #singersongwriter
RT @One_More_ShotUK: JUST 2 TICKETS REMAINING FOR OMS4 2018. Grab one quick! Details .... https://t.co/yjazdqTt8b
@MartinCox0155 Photos
RT @sarakauss: I have a feeling I’m going to love this land #iceland {see insta stories} with @jennbostic https://t.co/EF2QbIwuMM
If you have a @pledgemusic access pass you’ll get a sneak peek of one of the unedited professional photos we took t… https://t.co/oHO0kJx8aX
Day 1 of the Iceland photoshoot was rainy but fun! We need a hashtag for this trip friends! Suggestions #icelandrevival #icerevival ???
We landed safely in Iceland. Lots of rain in the forecast but we are soooo excited to start shooting in a few hours!
Headed to Iceland! 🇮🇸 @sarakauss @wowairsupport https://t.co/cTmfsVtetP
@elizwalas @AVRadio @DJDocJim @DJVickiLynn Thanks so much!!!
RT @mc_irisheyes: Jealous of the Angels by @jennbostic on @AVRadio
RT @bfgoat: Now playing Jealous Of The Angel by Jenn Bostic @jennbostic On @AVRadio with @DJDocJim and @DJVickiLynn Country Cav… https://t.co/mAqYu4ZQMs
👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 https://t.co/LR5BUpbHTr
#aboutlastnight Huge thanks to @mskphotography for always capturing such beautiful moments. ❤️… https://t.co/jZItxdykaX
RT @WhisperingBobTV: Coming up at 5pm on @ChrisCountry it's another #UTATRadio featuring this lovely lot. An hour of incredible live per… https://t.co/qpnzeH77qp
RT @SO45fan: I just Pre-Ordered Jenn Bostic (@jennbostic): New Album 'Revival' & 2018 Tour https://t.co/6Cy9ggWkMM @PledgeMusic #singersongwriter
Full Band London show at @TheHospitalClub on Feb 28th! What a perfect Christmas gift for someone special.… https://t.co/N239xzM1gw
Tonight! @SpireCenter @AylaBrown @damienhorne https://t.co/Eg139E2tv1
@elizwalas 💜
@BellesandGals @MaireadDonnelly Aw so honored. Thank you. 💕
RT @BellesandGals: Your Voice, Your Choice #34 featuring @MaireadDonnelly with 'Looking Glass' and her choice of a moving @jennbostic… https://t.co/mKJcJKRL1Y
@mng06 We’ll be @SpireCenter in Plymouth tomorrow night!
Tomorrow night! @SpireCenter @AylaBrown @damienhorne #funfunfun https://t.co/Yvbenr023U
@elizwalas 💕💕💕
Walking through an airport without my keyboard is both freeing and terrifying all at the same time. #BostonBound
RT @blackberrychris: Honestly there is more wisdom on @jennbostic’s Instagram than anywhere else on the internet 💜 #wisdom #selfcare https://t.co/lfGehF2U41
RT @BellesandGals: Shout #27 goes to @jennbostic with "Jealous of the Angels" https://t.co/mHsf1yM56i
@jesseruben Miss youuuuu
@annabananasmom Thank you so much!
Got THE BEST make-up class from this queen today. She truly is the best! Thanks @Thejesslindsay… https://t.co/Sbc1CEKQw9
On my walk to baggage claim I heard a jazz band, a country duo and a harpist. Definitely back in music city! #lovethistown
Tomorrow night in #Franklin #Tennessee with @neal_elder 🎄 https://t.co/l6MK2nNKtM
December 30, @IronTapMN with @ClarkMachtemes https://t.co/Zn482vTLF1
RT @elizwalas: Slemish Sessions: Jenn Bostic - Little Grace https://t.co/BwPkVTNAwD via @YouTube
RT @photocillin: Phone box fun with jennbostic earlier this year @ Covent Garden London https://t.co/C7va1YBjka
@PaulHallows1 @PledgeMusic Happy Christmas to you!
RT @annabananasmom: @jennbostic live at @SchramVineyards https://t.co/OSPKIAPSh3
RT @SO45fan: A little @jennbostic channeling her inner Janis Joplin! So much fun! Even had the nutcrackers on top of the china c… https://t.co/u92fjECTpu
This Saturday @SpireCenter with @AylaBrown & @damienhorne 🎄 Can’t wait to be back in #Massachusetts https://t.co/xm5wAHWkJG
Jenn Bostic has a show on 12/14/2017 at 07:30 PM @ GRAYS on Main in Franklin, TN https://t.co/0q7ykQQMRb #concert
RT @PMUpdates: Jenn Bostic (@jennbostic): New Album 'Revival' & 2018 Tour update: ICELAND https://t.co/qVZ2oMUfwX #singersongwriter
New Album 'Revival' & 2018 Tour update: ICELAND https://t.co/qvVKNet289 @PledgeMusic #singersongwriter
RT @bobgoff: Quit waiting for a plan. Just go love everybody.
@cdanielsea Thank you so much!
RT @cdanielsea: Had a great night listening to @jennbostic She always puts on an excellent show! Check her out you will be hooked!!
RT @spnfan65: We could all use a little grace @jennbostic for #SlemishSessions https://t.co/LxqcJdBLmL
johnpattimusic’s first 4 wheeling experience of course ended up with us being stuck in the… https://t.co/J6QhU2c7Bq
RT @AylaBrown: One week from today!!! @SpireCenter @jennbostic @damienhorne TICKETS—> https://t.co/LXX7yVzOZR https://t.co/wvBKohyxOw
Keep circling the mountain. ⛰ #faintofheart #newmusic #pledgemusic #preorderonpledge… https://t.co/MU380Gew3u
#aboutlastnight https://t.co/b2JXVLqPSC
RT @ReserveAtKeowee: What a wonderful way to celebrate the season of giving with the charitable gift of $150, 000 to 8 local charities!… https://t.co/O8ZYZHJ1PC
Happiest of birthdays to the incredible @SaraBareilles. You inspire me. 💜
RT @BellesandGals: Shout #31 goes to @jennbostic with "Not Yet" https://t.co/fc60rsqhdH
THIS! Honored to have written this with my favorite Diva! Please download it, share it, spread the love. The world… https://t.co/5JCK9XOZtu
@spnfan65 @kyshona @Bandcamp I love it when we collaborate too. It’s my favorite. 💕
RT @spnfan65: I love it when @kyshona & @jennbostic collaborate! I just downloaded #MaybeByChristmas via @Bandcamp to add to my… https://t.co/vCE6u1sLBV
RT @kyshona: I love making music with friends. I really do. It’s healing for me. I hadn’t laughed this hard or felt that giddy i… https://t.co/17bVni3po9
“Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according… https://t.co/TxZg1OLktT
@thigy @JohnPattiMusic @ReserveAtKeowee Love you!!!! Thanks so much for coming!
RT @thigy: A joyous evening of #ChristmasMusic with @jennbostic & @JohnPattiMusic with love from @ReserveAtKeowee… https://t.co/JLKWEyt5RL
@nextwomenofcoun @tayloracorn @DBradbery @farewellamusic @HeyLovelocks @claudia_hoyser @laurenbonnell24… https://t.co/JL3xKDTRZi
RT @PMUpdates: Jenn Bostic (@jennbostic): New Album 'Revival' & 2018 Tour update: Acoustic Performance of new album track "Haunt... https://t.co/rYmmMSlgLh
So. Crazy. Good! https://t.co/mJ9YylIxEn
I love singing this song with these humans!!!! 💕 @michaellogen @_SarahDarling #Jolene @DollyParton https://t.co/vSuad1fYV0
New Album 'Revival' & 2018 Tour update: Acoustic Performance of new album track "Haunting Me, " at The Shuler Theater https://t.co/5GDcoonn4X
RT @thigy: A merry ride home listening to @jennbostic #JennBosticChristmasEP #singersongwriter #ChristmasMusic https://t.co/1XzD4dPfPb
RT @spnfan65: #MusicMonday Working on my @Spotify #FestivePlaylist @jennbostic @_SarahDarling @estevensmusic @GaryQuinnMusic… https://t.co/J2FDTn5NKY
A little snippet from @CityWineryNSH tonight with @michaellogen https://t.co/qmeYArB57N
Come out to @CityWineryNSH tonight! @_SarahDarling Christmas Release Party and I’ll be supporting with @michaellogen 🎄
RT @michaellogen: Tonight at @CityWineryNashville, @_SarahDarling will be playing a fantastic Christmas show! @jennbostic and I will… https://t.co/NQhdXn2xfH
General Donations https://t.co/V17cDg32Dm
@wwe3coins84 Not yet!
HUGE thanks to everyone who attended today’s @stageit show! You all donated enough for 19 people to have clean wate… https://t.co/7Us7l8tM3v
RT @smileonice: Glad to support @thirstproject tonight with @jennbostic, making a real difference to those without access to clean w… https://t.co/n7SVQjndyv
The fun starts in 15 min!! Snag a ticket and join this concert for a cause. @thirstproject https://t.co/Lgustcoag5 https://t.co/k5DaBkVIlL
RT @elizwalas: Now Playing on the @WhiskeyCigsShow with Dj Nik @jennbostic's Wrong Thing. Good request @spnfan65 (I'm pretty sure… https://t.co/uH1oXjryrc
“If you do the work, God will fill in the blanks.” @RONNIEDOSS
@IowaMusicScene see you Thursday! 🎄 https://t.co/EK8ashLG0x
@QuadCitiesUSA get your holidays started this Thursday night! https://t.co/2yLvhnnDxR
@iowamusicbuzz See you Thursday! 😉❤️ https://t.co/uP6u2nTgTg
This afternoon, catch me on @Stageit for a special Christmas show. All proceeds will be donated directly to… https://t.co/aGF24mj75D
Massachusetts! Don’t miss this special show at @SpireCenter with @AylaBrown & @damienhorne Dec 16, 8PM https://t.co/HrePkJibtL
@JSHudson @thirstproject Not this year, only at live shows.
RT @JSHudson: @thirstproject @jennbostic Exclusive Christmas EP for top tipper!! Exciting!! Will this be available to buy anywhere else??
RT @thirstproject: Don’t forget to buy tickets for tomorrows concert at 2pm CST/12pm PST held by @jennbostic! Visit… https://t.co/eGOiYX4iM1
Sang with my mom for the first time ever tonight. 😭 johnpattimusic, you have a heart of gold.… https://t.co/uEnVGS2ifR
Tickets are going fast for the @TheHospitalClub show in London on Feb 28! Be the first to hear the music full band!… https://t.co/qqCSq8VcNV
@opaman In the New Year!
Jenn Bostic has a show on 12/03/2017 at 06:30 PM @ City Winery in Nashville, TN https://t.co/x6Ui7LYcDc #concert
Next Thursday night in #iowa! #RedstoneRoom #davenport #quadcities @QuadCitiesUSA @iowamusicbuzz @IowaMusicScene… https://t.co/NbJ9JL9Gx1
Need some Christmas music to add to your collection? Available on @Spotify and @AppleMusic 🎄 https://t.co/xmkhGMsz6z
RT @Section101Tweet: More on @jennbostic - especially cool for people in IA who can get to The Red Room on December 7th! https://t.co/bm96t8zQQa
@PAWFECT3 hahaha stay warm! :)
When you take a conference call outside in Florida and your phone overheats. #oops #SunshineProblems
RT @deanandsheena: Join us tonight from 8UK for the best New Country including NEW music from @JesstheBandits, tracks from… https://t.co/ir4ihaaXkt
Sunday! #onlineconcert via @Stageit! All proceeds will go to @thirstproject 💦 #GiveWaterGiveLife https://t.co/Lgustcoag5
RT @hebden_radio: Catch @deanandsheena right now, as they celebrate St Andrew's Day & play the best New Country including tracks from… https://t.co/WW0DEq1pp2
“God has a unique plan for each one of us. Our greatest opportunity for success is to live that plan.” -Mary Southerland
RT @deanandsheena: Catch us on @hebden_radio today from 1pm as we celebrate St Andrew's Day & play the best New Country including trac… https://t.co/waAAxPytbk
RT @thirstproject: Singing brings people together, and that exactly what @jennbostic is doing! On Sunday, she will be holding an onlin… https://t.co/tleIaouQNI
RT @spnfan65: Watching @jennbostic & @JohnPattiMusic on @mysuncoast #ACalypsoulChristmas https://t.co/37Kl6QwxSu
Hey #Iowa friends! It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Join @JohnPattiMusic and I at The Red Room in Daven… https://t.co/USnvziM9Li
So excited to support Sarah on Sunday! @michaellogen and I are going to do a few Christmas songs we wrote together.… https://t.co/A0zRTdLutf
@wwe3coins84 Yep, i believe it will. Thanks!
Sophia's Wise words https://t.co/oMbCVY9dgl via @YouTube 💕😍💜
RT @spnfan65: Jealous of the Angels is fast becoming the most covered song on @YouTube, some beautiful tributes to family, friend… https://t.co/to56XOgkjn
@royle1957 @PledgeMusic Thanks so much!!!
RT @CityWineryNSH: Come celebrate the beginning of the holiday season with @_SarahDarling's Winter Wonderland on Sunday 12/3. This spe… https://t.co/rMTmswOaC5
RT @BellesandGals: Shout #20 goes to @jennbostic with "Haunting Me" https://t.co/2a4kyJxkwq
Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you. —1 PETER 5:7
New update on my @pledgemusic page today! Do you have an access pass yet? 💕 https://t.co/qEgRzus11q
RT @PMUpdates: Jenn Bostic (@jennbostic): New Album 'Revival' & 2018 Tour update: Behind the Scenes with Producer Paul Salveson ... https://t.co/Vegt9fvXq7
RT @jstpumpkin: Jenn Bostic (@jennbostic): New Album 'Revival' & 2018 Tour update: Behind the Scenes with Producer Paul Salveson ... https://t.co/rVXWnj8CTj
RT @spnfan65: Jenn Bostic (@jennbostic): New Album 'Revival' & 2018 Tour update: Behind the Scenes with Producer Paul Salveson ... https://t.co/zKE9YJIDzQ
New Album 'Revival' & 2018 Tour update: Behind the Scenes with Producer Paul Salveson ("Salvo") Take 1 https://t.co/wOCIX4jsHH @PledgeMusic
RT @wwe3coins84: You don’t want to miss one of my favorite gospel singers @jennbostic perform on @Stageit at https://t.co/Hr4NUXOOmr https://t.co/cfMyhI8ymR
RT @wwe3coins84: I pre-ordered @jennbostic New album revival I can’t wait it’s going to be amazing!!!
RT @LaineyyM: Soooooo excited for the new @jennbostic album!! 💕😊 #fav
Thanksgiving is over, it’s officially #ChristmasTime! Gonna try playing this one on guitar for… https://t.co/2hdkOthD7o
RT @spnfan65: #MusicMonday @jennbostic #FaintOfHeart for @WhisperingBobTV https://t.co/nV63AWlBid Pre-Order Jenn's new album… https://t.co/wICHEF7uWR
RT @CarithaMalmgren: I just Pre-Ordered Jenn Bostic (@jennbostic): New Album 'Revival' & 2018 Tour https://t.co/s4EoH8YBa9 @PledgeMusic… https://t.co/p56IvFTP2u
Feb 21st, acoustic preview show for the new album in Kent, UK, with my talented friends @estevensmusic &… https://t.co/re8qkBxp8F
“Take the lesson, leave the guilt, and keep pursuing the dream.” @RONNIEDOSS
RT @_SarahDarling: Well isn't this going to be fun! Come share a little #Christmas cheer at @citywinerynsh December 3! I have special… https://t.co/icRi3QnUW1
RT @elizwalas: Now Playing on the @WhiskeyCigsShow show with Dj Nik @jennbostic’s Wrong Thing. Thank you for playing. Love her. Go… https://t.co/uwqTgbrOKS
@JSHudson @_SarahDarling So sweet thank you!
@JSHudson @_SarahDarling Mine is listed under the contact tab of https://t.co/y3aZLmazvD 😉
Next Sunday! ONLINE CONCERT via @Stageit at 2PM CST ALL proceeds will be donated to @thirstproject… https://t.co/rYVk41DjOq
RT @TikiManRadio: Jenn Bostic - Dance Like Nobody's Watchin' https://t.co/9QguO0wzl8 @tikimanradio
@TheSteveRiley @WhisperingBobTV Awww so sweet. Thank you
@TheSteveRiley @WhisperingBobTV Thanks Steve!
Christmas Tour with @JohnPattiMusic starts Thursday! Tickets available at https://t.co/TPdaxSBger https://t.co/SQnx4unFUj
@eswecker @waconiapatriot @CarverCountyECM 😘
So grateful for this #Hometown love! 😭 @waconiapatriot @CarverCountyECM https://t.co/djIBCqYleY
RT @AylaBrown: Just a few weeks away from our show at the @SpireCenter With @jennbostic and @damienhorne! Get out tickets now!! https://t.co/LXX7yVzOZR ❤️
RT @SmoothGroovz: John Patti's Calyp-Soul Christmas featuring Jenn Bostic, December 7 https://t.co/uOKYnxIJA8 #SmoothGroovzNews https://t.co/rjibRV92dC
RT @ClarinetMusic: John Patti's Calyp-Soul Christmas featuring Jenn Bostic, December 7 - River Cities Reader https://t.co/1rHlXmmQMw
RT @wwe3coins84: This lyric by @jennbostic is so powerful!! “On the earth but out of place my only weapon is your grace”… https://t.co/3ILUlwSved
RT @MyBOBCountry: Jenn Bostic live in Studio B today! https://t.co/6aihC78drJ
Happy Turkey Day!!!! https://t.co/LT45qKGpj2
“Enter his gates with thanksgiving and his courts with praise; give thanks to him and praise his name.” https://t.co/5NHO0yhb6N
@Alanjerram @estevensmusic @jstpumpkin @chapel_sessions @kyshona @_SarahDarling @NellBryden @michaellogen… https://t.co/oIq2Hn5scA
@jstpumpkin @chapel_sessions @kyshona @_SarahDarling @estevensmusic @NellBryden @michaellogen @AndreaValeri… https://t.co/AG46RgsOQc
RT @jstpumpkin: On this #StCeciliasDay we @chapel_sessions would like to thank the patron saint of #Music & share with our fave mu… https://t.co/Mf97Hr3Yba
RT @bobgoff: God often waits until we're out of ideas before He lets us know His plans; He competes for our hearts, not our attention.
RT @AlexaGoldie: I'm in love with the song @jennbostic and I wrote last week🎼🎤
@AlexaGoldie Xoxoxo me too.
RT @BamaRootsRadio: Artists played 2night on BRR: Allison Moorer / Shelby Lynne Nikki Lane The Lone Bellow Ozark Mountain Daredevils… https://t.co/DB3R6LnLiG
It’s mutual! #bandfam https://t.co/2vUpTmheUw
RT @spnfan65: #CharityTuesday @One_More_ShotUK is a non-profit charity music event. #OMS4 is in April 2018 at @RamadaSuttCold J… https://t.co/94lJ9Dvjqk
@HeisenJud @PledgeMusic Thank you so much!
RT @spnfan65: House of Blues Studio Tour with @jennbostic https://t.co/aG3cqI9gRt via @pledgemusic Check out the exclusives on of… https://t.co/sz1p9u3i3z
@eswecker ❤️❤️❤️
New @brandicarlile cover of #TheStory now up! Visit my @PledgeMusic page to request your own #JukeboxJenn https://t.co/aEtZCpTwE0
New Album 'Revival' & 2018 Tour update: House of Blues Studio Tour https://t.co/LPzUBO7A56 @PledgeMusic #singersongwriter
@elizwalas @PledgeMusic Thank you so much!
@TimWilliamsBand @GeorgeTakei 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼😉 thx friend
Posting a surprise tomorrow that some of you already found... 😉
@spnfan65 @brandicarlile Thank you. 😘
First @PledgeMusic update coming at ya tomorrow morning! https://t.co/qEgRzus11q
London Show @TheHospitalClub on February 28 with my FULL BAND for @PledgeMusic Presents. Tix:… https://t.co/e0vxiVk7lx
Just another @hallmarkmovie pulling on my heart strings. 😭
@Promote_Music @DollyParton @Pit4_Music Thanks for sharing!
@wwe3coins84 Thanks so much!
@JSHudson @Stageit @thirstproject I did mention that your cover is coming. Sorry for the delay. :)
Thank you to everyone who tuned into today's #ONLINECONCERT via @Stageit. Next show is December 3rd at 2PM CST/8PM… https://t.co/YBiIicJDM1
RT @RM2SteveG: Excellent performance from @jennbostic today on @Stageit Looking forward to her next one in December!
@pappysbabies @Stageit Thank you for being there!
@raths_kitten Yay! @DaphneWillis is amazing!
@TangerineJedi @PledgeMusic Thank you!!!!
RT @TangerineJedi: I just Pre-Ordered Jenn Bostic (@jennbostic): New Album 'Revival' & 2018 Tour https://t.co/eWzV4O37VA @PledgeMusic #singersongwriter
Online @Stageit show in 22 minutes! Here’s a little preview... https://t.co/L6tbvER9FB
@Bionic_Tweets @Stageit Yes sir!!!!
@spnfan65 @One_More_ShotUK @ChristianKane01 @RileySmith @henrioconnor @Jonah17 @mattlande @GaryQuinnMusic… https://t.co/MbmdaoA6nI
Jackson and I are getting all set up for today’s @Stageit show! Happening in less than 2 hours!… https://t.co/I25fhvFBLL
RT @spnfan65: [email protected] Your on-line concert venue @jennbostic Songs & Stories Show starts in 4 hours Tickets available:… https://t.co/1cnX3LAQBI
RT @jstpumpkin: I just pledged to attend @jennbostic #Revival #albumlaunch @TheHospitalClub #London Sweet friend, sweet girl, sweet… https://t.co/Q30YZNbxih
@jstpumpkin @PledgeMusic Thank you!
RT @jstpumpkin: I just Pre-Ordered Jenn Bostic (@jennbostic): New Album 'Revival' & 2018 Tour https://t.co/vwLDFa2EFl @PledgeMusic #singersongwriter
@anthonyalker @brothersosborne Thanks! I can’t wait!
@bbbraa @PledgeMusic Thank you!!!
RT @bbbraa: I just Pre-Ordered Jenn Bostic (@jennbostic): New Album 'Revival' & 2018 Tour https://t.co/x48JXvDRjw @PledgeMusic #singersongwriter
Christmas @hallmarkmovie night. #AllTheFeels
@ja2nycgyrl @hallmarkchannel Totally! 🙄
@wwe3coins84 I’m so glad!
@anthonyalker @brothersosborne Love those guys!
@wwe3coins84 No, but i will be recording it sometime soon.
Tomorrow! Online concert via @Stageit https://t.co/MngUjr8Z9v https://t.co/oQC7l9uZpH
RT @BrianHagene: I just #PreOrdered @jennbostic : New Album 'Revival' & 2018 Tour https://t.co/rfQC34KPa9 @PledgeMusic #singersongwriter #indie #new #music
@BrianHagene @PledgeMusic Thank youuuu!
RT @bobgoff: God didn’t give you influence so you could lead people better; He gave it to you so you could love people more.
RT @spnfan65: Join @jennbostic tomorrow for Songs & Stories via @Stageit Ticket price: Pay what you can https://t.co/27AFjoAOns https://t.co/16aVTH7taI
RT @thigy: Wowing the #WestministerMusicCentre crowd @jennbostic & @neal_elder #SingerSongwriter https://t.co/q5JFDGm4zP
Favorite soundcheck ever. Thanks for helping Aria. ❤️ #JustinTimberlake @jtimberlake @… https://t.co/f8Uj5DNBHg
This! It’s so beautiful, go snag your copy to get you in the Christmas spirit. 🎄 https://t.co/mhV5yxHvPc
@wwe3coins84 @Stageit Thank you!!!!
@RM2SteveG @PledgeMusic Thank youuuuu!
RT @RM2SteveG: Yes! I just Pre-Ordered Jenn Bostic (@jennbostic): New Album 'Revival' & 2018 Tour https://t.co/S2BCZNH3JS @PledgeMusic #singersongwriter
Tonight #WestminsterMusicCentre with @neal_elder on guitar! #Westminster #SouthCarolina 📷: @photocillin https://t.co/q0zTbF07YB
A little snippet from tonight’s show @GRAYSonMain thanks to my dear friend @sarakauss 💕 https://t.co/qILDAUETop
@raths_kitten @PledgeMusic Thank you so much!
RT @raths_kitten: I just pre-ordered Jenn Bostic (@jennbostic): New Album 'Revival' & 2018 Tour https://t.co/iW5ln6mJyu @PledgeMusic… https://t.co/LBy9qtzrc2
Tonight @GRAYSonMain in #Franklin 📷: @photocillin https://t.co/oPtPKZYxOh
@BryfordMusic Thank you!
RT @deanandsheena: Tune in tonight from 8UK for music from @walkerhayes, @JackAndEllaUK, @americanyoung, @jennbostic, @serenade_stars… https://t.co/EBwnr2gegh
RT @BryfordMusic: Love the imaginative store options and have pre-ordered Jenn Bostic @jennbostic : New Album 'Revival' & 2018 tour https://t.co/h7s4GsaTKk
@norm_crouse @PledgeMusic Thanks!
RT @norm_crouse: I just Pre-Ordered Jenn Bostic (@jennbostic): New Album 'Revival' & 2018 Tour https://t.co/TIqg1vrnDH @PledgeMusic #singersongwriter
RT @deanandsheena: Join us today (Thurs) from 1UK on @hebden_radio for the best New Country including music from @americanyoung, … https://t.co/CdWUZa5aMA
RT @Jmw268: I just Pre-Ordered Jenn Bostic (@jennbostic): New Album 'Revival' & 2018 Tour https://t.co/aibXmNEsfR @PledgeMusic #singersongwriter
RT @drquoz: I just Pre-Ordered Jenn Bostic (@jennbostic): New Album 'Revival' & 2018 Tour https://t.co/L8ljmnypjY @PledgeMusic #singersongwriter
This Sunday! Online concert via @Stageit at 4PM CST/10PM London. 💜 https://t.co/MngUjr8Z9v
@BellesandGals @_SarahDarling @michaellogen xo
@mc_irisheyes Thaaaaaank you!
RT @mc_irisheyes: I just Pre-Ordered @jennbostic : New Album 'Revival' & 2018 Tour https://t.co/0UWRy8InSr @PledgeMusic #singersongwriter ❤️
@Markymoomoo39 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
RT @Markymoomoo39: The @jennbostic gig at the Hospital Club in London is on the 28th of February - my 50th birthday. Could be a nice little present to myself 😃
@Dominae77 @PledgeMusic 😘
RT @Dominae77: I just Pre-Ordered Jenn Bostic (@jennbostic): New Album 'Revival' & 2018 Tour https://t.co/vUinoNyhC1 @PledgeMusic #singersongwriter
@lizmapletoft @PledgeMusic Thank you so much!
RT @lizmapletoft: I just Pre-Ordered Jenn Bostic (@jennbostic): New Album 'Revival' & 2018 Tour https://t.co/22rVODnnNR @PledgeMusic #singersongwriter
@kasey_stone_ More to come!
RT @HickmanPaul: I just Pre-Ordered Jenn Bostic (@jennbostic): New Album 'Revival' & 2018 Tour https://t.co/iALZc1ZxaH @PledgeMusic #singersongwriter
RT @linzeejordan: If you enjoy amazing songwriting (or beer), I highly recommend you go see @jennbostic on 11/22 at @WaconiaBrewing
@Danny_Singham Feb 28! ❤️
RT @m_cowgill: I just Pre-Ordered Jenn Bostic (@jennbostic): New Album 'Revival' & 2018 Tour https://t.co/gEgnn1OEb9 @PledgeMusic #singersongwriter
@Sara_1979 Yayyyyy! It will it will! Shows being booked, more tour info being added soon!!! ❤️❤️❤️
@pappysbabies @PledgeMusic 💕
@spnfan65 @PledgeMusic 😘
RT @spnfan65: I just Pre-Ordered Jenn Bostic (@jennbostic): New Album 'Revival' & 2018 Tour https://t.co/QUbbcVMCrh @PledgeMusic #singersongwriter
@craigsin @estevensmusic @PledgeMusic Love these photos!
@MartinCox0155 💕
RT @MartinCox0155: So, @jennbostic's new album, 'Revival' is now out for pre-order! So these are what I'm hoping to purchase. Wbu?… https://t.co/39gONm7GKK
@spnfan65 @PledgeMusic 😘
@apatientman Thank you so much!
RT @apatientman: I just preordered @jennbostic 's new CD 'Revival ' on Pledge Music. https://t.co/9opFNxACYW
RT @spnfan65: If anyone needs encouragement to Pre-Order @jennbostic's new album #Revival via @PledgeMusic take a look at Jenn's… https://t.co/TWAI14Djbk
@craigsin @PledgeMusic @estevensmusic I remember! So kind of you!
@pappysbabies @PledgeMusic Thank you!!!
RT @pappysbabies: I just Pre-Ordered Jenn Bostic (@jennbostic): New Album 'Revival' & 2018 Tour https://t.co/svLmFYh52E @PledgeMusic #singersongwriter
@sarahsweettater Thank you!
@alicat_812 Xoxoxo
RT @alicat_812: So excited to share that @jennbostic has started a campaign for her new album! 280 characters doesn't do her justice https://t.co/NPEVPWIkH7
@craigsin @PledgeMusic Perfect! 💕 @estevensmusic is a gem
@craigsin @PledgeMusic I’ll make it happen, so long as we can coordinate with one of my tours I’m in!
@Gallifrey_101 Thanks for the love!
RT @Gallifrey_101: Pre order @jennBostic upcoming album "Revival" via Pledge music https://t.co/iavApqKHZw
@bluenobby ❤️❤️❤️
RT @PMUpdates: Jenn Bostic (@jennbostic): New Album 'Revival' & 2018 Tour has launched! https://t.co/2A5lTDvr2E #singersongwriter
@joshforsythe @PledgeMusic ❤️❤️❤️ I will be! Just need to sort them out!!!
@smileonice 😘
@JSHudson @PledgeMusic 💕💕💕💕
@sarahsweettater Yay! Thanks!
@guyhinwa ❤️❤️❤️
@craigsin @PledgeMusic Yayyyy! Thank you so much!
FRIENDS! I am so excited to announce that you can now Pre-order my new album "Revival" on @PledgeMusic ❤️ There's a… https://t.co/N6NetlYV7J
New Album 'Revival' & 2018 Tour has launched! https://t.co/KuQ2H0VReB @PledgeMusic #singersongwriter
15 minutes!!! 🙌🏼
Something exciting is happening in 30 minutes!!!! Any guesses???
Jenn Bostic has a show on 11/16/2017 at 07:30 PM @ GRAYS on Main in Franklin, TN https://t.co/9a792yVbD2 #concert
RT @bobgoff: Figure out what fuels your joy, then do lots of that.
RT @JohnKen41177976: Some shows to look forward to on @Stageit in November from @jennbostic @meganoneill & @SBSwags 😊 dates for my diary 😊
@MorganMylesLIVE I love this so much!
UK & Ireland Friends, in honor of #RemembranceSunday and @BBCSoP sharing #JealousoftheAngels yesterday, the… https://t.co/SKktVCFQ7S
@REVBOYLE @BBCSoP 💕 Thank you! So honored it was used for such a special occasion!
RT @justineclaire75: Now playing @BBCCovWarks the beautiful @jennbostic #JealousOfTheAngels Words so poignant #RemembranceDay2017
@twitwitandgrit @BBCSoP @davidwaters79 Beautiful
RT @ReynoldsMD: For those with faith or no faith at all today’s @BBCSoP was a moving piece of television on #RemembranceDay
@Danny_Singham Thank you soooo much.
@twitwitandgrit @BBCSoP Thank you so much Dai!
RT @twitwitandgrit: Incredible performance by @jennbostic on @BBCSoP tonight. Thank you.
@lmason1972 ❤️ Thank you!
RT @BBCSoP: 1/2 #songsofpraise Sunday 12th November 4:20pm @BBCOne a beautiful song by @jennbostic plus hymns for #remembrance https://t.co/0LlXvVJVqY
@HezStanding @BBCSoP @BBCOne 💕
RT @spnfan65: Watching @BBCSoP on BBCiplayer for @jennbostic's beautiful performance of Jealous of the Angels #RemembranceSunday https://t.co/ORmjOmRQrH
@chantalkjl Thank you so much!
RT @chantalkjl: Loved your performance on Songs of Praise today @jennbostic such a beautiful voice
@fionaljones @BBCSoP I believe it was Miss Selfridges last year. Thank you!
@lmason1972 Thank you so much Lee!
RT @bfgoat: I'm listening to Jenn Bostic - Jealous of the Angels - Jim & Vic's Country Cave Radio Show On @AVRadio @DJDocJim @DJVickiLynn @jennbostic
RT @spnfan65: #NowPlaying on @AVRadio @jennbostic #JealousOfTheAngels https://t.co/vmYj77h2F2 https://t.co/HP9LIzject
RT @KsKaniac: Listening to Jealous Of The Angels by @jennbostic the Jim & Vic's #Country cave show with @DJDocJim @DJVickiLynn… https://t.co/CJdguRR9Pj
RT @mc_irisheyes: The amazing @jennbostic Jealous of the Angels playing on @AVRadio ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
RT @BeeClaudi59: NOW PLAYING: Jim & Vic's Country Cave Radio Show - Jenn Bostic - Jealous Of The Angels @DJDocJim @DJVickiLynn @AVRadio @jennbostic
@DJVickiLynn @AVRadio Thank you so much!
Tonight! @caroltheater in #Monroe #Utah ❤️ https://t.co/EXnFGbR3OA
Honoring to heroes today. #VeteransDay2017 https://t.co/QZlfGmeTWc
@WhisperingBobTV 😢
Tonight! Playing at #TheElectricTheater in #StGeorge #Utah! 7PM FREE! https://t.co/HNzwHYvbf1
So many Christmas shows this year!!! Including this one in MA @SpireCenter with @AylaBrown @damienhorne 🎄 https://t.co/Gva7Exu7xc
@Rubes73 @_SarahDarling @NGBDistillery Thaaaaaank you!
RT @AylaBrown: https://t.co/LXX7yVzOZR have you gotten your tickets yet??? @SpireCenter @jennbostic @damienhorne
“The first step toward God is a step away from the lies of the world.” -Eugene Peterson #loveisoxygen @JarridWilson
RT @pappysbabies: This is so good. My current favorite. @jennbostic at her best. “Unsung”/“Agnus Dei” Jenn Bostic https://t.co/rdtm1VAMeU
I love @carrieunderwood. So much! 😭 @CountryMusic #praiseGod
[email protected] #favorite #thatvoice @CountryMusic
Yay! @brothersosborne #vocalduooftheyear @CountryMusic
@MorganMylesLIVE @Pink Truth
Man! @Pink is flawless. EVERY SINGLE TIME! #loveher @CountryMusic
Favorite dress = @lindsayell #ladyinred @CountryMusic
Excited to watch the @CountryMusic awards in my pjs on my couch with my hubby and my pup. Who else will be watching… https://t.co/aAFNboIKLK
@Bionic_Tweets @ChrisCountry @_SarahDarling ❤️❤️❤️
@lolsmcelroy @WhiskeyKitchen @Spotify @visitmusiccity @DwntwnNashville 😘
RT @lolsmcelroy: The food establishments in #Nashville are so good! Ate in @WhiskeyKitchen today and caught up with the fab… https://t.co/P8sEmumxzc
RT @BellesandGals: Shout #18 goes to @jennbostic with "Counterfeit" https://t.co/HnhCAIjz0n
God just blew me away again today. #GoodGoodFather ❤️😭
“Every morning you have two choices: continue to sleep with your dreams, or wake up and chase them.” -Carmelo Antho… https://t.co/5l6qscg2IC
@wwe3coins84 Thank you so much!!!
If you’re going to sing it, mean it. Photo by Tremaine Gregg https://t.co/ICaLPDDVs8
@CarverCountyECM Thanks for the love.
RT @CarverCountyECM: Jenn Bostic was awarded the International Touring Artist of the Year at the BCMA British Country Music... https://t.co/m9KNw7Q9nT
@love_radio_ Xoxo thank you!!!
RT @beachfrontradio: One more time! LIVE Broadcast from Lighthouse Court today at 2-5pm with Jenn Bostic Ernst, Cory Young, Mike... https://t.co/ZgWnJDRjgz
I wish people that treated TSA security like garbage would realize they are trying to protect them. 🙁 #stopyelling
Headed to #Utah this weekend!!! Who’s pretty face will I see #TheElectricTheatre? https://t.co/d5RiEW7PtY
@lechtigkopelia 😢
Praying for Texas. Praying for the world. 🙏💔
RT @BellesandGals: Video shout number 9 goes to @jennbostic with "Jealous of the Angels" https://t.co/PbPJk3ndb5
This song wrecked me today. Thank you JD Edge. https://t.co/H4vBTOi6yz
Tonight! Willie T’s #KeyWest at 8PM with @EricErdmanMusic https://t.co/qx870TQuQJ
Nothing like the smell of hot dogs on a 4 mile run. 😷
Last day in #KeyWest. So much fun, but I’m definitely #missinaman ❤️ @michaelernst7 https://t.co/oZDOQL0L81
I found this on Pinterest! https://t.co/TmEIiq5z8j
“No one is you and that is your superpower.” - Elyse Santilli 📷: @photocillin https://t.co/UNvfB67qVE
Today. @Hogsbreathkw https://t.co/podbnRv0LQ
Davenport, Iowa! Heading your way for a show at the #RedstoneRoom with @JohnPattiMusic on December 7th. Tix: https://t.co/FbcH4TfkSt
Such a star! ⭐️ @carlypearce You need this album! https://t.co/z1zWuMK6Sy
@MarenMorris @KelseaBallerini Soooooo good!
Two of my favorite words! #SoldOut #Grateful #ILoveMinnesota https://t.co/trsDKUvYAE
@AndyWebbDJ 🤦🏼‍♀️
@Section101Tweet @KitchenGarden3 @_SarahDarling @michaellogen @LifeInASong_UK Thanks for the love guys! 💕
RT @Section101Tweet: Nashville in the Round at @KitchenGarden3 w/ @jennbostic @_SarahDarling & @michaellogen via @LifeInASong_UK >… https://t.co/2zGBmjVqdQ
@TimWilliamsBand Hahaha riiiight. I had to bite my tongue on that one.
@meganoneill 😂 me toooo girl.
Yes. 1, 000 times yes. #keywest https://t.co/neBiGwnCBM
Man puts guitar in overhead bin. Woman shouts, “I’ve got an expensive ski jacket u just put ur musician thing on!” #musicianthing #wow 🤦🏼‍♀️
@MJHudgins5361 Thanks!
RT @bobgoff: Small streams don't plan to be mighty rivers. We all just move in a direction; God decides what He'll have us become.
Take me to beaches, music, and fun! #keywestbound Photo by @photocillin https://t.co/8PfaWgdUgn
“Unsung”/“Agnus Dei” Jenn Bostic https://t.co/XAZ4FFoGrn via @YouTube
RT @SongwritersIsle: #NowPlaying on Songwriters Island Radio Stream Anywhere But Here by Jenn Bostic #Listen https://t.co/DlfkGV5ApK
Jenn Bostic has a show on 11/01/2017 at 07:30 PM @ Willie T's in Key West, FL https://t.co/brsHyOM81P #concert
Just went live... https://t.co/hcjZfYKSNh
Loved playing tour guide for some sweet friends who are visiting from Northern Ireland this week. ❤️ I love my city… https://t.co/fiz4BLoulB
This morning was powerful. I love @oasischurchtv ❤️ https://t.co/TeaQBKIKv8
It’s an honor to call oasischurchtv home. This morning I shared a brand new song that I wrote… https://t.co/PajPSB3EPI
RT @spnfan65: Tuned in to @ChrisCountry for Under The Apple Tree @jennbostic's new song #FaintOfHeart coming up!… https://t.co/FNrtmfiQqr
RT @AlexHWark: Oasis Church is live, with @JennBostic leading today! https://t.co/WaojjIzsZp via @YouTube #church #sunday #sundaymorning #nondenominational
@themaxstraub Thanks!
RT @bfgoat: I'm listening to Jenn Bostic - Jealous of the Angels - Jim & Vic's Country Cave Radio Show on @AVRadio @DJDocJim @DJVickiLynn
@robertlanemusic @justineclaire75 She is the absolute best. 💕
@spnfan65 @AVRadio @DJDocJim @DJVickiLynn @GaryQuinnMusic 😍
@WhisperingBobTV @ChrisCountry @MilesMH92 @jimlauderdale1 @MorganwayUK @lauraoakesmusic @americanyoung… https://t.co/30bCyFd4Y8
RT @WhisperingBobTV: Here's what's on the menu for tomorrow's #UTATRadio on @ChrisCountry - join @MilesMH92 at 5pm for @jimlauderdale1, … https://t.co/T4lp5K5Kbm
One of my favorite performances of all time. 😭❤️😘 https://t.co/0lR4nIXLqV
Oh tonight, you were wonderful. ❤️ Thx @listeningroom for having us! @_SarahDarling @kyshona @AylaBrown https://t.co/Vl0GPFjklk
Such a fun interview! Take a look. 💕 https://t.co/nuoCf4ZTuh
RT @southdevonsound: #NowPlaying: Jenn Bostic - Not Me Not Yet #TuneIn and #Listen now.
Tonight! @listeningroom at 6PM with @_SarahDarling @kyshona @AylaBrown Only a few tix left! https://t.co/ccePt2DATb
Jenn Bostic has a show on 10/28/2017 at 09:00 PM @ GRAYS on Main in Franklin, TN https://t.co/pqfLrhAGNZ #concert
@orlaconroy20001 I’m not
@Trueblue1872 @AudraLynn21 @SBSwags @IAmGlenMitchell @_SarahDarling @FrankieDaviesUK @3halos @Jessica__Lynn_… https://t.co/UyKtiiYXmQ
RT @takisa2660: Wrong Thing by @jennbostic , feels like Jazz , Rock! https://t.co/6UvyVZ7jLq
@takisa2660 Thanks!
Saturday @GRAYSonMain with guitar stylings by @neal_elder 💕 https://t.co/T1CCvInUiV
Tomorrow Night! @listeningroom with @_SarahDarling @kyshona @AylaBrown https://t.co/3uUKOL6kbD
Just booked my ticket for a bucket list adventure!!! https://t.co/3zLbekwwV5
RT @deanandsheena: We're on @hebden_radio from 1 & we're talking to @GrainneDuffy + music from @TwoWaysHome, @Morgan_Evans, @walkermcguire, @jennbostic & more!
@takisa2660 Thank you Isa!
RT @takisa2660: "Fight for your life" by @jennbostic https://t.co/VOQEztT8UW
@nikw28 Just flying through this time.
I can’t wait to sit by the fire and snuggle this little pup. 💕 https://t.co/WX45jgCpI3
@JeannieBizzell @MeridianFM @BritishCMA Thank you so much!
@waconiapatriot Thanks. I sent you a DM 😉
Switzerland, you’re breathtaking. https://t.co/OmpoB6A9ki
@_SarahDarling @SPOCMusic 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
@Nashvilledjuk Thank you so much! 😇
@NatalieStovall @NBCTheVoice You are a star. ⭐️
@Kathy__Anderson 😘
@Half_Moonpub Huge thanks to my favorite pub!
@SteveLuffRadio Thank you!
RT @BellesandGals: Shout #10 goes to @jennbostic with "Jealous of the Angels" https://t.co/PbPJk3ndb5
RT @BritishCMA: Winners of the 12th Annual BCMA Awards 2017 https://t.co/41uSyULoPu https://t.co/ploeEr5KoT
@xkatie19x @BritishCMA @_SarahDarling @GaryQuinnMusic @3halos @americanyoung @meganoneill Love it!
@meganoneill @EthosFoods 😂😂😂
@dbrownlow62 @BritishCMA Thank you. 💕
😭❤️😭 https://t.co/LdgnEa0GZX
@orlaconroy20001 Thank you!
@aiok1 @LifeInASong_UK Thanks Alan!
@dallasfay 😘
@mullins_peter Thank you Peter!
@ScottKash88 Thank you!
@kerkie17 Thank you!
@DanaeCo Xo love you friend.
@SimonJamesBand Thanks Simon. 💕
@RM2SteveG Thanks Steve!
@Zara_Lusty Thank you so much!
@kasey_stone_ Xo I’m so grateful.
Last night was a dream. I woke up in happy tears this morning. Sooooo thankful. ❤️ https://t.co/DF7b5WGa72
@AlexSmitha10 Thank you!
RT @AlexSmitha10: Congratulations to all who won an award last night, I think jennbostic was the highlight for me!… https://t.co/HLd9LA7RHQ
@drewsh57 Thank you. 💕
@pieman40 Thank you!
@Markymoomoo39 Thanks so much Mark!
Thank you so much! And congrats to you!!!! Mr. Entertainer of the Year! 💕 https://t.co/ZqrEl6O4mV
@MarkLBower1 Thanks!
@CRoutesNews @W21Music @BritishCMA @_SarahDarling Truth! It’s shared in my heart. Wouldn’t be where I am without… https://t.co/veWWGLO3hy
@UKCountryBlog @BritishCMA @Thorne_Hill @jadehelliwell2 @BuckleandBoots @banddarcy @southcompanion @GaryQuinnMusic… https://t.co/vwdWXkWGll
@LaineyyM Thank you so much, I still can’t believe it!
@MarkLBower1 Thank you!
@michaellogen Thank you!
RT @elizwalas: Listening to a voice of an Angel. Thank you @DJDocJim @DJVickiLynn for playing @jennbostic's Jealous of the Angels. Hope she wins tonight.
RT @Bionic_Tweets: The lovely @jennbostic owning the @BritishCMA stage tonight with Jealous of the Angels. Standing ovation.… https://t.co/fks5ucbDMb
@MAGIC2310 😂 Good thing you didn’t have to do that! ❤️
RT @LifeInASong_UK: International Touring Act Of The Year....JENN BOSTIC!!! @jennbostic #BCMAAwards
RT @W21Music: So our #internationaltouringactoftheyear at the @BritishCMA is @jennbostic #congratulations #touring #bcma ❤️ https://t.co/ekWCDO6t4k
@smileonice @W21Music @BritishCMA 😘
RT @pappysbabies: Congratulations to Award winning singer/songwriter @jennbostic on her recognition at the BCMA awards! . 😀
RT @mc_irisheyes: Big Congrats to @jennbostic on her win!! #internationaltouringactoftheyear! We are all so proud #ShotterFamily @BritishCMA
@AYnation13 Thank you.
RT @apatientman: Congratulations @jennbostic on your win at the BCMA, your star is rising higher and higher.
😭 Honored, humbled, shocked, grateful. All the feelings. Thank you #BCMA for naming me… https://t.co/dYSw9uxp7X
😭 Honored, humbled, shocked, grateful. All the feelings. Thank you #BCMA for naming me… https://t.co/dYSw9ufNJn
RT @W21Music: Tonight at #WulfrunHall the #BCMAAwards Show with all these fantastic acts plus special appearances by… https://t.co/tRTf4lYJFN
@donna_ash76 Thank you so much Donna!
Beautiful night @bangorelim with @TaggartDonna 💕 https://t.co/ALqZMqPajJ
@Zara_Lusty @TaggartDonna Thank you! 😉 Of course!
@meganoneill Have fun!
@Zara_Lusty @TaggartDonna @Dean_Crowe @angrianan @BngrElimComplex Yay!
@MAGIC2310 🤞🏼
@JimmystaffordDJ @angrianan @TaggartDonna Unfortunately not.
RT @BngrElimComplex: Delighted to have @TaggartDonna and @jennbostic with us tonight. You can do the old fashioned thing and pay at the door. £15 👍
@MarkLBower1 Hopefully one day.
Blessed to be performing in Athlone, Ireland with these gorgeous girls tonight. ❤️ @ Dean Crowe… https://t.co/8tONjyuGdV
RT @wwe3coins84: Everyone needs to listen to Somebody’s Someone beautifully written by @DaphneWillis & @jennbostic I’ve been listening to it on repeat!!
Off to Athlone! @TaggartDonna #DeanCroweTheatre tonight at 8! https://t.co/lbS34jkVGI
@BabyKaniac So fun!
@BabyKaniac Getting better.
Ireland has the perfect running weather. Not much sleep but I’m hoping that 3.5 mile run will help me kick this jet lag. ☘️
3:30AM in Ireland and I’m wide awake. Jet lag is for reeeeeeal. https://t.co/eoEoCyE1Wi
RT @AylaBrown: Join @jennbostic @damienhorne and me at the The Spire in Plymouth, MA on DEC16th! Tix: https://t.co/LXX7yVzOZR
Love this place so much! 💕 https://t.co/PuxdxbP2iZ
RT @garynroyce2015: Great song by Jenn Bostic @jennbostic Wrong Thing playing on The World Famous Morning show https://t.co/hIgsKPgyIj @country_online
@orlaconroy20001 @TaggartDonna @Dean_Crowe @athloneie @AthloneAdvert @AthloneTC @triAthlone2015 @SheratonIreland… https://t.co/aFHT4OlqFy
@smileonice @BritishCMA Aw thank you friend. 💕 Honored to be nominated.
Sunday! @BritishCMA https://t.co/7oGPxxfKOE
October 27! @listeningroom @_SarahDarling @kyshona @AylaBrown https://t.co/Phr3SxvuSi
RT @TaggartDonna: Show 14 in Limerick was amazing. Can't wait to see you all again soon ❤️ https://t.co/Ijks30Nv4L
@opaman Yes! It was great thanks!
October 27! @listeningroom @_SarahDarling @kyshona8 @aylabrown10 https://t.co/KDBmYbA6Hh
RT @SongwritersIsle: #NowPlaying on Songwriters Island Radio Stream Not Yet by Jenn Bostic #Listen https://t.co/DlfkGV5ApK
@meganoneill Yep I’m Ireland! See you Sunday???
@meganoneill You’re so cute!
My first sync!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Way to crush this song Daphne! Loved writing it with you!!! https://t.co/6cVu4A9DcV
@limetreemusicpr @the_liverooms @estevensmusic @MarkSullivanMus @meganoneill @JamesFredHolm Those girls tho! 😍😍😍🙌🏽
@MarkLBower1 Great thanks!
Just arrived in Dublin. 💕 So excited to sing with @TaggartDonna tonight @LimeTreeTheatre!
Excited to be singing with this lovely girl in December. 💕 https://t.co/iA3HgKL4Kr
Minnesota! Tix now available for my annual Christmas show @SchramVineyards with steel pan artist @JohnPattiMusic… https://t.co/Q2Uw9lG6nO
Love our adventures together @michaelernst7 #TitanUp https://t.co/KYxVVnxM3i
Let's go @Titans! #TitanUp https://t.co/h6kzR17M51
RT @TaggartDonna: JUST 2 DAYS TO GO!!! LIME TREE THEATRE, LIMERICK with special guest Jenn Bostic Wed 18th Oct… https://t.co/xpFXI54c5Y
RT @spnfan65: Watching @jennbostic performing on #FacebookLive #MusicMonday 🎶🎹🎤🎸❤️ https://t.co/iuvm4cTCWk
@Zara_Lusty Thank you! Likewise!
Just went live on Facebook, did you catch it? https://t.co/SS0mITEkli
@wwe3coins84 Email [email protected] and I'll make sure you get that free download if it didn't come through.
This Sunday, back in the UK to perform at the @BritishCMA Awards. Honored to be nominated for "International Touring Artist of the Year."
@wwe3coins84 ☺️
RT @wwe3coins84: You need to take a couple hours go on YouTube and binge watch @jennbostic videos i’m telling you she’s incredible!!!
@wwe3coins84 Thank you, that's very kind.
@wordman54 Thanks Bobby! You're a star.
@wwe3coins84 Awwww so fun!
@pappysbabies @Stageit Thanks for the support! Next time "Still Breathing." (I wouldn't hate it if you reminded me the day before). :)
@smileonice xoxo Totally acceptable. Maybe next month. :)
@Hertsdecorator I'm sorry for your loss.
Oh the fun we always have on @stageit. #FullHeart https://t.co/bPRrUhvYE4
@wwe3coins84 Fan page. :)
@guyhinwa Aw thanks!
Oh how I love #OnlineConcerts! Thanks to all who tuned in tonight for the @Stageit show. Next one is 11/19. Tix: https://t.co/MngUjr8Z9v
@TheChazLangley @KiraLynnMusic 💕💕💕
Hey Nashville, mark your calendars! @listeningroom 10/27 at 6PM with @_SarahDarling @kyshona @AylaBrown Tix:… https://t.co/rCujHMzkcY
@wwe3coins84 4 central time
@guyhinwa @Stageit @erniehalter 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
@just4dh 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
@cammipham So true 💕
RT @TaggartDonna: RT to WIN 2 a pair of tickets to one of my special shows with guest appearance from @jennbostic ❤️ https://t.co/gD1COHahcF
#onlineconcert via @Stageit today at 4PM CST. Get your ticket: https://t.co/iNlQEGsceP 📷: @erniehalter https://t.co/GRJpN6Yfzf
RT @TaggartDonna: Reunited for 3 extra special shows this week. So excited to welcome the amazing Jenn Bostic back to Ireland from Na… https://t.co/ektjxplyHW
@wwe3coins84 Thank you!
"I didn't know feet could be sexy, but somehow you've managed to make it happen." -Random Man At A Bar #Nailedit #Really? #swoon
RT @michaellogen: Much love to all who came out and made it an incredible night last night at @thehotelcafe https://t.co/MIOWhl6QVg
@w21MusicLIVE 💕
@A_Marsh2 Austin! Thanks again for your help with Merch last night! 🤦🏼‍♀️ Missed y'all at Hotel Roosevelt, let's catch up in Nashville.
#AboutLastNight 💕 Thanks for the snap Justin Higuchi! @thehotelcafe https://t.co/WwpZ9dmLex
@IAmMaggieRose wonderful job tonight! Great to meet you @thehotelcafe 💕 Let's write songs. 😉
@wwe3coins84 @Stageit Sunday. 😉
@mc_irisheyes Beautiful.
Real talk. #jesuscalling https://t.co/TmnOigIY75
@wwe3coins84 @Stageit Not at the moment
RT @hubbubmusic: Tonight in #LosAngeles @michaellogen jennbostic @_sarahdarling at thehotelcafe #acousticmusic… https://t.co/GAEX3fe4v0
RT @michaellogen: #LA friends! Tonight at @thehotelcafe it’s “A Night In Nashville” with @_SarahDarling, @jennbostic and this guy In… https://t.co/CXtfItq5A5
RT @Coast1079: We play 'Holding A Good Hand' @iamNATHANCARTER 👏 followed by 'Jealous of The Angels' @jennbostic 👏 Independent radio & Specialist shows !
@wwe3coins84 @Stageit Awesome! See you there!
Tonight!!!! @thehotelcafe 7PM with @_SarahDarling & @michaellogen #ANightinNashville https://t.co/tkL0wtFG5O https://t.co/XvSsSysOVs
@wwe3coins84 Are you coming to the show tonight or the StageIt show?
@wwe3coins84 Aw thanks so much!
Had a touristy travel day. Ready to play @thehotelcafe tomorrow with @_SarahDarling & @michaellogen https://t.co/aAEOwx5Lch
Tomorrow night! #ANightinNashville live @thehotelcafe 7PM start w/@_SarahDarling and @michaellogen Get your tix! https://t.co/tkL0wtFG5O 💕
RT @_SarahDarling: ''Twas fun @HotelUtah https://t.co/5fq13GMexY
@EmilyShackelton Will do! 💕💕
RT @TeamClermont: What a show #SanFrancisco! Swimming Bell @HotelUtah w/ @raisedontv, @_Sarahdarling, @michaellogen & @Jennbostic https://t.co/Kr5PBSnYsY 2nite!
@raisedontv @TeamClermont @HotelUtah @_SarahDarling @michaellogen Can't wait!
RT @michaellogen: Touchdown in SF! Lookin’ forward to the show tonight with @_SarahDarling and @jennbostic, Hotel Utah, 8PM… https://t.co/QNsT4iX05I
@kieran_cleary @TaggartDonna @LimeTreeTheatre @angrianan @BngrElimComplex @Dean_Crowe @Draiocht_Blanch Yep! Oct 18, 20 and 21
Excited to be performing at 3 of these shows with the lovely Donna Taggart! 💕 https://t.co/BpamcqrPNl
RT @whatsoncountry: #Nashville in the Round at @KitchenGarden3 with @jennbostic @_SarahDarling & @michaellogen via @LifeInASong_UK >… https://t.co/Qbi0HwOp1h
RT @michaellogen: Lookin’ forward to playing SF tonight with @_sarahdarling and jennbostic at Hotel Utah, 8PM.… https://t.co/ypcXERu6s0
@BellesandGals 💕
RT @BellesandGals: Shout #10 goes to @jennbostic with "Little Grace" https://t.co/M2wUu9RoRw
RT @_SarahDarling: Tonight at @HotelUtah 8pm my favorite magical trio reunites in San Francisco!✨ https://t.co/LfWctZ6M9w
RT @MorganMylesLIVE: This is so very true... we don’t realize happiness til we’ve reached our lows. Have a great day everyone!… https://t.co/IO2hqE3nUz
Tonight! @HotelUtah with @_SarahDarling & @michaellogen 💕 Hope to see you there #SanFrancisco… https://t.co/XbOiX7fdg3
RT @_SarahDarling: Cali bound! ✈️ Can't wait to play @HotelUtah tomorrow and @thehotelcafe 10/12 with ✨🌟#anightinnashville… https://t.co/1Vov3ou1nH
Tomorrow night! #ANightinNashville #HotelUtah in #SanFrancisco with @michaellogen @_SarahDarling 💕 https://t.co/ivXb8U3Dn2
Oh Los Angeles. 😉❤️⭐️ https://t.co/EMc6CT4768
RT @bpduss: New @WorldVisionUSA #podcast w blogger @kristenhowerton (Rage Against the Minivan) https://t.co/P4CYS3yN8h w… https://t.co/1SCALJEvqN
RT @w21MusicLIVE: #NowPlaying Jenn Bostic - Wrong Thing (Radio Edit) | Listen Live at: https://t.co/wWrC2VtKRb
RT @BBCR2MusicBot: Now Playing Jenn Bostic - What Love Feels Like #jennbostic https://t.co/g1B9ZTjf9Y
RT @NowOnRadio2: ♫ What Love Feels Like - by Jenn Bostic https://t.co/FdyjQHuhfQ #bbc #radio2 #np
@Mystic_Maggie Thank you!
#NewProfilePic by @erniehalter https://t.co/aCFARLmIfB
RT @bfgoat: Listening to Jealous of the Angels Jenn Bostic @jennbostic on @AVRadio with @DJDocJim @DJVickiLynn perfect song still in my ❤️13 years later
RT @David_Todd_NI: The story behind the song Jealous of Angels by @jennbostic ... https://t.co/ySumgP6lXn via @MailOnline
RT @CHLOEBOULTONUK: 💔 #JealousOfTheAngels @jennbostic #Cover on @YouTube ↓🎬 #Chesterfield @SandsUK #LasVegas @Aston_Mics #JennBostic →… https://t.co/tDXeFXHxYp
@elizwalas Thank you. 💕💕💕
Jackson isn't crazy about his souvenir... https://t.co/2O6cRWxodb
@luvmymodels39 Yayyyyy!
RT @BellesandGals: Shout #9 goes to @jennbostic with "Faithful" https://t.co/rxnc3bvoaq
Already missing Mexico and these two! What an amazing trip. ☀️ https://t.co/0QNYkkBCjx
@love_radio_ 😘
RT @love_radio_: We love Jenn Bostic ! Now Playing: Missin' a Man The love and glamorous radio from Paris... visit our website ! https://t.co/nub1RH8pj9
@Tonya4Cook @Stageit @One_More_ShotUK Thanks so much!
RT @Tonya4Cook: Everybody get a ticket to @jennbostic 'a show on @Stageit
Praying for Las Vegas. 🙏
RT @spnfan65: Just look at those smiles...sums up an #OMS weekend! Just 23 tickets left for the next @One_More_ShotUK April 201… https://t.co/X5Nx0fo3fJ
Ever since I was a little girl all I've ever wanted to do was sing. This morning I woke up with… https://t.co/YZQoFcpueX
@drewsh57 Awww what a sweet thing to say ☀️
RT @deanandsheena: Tune in tonight from 8UK for music from @lindsayell, @jennbostic, @TwoWaysHome & the best New Country. Don't miss it https://t.co/QEs7RbI8aA
Grateful to be performing in Paradise this week. 💕 @ Playa de Isla Mujeres https://t.co/cZiRPPmkb9
Singing all the high notes with @larissamaestro today for @_sarahdarling's new Christmas… https://t.co/6E8KJKtLWx
RT @BellesandGals: Shout #10 goes to @jennbostic with "What Love Feels Like" https://t.co/Qo1yuIG8cs
RT @_SarahDarling: My #Christmas elves🎄 https://t.co/gUGBu1vUyk
RT @deanandsheena: Tonight from 8UK we have the best New Country inc @Elyse_Saunders, @LivAusten, @TwoWaysHome, @jennbostic & more www, https://t.co/L2t0tnZxbr
RT @RoseEWeed: Well, @jennbostic is a pretty woman with a great voice, and she'll be at @One_More_ShotUK next year April, mes amis! Check it out!
RT @One_More_ShotUK: We love this #Queen cover by @jennbostic Wonder if we can persuade her to perform it @One_More_ShotUK next year https://t.co/eTxrvUt0NR
@blackberrychris Awww thanks!
RT @blackberrychris: So excited to finally got a #CD copy of @jennbostic Faithful. Jenn’s #music has become a favourite during #training… https://t.co/d079ADgOQc
RT @SongwritersIsle: #NowPlaying on Songwriters Island Radio Stream Dance Like Nobody's Watchin' by Jenn Bostic #Listen https://t.co/DlfkGV5ApK
Got to sing w/ the incredible @erniehalter this weekend. Everyone was talking about this video, now I know why! https://t.co/iD9lN8NqTd
@TfDrocks @HBDProductions Thank you! ❤️❤️❤️
RT @HBDProductions: A magical satirday night at @Infinite_Center with our guests @jennbostic & @erniehalter We return Dec 14 #Christmas… https://t.co/eQE1JNKKWK
RT @BellesandGals: Shout #4 goes to @jennbostic with "Jealous Of The Angels" https://t.co/PbPJk3ndb5
Last night I was humbly reminded why I do what I do. Thank you @HBDProductions ❤️ #cantstopsmiling https://t.co/EH60HQSELl
@IHRStudios @erniehalter Thank you so much!
RT @IHRStudios: Just attended this lovely event & enjoyed the wonderful heartfelt music of @jennbostic & @erniehalter & others. Sup… https://t.co/GugpUDwaku
@maryhilgenkamp Oh my goodness! This is precious!!!!
RT @thigy: Leaving the crowd breathless! @jennbostic at #HomeByDark #FaintofHeart https://t.co/OXYoTVzhAg
RT @HBDProductions: Today is a good day. @Infinite_Center/ theater. W/ @jennbostic & @erniehalter Join us 2night!… https://t.co/qk5fRW371X
RT @_SarahDarling: My favorite dream team is heading to California! Playing @HotelUtah on Oct 10 and @thehotelcafe October 12!… https://t.co/xmcVsVPQMK
@WhisperingBobTV Great catching up with you. 💕
RT @bobgoff: If it's more important for us to be like each other, we'll never be like Jesus.
This weekend!!!! @HBDProductions @erniehalter https://t.co/5WMAX9BRUJ
Such a joyful gig with these two powerful women. 💕 Grateful to live in a city filled with so… https://t.co/ixWrwyqiDd
Just went live on Facebook :) https://t.co/6V9Ypv1TZL
RT @HBDProductions: See you in a few days @cityofduluthga @Infinite_Center w/ @jennbostic & @erniehalter #feeltheenergy #lovegwinnett 9… https://t.co/tj8VHNVQGA
Practicing for tonight, trying out the new song @kyshona and I wrote yesterday. Remember that… https://t.co/uY1N8oS6Zg
Tomorrow night! @kyshona @AliciaMichilli #thestation https://t.co/jyleKOxDBj
Part of the reason you wont be hearing the new album until 2018. #myproduceristhebest… https://t.co/due9njXfRs
RT @HBDProductions: The funny, brilliant, thoughtful, groovy @erniehalter joins #HomeByDark THIS Sat Night @Infinite_Center along w/… https://t.co/yF6nHJaKTr
@mondaynightsess @TaggartDonna @highlandradio Thank you so much!
@JimmystaffordDJ @TaggartDonna @mondaynightsess @highlandradio @paulmcdevitts Beautiful!
RT @JimmystaffordDJ: Just Wow from @TaggartDonna on @mondaynightsess @highlandradio @paulmcdevitts @jennbostic #livemusic… https://t.co/6UDBdVgzcw
Dare to go against the grain. 📷 @photocillin https://t.co/2bP5vIhMED
RT @CherylKay926: On the advice of @spnfan65 listening to @jennbostic on Spotify. Loving your songs! ❤️❤️🎶🎶 #OMS4 I'll see you there!! https://t.co/zUquOASMHN
@CherylKay926 @spnfan65 Awww thanks so much!!! xoxoxo
RT @22O5promotions: They appeared at #AmericanaFest2017 & they've appeared in #Crawley @_SarahDarling @michaellogen @jennbostic (3) https://t.co/9r0dZ8aFWE
@wwe3coins84 Not at the moment but hopefully someday.
@wwe3coins84 Thanks so much!
@wwe3coins84 Yes! https://t.co/0Uwgj2b1GX
RT @wosradio: If you play an instrument, it makes you a better singer. -Amy Winehouse
@Indy4roo1 @wwe3coins84 😊 Thank you.
[email protected] was THE BEST this year! Check out this recap video. 💕https://t.co/xjMbK9PfUj
@wwe3coins84 Aw! Thank you!
RT @wwe3coins84: If you haven't heard @jennbostic you don't know what you're missing she's amazing!!!
RT @HBDProductions: 6 Days til HOME BY DARK @Infinite_Center 9/23 Tickets at https://t.co/VUr6TbEJQ9 #feeltheenergy w/ @jennbostic &… https://t.co/1ddY0iKbJi
RT @BellesandGals: Shout #9 goes to @jennbostic with "Little Grace" https://t.co/M2wUu9RoRw
RT @PAWFECT3: Just **27** tickets remaining for @One_More_ShotUK 2018 featuring @jennbostic Grab a ticket https://t.co/ngOekj50Rc https://t.co/anlSF8foda
The "Sister Act" moment I have always dreamed of happened this morning at Gospel brunch! Thank… https://t.co/tpRkXR4cTk
Today! Music City Wine and Food Festival at Walk of Fame in #Nashville. Performing a few songs for the… https://t.co/XzQCK3HXwa
@pathoward713 Hi Pat, doing great thanks! How are you?
RT @voxmarshfield: We're excited to share Jenn Bostic will be returning to The Vox - Marshfield for full band event on December 31!... https://t.co/YlXteG09pb
RT @whatsonNI: Jenn Bostic will be joining Donna for her show in Bangor on 21st October Find out more at https://t.co/O67pzdNsP5 https://t.co/JAjaUQFL8b
RT @SWMetroMag: Out of a devastating loss rose a song of hope and healing. Learn about local musician Jenn Bostic's inspiring story… https://t.co/BDLsDPVb5T
RT @love_radio_: We love Jenn Bostic ! Now Playing: Missin' a Man The love and glamorous radio from Paris... visit our website ! https://t.co/nub1RH8pj9
RT @HBDProductions: #homebydark @gwinnettcenter 9/23 with @jennbostic @erniehalter #intheround #inthenameoflove… https://t.co/gWZrZKtnbS
My husband's a good cook. When he's not home I eat spaghetti. @michaelernst7
@BrianHagene @_SarahDarling 👋
@JSHudson That's perfect! Would love to cover it. 💕
@wwe3coins84 @jenngrinels I haven't heard her stuff, I will have to check it out.
Such fun on today's @Stageit show! Next one has been booked for October 15th :) Get your ticket: https://t.co/iNlQEGJNDp
@JSHudson Assuming that's your choice for the video?
@JSHudson just saw your Ed Sheehan request. 😬 Too late to learn it for this show but hopefully I'll get it done for you eventually. 😉
RT @spnfan65: Still a few tickets left for @jennbostic's on-line show today via @Stageit Show starts in 50 minutes!!! #Requests https://t.co/R54FlPzJb5
About to go live on @Stageit 💕 https://t.co/yJGKYMXVkt
Happening in an hour and a half!!! Online concert via @Stageit 💜 Just a few tickets left! https://t.co/g1GNVijzbc
@sashamcveigh Awwww I love Diane. 😉 Thank you, it's always an honor to sing with Sarah.
A little over 12 hours from now! Singing your requests live on @Stageit 💕💕💕https://t.co/g1GNVijzbc
RT @spnfan65: *Featured Show* on @Stageit Tomorrow @jennbostic #RequestHour <3 Only 15 Tickets left! Grab 1 before it's #SoldOut https://t.co/R54FlPzJb5
@sashamcveigh @WhisperingBob @WhisperingBobTV @_SarahDarling @michaellogen @RobVincentMusic @Kimmie_Rhodes Great ph… https://t.co/2NgaPkIY5E
Tomorrow! Online concert, get your requests in! 💜💜💜 https://t.co/g1GNVijzbc
@TaggartDonna Gorgeous girls!
@TaggartDonna @meganoneill @TheAlleyTheatre @TermonComplex @civictheatre 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
@pappysbabies @Stageit 💕
Saturday! Online concert via @Stageit where I'll be singing your requests! https://t.co/g1GNVijzbc
Just went live on Facebook. :) https://t.co/HQgQeoQQQ8
RT @bluenobby: On the anniversary of 9/11 @jennbostic 'Jealous of the Angels' Live on BBC Radio Coventry & Warwic... https://t.co/ffJqHpt4KI via @YouTube
RT @smileonice: New blog is live, ft: @jennbostic @killiandonnelly @estevensmusic @Lauren_Alaina Where words fail, music speaks. https://t.co/tnvlERHyzv
RT @blackberrychris: 2 phenomenal sets of lyrics from @jennbostic came one after the other on my training soundtrack tonight, much neede… https://t.co/jfXpXxPSde
Sad to say that Friday's show @listeningroom has been postponed. Will let you know when we have a new date in the new room. 💕
RT @TomLevine12: Listening to https://t.co/9aC2Q4D6FG @country_online playing Jenn Bostic's song Wrong Thing @jennbostic great song!
RT @AylaBrown: it's early, but last yr was a sell out. So grab your tickets now with @jennbostic and @damienhorne at The Spire --> https://t.co/LXX7yVzOZR
"Sometimes you need to make more moves and less announcements." @RONNIEDOSS
@SmokeEtAl @MusCornerNash Thanks!
RT @SmokeEtAl: So awesome to see @jennbostic play live @MusCornerNash today!
@kyshona @MusCornerNash @Lightning100 Love youuuu. Saaaaangin aaaaaall or jams yo. 😉😎
Today! @MusCornerNash @lightning100 Acoustic Stage!!! #FreeConcert #Nashville https://t.co/wU27cybgMP
Today!!!! Free concert @MusCornerNash in the park at 4:15PM on the @Lightning100 acoustic stage!
@nathanangelo @kyshona As she always does. 😉
@richardmarx Just hangin' here in Nashville if you guys want an opener. 😉
@Jmw268 @thehotelcafe @_SarahDarling @michaellogen @JennyFormica Would love to see you Jenny!!
October 12, @thehotelcafe with @_SarahDarling & @michaellogen for #ANightinNashville. Get your tickets: https://t.co/tkL0wto5eg
ICYMI, just went live on Facebook. https://t.co/jmBO16sQpb
RT @photocillin: Hey good looking jennbostic using one of our shots in London for her summer gig flyers. Hair and… https://t.co/44HIdPeevF
RT @MusCornerNash: Don’t miss this free performance by @jennbostic on our @Lightning100 Acoustic Stage Saturday, Sep 9th! LINEUP:… https://t.co/chFShVmH7m
@ProducerEddie Truth!
RT @ChanceFrom79th: 5 Things to quit: 1.Trying to please others 2.Fearing change 3. Living in the past 4.Putting yourself down 5.Overthinking
This woman helps me be better. ❤️ @kyshona https://t.co/v7pvEqT2gE
"If you've got writer's block it's because you're trying to talk about something you don't know about." @_SHANNONSANDERS @WhoKnewNash #truth
"Tell the truth to people who can make a change." @_SHANNONSANDERS @WhoKnewNash
"Every moment we're in is special, every moment we're in is unique...all we have to do is capture it." @_SHANNONSANDERS @WhoKnewNash
"Anybody who's an artist, I want you to know how much power you have." @anasatroutman @WhoKnewNash #bringingthetears ❤️😭💕
Grateful for "the ladder I get to climb that was built just for me." @theeGinaMiller @WhoKnewNash
@theeGinaMiller Thank you for sharing your heart and your wisdom tonight @WhoKnewNash 💕 #fullheart
"No matter what anybody says, you are already enough." -Gina Miller @WhoKnewNash #bringingallthequotes
"People change. Seasons change. What does not change is your name and the work you do attached to your name." Gina Miller @WhoKnewNash
Beautiful reminder that the ministry in music goes wherever you do. Thanks Gina Miller. @WhoKnewNash https://t.co/nByYIXJ8S5
So inspired by the words of Gina Miller tonight. #musicisalliknow @WhoKnewNash
Amazing to hear Henry Hicks speak about the vision for the #WriteTheScore museum coming right here to Nashville @WhoKnewNash.
@WeirdoWorkshop your energy and passion @WhoKnewNash tonight! 🔥🙌🏽👏🏼🤓
"You should be leaning into the things that make you different." @ClaudeKelly @WeirdoWorkshop @WhoKnewNash
"The only formula is to be yourself." @ClaudeKelly @WeirdoWorkshop @WhoKnewNash
"We purposely denied genres because sometimes they put you in a box you aren't meant to be in." @ClaudeKelly @WeirdoWorkshop @WhoKnewNash
Love hearing fellow @BerkleeCollege @BerkleeAlumni @ClaudeKelly @WhoKnewNash https://t.co/UCmDrcym51
Love these kicks that Chuck Harmony of @WeirdoWorkshop is rocking tonight for @WhoKnewNash @CityWineryNSH https://t.co/RAN5gCZq2u
Grateful for the wise and genuine words of @JackiePatillo tonight @WhoKnewNash https://t.co/6Hen062IYA
#PhilThornton kicking off a great night of @WhoKnewNash @CityWineryNSH https://t.co/iEqSXpJDlw
"When your purpose meets your passion it's unstoppable." -Phil Thornton @WhoKnewNash @CityWineryNSH
Listening to a panel of successful music execs @WhoKnewNash mentioning the people who believed in them when no one else did #gratefulformine
RT @RizzlesLikeMad: Will be having these on repeat - all day!! 😻💕 Finally got hold of them and I am very happy☺️👌🏼 @jennbostic https://t.co/AfZgv4ZC4t
@RizzlesLikeMad Yayyyyy!!!!
@ggshowatlanta Hope to see you there!!! 💜
RT @ggshowatlanta: You had me at popcorn. Seeing @jennbostic makes my head swim. Everybody let's go! https://t.co/LH29c2GK3v
This Saturday! ❤️❤️❤️ @MusCornerNash @Lightning100 #Nashville #FreeConcert https://t.co/oQ4nrTw3v7
Had a great time singing and writing songs with these rockstars today for #Kidsville. I'll be… https://t.co/JczxXyLQil
@TaggartDonna @MotherwellVenue @LancasterGrand @TheAlleyTheatre @LimeTreeTheatre @burnavontheatre @HawksWellSligo… https://t.co/5ogIHD5B9g
@linzeejordan @_SarahDarling @BluebirdCafeTN Awwwww 💕 Thanks for listening!
@meganoneill Me too me too! Love the song we came up with. 💜💜
RT @meganoneill: Loved writing with @jennbostic today! Glad we could make it happen girl. X #Nashville
It's a sunglasses in the rain kinda day in #Nashville. 📷: @photocillin #stormclouds #rain… https://t.co/eTZH6aDYpx
@smileonice @kyshona Ooo butchertown hall is one of my favorites!
RT @tgaudin: @jennbostic performing on #Stageit September 16 at 9:00 AM PDT https://t.co/PoPDghnA9m via @stageit
Tonight was a beautiful full house eddiesattic with @_sarahdarling & @michaellogen for… https://t.co/yrl37n4wr3
RT @dswirlk7: Such amazing and talented artists @_SarahDarling @jennbostic @michaellogen. Could have listened to you all night! https://t.co/WFO50LtoAk
RT @HBDProductions: #HomeByDark @Infinite_Center 9/23 with @jennbostic & @erniehalter @GwinnettEvents https://t.co/Tdif2KbLUP
@TaggartDonna 💕💕💕
Had my first trapeze lesson this morning!!! Never know what's going to happen on an… https://t.co/V4NtdHzfTJ
RT @eddiesattic: Join Sarah Darling, @michaellogen, and @jennbostic "in the round" at Eddie's Attic TOMORROW! TIX - https://t.co/9hq96G04dU
RT @_SarahDarling: On the road with these gems! Blue Ridge Georgia tonight. ✨ https://t.co/D9qhj0ygJu
@donna_ash76 @TaggartDonna Yayyy!
@TaggartDonna @LimeTreeTheatre @Dean_Crowe @BngrElimComplex So excited!!!!
RT @TaggartDonna: So delighted this beauty @jennbostic will be joining me in October at Limerick, Athlone and Bangor. Tickets at… https://t.co/997VBg3WHA
RT @michaellogen: Fantastic times were had last night at The Bluebird Cafe with @jennbostic, @_sarahdarling and… https://t.co/LlZCaKRpbn
😂 + 😭 + ❤️+ ✨ = @BluebirdCafeTN @_SarahDarling @michaellogen @jeffcohenmusic tonight! https://t.co/dHDcAHSUjU
RT @_SarahDarling: What a magical night at the @bluebirdcafetn with @jennbostic @michaellogen and @jeffcohenmusic !!! I love these bea… https://t.co/4OA2VTI2gy
Congrats on your new single @sonialeigh! 😎 https://t.co/dEl0g9oDQh
@RizzlesLikeMad Thanks for listening! 💜
@opaman Stay safe.
The fun starts tonight! @_SarahDarling @michaellogen @BluebirdCafeTN @eddiesattic #Firefly #ANightInNashville https://t.co/9CLjULtWKd
@ChuckNilosek @HubBoston @pedroblancoa Awesome ❤️
RT @_SarahDarling: It's going to be a magical weekend! Kicking off to a sold out @BluebirdCafeTN tomorrow night! 🌟🌙⚡️✨⭐️ @michaellogen… https://t.co/D6vMYEypag
RT @michaellogen: This weekend! @BluebirdCafeTN, @eddiesattic and Firefly Sessions w/ @officialsarahdarling and @jennbostic! https://t.co/LcBR9qGqXh
RT @Coast1079: Thursday's Special, Contemporary Country ft. @littlebigtown @iamNATHANCARTER @jennbostic etc19:00BST. 2 Listen In; https://t.co/cOFUYgjhFH
Just went live on Facebook. ICYMI: https://t.co/pVtZe3lUxx
RT @kevinlamb515b: Listening to https://t.co/ZxXEOhG68B @country_online playing Jenn Bostic @jennbostic song Wrong Thing! Congrats Featured Indie Artist!
Going LIVE on Facebook at 12 noon CST. ❤️❤️❤️ Join me.
RT @deanandsheena: We're on @hebden_radio today from 1UK playing the best New Country inc @AnnDoka, @THECAINBAND, @jennbostic, @AshlieghLisset & much more!
So excited for Friday's #SoldOut show @BluebirdCafeTN with @_SarahDarling @michaellogen & Jeff Cohen. ❤️❤️❤️
RT @scragnut: @jennbostic Jealous Of The Angels. Let's get this beautiful song over 3m views shall we? #bestsongeverwritten https://t.co/TVvrZPXpSB
Jackson and I just wanted to remind you to smile today. 😁 https://t.co/pcd2ux7kMo
29 days until I head to Mexico! Who wants to jump in my suitcase? Tickets still available! @SongwritersIsle… https://t.co/bEeAptadQ4
RT @deanandsheena: We've got the best New Country tonight from 8UK inc @caseydband, @AshlieghLisset, @jennbostic, @kramergirl & more! https://t.co/QEs7RbZJ28
Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and your plans will succeed. —Proverbs 16:3
RT @taylorswift13: The #LWYMMDvideo is out now - https://t.co/6ajIH45CnX
RT @BellesandGals: Shout #13 goes to @jennbostic with "Hope of the World" https://t.co/KagUj4SE2r
@BamaRootsRadio @raywylie @AllisonMoorer @thesecretsister @fiveshotjack Thanks for the love!
@john_johnhands3 @jason9571 @BellesandGals Awwww thanks friends. xo
September 23rd @Infinite_Center with @HBDProductions & @erniehalter! https://t.co/24gRMqVJ24 https://t.co/cDFhuStVdo
@johpoh21 You saw it at the fair!!!
Mexico! Only 1 month away. If you want to join us you can find details at https://t.co/TPdaxSBger @JohnPattiMusic… https://t.co/mWWQedIS8K
#NewProfilePic https://t.co/fwKs6MIGFB
RT @HBDProductions: Celebrating our 4th Anniversary of HOME BY DARK @Infinite_Center on SAT SEPT 23. Special guests @jennbostic &… https://t.co/greyBJfSZq
Powerful morning oasischurchtv. Honored, humbled, blessed and grateful to call Oasis home and to… https://t.co/NzrqJdJfoX
Great @Stageit show today, thanks to all who tuned in! Next one is set for September 16th. :) Get your ticket: https://t.co/g1GNVijzbc
[email protected] show happening in 30min. Join the fun! https://t.co/mCDqqtHoep
This morning was incredible! Honored to be part of @oasischurchtv https://t.co/bqrXBMKwT8
@ChuckNilosek @HubBoston @pedroblancoa So great meeting you. 💜
RT @pappysbabies: Check out @jennbostic today at 2:00 cst. You'll be glad you did! Jenn Bostic performing on #Stageit https://t.co/57BYHNqy2D via @stageit
@crrevis1990 @jill_chambers @RONNIEDOSS I knoooooow. Love it.
RT @ChuckNilosek: So cool to interview @jennbostic at the Hope Music Festival last week on the @HubBoston Red Carpet! Thx to… https://t.co/6WEtpcgpWh
@businessnutter So cool, thanks for sharing!
RT @BellesandGals: Shout #6 goes to @jennbostic, @_SarahDarling and @michaellogen with this fantastic cover of "Jolene" https://t.co/07PHU1nlQH
My girl @kyshona is playing @MusCornerNash today at 2PM! No better place to be this beautiful afternoon!
Hey hey! @kyshona and I just went LIVE from soundcheck @BhamMoonlight https://t.co/Zl7Sm22xs1
So excited for this show!!! https://t.co/LvglcvrOvJ
RT @bfgoat: Now playing Featured Indie Artist Jenn Bostic @jennbostic song Jealous Of The Angels on https://t.co/oPkF0cZtK3 https://t.co/jkogTcZwLR
RT @chrisbean223cb: Tuned in to https://t.co/fWSMXFLkJl @country_online listening to Featured Indie Artist Jenn Bostic @jennbostic song Jealous Of The Angels
@Coast1079 @CountryRoots6lv Awesome! I'd be honored.😉
Tomorrow!!!! @kyshona @BhamMoonlight https://t.co/gpB30XWvU5
@Coast1079 ❤️❤️❤️ Can't wait to share it!
RT @Coast1079: Looking forward to the new album @jennbostic Busy mastering in Nashville we understand.
RT @Coast1079: 'Livin The Dream' @iamNATHANCARTER 👏ft. 'Jealous Of The Angels' written by @jennbostic 👏 privilege of radio to play and know both. 🇬🇧 & 🇺🇸
@frankstone2626 @country_online Thanks!
RT @frankstone2626: Great song! Jenn Bostic @jennbostic Wrong Thing now playing on https://t.co/3C69RFzmVy @country_online Congrats Featured Indie Artist!
RT @kyshona: I got them dates y'all! Catch me w/ @jennbostic Friday in #birminghamal & Next Friday w/ @nathanangelo in #atlanta!… https://t.co/mmqeWmZuFm
@wonderfuldream Thanks! Doing great!😉
RT @michaellogen: Very much lookin' forward to playing these shows with my friends @jennbostic and @officialsarahdarling...in the US… https://t.co/zndQ0aWknJ
Tonight! Hope Music Festival. ❤️ Show starts at 7:30PM. https://t.co/2ZgeMyUgs3
Sunday! Online show via @Stageit! Get your tickets: https://t.co/mCDqqtHoep https://t.co/rvGkd7VG2a
RT @woodhouse21: The moment my friend @jennbostic poured the perfect pint at… https://t.co/hRTNjkGEu8
@maria_mprice Thank you for sharing it.
"Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass... it's about learning to dance in the rain." https://t.co/SgwcunCU1H
Mastering my album today. 💕#allthefeels https://t.co/S55d4yHgCW
RT @kyshona: #birminghamalabama I'm headed your way this Friday with my glamorous friend, @jennbostic 💫 We'll… https://t.co/4qrzUz80xv
@chrisbean223cb @country_online Thanks Chris!
RT @chrisbean223cb: Great song by Featured Indie Artist on https://t.co/fWSMXFLkJl @country_online Jenn Bostic @jennbostic Jealous Of The Angles
RT @bfgoat: Now playing Jenn Bostic @jennbostic song Jealous Of The Angels Featured Indie Artist of the Month… https://t.co/EmMvFF8lah
#Birmingham! Come join @kyshona and I @BhamMoonlight this Friday 8/25. ❤️❤️❤️ https://t.co/2n3QwXBlSX
@love_radio_ 💜💜💜
Want a free guitar? VOTE for your favorite band @Howlfest. If you pick me we could both win guitars!!! 🤞🏼https://t.co/SmakUNQMfc
That. Was. Amazing! So happy to witness it with these fine folks! https://t.co/ExCEc3TmJW
Hitting the stage in 40 minutes! Watch the full band live stream: https://t.co/gmybwIqV7X @Howlfest
RT @bfgoat: Now playing Featured Indie Artist Jenn Bostic @jennbostic new single Wrong Thing on https://t.co/oPkF0cZtK3 https://t.co/GwjsGJrWXU
@Tylershouse Announcement coming soon!
RT @tgaudin: Remember, In 6 days @jennbostic Summertime Singsong August 27 at 12:00 PM PDT https://t.co/SnWJ21bKaw
Today!!!!!!!!! https://t.co/P14WvsLM0P
RT @PaulThomasShow: Wow... unreal weekend!! #PTonthePatio @jennbostic & @neal_elder, then marrying Nicole & Aaron, Stomp Out Suicide... https://t.co/8TXbd4ZPJP
Who's excited????? 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 https://t.co/lt1370pOsr
@Cherish4You @SouthwestAir It happens to the best of us. 😂
@MartinCox0155 @SouthwestAir Yes thanks. Halfway home.
When you show up at the airport a day before your flight. 😬 Thanks @SouthwestAir for getting me home anyway. ❤️
@MartinCox0155 1:20PM I believe.
@LisaMcHughx @NthCorkMusicFes Have fun!
Tomorrow!!!! Eclipse party in #Nashville #Howlatthemoonindiefestival! Tix still available. Promo Code: HOWLFESTBOST… https://t.co/Z097LUcZze
This album!!!! This artist!!! Go do yourself a favor and download it! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 #amatteroftime @nathanangelo https://t.co/hC1FBtjdQO
RT @ClarkMachtemes: One of the few times Mason has smiled with his new braces. It's when Jenn Bostic has her camera running go figure https://t.co/MUAjfOCvQc
RT @country_online: Featured "Artist of the Month" Rising Star "Jenn Bostic" with "Wrong Thing" Available Now on iTunes & Amazon...… https://t.co/qUSR3NBtcw
@wrenchman1j Thanks Derek!
@CRoutesNews @LifeInASong_UK @BritishCMA @1018wcrfm I'll take it! 😉
@Lo_Ball Unfortunately not, I will be in Ireland
RT @betty1980b: Great song! Listening to Jenn Bostic @jennbostic song Wrong Thing on https://t.co/t2l8NGfa6C @country_online Congra… https://t.co/HiTLgiCql4
RT @bfgoat: Now playing Featured Indie Artist Jenn Bostic @jennbostic new single Wrong Thing on @country_online… https://t.co/ZqFvQrB8wO
RT @LifeInASong_UK: NEWS: The lovely @jennbostic added to the line-up at the BCMA Awards on October 22nd! https://t.co/hhAtTO7v8r
Praying for Barcelona. 😔 Praying for the whole world. 🙏
Just a booked a flight to Ireland. 😍 Stay tuned for why.
ICYMI: Honored to be the @country_online Artist of the Month! 💜 https://t.co/L8ZsYn4EoM
RT @bfgoat: Now playing Featured Artist of The Month Jenn Bostic @jennbostic song Jealous Of The Angels on… https://t.co/xU5T140zf2
RT @awynn030: Listening to https://t.co/wH5JCP7V3e @country_online playing Jenn Bostic @jennbostic song Jealous Of The Angels Congrats Artist Of The Month
@Nashvilledjuk Meeeee too.
Psyched to be playing FULL BAND for the solar eclipse at the Howl at the Moon Indie Festival! 12 noon on Monday. pr… https://t.co/0WSYUx71D9
@adaplumb1 @country_online 💜
RT @adaplumb1: Listening to Featured Indie Artist of the Month Jenn Bostic @jennbostic song Wrong Thing on https://t.co/Ak0Cu1iyxB @country_online Thanks!
RT @bfgoat: Now playing Jenn Bostic @jennbostic song Wrong Thing Featured Artist of the Month On https://t.co/oPkF0cZtK3 https://t.co/bwa97aWNT6
Tonight! Princeton Depot with @GoAndPractice and @neal_elder 7-8:30PM ❤️ https://t.co/1G9BnX6HSR
@miss_shiv Miss yours. 😘
RT @BellesandGals: Shout #9 goes to @jennbostic with "Little Grace" https://t.co/M2wUu9RoRw
@miss_shiv ❤️
RT @kyshona: Watch “Same Blood” on #Vimeo: https://t.co/1As8XKoGNr No matter your skin color, religious beliefs, who you love/how you love- we all bleed.
RT @_SarahDarling: Looking forward to this dream team getting back together for a weekend of shows! 🌟✨🌟 Get your tickets on… https://t.co/HBHWgAmSF9
My heart is so sad. When will we all start loving each other? https://t.co/ySFPByIPoc #Charlottesville
It's good to be home. Fun times @IronTapMN last night. Catch me with Traveled Ground at the Carver County Fair toni… https://t.co/PzN59nKF7U
RT @HBDProductions: #HomeByDark @gwinnettcenter SEPT 23 w/ @jennbostic and @erniehalter #intheround #inthenameoflove… https://t.co/Tm1eaISgNE
Hey Minnesota! Catch Clark Machtemes and me @IronTapMN tonight. 7PM start. It fills up fast, so get there early. 😉💕
@MartinCox0155 I willlllll. 😉
@kyshona @Rubes73 @GRAYSonMain Craaaaazy! #meanttobe #thanksforlistening
Tonight was 🔥 @GRAYSonMain with @kyshona. ❤️ ##acousticmusic #nashvillesongwriter #unsigned… https://t.co/G9mK7RBxbr
@Cherish4You Yes! Thank you 💕
I did a thing today. #blonde #dotheyreallyhavemorefun? https://t.co/7xImNGXyEQ
Forgetting to buy eggs made for a creative breakfast but I made a killer smoothie. Frozen berries, avacado, orange juice & kale #getcreative
Tonight!!! @GRAYSonMain with my soul sister @kyshona 💕💕💕 Also, we are playing @BhamMoonlight Aug 25th for any Birmi… https://t.co/S7cG5PVwuf
"Faith builds on the victories of yesterday to help us face the valleys of today and the questions about tomorrow." -Mary Southerland
RT @bluenobby: Late night tune. Jenn Bostic, Sarah Darling & Michael Logen A Night In Nashville - 'Jolene' https://t.co/F8ugnahWfe via @YouTube
@Alanjerram @_SarahDarling Just being nominated makes me feel special. 😍
@MusicLoverEddie Yeah! Thanks for the love!
Unbelievably honored!!!!! 😭 https://t.co/9ZTOL80Arv
@Coast1079 ❤️❤️❤️
RT @Coast1079: She's also a pleasure to meet, thank you @BuckleandBoots 2017 & @AtkinsonThe ~ Go well @jennbostic https://t.co/PyVLV2HB2F
RT @Jillybird7: Congrats to @jennbostic and @_SarahDarling for being nominated for international act of the year! https://t.co/P8juAfM4UB
RT @JBosticFans: . @jennbostic was nominated for a BCMA AWARD! https://t.co/zQRr1vGST3
RT @Jmw268: . How exciting to be nominated @_SarahDarling and @jennbostic 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 https://t.co/pCXlkHuvZa
RT @BuckleandBoots: We’ve been nominated for a BCMA Award alongside some fantastic festivals! Thanks @BritishCMA! https://t.co/iecp3vjR2l
Who wants to come to #Mexico with meeeee? @JohnPattiMusic @EricErdmanMusic @SongwritersIsle https://t.co/iGI3xwidhj
@smileonice But you can watch it after the fact. :)
Just went live on facebook! ICYMI: https://t.co/wun2QGTYDj
RT @bfgoat: Now playing Featured Indie Artist of the Month Jenn Bostic @jennbostic song Wrong Thing on https://t.co/oPkF0cZtK3 https://t.co/uqmuWtZEDA
Rest In Peace Rhinestone Cowboy. Thank you for the music you gave to this world. 🌎
Rest In Peace Rhinestone Cowboy. Thank you for music you gave to this world. 🌎
Next week in Minnesota!!! 💕 https://t.co/gNJiNjTyZ1
RT @_SarahDarling: I'm so excited to play with @jennbostic and @michaellogen September 3 at @eddiesattic !! Get your tickets!… https://t.co/ES4cGRmx0e
Perfect summer weather for a 4 mile run. 🏃
@WrestlingNerd25 Thank you so much Tanner!
RT @Jmw268: This was a weekend full of music and friends! @_sarahdarling @jennbostic @kyshona so fun!… https://t.co/vjOyxkBUbn
This weekend. ❤️❤️❤️😍 https://t.co/P9EQMlrNgv
RT @JBosticFans: Such an amazing weekend of music with @jennbostic! She is simply amazing (as always!)❤️❤️ https://t.co/0NHxU51arG
@themaxstraub @_SarahDarling @kyshona ❤️❤️❤️ you're a gem of a human being Max.
RT @drquoz: So much fun at @CloseupCountry with @_SarahDarling @kyshona @jennbostic ! https://t.co/mUw1MBEP4w
RT @Jmw268: Love these ladies ❤️ .. @jennbostic @_sarahdarling @kyshona look up their music - they are… https://t.co/o8QYN8MHzE
Lewisville, you were gorgeous last night. ❤️ @_SarahDarling @kyshona https://t.co/0KmncM02Zd
@Jmw268 @kyshona @_SarahDarling 😘
@AlohaVidCountry Thanks for sharing!
RT @drquoz: Shallowford Square, Lewisville NC @jennbostic @kyshona @_SarahDarling https://t.co/FvWje0ywri
RT @eddiesattic: Join Sarah Darling, @michaellogen, and @jennbostic "in the round" at Eddie's on 9/03! TIX - https://t.co/9hq96G04dU
RT @themaxstraub: Look at this crowd waiting to puchase merch and meet @_SarahDarling @jennbostic and @kyshona Lewisville knows good… https://t.co/5D4S9W6WVf
RT @themaxstraub: Had one of the finest live music experiences tonight - I have been to 100's of shows. @kyshona @jennbostic @_SarahDarling Magnificent
RT @CloseupCountry: Had one of the finest live music experiences tonight . @kyshona @jennbostic @_SarahDarling tomorrow night 7PM Wine&Beer 101 Youngsville!
Poll Answers: @kyshona = blueberry cake donuts, me = @Perrier, @_SarahDarling = airhead rainbows & Chris Martin, lunch = @ChickfilA. 😉
Final poll! Answers coming next. Someone's celebrity crush is @coldplay's Chris Martin. Who is it? @kyshona @_sarahdarling
Next poll! En route to Lewisville and we just stopped at one of the following fast food joints. Which one was it? @_SarahDarling @kyshona
Next poll! Someone's favorite road trip beverage is sparkling lime @Perrier. Who is it? #ANightinNashville @kyshona @_sarahdarling
Next poll, we're talkin road snacks! Someone in this car likes airhead rainbow strips, who is it? @kyshona @_SarahDarling #ANightinNashville
#ANightinNashville is talking donuts this morning. Someone's favorite is blueberry cake? @_SarahDarling @kyshona More polls to come!
Lewisville, NC we're coming for you!!!!! FREE SHOW in Shallowford Square tonight! https://t.co/DPEnMrtcbc
10, 000 views in 1 day?!?! 🙈 Guys, my heart just exploded. Xo Thank you. ICYMI: https://t.co/AoC37AetSf
RT @FalkJessica: Have a beautiful Saturday❣️ This song is called Make A Change and I co-wrote it with Jenn Bostic. #singersongwriter… https://t.co/I8zggUstFP
RT @Howlfest: Fresh off her U.K. Tour @jennbostic will be tearing the stage up with her amazing performance. #jennBostic… https://t.co/UIL5Kl73xN
RT @_SarahDarling: Amazing night @VenkmansATL ⭐️✨🌟 https://t.co/QJGt5biYsq
RT @VenkmansATL: These ladies slayed the early show this evening! @kyshona @jennbostic and @_sarahdarling… https://t.co/LROBdyXiKQ
RT @SSAC9111: Thanks once again to @jennbostic for an Amazing Song which was played at the Nat'l School Safety Conf in Vegas. Su… https://t.co/Oc8nOlyZ3J
RT @robertpena611: Listening to Jenn Bostic @jennbostic song Wrong Thing on https://t.co/6EQI0EowR7 @country_online Congrats Indie Artist of the Month!
RT @bfgoat: Now playing https://t.co/oPkF0cZtK3 @country_online Featured Indie Artist Of The Month Jenn Bostic @jennbostic new… https://t.co/GmO04SkFV5
Wrong Thing - Jenn Bostic & Bart Walker - Live Acoustic Session https://t.co/gO3d3U6nyI
RT @SparkLivestream: This week on @RoadShowPod, @Airen_Maye talks with the incredibly talented @jennbostic! Listen now at… https://t.co/npS9Um6BKQ
RT @RoadShowPod: This week the amazing @jennbostic joins me on The Road Show! She's such an inspiration and a joy to talk to!… https://t.co/7gKCF6Y6OQ
RT @Airen_Maye: The talented and inspirational @jennbostic talks with me on this week's @RoadShowPod! Great conversation and music!… https://t.co/K9Jwb6ndoX
Celebrating @theJennMcGill's CD release @GRAYSonMain tonight! ☺️❤️😘😍 https://t.co/SgpDFFikWG
Playing Atlanta tomorrow!!! Who's coming to @VenkmansATL for #ANightinNashville with @_SarahDarling & @kyshona ??? https://t.co/hFZRY8JrHp
@pappysbabies Awesome!
@Zara_Lusty Thanks Zara!
Next ONLINE @Stageit show is August 27th! Get your ticket. xo https://t.co/mCDqqtHoep
Just went live on Facebook. Did you catch it? https://t.co/8OTXVzTy3I
RT @nicolaterry751: I love this song! Jenn Bostic @JBosticFans @jennbostic Jealous Of The Angels @country_online… https://t.co/ftRVsyO5d1
RT @bfgoat: Now playing Featured Indie Artist on the Month Jenn Bostic @jennbostic Jealous Of The Angels on… https://t.co/Ltz7dUfGoO
When you want to relax on the couch for the night but you're pacing to make sure you hit your step goal for the day. 😂
RT @bfgoat: Now playing Featured Indie Artist of The Month Jenn Bostic @jennbostic new single Wrong Thing on… https://t.co/WiuKn2a3Wb
RT @macleodjane4421: Great song now playing Wrong Thing by Featured Indie Artist of the Month Jenn Bostic @jennbostic on https://t.co/badHqOBbFr @country_online
Hey guess what?! I found you a great reason to go to Mexico next month!!! 😜 @SongwritersIsle @JohnPattiMusic… https://t.co/tbuMGQ6F8M
RT @bfgoat: Now playing Indie Artist Of The Month Jenn Bostic @jennbostic new single Wrong Thing on https://t.co/oPkF0cZtK3 https://t.co/5DDNNBkkzA
RT @awynn030: Congrats Jenn Bostic @jennbostic https://t.co/wH5JCP7V3e @country_online Indie Artist of the Month! Listening to Wr… https://t.co/V7g1QaISAk
@eswecker 💜
SURPRISE! Next @Stageit show 8/27 at 2PM Central! Snag your ticket! https://t.co/mCDqqtHoep
Coming this weeeeeeeek!!!! @tonefreak713 #wrongthing #acoustic #indieartist #acousticsession… https://t.co/ywMwZYG4C8
@country_online Thanks so much!!!
RT @country_online: Congratulations to "Jenn Bostic" Our Featured "Artist of the Month" with "Wrong Thing" Available Now on iTunes...… https://t.co/mRdAHOTh3O
This weekend is going to be sooooo fun! #ANightInNashville reunion tour with @_SarahDarling & @kyshona https://t.co/EMZJUN9y9U
@allfiredup93 Thank you so much! I would say find collaborators who are singers but need help with lyrics
@The_Evil_Pacman Would love to! 💜 Great meeting you.
RT @kyshona: Reunion run with @jennbostic & @_sarahdarling this weekend. Georgia and North Carolina, we'll… https://t.co/cZzmRV3trd
RT @_SarahDarling: Night in Nashville reunion tour through the Carolinas and Georgia with @kyshona and @jennbostic this weekend! ⭐️✨🍾💕 https://t.co/vK2HROyGqm
@richardmarx Bonnie Raitt and Eva Cassidy
RT @MarkPhilpott4: Nice. @jennbostic playing this morning at our hotel in Nashville.
RT @Jmw268: @EKeeter37 @lindsayell Are u free next weekend? You need to see @jennbostic @_SarahDarling and @kyshona in lewisvil… https://t.co/51iny3VfPl
RT @theJennMcGill: Hear today's 2 new album songs! @jennbostic @Kerrie_Roberts #pledgerperks https://t.co/QJA5bbMGIP @pledgemusic… https://t.co/buzKPIBOlr
@love_radio_ Great song!
@SuchAngerLilSam @PAWFECT3 @spnfan65 @One_More_ShotUK @ChristianKane01 @RileySmith @GaryQuinnMusic @mattlande… https://t.co/WwRGMHsECz
@jstpumpkin @michaellogen It's fun!
RT @RayBeckerman: "Lips on mine" Jenn Bostic https://t.co/ICnWfhTmfd #music
Love writing songs with this guy! #unsigned #indieartist #songwriter #nashvillesongwriter… https://t.co/wr1gMvDhDA
RT @msmeby: Check out this clip of a killer new duet with @JennBostic from my Fueled By Love CD @Kickstarter… https://t.co/2Z17fXqTnI
RT @eddiesattic: Join Sarah Darling, @michaellogen, and @jennbostic "in the round" at Eddie's on 9/03! TIX - https://t.co/9hq96G04dU
Got a little surprise comin' at ya next week. @tonefreak713 #livemusic #liverecording… https://t.co/z3OPBS1TpO
Recorded some vocals for @msmeby's new album today. 😇 Support his kickstarter if you're able. https://t.co/MGhohKyI8i
Thanks for the love. 💕 https://t.co/Ju0d9H78VP
@joshforsythe @Jmw268 Thanks so much! Well come on out to Iron Tap 8/12 then! 😉
RT @RoadShowPod: Had a great talk with the very talented @jennbostic last night for an upcoming episode of The Road Show for @SparkLivestream! #indie #music
@pappysbabies Sounds good!
@opaman In Case You Missed It.
@joshforsythe @Jmw268 Thanks so much! I would say Princeton or Albertville. If you'd rather come to Waconia, I wont… https://t.co/AQVNypwivj
ICYMI a little facebook live today... https://t.co/Plb6ws6qWK
Going live on Facebook in a little while, hope to see you there!
@BellesandGals 😊❤️😍
RT @BellesandGals: Shout #6 goes to @jennbostic with "What Love Feels Like" https://t.co/Qo1yuIG8cs
RT @ravishlydotcom: What was the inspiration behind "Somebody’s Someone"? https://t.co/4UFxp0CQhb @DaphneWillis @jennbostic.… https://t.co/s2wAJ46D9K
@Bionic_Tweets Good to know!
@Bionic_Tweets @JBosticFans @_SarahDarling @michaellogen It was. ❤️
Brainstorming the new album release, what type of merchandise do you want to see from me in 2018?
Wow. @HacksawRidge 😭
Reflecting on an incredibly life giving weekend. 📷 by @michaelernst7 https://t.co/FlLRbf3SU8
A little snippet from last night's show in #Shelbyville #illinois. ❤️ #JealousoftheAngels https://t.co/rnkEjQUNIf
Tonight was amazing. Thank you #shelbyville 💕 https://t.co/FEB5m7saBq
Green room selfies with this stud. 😍 @michaelernst7 https://t.co/YVsW4Vio88
Great morning fishing in Illinois! Looking forward to tonight's gig in Shelbyville at the… https://t.co/anbRbopcXu
@_SarahDarling 😍
RT @_SarahDarling: Always a favorite moment in the show. ✨ #montmartre https://t.co/PaS6CnME4p
@Zara_Lusty Thanks!
@opaman 😔 stay cool
@dallasfay Treadmill wasn't so bad today
@opaman Yes thankfully!
@ScottKash88 @NRayy @Beth_Beighey @lizmoriondo ❤️
RT @ScottKash88: #FemaleFriday #Download some great new music from these talented ladies @NRayy @Beth_Beighey @lizmoriondo… https://t.co/s8k0xmQrPr
@carriemanolakos @WhoKnewNash If you'd ever be up for writing together let me know. I love your vulnerability, I've… https://t.co/i2kSGE3Kcx
Heat advisory in #Nashville means 3.5 miles on the treadmill. #noexcuses #fitness
It's goooood. And catchy.... like la la la la catchy. https://t.co/laGgRVdz2O
RT @ScottKash88: #NewMusicFriday Listen to @jennbostic rockin’ her new song “Wrong Thing” #CountryMusic #Audio ☞… https://t.co/2EOvXOQJwP
Who needs a vacation? Book ur tix to Mexico Sept 28-Oct 2 & let @EricErdmanMusic @JohnPattiMusic & I start the part… https://t.co/B5i7pUhvL7
Loving @lizcoopermusic at @WhoKnewNash tonight. #whoknewnash #GirlCanPlayGuitar
@AnacrusisSongs They were great!
Crazy good performance @WhoKnewNash by @ThemVibes 💜
@love_radio_ Thanks for the love!
RT @love_radio_: We love Jenn Bostic ! Now Playing: Missin' a Man The love and glamorous radio from Paris... visit our website ! https://t.co/nub1RH8pj9
Absolutely gorgeous, powerful performance tonight @carriemanolakos. @WhoKnewNash #whoknewnash
@lizrogersxoxo great job putting the music together for @WhoKnewNash tonight! #whoknewnash
Falling in love with @theroyalfoundry tonight @WhoKnewNash #whoknewnash. ❤️
RT @Coast1079: From 'Livin The Dream' @iamNATHANCARTER ~ 'Jealous Of The Angels' crafted by @jennbostic 👏 Played again happily, go well both & thank you.
RT @CountryMusicMG: Issue 5 of Country Music is on sale now! Get your copy here: https://t.co/Rshu1oUyPm https://t.co/cbPNbTodz6
RT @CCNTRYRADIO: #TGIT #Music #CCNTRYRADIO #NowPlaying #countrymusic Faithful by Jenn Bostic @jennbostic #Listen here https://t.co/S4r5cc98A1
RT @saintinthecity: Great live review for @michaellogen @_SarahDarling @jennbostic recent London show in this month's @CountryMusicMG… https://t.co/S1Q0VG6MCG
Doing some research to find out if they really do have more fun. 😉 https://t.co/BWac74jdvi
Doing something fun today! Find out what on Facebook live later tonight. 😉
3 mile run in 84 degree heat. 🔥 #ICantCatchMyBreath #NoExcuses
Performing in Shelbyville, IL this weekend! ❤️ Who's beautiful face will I see there? https://t.co/i2sPco2T5p
RT @Jesus_Calling: Bring Me all your feelings, even the ones you wish you didn't have. #JesusCalling https://t.co/QYdq2iVP34
RT @eddiesattic: Join #SarahDarling, @michaellogen, and @jennbostic "in the round" at Eddie's on 9/03! TIX - https://t.co/9hq96FIsPk
Dare you not to sing along. Love this jam. https://t.co/SigWl6XYLy @StewartMacMusic @DeanKingofWing
Dueling kazoos anyone? Aaalmost forgot about this. ;) https://t.co/vY5hcdO8aV @BelindaLeeWebb @SamRommer @jakerommermusic @a_wright
RT @kyshona: Spent the day in the studio singing BGVs for this diva right here. This album is gonna be good… https://t.co/LwO3ZciCBz
RT @Shandalier: I was honored to sing BGV's on a new @jennbostic song w/some friends tonight. Y'all - get ready… https://t.co/t25tqMCQKs
Spent the whole day in the studio at #oceanway with these fine folks. This new album has me doing cartwheels. https://t.co/iaweZQON1J
RT @michaellogen: Had an incredible time playing The Listening Room last night with @kyshona, @jennbostic and… https://t.co/9inWMB1oid
RT @pulse_breakfast: Today's beach music will be @jennbostic @_SarahDarling #NewMusic #beach
@pulse_breakfast @_SarahDarling 💕❤️💜
@jjennXX @fsapresents @sonialeigh @_SarahDarling Awwww thx. Maybe next year?
Dear @SouthwestAir. @DanaeCo and I sure do love you guys! Sadly this speaker ended up in the water yesterday, have… https://t.co/5hX78oSGHl
@tuckermusic @_SarahDarling 💜💜💜
RT @yousingiwrite: Amazing back to back rounds @listeningroom hearing some of my favorites @kyshona @jennbostic & @DanaeCo! Love these… https://t.co/T1PCS6cbCu
RT @tuckermusic: #happynationalicecreamday from myself, @_SarahDarling and @jennbostic. #buckleandboots2017 #glitter #Tuckermusic… https://t.co/SFzXz3cmVW
RT @PrayInFaith: Your talent is God's gift to you. What you do with it is your gift back to God. -Leo Buscaglia
@DanTackmann Thank you so much for coming and for the beautiful gifts!
@yousingiwrite You're so kind. Thank you.
RT @yousingiwrite: So beautiful hearing @jennbostic sing "Jealous of the Angels" live. Such a poignant song. 🎶 https://t.co/sJ1DFPTnu7
@yousingiwrite Xoxo sorry I missed you at the post show hang. Love love love. Thanks for being there!
RT @yousingiwrite: "Dreaming was never meant to be for the faint of heart, " @jennbostic ❤️
@KatieJelen @michaellogen @kyshona @Danaemusic @listeningroom Right? Unbelievable song!
RT @DanTackmann: Getting ready to listen to @jennbostic in Nashville https://t.co/ic2x4TWxsm
Tonight! @listeningroom show with @DanaeCo @kyshona @michaellogen 6PM! See you there. ❤️ https://t.co/zg9EMcmwcT
@Staright_Music @chasing_urdream 💜 Thank you so much!
@TaggartDonna @DalriadaFest @iamNATHANCARTER Amazing!!! ❤️❤️❤️
@_SarahDarling @colstonhall So beautiful!
@pieman40 Awwww I wish I didn't have to, but the shows must be booked and the accounting must be done. 😉
The best song ideas come when I have so much else I should be doing. #ohwell #writeitanyway
RT @MusCornerNash: We're excited to announce our @Lightning100 Acoustic Stage Lineup for the remainder of the year. • Full Schedule:… https://t.co/36TSM1u0xH
Dear @TheBonnieRaitt, thank you for pouring your heart onto that stage tonight. ❤️ You inspire me.
"When you run out of sexy it's best to go cute if you can." 😂 @JamesTaylor_com
#BonnieRaitt just made me feel all the feels. 😭 #favorite #blues
@Morgan_Evans @johnfarnham She is amazing!!!!! 🤞🏼 they still do Can't Make You Love Me together!
When #jamestaylor introduces #bonnieraitt as his favorite singer! #metoojamesmetoo 😭
RT @wosradio: "Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else." - Judy Garland
@Markymoomoo39 Yayyy! Wait until you hear the rest!! ❤️❤️
@Markymoomoo39 Hope you enjoyed it. 💜
RT @Markymoomoo39: Just listened to the new @jennbostic track Wrong Thing. Got round to it eventually :)
@kasey_stone_ Everything's great. 😉❤️
So important to remember that some days people are fragile and they don't need a reason. Love well. 💕 #lovethemwheretheyare
@montse_martins That's the biggest compliment! Thank you!!!
I'm going to see #BonnieRaitt and #JamesTaylor tonight! That is all. #CantStopSmiling
RT @kyshona: I won't be at #SoulShineNash this Friday, but you CAN catch me at @listeningroomcafe on Saturday 7/15 at 6pm with... https://t.co/mNSo7NVaed
Summer is here! Hope to see some of your beautiful faces out on the road! 💕 Photo by @sarakauss https://t.co/jxL7tO2FCB
"False gods never satisfy; instead, they stir up lust for more and more." @Jesus_Calling
Two of my best friends in the whole world are coming to visit me on 2 separate weekends this month. #JulyForTheWin!!!! <3 #HurryUpAndGetHere
@eswecker :) Miss you.
@TravisHorton94 Thank you so much!
@smileonice Oh my goodness! This made my day!
Soooooo precious! 😍😍😍 https://t.co/igkXQnTYDt
@SSAC9111 Oh wow, I'm honored. Thank you so much. ❤️
@cheekapow I'm sorry for your loss. Hang in there. 💜
RT @MilesMH92: Live now with #UTATRadio on @ChrisCountry! #NowPlaying @_SarahDarling, @jennbostic & @michaellogen with Jolene https://t.co/ZBpnB756FH
RT @WhisperingBobTV: #UTATRadio is back on @ChrisCountry at 5pm! Tune in to hear @MilesMH92 play @theshiresuk @TheCBsMusic… https://t.co/TOhegxokdz
@eddiesattic Can't wait!
RT @eddiesattic: Join Sarah Darling, Michael Logen, and Jenn Bostic ""in the round"" at Eddie's on 9/03! TIX - https://t.co/9hq96G04dU
RT @BellesandGals: Shout #10 goes to @jennbostic with this great cover of "Can't Make You Love Me" https://t.co/xFgvBE7Lo5
@jason9571 @BellesandGals @BuckleandBoots Awwwww thank you 💜
RT @w21MusicLIVE: #NowPlaying Jenn Bostic - Wrong Thing (Radio Edit) | Listen Live at: https://t.co/wWrC2VtKRb
@Westythewest Haha yes I've heard that a lot lately. 😉
So today was fun. ❤️ #paddleboard @LIVEWatersports https://t.co/Glf40a8YUE
@W21Music @KelseaBallerini @gw27 @JordanCWDavis @risastuff @janson_chris @lindsayell @tuckermusic @w21MusicLIVE ❤️❤️
RT @W21Music: This Weeks New Music comes from @KelseaBallerini @gw27 @JordanCWDavis @risastuff @janson_chris @jennbostic… https://t.co/pa2O9y8scz
Tune in and hear @theJennMcGill debut our song #WhatIKnowNow ❤️ https://t.co/blT2ZeApGP
#NowWatching Somebody's Someone by Daphne Willis on @Vevo https://t.co/qD42In7XRr 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 so honored to have written this song with her! 😭❤️
RT @thigy: Be still my heart! @jennbostic is coming back to #SouthCarolina #WestministerMusicHall https://t.co/8Wk13qdBxf
@LifeInASong_UK @zacbrownband @JasonIsbell @theSamOutlaw @aaron_watson @_SarahDarling 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
RT @hargreg67: Memories of a warm and memorable late spring evening @_SarahDarling @jennbostic @michaellogen https://t.co/Pu2QvZI51f
@jesseruben @EmilyShackelton @kyshona @_SarahDarling @nathanangelo @carlypearce @elisehayes @michaellogen @JeffBosticMusic 😘
@_SarahDarling ❤️❤️❤️
RT @DrewbPhotoUK: The awesome Jenn Bostic on the main stage at Buckle & Boots #country #festival #manchester… https://t.co/fNuqRkJpEN
@andybluntmusic Thanks Andy!
@EmilyShackelton @kyshona @_SarahDarling @jesseruben @nathanangelo @carlypearce @elisehayes @michaellogen… https://t.co/jnyFdSfgbo
Can't believe how many views this has already! You guys are amazing. #FaintofHeart https://t.co/aZuxGrvYlb
RT @Jillybird7: The lovely amazing @jennbostic peforming at @BuckleandBoots. Brilliant festival it was and brilliant memories! https://t.co/cZ5PXijj9f
RT @BuckleandBoots: Thanks to Helen Pocock @Think_Country for the lovely review of this year's festival! Have a read: https://t.co/NyjdSq3AMX
@scragnut @Stageit Thanks Ian!
@PAWFECT3 @Stageit @One_More_ShotUK Adore you. Xoxo
@JSHudson 💜💜
@pappysbabies @Stageit Thanks so much!
@Jmw268 Xoxo thanks for tuning in!
@raths_kitten Thanks so much!
@themaxstraub @Stageit Thanks for tuning in! See you soon!
7 minutes to showtime! @Stageit #stageit https://t.co/L9W9305Gc4
Online @Stageit concert happening in 45 min! Snag a ticket and join me. ❤️ https://t.co/L9W9305Gc4
RT @spnfan65: [email protected] Your On-Line Concert Venue @jennbostic in an hour Ticket Price Pay What You Can New Album Preview and Chat https://t.co/NIY53fCaYm
RT @pappysbabies: Don't forget to tune in at 3:00 PM CDT today for @jennbostic on @Stageit. #GreatArtist #BestFans #Fun https://t.co/5rDWt3AtNE via @stageit
Just booked my ticket 2 Mexico for the @SongwritersIsle Island Concert 2 w/ @JohnPattiMusic @EricErdmanMusic https://t.co/zQnznAYpT1 Join us
RT @spnfan65: A great track for @thismorning's #UnsignedArtists @jennbostic #WrongThing #Inspiring #TuneTuesday https://t.co/fLJPCqMLa7
@robertlanemusic 2 whole weeks!
I just unpacked my suitcase without having to immediately re-pack it for the first time in two months. ❤️ It's good to be home!
Humbled by this beautiful blog! 💜💜💜 https://t.co/iYKDTLXrtx
RT @spnfan65: This may just be my new favourite @jennbostic song! Thank you @WhisperingBobTV for featuring #FaintOfHeart https://t.co/nV63AWlBid
Honored that @WhisperingBobTV allowed me to debut #FaintofHeart @WhisperingBob @MilesMH92 #UTATRadio https://t.co/aZuxGrvYlb
@wayne766 @BuckleandBoots Wow! These are amazing!
RT @wayne766: One of the standout artists of a sensational @BuckleandBoots festival was @jennbostic who blew me away. Photos here https://t.co/ythvzuUc1Z
RT @spnfan65: Join @jennbostic tomorrow for an On-Line show via @Stageit for New Album Preview and Chat https://t.co/jyiPuqQhZ7
@alicat_812 @Stageit Yep!
Tomorrow!!! Online concert via @Stageit 💜 Get your tickets: https://t.co/L9W9305Gc4
Beautiful meal at #HenriettaRed tonight with great friends. #sogoodtobehome #nashville https://t.co/1fvhPdO7wC
@_SarahDarling @hikingviking69 @Arielleofficial @michaellogen @Wadge @HenryPriestman Yes! Just say when. ❤️❤️
@kyshona @_SarahDarling @jesseruben @nathanangelo @carlypearce @elisehayes @EmilyShackelton @michaellogen… https://t.co/8xZmU1Ogrl
Today's playlist @kyshona @_SarahDarling @jesseruben @nathanangelo @carlypearce @elisehayes @EmilyShackelton @michaellogen @JeffBosticMusic
@TravisHorton94 Awwww thank you. 😊
This dog!!!! Soooo fluffy!!! #homesick #Imissmyhumanandmydog @michaelernst7 https://t.co/arUDjOq7jZ
Haha love this! Why not? https://t.co/Wf25Qsdqge
"The sweetest fruit hangs on the vine the longest." @RONNIEDOSS #DontRushTheProcess #Hacked https://t.co/K1J3lBQ7Zo
@KT_Hurt13 @jason9571 @freedombarsoho @sonialeigh @lauraoakesmusic @lisawrightuk @jadehelliwell2 @LittleJeva… https://t.co/HtMXp4SGEq
2 mile run + 88 degree heat = 😓🤒😴 #noexcuses
@Section101Tweet 😘💕❤️
RT @Section101Tweet: Stop here for some good music: Miss @jennbostic has an awesome new track called "Wrong Thing." Listen Listen:… https://t.co/0tNGxNh1ei
Tonight! @EricErdmanMusic @JohnPattiMusic @SongwritersIsle 💕 https://t.co/bnCUfURRiS
RT @eddiesattic: Join #SarahDarling, @michaellogen, and Jenn Bostic "in the round" at Eddie's on 9/03! TIX - https://t.co/9hq96G04dU
@hikingviking69 @mirandalambert @erinmccarley @Anna_Nalick Awwww thank you!
Fun with steel drums tonight! @JohnPattiMusic Catch us tomorrow in Punta Gorda with our buddy @EricErdmanMusic ❤️ https://t.co/mGAN7gKZj7
Playing with one of my favorites tonight! @JohnPattiMusic https://t.co/h5KvywNy3A
RT @Coast1079: From the new @iamNATHANCARTER album 'Jealous of The Angels' up soon & just after 'What Love Feels Like' @jennbostic 👏 It's called a 📻link !
RT @MilesMH92: Back on @ChrisCountry with #UTATRadio in an hour folks... Here's the playlist of live performances featured today:… https://t.co/4znxckUVA1
@jesseruben Sounds wise
RT @Coast1079: Contemporary Country from 19:00BST with a new @iamNATHANCARTER album ft. the craft of @jennbostic Listen In https://t.co/cOFUYgjhFH
@Section101Tweet Totally ❤️
@31Dtaylor Miiiiiles 😉
Running 2 miles in 85 degree heat feels like 10.
July 15 @listeningroom with @michaellogen @DanaeCo @kyshona Get your tickets: https://t.co/DXAt7kRFfW https://t.co/CykloOJJPx
RT @deanandsheena: Catch our @BuckleandBoots special this afternoon from 1pm on @hebden_radio - music from & chats with festival artis… https://t.co/8QPXgUyawK
Midweek after @BuckleandBoots got me like... https://t.co/yn3lOdSZZ7
@love_radio_ Thx for playing my music! have you heard #Montmartre by @_SarahDarling, we wrote it about your beautif… https://t.co/XsQFRPoen8
@W21Music @BuckleandBoots @sonialeigh @jadehelliwell2 @southcompanion @Morgan_Evans @KrisBarrasBand @EllesBailey Oh… https://t.co/Zr5h6QYvqt
@lindsayell 😔
So excited for this show!!! If you're in Georgia, book your tickets. 💜💜💜 https://t.co/BRm8uZkX7Z
Florida bound. 🌊🐠🐬🌴 Stay tuned for some musical surprises this week! 🎸🎹🥁🎤🎧🎼
😍❤️💜💕📷: Drew Burnett @buckleandboots https://t.co/ZPFIOIQODq
@_SarahDarling @GaryQuinnMusic @BuckleandBoots 😘😘
RT @ThePolease: Had a blast playing with the incredible Jenn Bostic Ernst last week during her set at the equally awesome Buckle... https://t.co/Gdcfo1XBmw
@girlinbluecurls Awww thank you so much!!! ❤️❤️❤️ Glad you're enjoying it.
@jason9571 @GaryQuinnMusic @BuckleandBoots Thaaaaank you!
@jason9571 @GaryQuinnMusic @BuckleandBoots Any chance you could email this to [email protected]??? 🤞🏼
Had a blast with this! Count how many times I say "Fun" on 3 hours sleep. 🙈 https://t.co/boTeNry950
@opaman @Stageit Just landed in Nashville
ONLINE @Stageit Show, July 4th! Get your ticket: https://t.co/L9W9305Gc4
Back in the USA. Nashville bound for 12 hours before I head south for this fun Florida show! @JohnPattiMusic… https://t.co/WYUSb0gDxi
@apriljaimusic Likewise sweet girl! Thanks again for the phone charge on Sunday. 😘
@qnecaise Thank you so much. I am so sorry for your loss. God bless you.
Check out my new story https://t.co/L68nmibMIz
@Purpleroses0929 Thank you so much. ❤️ Sending lots of love your way.
RT @jason9571: @jennbostic with @GaryQuinnMusic at the aftershow party! @BuckleandBoots 🤠🇬🇧🍺🎶🎸 https://t.co/lH3yoI7tgG
Just ugly cried through @CBeautyMovie on the plane. ✈️😭
@jason9571 @BuckleandBoots And thank YOU. It was a blast!
@jason9571 @BuckleandBoots Okaaaaaaay. 😉
@woodhouse21 Huuuuuuugs!
@OneStopCountry @spnfan65 Aw, thank you so much!
@MAGIC2310 You got it! 😉
@RobertHHurt Thanks! Great seeing you all as well. Let's not wait so long next time. 😜
@CountryrocksKay Thanks! You got it. 😉❤️
@REVBOYLE Thank you! So loved meeting you and worshipping together on Sunday. 😘
@W21Music 💜
Headed home. ✈️ https://t.co/H4dlxzcf7u
@xenaphon8 💜
RT @REVBOYLE: Just a snippet with @jennbostic from our worship on Sunday @BuckleandBoots https://t.co/kLRE3uuF6k
@PradoDelMallon @BuckleandBoots Awwww thanks so much!
RT @PradoDelMallon: Back at home catching up on some work. Not anywhere near as good as with a beer on Friday at @BuckleandBoots 😉… https://t.co/hhyN5HNCBf
RT @themaxstraub: I'm going to @jennbostic at WINE & BEER 101 YOUNGSVILLE in Youngsville, NC - Aug 6 https://t.co/U7LJdCG2Pk
RT @GaryQuinnMusic: Great time at buckleandboots hanging and jamming with my super talented pal @jennbostic !… https://t.co/DyQkHHFWsC
RT @deanandsheena: D&S - THIS WEEK: Buckle & Boots 2017 Special! https://t.co/dN6J4gEnnL
@xkatie19x @BuckleandBoots @_SarahDarling @AmyWestney @ClaraBondSongs @americanyoung @Morgan_Evans @KT_Hurt13… https://t.co/thACqyaPTg
Nashville, mark your calendars. Playing @listeningroom with @kyshona @michaellogen and @DanaeCo ❤️❤️❤️ https://t.co/Kii6mxkmUQ
@jadehelliwell2 @sonialeigh @BuckleandBoots You were great! Fun playing together. 💜
"Bless your little cotton socks." 💕 #BritishPhrases #Funwithwords
RT @BellesandGals: Shout #2 goes to @jennbostic with "Missin' A Man" https://t.co/4PLAbD14YY
@ChrisCountry Thank you so much! It was a blessing and an honor to do it.
RT @ChrisCountry: Such a beautiful service, thank you Reverend Lynn Boyle and Jenn Bostic! https://t.co/uS4ByTzaXr
RT @wosradio: Vocal Coach In Residence October: Jenn Bostic | VoiceCouncil Magazine - https://t.co/l5CJs5P6Vr https://t.co/HOJnmzjQlT
@MAGIC2310 @BuckleandBoots ❤️❤️❤️❤️
RT @MAGIC2310: @jennbostic Thank you for the music! Great @BuckleandBoots https://t.co/kMaSbf6w18
RT @genrestylemusic: The round from earlier today - it's amazing line up included @sonialeigh @jadehelliwell2 & @jennbostic https://t.co/wSI6H3BP3q
@Thorne_Hill Thank you so much! Great work this weekend!!! See you soon.
RT @MilesMH92: Beautiful performance of Where Cowboys Ride by @_SarahDarling & @michaellogen just played, now it's @jennbostic! https://t.co/ZBpnB756FH
After party jams @BuckleandBoots https://t.co/RPhtxFST8U
RT @blackberrychris: When @_SarahDarling & @jennbostic are on the same #UTATRadio session you know it's going to be a good one! @ChrisCountry @WhisperingBobTV 🤠
@john_johnhands3 ❤️ Thank you. It filled my heart.
RT @Lo_Ball: Soundcheck ahead of morning worship at #buckleandboots2017 @jennbostic https://t.co/a5e1njTX4j
RT @BuckleandBoots: Another HUGELY popular 'In The Round' session with @jennbostic, @sonialeigh and @jadehelliwell2! https://t.co/uT4oJ05F2f
RT @LifeInASong_UK: The Paddock Stage tent is packed once again for @jennbostic, @sonialeigh and @jadehelliwell2 in the round! https://t.co/SChNjJKvDR
@SimonJamesBand Likewise! Thank you. 💜
Honored!!! ❤️❤️ https://t.co/2ZybLPCp9Q
Having the best time @buckleandboots this weekend. ❤️ https://t.co/ZRWdIvj35F
@Morgan_Evans great set tonight @BuckleandBoots 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
RT @smileonice: What a way to start my day with @jennbostic @_SarahDarling and @GaryQuinnMusic in the round ❤️ Some of my faves - music speaks to the heart
RT @CiarasCountry: And here's the Saturday Paddock stage at @BuckleandBoots! Fab way to get to know some new #country artists 😁 https://t.co/9kloUIlb5G
@gillo1 @BuckleandBoots Thank you so much!
RT @genrestylemusic: We made it just in time for the round #buckleandboots with @_SarahDarling @GaryQuinnMusic & @jennbostic
RT @W21Music: Day 2 @BuckleandBoots is well under way, head up to the #PaddockStage for an in the round with @_SarahDarling @jennbostic & @GaryQuinnMusic
RT @BuckleandBoots: A packed out tent for @jennbostic, @GaryQuinnMusic and @_SarahDarling! https://t.co/Flhc1TpRLV
RT @genrestylemusic: #BuckleandBoots https://t.co/9cytMrfC7y
RT @deanandsheena: In the paddock tent at @BuckleandBoots - @jennbostic, @GaryQuinnMusic & @_SarahDarling are filling it with some bea… https://t.co/2J8McGlMVL
RT @W21Music: The #PaddockStage is full to capacity for @_SarahDarling @jennbostic & @GaryQuinnMusic thank you to everyone at… https://t.co/7Mv3UztUtr
RT @LifeInASong_UK: Lovely chat with @jennbostic here at Buckle & Boots! https://t.co/1zev7PFyRx
RT @LifeInASong_UK: [email protected] KILLING IT on the Buckle & Boots main stage with 'Haunting Me'! https://t.co/PMI1DU4QfQ
Humbled to hear @CelebMix call #jealousoftheangels a "classic" in their review of @iamNATHANCARTER's new album. ❤️ https://t.co/PgXhK4wJB5
Serve the Lord with gladness; come before His presence with singing. -Psalm 100:2
@love_radio_ Thank you so much! ❤️❤️❤️
RT @Section101Tweet: Our client @jennbostic has a new single and some summer tour dates. Read more about what's going on for her here:… https://t.co/QhAMNiBEOP
RT @deanandsheena: Our session with @jennbostic & @_SarahDarling - see them at @BuckleandBoots & watch out for more D&S sessions soon https://t.co/gpbK68JPe4
Back in England. ❤️❤️❤️ So excited to play FULL BAND. @BuckleandBoots tomorrow!
Can we wear heels when we glamp?! Looking forward to another adventure with my bestie… https://t.co/JplekxhG5q
Playing SOOOOO many new songs this weekend @BuckleandBoots with @DeanKingofWing @Gray_Guitars @BelindaLeeWebb @MC_Lachlan!!! #newmusic #yay
RT @GaryQuinnMusic: This weekend 👌🏻!! Catch me 'In The Round' with my good friends @jennbostic & @_sarahdarling on… https://t.co/GKG0czGl1p
SURPRISE! Online @Stageit show happening July 4th. :) Get your ticket! https://t.co/L9W9305Gc4
RT @HBDProductions: Counting down the days! HOME BY DARK w/ @jennbostic & @erniehalter Orchestra, Balcony, Box, and VIP tickets NOW ON… https://t.co/QL4HZGs98V
RT @chrisburkmenn: part of moving forward is letting go of things that hold you back.
RT @theJennMcGill: Unbreakable update: ARMOR: Co-Writer Reveal with Jenn Bostic! https://t.co/uB4K3oUJIm @PledgeMusic #Unbreakable #jennifermcgill
RT @PMUpdates: Jennifer McGill (@theJennMcGill): Unbreakable update: ARMOR: Co-Writer Reveal with Jenn Bostic! https://t.co/2nTVYw3CGe #Unbreakable
@jstpumpkin @kyshona Looooove
RT @leedspete: On air tonight from 830pm englefields country roots with a @BuckleandBoots special. Go to https://t.co/nuUBUptWc6 https://t.co/DPARjDfjDa
663 million people on our planet lack access to safe, clean drinking water. @thirstproject is changing that!… https://t.co/m6PpfE8h87
RT @deanandsheena: We're very excited about @BuckleandBoots festival this weekend. Which acts are you most looking forward to & who is on your can't miss list?
RT @_SarahDarling: Make sure you see me in the round with @GaryQuinnMusic and @jennbostic Saturday at the Paddock stage 2pm… https://t.co/YjY5s6IyD5
THIS WEEKEND! @BuckleandBoots https://t.co/w5bzny19uQ
@hargreg67 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
THIS WEEKEND! So excited for buckleandboots. ❤️ Playing full band Friday, in-the-round Saturday, … https://t.co/PHqtjmdBL2
RT @smileonice: Check out @jennbostic's new single! Now on spotify!! https://t.co/tux6xst5X6
RT @Gray_Guitars: This is the board that I'll be using whilst playing with Jenn Bostic at the Buckle and Boots… https://t.co/jCNvNcSdKS
@glendale2000 Thanks for listening!
@Bionic_Tweets Hugs
“A father to the fatherless, a defender of widows, is God in his holy dwelling.” Psalm 68:5 NIV https://t.co/YSZbmMkmo8
@iamNATHANCARTER Love it!!!
Wow. Well done @iamNATHANCARTER. ❤️ Go snag your copy of this! #JealousofTheAngels https://t.co/oQSRgv9EoA
RT @NowOnRadio2: ♫ What Love Feels Like - by Jenn Bostic https://t.co/FdyjQHuhfQ #bbc #radio2 #np
RT @hargreg67: Father's Day gift: Jealous CD @jennbostic chuffed Dad!
@Cherish4You I made it, thank you.
RT @blackberrychris: "Think I'll fall? Think I'll break? Think I'll give up and forget? Not me, not yet" Thx @jennbostic for providing… https://t.co/NEWEPrppI5
Finally made it to Minneapolis! 🙌🏽 Tomorrow @GoAndPractice gets married!!!! Whoop whoop!
Really trying to stay positive at the Newark airport right now. #CountToTen #PatienceIsHard #Delayed
@CheekyPromo Great thanks! Hope the same for you.
@atlantamusic Can't wait!
@CheekyPromo Thanks for sharing my music!
@newvisionfm Thanks for the support!
RT @southcompanion: Next week we're back at Buckle & Boots Country Festival with the incredible lineup of Sonia Leigh Jenn Bostic... https://t.co/LpCCVgGafn
@Purpleroses0929 😘
So...my husband is a rockstar! Check this out: https://t.co/Vnyj8l7Fsu #tarpon #fishing #floridafishing @michaelernst7 #LastCastProductions
@iamNATHANCARTER @ChloeAgnew @glatzconcerts Oh wow! I'm so happy you're coming to the states!
"Wrong Thing" is available on @spotify! Go take a listen and add it to one of your playlists. :) https://t.co/zxK73uWNXX
5.5 layover in Newark made better by a random United Club pass living in the bottom of my purse. #wifiandcoffee
@Section101Tweet 😘 Thanks!
RT @Section101Tweet: Must listen! @jennbostic has just released a GREAT new single called "Wrong Thing." Check it out!!!… https://t.co/ePhyuciSeY
@jstpumpkin I know! And I need to bring @michaelernst7 next time!
So many giggles on this beautiful vacay with my momma. Sad to see the all day buffets as poolside umbrella drinks c… https://t.co/FfzH2tnlQr
RT @deanandsheena: A few weeks ago the lovely @jennbostic & @_SarahDarling joined us at D&S HQ. Here's the beautiful 'Montmartre' https://t.co/6ZZy54axVO
@xenaphon8 Puerto Rico!
Seriously! Today was amazing. https://t.co/uhTCuwHnZP
@RochelleLoRo @TBNUKtv Thank you so much.❤️
@jacqui_sampson Yay!
Tune into @tbnuk in 10 minutes to see yours truly. 💜 https://t.co/xlf2RmJFHO
RT @TBNUKtv: Tonight at 7:30pm TBN Meets @jennbostic a singer/ songwriter based in Nashville who has had sell-out tours of the UK https://t.co/UMpRm5SsuX
This woman! 😍 https://t.co/vFnuQMhPDW
@TravisHorton94 ❤️❤️❤️
Soooooo true. Love you @_SarahDarling https://t.co/bNBjmFJnDZ
Having a ball at sea! 🚢 https://t.co/qcg822uD0G
@Kathy__Anderson @robertlanemusic @_SarahDarling She's the best!
RT @BellesandGals: Shout #6 goes to @jennbostic with "Faithful" https://t.co/rxnc3bvoaq
RT @lisaredford: My new column @atnorfolk includes @_SarahDarling @jennbostic @michaellogen @breeze_redwine @NNFest https://t.co/YyzSX4Psoj #music #review
@dancelikejagger I was hacked! It was a spam post, I'm sorry about that.
Vacay with my mom this week. Doing my best to unplug and recharge. ❤️ Happy weekend friends!
@Gmski I have thanks.
@fearlesskatie07 😘
After deleting about 100 Ray Ban $23.99 spammer tweets, I want to assure you that l never spend more than $15 on a pair of sunglasses. #grrr
@Gmski I just deleted about 100
@stylusboy Thanks.
@Gmski Working on it. It's going to take FOREVER.
Twitter hacked today from a windows computer in Los Angeles. 🤥 Somebody's nose just got a little longer. Sorry friends!
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When you stumble across THIS on the internet... 😭https://t.co/7LtmLTjhR4
RT @spnfan65: #NationalBestFriendsDay @jennbostic with a cover of Queen's You're My Best Friend https://t.co/BnNKcRds1b
Face your fears! #WrongThing https://t.co/9u9brGk4yP @skydivetn @tonefreak713 @michaelernst7 https://t.co/f26qVhyjZF
Proud supporter of @thirstproject! Bringing clean water to over 280K people. Visit https://t.co/9MMdkh8R3a to get i… https://t.co/Vf8mM6fPiq
@One_More_ShotUK @GaryQuinnMusic @StewartMacMusic @DeanKingofWing @mattlande PS I feel ALL THE collaborations coming on! 😉❤️
@One_More_ShotUK @GaryQuinnMusic @StewartMacMusic @DeanKingofWing @mattlande Baaaaaaah! So excited!
RT @One_More_ShotUK: April 20-22 2018. Confirmed guests @GaryQuinnMusic @StewartMacMusic @DeanKingofWing @jennbostic @mattlande Tickets… https://t.co/Q2kBYIRVVD
How many people who sing along to "Billie Jean" have actually done a little lyric analysis of what's going on? #saucy
@takisa2660 @YouTube Thanks!
RT @takisa2660: Nice @jennbostic on #JUCELIVE - April 21st https://t.co/zKGTbJGG3c @YouTube https://t.co/7i3uTJVaZI
Some songs just move you. Honored to sing "Human After All" w/ @michaellogen for #ANightInNashville last month. https://t.co/Uyg02mbV9w
That moment when it's three in the afternoon and you realize that your shirt has been inside out the entire day and no one told you…🙄
Writing today and it feels SO good. ❤️ #happyheart https://t.co/SiuWUBq2bo
@CuPNetPeter @_SarahDarling @michaellogen Thank you thank you thank you! You are such an angel.
RT @CuPNetPeter: A very big THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart @jennbostic , @_SarahDarling and @michaellogen. #anightinnashville https://t.co/XF49hVBQMg
RT @reversefmni: #Nowplaying Jenn Bostic - Wrong Thing @jennbostic @HartMedia New Single Now On #ReverseFM #NewMusicMonday 24/7… https://t.co/oFrX9j7IWy
Headed back into the studio today with @tonefreak713 & @thepaulsalveson!!! https://t.co/oychvnBZgk
RT @takisa2660: WRONG THING by @jennbostic! https://t.co/ol0U8KahAN https://t.co/4JBBAvSrga
Spontaneous #BillWithers with @photocillin is always a good idea. @jstpumpkin #jamsession… https://t.co/XjoZDX2KyA
RT @ChrisCountry: Sounds like there's lots of love for @MilesMH92 with the #UTATRadio show! Catch the replay on Thurs at 8pm, and a new show next weekend :)
@BellesandGals Thank you!
RT @BellesandGals: Shout #5 goes to @jennbostic with "What Love Feels Like" https://t.co/Qo1yuIG8cs
RT @MilesMH92: #NowPlaying on https://t.co/ZBpnB756FH @_SarahDarling, @jennbostic & @michaellogen - Jolene #UTATRadio
Switzerland stole my heart this tour. @stellerstories @_SarahDarling @michaellogen @CuPNetPeter https://t.co/g9XAAedAGO
Heart broken. Praying for London. 🙏🏼
@Cherish4You Me too! After being on the road for a month I am SO grateful that I'll have clean clothes! 😉😇
I spy #JealousoftheAngels on that album cover... 😉 https://t.co/DrKGD868Un
Just put laundry load #4 into the wash. #tourlife #homesweethome
@OKCMissy @wordman54 Thank you so much!
A snapshot of #ANightInNashville returns to England! @_SarahDarling @michaellogen @WhisperingBob @justineclaire75 https://t.co/2wSej3Qgd0
Check out my new story https://t.co/wo14EfdONJ
Are you following me on @stellerstories yet? https://t.co/fONNobNP2T
So excited to sleep in my own bed tonight and snuggle my favorites! #homewardbound
RT @ScottKash88: #NewMusicFriday Go Checkout @jennbostic’s new single “Wrong Thing” NOW on #iTunes https://t.co/yWambDS2Xn https://t.co/5VSJJGTXvH
This may be my favorite Bitmoji... https://t.co/o9eEelQszT
RT @_SarahDarling: A privilege to travel the world and sing with @jennbostic and @michaellogen! See you soon #nashville ❤️❤️❤️😭😂 https://t.co/7THnrcj93X
Farewell Europe. We'll leave you with this... https://t.co/4xYlytz8hY
@hargreg67 ❤️❤️❤️
RT @Slaedu: Amazing Grace @ the washbar. @jennbostic @sarahdarling1 @michaellogen im Herzen von Bern. Thank u so much! Awesome! https://t.co/MATWPJbfiq
@nanousblues Thank you so much!
RT @nanousblues: @jennbostic Ohhh... Enjoy Switzerland! Welcome to our small country! :) Beautiful voice, song, dress, woman... you got it all <3
When you're in a Swiss castle and find a room with amazing acoustics you sing the blues. 😉… https://t.co/uUz4hyfTCl
@SecretWeasels Oh man. 😬 haha
RT @SinaBellwald: Direkt aus Nashville ins Rest. La Deliziosa, Boniswil. Die drei wunderschöne Stimmen von Jenn Bostic, Sarah... https://t.co/lrm23QivKb
I love you Switzerland. 🇨🇭 https://t.co/w6SxtB1Yzb
RT @firstbreakmusic: WATCH 🎥 @jennbostic @_SarahDarling and @michaellogen performing their version of 'Jolene' last week in the studio 👉 https://t.co/QeniqIcVko
RT @smileonice: Wondering if I know anyone going to see @jennbostic and @_SarahDarling in Bern tomorrow night...?!
RT @photocillin: When your new single comes on in a swish London bar.....with @jennbostic Hiding from the rain… https://t.co/0NYA5WqEF9
RT @ownnashville: Buckle & Boots Country Festival have announced the stage times for this year’s festival https://t.co/ZuovY6cFfH https://t.co/Mnju9ylMfG
RT @deanandsheena: Tonight at 8 catch our session with @jennbostic & @_SarahDarling + music from @TwoWaysHome, @Hollowayroaduk & more… https://t.co/1W8OfM0P4d
@JSHudson Thanks!
@wonderfuldream Thank you so much for your encouragement.
@spm2866 Aw thank you!
Off to Switzerland! https://t.co/AuNqP2KDLe
@justineclaire75 @BBCCovWarks Xoxoxo I adore you! So sorry I didn't make it into the studio!
RT @justineclaire75: Now playing @BBCCovWarks the brilliant @jennbostic who is today's Sunday Selection. Her brand new single #WrongThing is guaranteed to rock u
RT @chapel_sessions: Thank you for a truly wonderful evening @chapel_sessions @jstpumpkin St Edward's Church Netley @jennbostic… https://t.co/IENBs8JiVM
RT @Jillybird7: Was amazing to see @jennbostic @_SarahDarling @michaellogen in the UK. Hope they have a safe flight to Switzerland… https://t.co/h8fp97eNW8
RT @TonyMen44217772: This song was one of my favourites from the @jennbostic @_SarahDarling @michaellogen tour. Thanks y'all for the won… https://t.co/gUJRlkkV1H
RT @BellesandGals: Shout #2 goes to @jennbostic with "Let's Get Ahead Of Ourselves" https://t.co/MDebIZi6N8
RT @KerryTrezise: Such A Fun Night With These [email protected] @Bennyboy2k2 @_SarahDarling @jennbostic @michaellogen https://t.co/orw4oz494c
RT @Bennyboy2k2: Had such a blast tonight with @KerryTrezise @_SarahDarling @jennbostic and @michaellogen. Can't wait for the next o… https://t.co/MNrSbHd0ID
RT @blackberrychris: Music is meant to be powerful, to heal, to move. Tonight 3 brilliant musicians did just that. A much needed special… https://t.co/FMtVKC7AdA
@blackberrychris Thank you so much!!! ❤️
RT @TonyMen44217772: The fabulous @jennbostic at St Edwards Church Netley last night and singing one of the loveliest songs I know ❤ https://t.co/91KU9tOZ5K
@TonyMen44217772 @_SarahDarling @michaellogen Thanks for all your support
RT @TonyMen44217772: So so sad to have seen my last gig on the fantastic @jennbostic @_SarahDarling @michaellogen tour but have many fon… https://t.co/cQJo7cABYc
Tonight! Last UK #ANightInNashville show @chapel_sessions. Still a few tickets left. ❤️@_SarahDarling @michaellogen https://t.co/NB0EL9eDdx
@lechtigkopelia @eddieshaw1 @_SarahDarling Thank you so much. 💜
Looking for recommendations for the best Indian Restaurant with a vibey atmosphere in London. 💜
RT @KerryTrezise: The Lovely @_SarahDarling & Talented @jennbostic & @michaellogen Are Playing In Netley Tonight @chapel_sessions Onl… https://t.co/VNo91W1xT4
@eddieshaw1 @_SarahDarling Thanks so much for having us!
RT @Kathy__Anderson: Still a few tickets available tonight at @chapel_sessions with @jennbostic @_SarahDarling and @michaellogen Grab them quick!! @jstpumpkin
@BellesandGals @_SarahDarling @michaellogen @GreenNote @LesleyHastings Thank you so much!
RT @BellesandGals: A review of @_SarahDarling, @jennbostic and @michaellogen's brilliant gig at the @GreenNote by @LesleyHastings https://t.co/UvbERzuQnd
RT @chapel_sessions: TONIGHT St Edwards Church Grange Road Netley Southampton @jennbostic @_SarahDarling @michaellogen #ANightinNashville https://t.co/8gMAXsv9FM
The love was thick at tonight's show in Kirton-in-Lindsey with @_SarahDarling & @michaellogen 💜 Thanks to everyone… https://t.co/OWsXZ1Gu97
@BryfordMusic @_SarahDarling @michaellogen @GreenNote ❤️
@c881s @_SarahDarling @MichaelLogan Thanks Chris!
RT @Baseballhwk: Just listened to @jennbostic new single #wrongthing and it's great!! Her soulful voice fits in… https://t.co/Tpqxqgf4DF
@LaurelCanyonUK @DollyParton @_SarahDarling @michaellogen Thanks for the love!
RT @LaurelCanyonUK: Our LCM #TrackOfTheDay is a great cover of a @DollyParton classic by @jennbostic, @_SarahDarling & @michaellogen… https://t.co/hNUu3kXhZL
@hargreg67 @_SarahDarling @michaellogen Enjoy the sunshine! See you tonight!
@itsrobunderwood @_SarahDarling @michaellogen @BBCRadioLincs 👏🏼 Thanks for the grace. 😉
@CountryrocksKay Yayyyy!
@JonBallardie Thank you! Either the fall or early next year.
RT @ScottKash88: #NewMusicFriday go pickup @jennbostic’s new single “Wrong Thing” NOW on #iTunes https://t.co/yWambDS2Xn https://t.co/VdLl6BNpzg
Have you downloaded #WrongThing yet??? https://t.co/9u9brGk4yP
@markiesb ❤️
@spm2866 Aw thanks Stephen!
RT @CiarasCountry: #nowplaying: #NEW @jennbostic - Wrong Thing. Like the track? Let me know (and who you'd like to hear as future spotlights too! 👂
@p_hadley @_SarahDarling @michaellogen Thanks Paul!
@itsrobunderwood @BBCRadioLincs @_SarahDarling @michaellogen Can't wait! En route!
RT @TonyMen44217772: Tbe fabulous sound of @jennbostic at @GreenNote tonight so so good https://t.co/efLtgEPKvl
RT @HanneAJ1: Had a great evening at Nashville in the Round. Thank you @_SarahDarling @jennbostic @michaellogen & @GreenNote. I hope you come back soon
@jacqui_sampson Oh wow, you're an angel! What a compliment, thank you so much. ❤️❤️❤️😘
RT @CoolFMAbuja: #Np Jealous of the angels @jennbostic #GoodMorningNIgeriaShow with @UsoroEdima @Kenyatta7D #TGIF… https://t.co/zrJM5NopKe
@TonyMen44217772 @aiok1 @_SarahDarling @GreenNote Thanks Tony!
Jenn Bostic has a show on 05/27/2017 at 07:00 PM @ Chapel Sessions in Netley, ENG, UK https://t.co/MIjM3KGmXa #concert
RT @roomfortea: Tonight @GreenNote in #Camden @jennbostic @_SarahDarling @michaellogen are playing #LondonGIG… https://t.co/YxYAerrzgp
@JSHudson @MorgansSY1 @_SarahDarling No, we still love you all. Just a terrible hotel experience. Don't want anyone… https://t.co/3YRghGu3WX
Worst hotel experience of our lives last night! NEVER stay @morganssy1.
RT @CiarasCountry: Tonight's spotlight artists are @southcompanion & @jennbostic! I'll be introducing each act & then playing some tracks - follow for updates!
Shrewsbury, I won't forget you. 💜 https://t.co/FV4WVeZCoH
@ToriaSScott @_SarahDarling Thanks for the love!
@pug1309 You're right. 💜
@RonMorgan3 @HiveShrewsbury Thanks Ron!
@SamandKen1 Thank you! ❤️
@SamandKen1 @_SarahDarling @michaellogen @KeepItCountryTV @vjm541 ❤️❤️❤️
@blackberrychris @_SarahDarling @michaellogen @ChapelSessions Yayyyy! See you there!
@daleedwards88 @_SarahDarling @michaellogen Thanks Dale!
Does anyone have spare ticket to tomorrow's show at The Green Note?
RT @VicAllenMusic: Such an inspiring evening listening to a Nashville round in Norwich. @_SarahDarling, @michaellogen and @jennbostic… https://t.co/ECejeG01GB
@seniorming1969 @sarahdarling1 @michaellogen @NorwichArtCentr Great shot! Thanks for the support.
@TravisHorton94 I havent
RT @lisaredford: Special gig @NorwichArtCentr supporting @jennbostic @_SarahDarling @michaellogen thanks for having me! so inspiring https://t.co/x0110nvLzi
RT @desertboot_luce: #ANightinNashville was everything I wanted and more, so inspiring. Thank you @michaellogen @_SarahDarling @jennbostic ♥️♥️
RT @amystraker: An emotional roller coaster tonight listening to @jennbostic @_SarahDarling and @michaellogen, thank you for big smiles and a few tears! Xx
RT @SamandKen1: @vjm541 @KeepItCountryTV @HiveShrewsbury @_SarahDarling @jennbostic @michaellogen Looking forward to tomorrow night… https://t.co/sXcNVBggZW
@drewsh57 @_SarahDarling @michaellogen Thanks Drew!
@JSHudson @LifeInASong_UK Aw thank you!
RT @wordman54: ✨ #np the wonderful, bluesy new single #WrongThing from @JennBostic https://t.co/R4KJFaKOEU check it out and tell a friend or 2 or 200
@pieman40 @michaellogen @_SarahDarling Thanks!
@seniorming1969 @NorwichArtCentr @sarahdarling1 @michaellogen Yayyy!
RT @FishRecordsUK: All set to go @NorwichArtCentr with @_SarahDarling @jennbostic and Michael Logen come on down #musicwins https://t.co/45IpPVOaNr
@DadParish @_SarahDarling @michaellogen 😔
RT @TravisHorton94: #JealousOfTheAngels by @jennbostic perfect song for how I feel at the moment
@TravisHorton94 Aw thanks so much!!!! ❤️❤️❤️
RT @NorwichArtCentr: Tickets still available for tomorrow night with Sarah Darling , Jenn Bostic, Michael Logen + support @lisaredford https://t.co/nRbKReAKey
RT @_SarahDarling: Off to #norwich with @jennbostic and @michaellogen!! See you at the @NorwichArtCentr tonight!!✨ https://t.co/brYsJ6ATqb
Heartbroken for one of my favorite cities in the world. #PrayForManchester https://t.co/hWZ7UMZQXh
@Lo_Ball @_SarahDarling @NorwichArtCentr 😿
My heart goes out to Manchester tonight. 💜 Praying for peace.
@JSHudson I think it's called Worth the Wait.
RT @LifeInASong_UK: [email protected] with a brand new one for all the dream chasers out there https://t.co/MUqoiDWxDE
RT @takisa2660: WRONG THING by @jennbostic ! https://t.co/ol0U8KahAN https://t.co/MPuSSZtv8I
@pieman40 Big love Simon
RT @pieman40: When you are literally crying at a beautiful intimate gig because a song touches your heart. #JealousOfTheAngels @jennbostic
RT @LifeInASong_UK: [email protected] with her new single 'Wrong Thing'! https://t.co/lMMfYKdM8L
@michaellogen Thanks friend!
@Bionic_Tweets @_SarahDarling @michaellogen Great shots! Thanks for being there!
RT @Jillybird7: Was amazing seeing @_SarahDarling @jennbostic @michaellogen at The Musician Pub in Leciester. Amazing talent they a… https://t.co/4DcIcQ10WD
RT @ScottKash88: #NewMusicMonday Go Checkout @jennbostic’s new single “Wrong Thing” NOW on #iTunes https://t.co/yWambDS2Xn https://t.co/Abg6Vnmwsk
@WeLoveKymMarsh @_SarahDarling Yayyyyy!
Doing some radio before tonight's #SOLDOUT show in #Birmingham! @_SarahDarling https://t.co/wG2bxHSr4A
@LaineyyM Thank you so much. 😘😍❤️
RT @lisaredford: Supporting three wonderful #nashville based singer-songwriters @NorwichArtCentr May 23rd #ANightInNashville… https://t.co/SWUaGfmfff
RT @One_More_ShotUK: Confirmed for 2018 @One_More_ShotUK @RamadaSuttCold #Birmingham @jennbostic Tickets https://t.co/H31NJFOGAl https://t.co/FeMsT9ZLZ8
RT @LiamClarkeMedia: Lovely to be joined by @jennbostic @_SarahDarling and @michaellogen today. Hear the chat and studio session on Sund… https://t.co/0YaSsyBkvW
@robertlanemusic @_SarahDarling Thanks for the support!
RT @robertlanemusic: Fantastic show from @_sarahdarling @jennbostic and Michael Logan at The Musician in Leicester… https://t.co/xFBXRqWPLK
@JSHudson @_SarahDarling 💜💜💜
@secretskrull12 @michaellogen @_SarahDarling Thanks so much!
RT @leader_music: From 9pm tonight, a mini session & chat from @jennbostic @_SarahDarling & @michaellogen - join me @MeridianFM https://t.co/jExUKVoQnY
“For GOD is sheer beauty, all-generous in love, loyal always and ever.” Psalm 100:5 MSG https://t.co/Pj8LtISYzC
RT @jstpumpkin: #ANightinNashville @Think_Country features @_SarahDarling @jennbostic @michaellogen 27/5 @chapel_sessions St Edward… https://t.co/oGDyB0LjQG
RT @JohnSmithJS40: Country stars @_SarahDarling @jennbostic & @michaellogen bringing #Nashville to #Kirton https://t.co/3ynYygcXC8 https://t.co/0lkJIoEu7O
Fun little clip from last night's show in Leicester. #ANightInNashville https://t.co/0HU8YIjqNI
@scragnut @MusicianVenue Thanks for coming!
@JonBallardie Thank you! Autumn 😉
RT @TonyMen44217772: The fabulous sound of @jennbostic last night at @thehawthcrawley https://t.co/GObH6T0iKn
@JSHudson Yay! Sure is!
RT @CRoutesNews: @_SarahDarling @michaellogen @jennbostic SO nice to wake up & hear @jennbostic's 'Jealous Of The Angels' being play… https://t.co/GKJnYExIl1
RT @chapel_sessions: Don't forget to book for the next @chapel_sessions St Edward's 💒Netley Sat 27th May https://t.co/FnjbFmjHbU https://t.co/DVfiFSSfgw
@BellesandGals ❤️
RT @deanandsheena: Exciting times - this afternoon we recorded a live session with @jennbostic & @_SarahDarling. Watch out for details… https://t.co/EvUEkTQmaC
RT @leader_music: On the show tomorrow night: an exclusive live track from @_SarahDarling & @michaellogen & one from @jennbostic On air from 8pm @MeridianFM
@MusicaHoyTop Awesome! Can you screenshot???
Yessss! Let's get @_SarahDarling to #1!!!!!!! https://t.co/vh9mv0npa2
So much love and laughter tonight @thehawthcrawley @22O5promotions Thanks to all who made it such a fun sell out! ❤️ #ANightInNashville
RT @Tylershouse: Love this song so so much! When will it be out @jennbostic - this before you had @kemp_manda and I crying our eyes… https://t.co/W7XRytJrKd
@Cate365 @thehawthcrawley 😘
RT @Cate365: We are en route to @thehawthcrawley to see @jennbostic We are super excited!
@leader_music Yeeeeeeeessss!
@JSHudson So sweet! Thank you!
RT @WhisperingBob: Thank you for a wonderful session @_sarahdarling @michaellogen @jennbostic #jolene… https://t.co/qIQqjvmKfK
RT @leader_music: Raise 'em up! @jennbostic https://t.co/VpOwrtT16p
@IanWood600 @michaellogen @_SarahDarling @estevensmusic ❤️❤️❤️
RT @IanWood600: Just had great night of live music with @michaellogen @jennbostic @_SarahDarling @estevensmusic at the Hawth Crawley. Great music
@WagsAndy @estevensmusic @_SarahDarling @michaellogen @22O5promotions Thank you! ❤️
RT @WagsAndy: Fantastic night in Crawley with @estevensmusic @_SarahDarling @jennbostic @michaellogen thanks to @22O5promotions for bringing the music.
@judystiletto @_SarahDarling @michaellogen Awwwwww thank you!
RT @judystiletto: Thanks @jennbostic @_SarahDarling @michaellogen for an amazing gig tonight #tasteofnashville Loved it.... you just got some new uberfans!!!
RT @spnfan65: Check out this review for @jennbostic @_SarahDarling & @michaellogen https://t.co/6MbCRgbzz8 Tour dates:… https://t.co/9MplkJjVqQ
@Jmw268 Great!!!
@JSHudson Okay so don't get mad if I don't sneak the other two in. We'll see tho haha
@JSHudson Hee hee no it's not that, I just want to play new songs. 😉
@JSHudson Oooo I can promise one of those 2. Not sure which yet though. 😉
@JSHudson Any requests?
This is how excited I am for tonight's #SOLDOUT show @thehawthcrawley https://t.co/teMootR3gz
RT @PirateFMShow: Enjoy a taste of #Nashville today @MFMWorldFolk 1600-1800 BST @MarlowFM courtesy of @michaellogen @_SarahDarling &… https://t.co/NCxRVlmjsT
RT @MarlowFM: Enjoy a taste of #Nashville today @MFMWorldFolk 1600-1800 BST @MarlowFM courtesy of @michaellogen @_SarahDarling &… https://t.co/eW4Y11GN5E
@hargreg67 @thehawthcrawley @_SarahDarling Haha it's for some very special guests who couldn't get tickets.
Does anyone happen to have a spare ticket or 2 for tonight's show @thehawthcrawley?
@michaelwoolley @_SarahDarling @michaellogen Great pics! Thank you!
RT @jesseruben: And last week @jennbostic released "wrong thing": https://t.co/vw8t5Rfzit
Stop what you're doing and download this song! @nathanangelo is a rockstar. Blessed to have toured with him! https://t.co/OH8EdemJ2e
RT @Tylershouse: Really looking forward to going to see @jennbostic @_SarahDarling and @michaellogen tomorrow night 😍
RT @RussHillCountry: To plug their #Hampshire gig, @_SarahDarling @jennbostic @michaellogen’s songs will be on @ExpressFM on Sunday 12pm-3pm [UK time] on my show
RT @beezoradio: I could have spent the whole show talking to @jennbostic and @_SarahDarling - two lovely people with amazing voices… https://t.co/PtCLc5vhor
RT @kasey_stone_: NEW ARTICLE! 'A Night In Nashville' from @jennbostic @_SarahDarling @michaellogen @StewartMacMusic @DeanKingofWing… https://t.co/JsvkZo4GqE
@michaelwoolley @_SarahDarling @michaellogen @AtkinsonThe Aw thanks! Can't wait to see you!
RT @michaelwoolley: Excited to be seeing @_SarahDarling @jennbostic and @michaellogen tonight at @AtkinsonThe in Southport. A sample https://t.co/bVxB4QlRQ9
@jesseruben Xoxoxo love you friend!
RT @writeintheheart: The world likes great music and @jennbostic @neverestmusic @keekmusic and @honey808sweet are great like the others on my site.
@DNORTH85 @_SarahDarling @AtkinsonThe 😉 Thanks for sorting my keyboard.
RT @22O5promotions: A Night in Nashville @thehawthcrawley is Sold Out, it's going to be a great night @_SarahDarling @jennbostic… https://t.co/BrZC2jTHZj
RT @22O5promotions: A Night in Nashville @thehawthcrawley is Sold Out, it's going to be a great night @_SarahDarling @jennbostic... https://t.co/2DzkYeqmDH
RT @beezoradio: A real privilege to listen to @jennbostic singing live on @bbcmerseyside https://t.co/Kf2tlbfKjl
@ChrisCountry @michaellogen So fun! ❤️❤️❤️
RT @bbcmerseyside: ON AIR: @jennbostic performing live for us in the studio (with harmony from @_SarahDarling) on @beezoradio's show.… https://t.co/Moll3ffbdR
RT @bbcmerseyside: ON AIR: @beezoradio chatting to @jennbostic and @_SarahDarling who are bringing their UK tour #ANightInNashville to… https://t.co/O0VsY3NTOR
@BuckleandBoots Aw thanks! Can't wait!!! ❤️
RT @BuckleandBoots: TRACK OF THE DAY: 'Jealous Of The Angels' by @JennBostic, who you can catch on the #BuckleandBoots main stage!… https://t.co/47wZNcx9m1
Last night's finale. 😉 https://t.co/tZmJJvK9YF
RT @ScottKash88: #NewMusicFriday Checkout @jennbostic’s new single “Wrong Thing” NOW on #iTunes ☞ https://t.co/yWambDS2Xn https://t.co/Pgw0saUXjV
@LiveMcrNews @_SarahDarling Yay! See you there!
RT @LiveMcrNews: Heading over to Southport to see the incredible @_SarahDarling and @jennbostic
@PaulHallows1 @beezoradio @_SarahDarling @BillyButler958 @bbcmerseyside 😉 Aw thanks!
@beezoradio @_SarahDarling @BillyButler958 @bbcmerseyside Can't wait! 😉❤️
RT @beezoradio: Looking forward to chatting to @jennbostic and @_SarahDarling while sitting in for @BillyButler958 on @bbcmerseyside between 2 and 4
RT @Matthew_McN: For a great night of music and stories try and see @jennbostic @_SarahDarling @michaellogen on their current tour https://t.co/0vwwnwXOLb
RT @thehawthcrawley: 😲 Only a few tickets left for A Night in Nashville tomorrow night with @_SarahDarling, @jennbostic & @michaellogen… https://t.co/D03PziobxU
RT @Lesley_Stone_: Try and get to one old these shows, fabulous night of music from 3 lovely and talented artists 🎶 https://t.co/NClvZlaVrp
@pwp68 @michaellogen @_SarahDarling 💜
@hauschen @WhisperingBobTV @michaellogen @DollyParton @_SarahDarling Thank you!
RT @JenFlau: Downloaded your new song "Wrong Thing" on iTunes. Love it!!! 💞 @jennbostic
RT @MartinCox0155: Oh @jennbostic, that PIANO! How lucky you, and your audience were!
Tonight I played a @SteinwayAndSons to a #soldout crowd with 2 of my favorite artists. Thanks Maidenhead! Photo by… https://t.co/dsNxqthDGU
RT @kasey_stone_: Huge thanks to @michaellogen @jennbostic @_SarahDarling alongside @StewartMacMusic @DeanKingofWing for a brilliant night of music! 🎶
@Matthew_McN @SteinwayAndSons Thank you so much!
RT @Matthew_McN: @jennbostic what a sound! @SteinwayAndSons #jealousoftheangels https://t.co/7Ybx003v5I
RT @Matthew_McN: @jennbostic @_SarahDarling @michaellogen thanks again for tonight's great gig in Maidenhead #NightInNashvilleTour https://t.co/f3Y3adwbhR
RT @carriejanemusic: Fell back in love with country music tonight, thank you @_SarahDarling @michaellogen & @jennbostic for an incredible evening x
@AndyWebbDJ @MissusWebb @_SarahDarling Oh no! I'm so sorry. 😔
I get to play a @SteinwayAndSons tonight @nordenfarm!!!! ❤️❤️❤️ https://t.co/mZfzF4PO2x
RT @richloader: Looking forward to seeing @jennbostic tonight
@pug1309 @_SarahDarling @michaellogen We all start the show together, no support. 😉
RT @Kathy__Anderson: So looking forward to @nordenfarm tonight to see the amazing @jennbostic @_SarahDarling & @michaellogen with their "Night in Nashville" gig
RT @Kathy__Anderson: If you are very quick a few tickets tonight at @nordenfarm with @jennbostic @_SarahDarling & @michaellogen for the "Night in Nashville" gig!
RT @_SarahDarling: Maidenhead! @jennbostic, @michaellogen and I can’t wait to see you tonight! Tickets here: https://t.co/9r7k8JTTqH 💜 https://t.co/gRmOXk5Akj
RT @saintinthecity: Watch a stunning @michaellogen @jennbostic @_SarahDarling version of a classic for @WhisperingBob @WhisperingBobTV - https://t.co/JRXDQ4cliI
RT @michaellogen: Looking forward to playing Maidenhead, England tonight at @NordenFarmsArtsCentre with #NightInNashvilleTour @jennbostic and @_SarahDarling
RT @MartinCox0155: Now online, @_SarahDarling w @jennbostic - Montmartre @oldqueenshead 15/05/17 https://t.co/hhd7p4JkqX
RT @MartinCox0155: Now online, @michaellogen w @jennbostic - Human After All @oldqueenshead 15/05/17 https://t.co/DsJBtchLce
RT @MartinCox0155: Now online, @jennbostic - Faint of Heart @oldqueenshead 15/05/17 https://t.co/BVEpSIMiqf
RT @W21Music: Tonight you can head down to Maidenhead's @nordenfarm for a Night in Nashville from @_SarahDarling @jennbostic & @michaellogen #countrymusic
@kasey_stone_ That's tonight?! 😉❤️ Good deal.
Had the opportunity to debut #WrongThing on @JuceTV_network a few weeks ago! https://t.co/pT3hW5Pl20
@hargreg67 Oh wow! Thank you!
RT @WhisperingBobTV: Amazing reaction to this @DollyParton cover by @jennbostic, @michaellogen & @_SarahDarling so far! Watch here: https://t.co/EmqxpKT3uF
RT @W21Music: *New Review* Check the website for @jennbostic @michaellogen @_SarahDarling LIVE in London
RT @Section101Tweet: The terrific @jennbostic has just released a brand spanking new single called "Wrong Thing." Listen to it here:… https://t.co/IS9y9g7iNq
@Half_Moonpub Thank you so much!!
@alicat_812 Thaaaaank you!
RT @tonefreak713: Here is a snippet of my friend Jenn Bostic's new single that just dropped!! I had the honor of co-writing this... https://t.co/k34SI5UPwr
RT @WhisperingBob: Such a pleasure to host @_SarahDarling @jennbostic and @michaellogen for an #UnderTheAppleTree session today. Up so… https://t.co/Vbifr0UMaY
@hargreg67 Thank you so much!
RT @gainslife: See top singer songwriters, Jenn Bostic, Sarah Darling & Michael Logen at #Kirton in Lindsey Town Hall on 26th May… https://t.co/iSWDtxKwKY
#WrongThing Live in London. @tonefreak713 I'm still working on that guitar part.... 😬 https://t.co/BI9Wirk20q
@StartleMusic Thanks for the love! Let me know where I can send my new single.
@Zara_Lusty Hollywood. 😉 It'll be on the new album.
RT @WhisperingBobTV: A Night In Nashville - 'Jolene' | UNDER THE APPLE TREE: https://t.co/vYXzS4sFDR via @YouTube
RT @RM2SteveG: Just released! @JennBostic's new single #WrongThing! Get it while it's hot! https://t.co/FNl8xjr7Vh
@kasey_stone_ @_SarahDarling @michaellogen I think we could manage that. :)
@Dazmac1882 💜