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Many of you know that I was on tour in the UK during the first travel ban announcements for Covid-19. I did my best to put on a brave face, be present for the shows I did perform, cancel the ones I felt needed to be cancelled, reschedule travel arrangements, and stay healthy. If I'm completely transparent with you, I haven't been that afraid in a long time. I wasn't sleeping, and as one of my favorite speakers always says, "When fatigue sets in, faith walks out."

I didn't have the emotional capacity to process a 24 hour period. I had to intentionally focus on being positive and full of faith moment by moment. I was terrified that either the US or UK would go into lockdown before I made it home to my family. I was nervous about getting sick. I was disappointed that I was forced to cancel a tour I worked incredibly hard to book and promote. I felt guilty for the waves of doubt I was experiencing as a believer. However, it was through prayer and worship that I was able to cling to God's promises and believe that somehow, some way, He was going to get me home. I was safe.

As I waited for the next show, the next headline, the next message from a worried family member or friend, or even the next sixty seconds to go by, I had to intentionally focus on God. The image of being wrapped in His arms during the waiting, trusting that He is in control, gave me enough peace to be present for the remainder of the trip. The power of that image and the peace it has brought me, has led to the burning desire I have to release this song into the world right now. It is my hope and my prayer that "Wrapped" allows you to stop, breathe, and find comfort in the waiting.